by Anonymous

"Well roaring about ain't gonna do no good", Han
told his partner.

Chewbacca had been complaining during the entire
celebration after the awards ceremony. After all,
he'd manned the guns that blew away Vader's wingman.
If it wasn't for him, Yavin 4 would be particles.

"Leia said that she had a reward for you later".

The Princess had asked that Han send the wookiee
by her quarters after everything was over. Chewie
grumbled. He still wasn't over her "walking carpet"
comment. He wasn't to sure of this Leia. For all he
knew, she wanted a wookie fur coat.

He left the Yavin docking bay where the Falcon was
kept, and walked through the giant Massassi temple.
He walked through the huge corridors, standing out in
the crowd of humans that populated the building.
He finally passed through into the higher security
section of the building, where the Princess was staying.
He stepped up to Leia's door.

Leia heard a pounding on her door as she stepped
out of the shower.

"Just a minute", she shouted, grabbing a towel from
the rack. She wrapped it around her glistening body,
pulling it tight around her, making her breasts squeeze
against the warm cloth. She had unbraided her long,
brown hair, and it clung to her neck. The towel
stretched from just above her jutting pink nipples
to mini-skirt height on her creamy thighs. She walked
over to the door, and slid it open. There stood

"Come on in", she said, stepping back into the room
while spying the hallway to see if anyone had spotted
her with the hairy giant. The coast looked clear, and
the wookiee followed her into the small apartment. He
let out a small roar of acknowledgment, and she wondered
what the beast thought of her revealing garb.

"So I guess Han sent you for your reward, huh? It's
not much, but I think you'll enjoy it."

She walked over to the dresser beside her bed and
opened a drawer. She pulled out a large purple bow
attached to a ribbon, one that looked like it belonged
on a giant Life Day gift. Dropping the towel off of
her slick, wet body, she tied the ribbon around her
and turned to face the wookiee. His jaw dropped as
the gorgeous Princess revealed her perfect body to him.
Han and Luke would be upset!

"Those two flyboys just wouldn't be able to please
me as much as a big, strong wookiee could", she
whispered seductively. "Why don't you unwrap me!",
she growled, walking over to where the stunned beast
towered over her. His massive prick began to appear
from out of his fur. It rose slowly, and she gasped
at its enormity. It was easily 2-feet long, and 2
inches in diameter.

Chewie sat down on the white, transparisteel floor,
to give the little royal access to his tool. She
walked over to where he sat, and positioned her pink
love hole at the tip of the huge cock. Chewie reached
up and ripped the bow of his prize, and threw it aside.
He then grabbbed the tiny princess by her waist, his
huge hands tickling her soft, white skin with their

Chewie planned to enjoy this, and wanted to get
his revenge for the walking carpet remark. He forced
her down hard on his cock, the head plunged into her
tight cunt. Leia gasped and groaned as the wookie
forced it in to her. She hadn't been with many
creatures, and she definately wasn't used to anything
like this. Her usual enjoyment came from a tiny
Snivvian rebel, named Takeel, who wasn't very well

Chewie pulled her down hard, straining to push his
entire shaft into her body. Leia moaned in delight
and pain with each of the wookie's efforts. Chewie
gave up on trying to get it all in. He pulled out,
laid the princess on the ground, and positