Star Wars: Delusions Of Grandeur Part 2 (Mf,alien,bond,ncon,cons)
by PJ

Blood Reaver Rendevous Point
Coordinates Unknown

The Blood Rose exploded back into Normal Space, rocketing forward on its blue thrusters toward the pirate fleet. Winter gazed in awe at the sheer number of pirate vessels, which ranged from small escort craft to fully operational light cruisers.

"This is a pirate fleet?" gasped Winter.

"Yep, and it's not the only one. I've seen pirate fleets in the Outer Rim that rival one of the old Republic battle groups. Reaver's one of the braver ones, he operates in the Mid Rim, where the transport convoys are richer."

"He'll have free rein once the Republic falls," murmured Winter.

"Yeah, while your noble friends tie up the corrupt Republic, pirates like Reaver will get to rape and pillage wherever they want out here, entire worlds will become enslaved to warlords like him."

"I hadn't thought..I didn't consider," stammered Winter.

"Wars always claim innocent victims, hopefully your Rebellion will be able to fix everything once the dust settles."

"They will, I'll make sure they do," swore Winter.

"Maybe you will, Winter," smiled Salome softly.

"Two heavy fighters heading our way," said Winter, focusing on her consoles.

"Broadcast the ship I.D. I programmed," ordered Salome.

Winter's small hands flew over her controls while the two Rapier fighters screamed past the cockpit.

"They accepted the code. They're going to escort us to Reaver's command ship," said Winter.

"I was hoping he'd be too busy to flirt with me, guess not," shrugged Salome, guiding the Rose after the two agile fighters.

The Blood Rose flew past sailing cruisers and destroyers, their hulls scorched and pitted, but with very well-cared for weapons turrets. The freighter approached the Reaver's command ship, a massive battle-wagon nearly black with battle-damage, but still fully powered and bristling with turbo-laser

Salome eased the Rose into the command ship's ventral landing bay, landing on its stained deck with barely a tremor.

"By the Sith, there He is," frowned Salome, locking down her ship's engines.

"Is he dangerous?" asked Winter.

"You have no idea," replied Salome, rising from her pilot's chair to leave the ship.

"Captain Salome! You look as radiant as ever!" smiled the Reaver, a tall, handsome man with long, black hair tied back with a leather strip. He dressed in black pirate leathers that showed off his thin, muscled physique. He wore a blaster pistol at his hip and a damaged lightsaber over his left thigh.

"Lord Reaver," bowed Salome respectfully.

Winter copied Salome's bow, nervous beneath the handsome pirate's intense brown-eyed gaze.

"Who is your delicious young friend?" asked Reaver, licking his lips.

"This is Winter, I took her on about a month ago. She makes the long trips more tolerable," winked Salome.

"I can imagine," smiled Reaver, his eyes gleaming. "Perhaps you would do me the honor of attending supper in my quarters tonight? My cook can do some amazing things."

"I would like lord," replied Winter with a shy smile.

"Excellent. Until tonight then," bowed Reaver, raking his eyes over Winter's body one last time before striding out of the hanger.

"Watch your step with him, Winter," warned Salome, leaving Winter's side to talk to one of the lounging pirates nearby.

* * *

Freighter Starwave
On-route to Tartarus system

"The captain wants to see you now," said a dark-eyed female crew member, her face gaunt with exhaustion.

Mara wiped the grease from her hands before following the woman up several decks to the captain's quarters.

"Leave us," ordered Captain Xath, dropping a wriggling desert rat into his huge maw.

The woman left quickly, Mara grimacing as she heard the rat's bones shatter inside the alien's fang-filled mouth.

"Sit. Drink if you wish," bade Xath with a long, glistening tentacle.

Mara sat in front of Xath's table, pouring herself a cup of hot jala.

"You like crewing for me, yes?" inquired Xath.

"You have a fine ship, and the food's not bad," replied Mara, sipping from her cup.

"I think you will go far, girl," smiled Xath. "I need a new first officer."

"What about the one you have now?"

"I think he will experience accident soon, yes?" chuckled the alien darkly.

"Ah, I see," smiled Mara.

"You are attractive female. I wish to have you," declared Xath, pouring ale into his blood- stained maw.

"You honor me," said Mara. "How much longer until we reach our destination?"

"Three days," answered Xath. "Plenty of time for us to become acquainted, yes?"

"Yes, sir," nodded Mara.

"Come, sit on my lap, girl."

Mara drained her cup before complying, walking across the table to reach Xath. She lowered her ass obediently onto the alien's huge lap, waiting expectantly.

Xath's tentacles slithered over Mara's body, sampling her scent, tasting her exposed flesh. He opened her red leather corset, wrapped tendrils around her young, pert breasts.

Mara leaned back against the fat alien, reached down with her right hand to stroke his massive phallic limb.

Xath quivered beneath Mara, he wrapped a tendril around Mara's neck, rubbed her lips with the tip of a slimy limb. Mara opened her mouth, took the tentacle between her lips, and began sucking intently upon it. Xath pulled off Mara's tight breeches, extended glistening tendrils that wrapped around Mara's slender legs.

Mara tightened her grip on Xath's cock, started stroking it faster and faster.

Xath grunted with pleasure, he opened his mouth and unrolled his incredibly long tongue, licking Mara's luscious buttocks up and down.

Mara moaned, sucking harder on the tendril in her mouth, drool and cum dripping down her chin.

Xath picked up Mara and placed her over his long, bloated cock. Mara opened her legs wide, her pussy oozing with warm honey. The alien lowered Mara onto his shaft, sliding it up into her belly. Mara groaned, closing her eyes, slurping on the tentacle with her tongue and lips while she grasped the table edge and started humping Xath's prick. Xath groaned loudly, slapping tentacles around Mara's slim waist, ramming up against her ass. Mara suckled the tendril wriggling in her throat, pounding her crotch down on her alien lover's shaft, her cunt squeezing it firmly. Mara lowered her body onto the table, pushing food aside, her dripping tits rubbing against the tabletop as she fucked Xath,
her arms outstretched in front of her, her legs trembling in Xath's grip while her hips bucked back and forth violently.

Xath grunted when he climaxed, reeking green cum spurting from his cock and the tendril within Mara's sucking mouth. Green milk splashed over Mara's aching thighs and escaped from her lips, staining her flushed cheeks and chin.

* * *

Blood Reaver Command Ship
On-route to Tartarus III

Winter leaned back in her chair, her head spinning from all the wine she had consumed. Reaver watched her with amusement in his eyes, sipping from a fluted crystal glass.

"I better turn in now," slurred Winter, staggering to her feet.

"I don't think you can make it. You better stay in my quarters tonight," suggested Reaver with a hungry smile.

"That wouldn't be a good idea, Salome warned me about you," giggled Winter, stumbling toward the cabin door.

Reaver moved quickly, grabbing Winter's arm and spinning her to face him.

"She's jealous. Would it surprise you to learn that we were lovers once?"

"No, I bet you've had lots of women," murmured Winter, veiling her face with her long, silver-white hair.

"None were as beautiful as you, Winter," smiled Reaver, brushing away the silky white strands, caressing the girl's flushed skin.

Reaver tilted Winter's face up, kissed her wine-flavored lips.

Winter wrapped her arms around Reaver's neck, kissed him back enthusiastically.

Reaver unzipped Winter's jumpsuit, tugged it down her slim body. He pressed down on Winter's shoulders, making her kneel in front of him.

Knowing what he wanted, Winter unbuckled his pants, pulled out his erect cock. She kissed the purple head, ran her mouth down the thick, warm shaft. Reaver groaned, buried his hands in Winter's lush hair. Winter took Reaver's prick into her mouth, let it slide deep into her tight throat. She hugged Reaver's thin waist, pumping her head back and forth, sucking on the pirate's member, her cheeks puffing from the effort. Reaver held onto Winter's head, thrusting forward with his pelvis, grunting with each shove into the girl's hot mouth.

Winter released Reaver's wet cock, drool gleaming on her soft pink lips.

Reaver fell atop Winter, pried her legs apart for his aching shaft. Winter lightly scratched Reaver's strong, hairy chest, moaning when he entered her. Reaver hugged Winter's small waist, pumping into her cunt, licking her bobbing tits wildly. Winter let her arms fall limply over her head, lying on the deck as Reaver impaled her pussy over and over. Cunt juices splashed over Reaver's crotch, the girl's musk making Reaver even more aroused, his thrusts becoming harder and quicker. Winter moaned loudly, her nipples throbbing, her vagina tightening around the pirate leader's cock. Reaver fondled Winter's young ass with his right hand, he rubbed her asshole, sticking his index finger into her virgin rectum. Winter groaned, her sphincter relaxing so Reaver could probe her anus deeper. Reaver
slammed into Winter's pussy, faster and faster, until he released, filling the young girl's vagina with his hot cum. Winter screamed, arching her back, her cunt squeezing Reaver's prick as her entire body shuddered in ecstasy.

Perspiring heavily, Reaver lay over Winter, stroking her small right breast, kissing her panting mouth again and again. Winter rested her thin arms over the back of Reaver's neck, opening her mouth, stroking her lover's tongue with her own moist probe.

* * *

Tartarus III

The Starwave floated onto the landing pad, touching down on splayed claws. The loading hatch hissed down, allowing Captain Xath and Mara to disembark.

"I hate this planet!" complained the fat alien, slithering down the ramp while the sun's heat fell over them like a stifling blanket.

Mara wiped her wet forehead, peering at the reinforced bunker at the edge of the landing field.

The bunker hatch slid open, and a petite, slender girl dressed in a tight white jumpsuit walked quickly toward the gathering crewmen.

"You're late," stated the girl with a displeased frown, her shoulder length blonde hair ruffled by the hot wasteland wind.

"I had to take on a new crewman, I lost one at port," replied Xath, pointing at Mara with a tentacle.

The girl looked over Mara, nodding approvingly.

"Master Praetorius might be interested in her, bring her along," ordered the girl, turning to head back to the bunker.

"Come along," commanded Xath, slithering after the small blonde girl.

Mara, Xath, and their pretty, young guide took a lift down what seemed like miles. The lift doors opened, and the girl led Mara and her alien captain into an immense cavern. There was a swift running underground river which powered a blocky generator at the far end of the cave. Domed buildings encircled the lift entrance, the girl guide led her guests into the largest dome.

"You're late," observed Dr. Praetorius, playing a mournful tune upon a polished black piano.

"I explained to your assistant..," stammered Xath.

"I do not care for your excuses, you will unload my supplies and then you will leave," snapped Praetorius, leaning toward the keyboard, stroking the white keys lovingly.

Mara gazed hard at the doctor. Praetorius had thin, lank, silver hair that fell to his bony shoulders. His skin was grey, wrinkled, and brown-spotted. He wore a dark green silk robe with fiery red dragons embroidered across the back and sides. The doctor had incredibly long nails painted blood red edged with black.

"The alien has a companion, Master," said the girl respectfully.

Praetorius glanced from his playing, caught sight of Mara.

The music stopped abruptly, the ending tune sharp and discordant.

The elderly doctor stood up, his burning blue eyes devouring Mara.

"What is your name, my dear?" asked Praetorius, taking Mara's right hand.

"Mara, sir," replied Mara politely.

"What a charming name," smiled Praetorius wolfishly, kissing Mara's knuckles, then quickly licking the back of her hand.

"You will dine with me tonight, of course," said Praetorius confidently, reluctantly releasing Mara's small hand.

"You instructed us to leave after we off-loaded your supplies," reminded Xath stiffly.

"You may remain on the surface for tonight. Mara will spend the night here, you and your crew will stay on your ship. If you wander from your ship at any time, the offender will die, do you understand Xath?"

"Yes..sir," grated Xath.

"Then go, I wish to entertain the lovely Mara," smiled Praetorius, taking the girl's hand again and leading her across the room to another door. "I have such wonders to show you!"

* * *

Blood Reaver fleet
Tartarus III orbit

"There's a ship on-planet, a freighter," reported the command ship's tactical officer.

"The supply ship," nodded Reaver from his chair. "Com, notify the hanger to prepare a shuttle, I'm heading down there."

"Aye, sir!" acknowledged the pretty female Twi'lek Com officer.

"Let's go, Winter!" said Reaver, jumping from his chair and heading for the bridge lift.

Winter joined Reaver in the lift, the capsule quickly descending to the hanger bay.

Winter, Reaver, and three pirates soon flew through Tartarus III's thin atmosphere, the surface grey and sterile beneath them.

"I thought this place was supposed to be heavily defended, Boss. We could take this planet without breaking a sweat!" cackled the pirate pilot.

"We can't see them, but they're out there," replied Reaver, slowly rubbing Winter's crossed left leg.

The shuttle sailed across the barren landscape, folding up its wings when it landed on the field next to the doctor's entrance bunker.

Winter eyed the nearby freighter, the blocky ship completely locked up without a crewman in sight. She turned her attention to the bunker when the hatch slid open, disgorging two tall women with blaster rifles cradled in their arms.

"You will follow us," said the brunette crisply.

Reaver followed the woman without complaint, Winter watching as the handsome pirate admired the guard's taut ass. The second woman, a red-head, oversaw the boarding of the lift, then joined them just as the lift's doors cycled shut.

Reaver, Winter, and the others emerged into the huge cavern, impressed with the facilities. The brunette led the way toward one of the smaller domes, escorting the pirates into a sumptuous guest area.

"Please stay here and refresh yourselves, the Master will see you shortly."

The brunette woman left the room, but the red-head remained, watching the pirates impassively from the doorway.

"Guess I could use a drink," shrugged Reaver, walking to the very well-stocked bar.

Winter watched the guard, who didn't seem quite right to the young girl. She went to one of the wide windows, gazing out into the brightly lit cave, trying to identify each of the cavern's structures.

* * *

"My children," said Dr. Praetorius grandly, waving his arm in an arc.

Mara was stunned at the sheer number of soldiers, each one a beautiful, naked girl stored in a clear capsule, eyes closed as if sleeping.

"There must be thousands! Hundreds of thousands!" gasped Mara.

"They wait, until I can gift them with the templates they require to become the perfect soldiers."

"When will you do that?" asked Mara.

"Soon, my dear," smiled Praetorius.

"Master, the pirates have arrived," reported the young blonde girl.

"Excellent, the final component has come," chuckled the doctor, wrapping his cool fingers around Mara's left hand and leading her after him.

* * *

"So, when do I get to see these battle droids of yours?" asked Reaper, wine glass in hand.

"You do not. My children are not for sale," retorted Praetorius, flanked by four women guards with ready blaster rifles.

"Huh? What's going on?" demanded Reaper.

"I need your pirates to provide mental templates for my soldiers. They can kill quite efficiently, but they require blood-lust, anger, and hate, things that your barbaric cohorts possess in abundance."

"Wait a minute! This wasn't the deal you offered!" protested Reaper, drawing his pistol.

The brunette guard reacted with lightning reflexes, snatching Reaper's right arm and twisting it behind his back. Bone snapped loudly, making Winter and the pirates jerk in their places. The guard calmly wrapped her right arm around Reaper's neck, silencing the pirate leader's screams with a quick twist that snapped his spine. The other guards leveled their blasters, cutting down all of Reaper's pirate henchmen.

Winter stumbled back, terror paralyzing her as she stared at the smiling doctor.

"Activate the defense grid. After you've crippled their fleet, send shuttles to recover the survivors for processing," ordered Praetorius, his bright blue eyes caressing over Winter.

* * *

In orbit of Tartarus III, hundreds of defense satellites dropped their cloaking shields. Turbo-lasers flared to life, spitting green bolts at the surprised Reaver ships. A dozen ships were destroyed before the fleet could even raise its shields. Torpedo sats vomited streams of projectiles at the
Reaver battle-wagon, blasting great holes into its hull, air gushing from the ugly rents, hurling crewmen out into the cold void. The surviving pirates counter-attacked, firing their turbo- laser batteries at the small defense platforms, swatting them like gnats. The defense sats were easily destroyed, but like an irresistible swarm, for every platform eliminated, three more took its place. Slowly, inevitably, the Blood Reaver fleet was torn apart.

* * *

Doctor Praetorius laughed manically as he gazed up at the huge, domed ceiling of the dining room, which displayed a holographic projection of the pirates' defeat.

"And so shall the entire galaxy be humbled by my lovely children! Any world that defies me shall be purged in cleansing flame!"

Praetorius' dry cackles grated in Winter's ears, but she maintained a composed mask. She drank deeply from her wine glass, glancing at the young, red-haired girl who faced her across the long, rectangular table. Praetorius sat at the table's head, drinking heavily, taking bites of food from the blonde android girl who fed him with her dainty fingers. Face flushed with drink, Praetorius
turned his attention to Mara and Winter, a hungry leer contorting his face.

"I neglected to show you one last room," purred Praetorius, rising unsteadily to his feet. "I wish to show you now."

Two android guards kept close to Mara and Winter as Praetorius entered a large room draped with chains, manacles and torture instruments.

"My playroom," giggled Praetorius. He eyed both girls. "Strip them!"

The androids tore off Mara and Winter's clothes, leaving them naked, vainly trying to cover their privates.

"Bind Mara to the bed, and place the lovely young Winter beneath the ceiling chains!"

"Wait, Master!" shouted Mara, breaking away from her guard. "I will serve you willingly!"

"Then climb onto the bed and offer your wrists to my daughter!" sneered Praetorius.

"But I can do so much more for you, Master," whispered Mara, snuggling next to the old man, rubbing her long, left leg over his crotch. "Let me help you break the girl, I'll make her moan for you!"

"You are a slut," smiled Praetorius, licking Mara's cheek. "Very well, we will both break the young bitch."

Mara helped the brunette android drag Winter to the dangling chains. The young women snapped iron cuffs over Winter's wrists. The android returned to her post near the door, but Mara remained at Winter's side, sliding her left hand over Winter's nude body, fondling her breasts, then slipping her finger between Winter's clenched legs.

Praetorius removed his silk robe, his elderly body bone-thin and pale. He took a long, leather whip from the wall, snapped it once, then lashed it across Winter's bare back. Winter screamed, an angry red welt burning across her flesh.

Mara licked Winter's left nipple, circling the pink areola with her wet tongue as Praetorius whipped her ass and back over and over. Winter's bound body shuddered with every kiss of the whip, her skin was soon covered with throbbing red lines.

"She likes it, Master," smiled Mara, raising her left hand, which was dripping with Winter's honey.

"Make her lick it!" panted Praetorius, walking towards Winter.

Mara pressed her fingers over Winter's shivering lips.

"Lick them!" ordered Mara.

"No! I..."

Mara slapped Winter's face, the crack of her hand echoing throughout the room.

"I said lick it, whore!"

Winter began crying, extending her tongue and hesitantly licking her own cunt juices from Mara's graceful fingers.

"Um, yummy!" mocked Mara, leaning her face forward to lick Winter's soft neck.

Winter sucked on Mara's fingers, moaning weakly when she felt Praetorius fondling her bruised buttocks.

"So soft and warm," groaned the doctor, kneeling before Winter's ass, burying his wrinkled face in her narrow crack.

Winter groaned, her pussy shivering while Praetorius lapped the nectar from her hole, his tongue digging deep into her cunt.

Mara jerked back on Winter's silver-white hair, covered the girl's gasping mouth. Mara stroked Winter's moist tongue, probing and fondling with her own.

Winter hung limply by her wrists, her back arching while Mara kissed her and Praetorius devoured her pussy.

Mara stood in front of Winter, grasping the naked girl's hips, slowly licking each of Winter's hot, wet tits. She slid her tongue down Winter's clenched stomach to her small bush of silver pubic hair. Mara rubbed her pert nose in Winter's bush, flicking her tongue over the manacled girl's clit. Winter
moaned sharply, her legs quivering as Praetorius licked her asshole, stuck his tongue into her musky rectum.

"No! Please! Stop!" begged Winter, writhing in her bonds, her hips jerking while Mara sucked on her clitoris, making more honey flow down her trembling thighs.

"So good," moaned Praetorius, consumed with lust, lapping Winter's tight, young buttocks.

Mara backed away from Winter, her green eyes bright. She rushed to her discarded clothing, covering herself in her tattered red jumpsuit. Mara reached into the androids' minds, tricked them into thinking she was still kneeling in front of Winter, sucking on her pussy. Mara passed the motionless
guards, sprinting to freedom.

* * *

Mara found the defense grid controls in Praetorius' main dome. She lowered the grid, then opened a com channel to Coruscant, signaling that the way was open.

* * *

Captain Xath wasted no time, he launched the Starwave as soon as the laser fire in the sky stopped. The blocky freighter roared into the grey sky, repulsor-engines glowing brightly.

The remaining Reaver ships filled space with laser fire, destroying dozens of platforms. Fighters launched, strafing the silent sats, blasting dozens more into melted slag.

With the planet-side threat eliminated, the pirates began sailing for open space, preparing to make the jump to safety. The pirates froze when four Republic Star Destroyers appeared from Hyperspace, immediately firing on every ship in range. The Starwave was cut in half, both portions of its hull
spinning wildly until more green laser fire shredded each segment. Squadrons of TIE fighters screamed from the Star Destroyers' bellies, slashing through the uncoordinated pirate Rapiers. The Star Destroyers and Reaver ships traded turbo-laser salvos, the more advanced Republic ships soaking up the damage while the pirate ships were gutted. After less than ten minutes, the Star Destroyers reigned supreme, advancing proudly toward the sterile world of Tartarus III.

* * *

Praetorius was fucking Winter's ass, his thick cock slamming through the girl's bloody sphincter when an android guard crashed into the room.

"Master! The defense grid is down! Republic ships are in orbit!"

"Impossible!" gasped the doctor, stumbling away from Winter's sobbing form. "Wait! Where is Mara?"

"She is here, Master, in front of the bound girl," replied the brunette android.

Praetorius walked around Winter's panting body, gazed at the spot in front of her dripping crotch.

"What trick is this?" mused Praetorius, eyes closed to slits. "A Jedi? Impossible!"

A dull boom shook the torture chamber, Winter looked up hopefully.

"Republic troops, Master!" exclaimed the small, blonde android.

"There's no where to go! I'm doomed!" moaned Praetorius, collapsing to his bony knees, weeping into his hands.

"You..can come.. with me," panted Winter.

"You're just a plaything of that fool pirate captain! How can you help me?"

" for the Rebellion. I was sent to ask you to join us."

"The Rebellion?" snorted Praetorius. "They're just a bunch of deluded

"We...have resources," struggled Winter. "We can hide you, help you with your work."

Praetorius was silent, the report of blasters sounding in the distance.

Suddenly he stood up, approached Winter, and freed her from the manacles.

"I have a ship! Let's go!" snapped Praetorius, leading the way out of the room.

Winter took a moment to put on the android uniform worn by the blonde android. The naked droid led the other guards toward the sounds of fighting, hoping to buy Praetorius more time to escape.

"Good-bye, my loyal children," wept Praetorius softly.

"We need to keep moving!" reminded Winter, confidence restored with a blaster pistol in her hand.

The elderly doctor ran towards one of the tall cavern walls, opening a secret passage that sloped up towards the surface. They entered a small hanger that contained an augmented shuttle craft. Winter and the doctor boarded quickly, Praetorius strapping himself in while Winter powered up the shuttle's engines. The shuttle screamed out of the hanger, emerging from the side of a butte. TIEs dove after the shuttle, until the doctor engaged the augmented engines. The shuttle flashed through the atmosphere in a blur, the TIEs left behind in an eye-blink. Laser fire rained around the shuttle as the Star Destroyers tried to bring it down, but enhanced shields deflected the deadly bolts,
allowing the small craft to fly out into the void.

"Coordinates set! Accelerating to lightspeed!" announced Winter, yanking back the control sticks, plunging the shuttle into the swirling vortex of Hyperspace.

* * *

Chancellor's Palace

Sidious kissed Mara hard, his hands squeezing her small buttocks through her black leather tightpants.

"I got the research data," panted Mara, nuzzling the underside of Sidious' lower jaw.

"The good doctor?"

" away on a shuttle," admitted Mara reluctantly.

"No matter. The Rebels don't have the resources to fully exploit his research, we do," smiled Sidious, resting his right arm around Mara's slender waist. The Sith guided Mara towards his bedchamber, where food, wine, and pleasure awaited her.

* * *

"It was a tough assignment, Winter," admitted Nguyen, re-filling the girl's cup with spiced ale. "You did an incredible job, I'm recommending you for a commendation."

"What happens to Dr. Praetorius, sir?" asked Winter, sipping from her cup.

"He'll continue his research, build whatever we require him to. His augmented engines and advanced shields will go a long way toward helping us fight the Republic on even ground."

"Where is he being housed?"

"Three levels up, tech quarters."

Winter opened the door to Praetorius' room, stepped inside.

"What do you want?" asked the elderly doctor, hunched on the edge of his small bed, sullen.

Winter climbed out of her jumpsuit, sat on the bed next to Praetorius, and laid back.

"Hurt me," begged Winter, grasping Praetorius' left hand and pressing it against her warm cunt.

The End


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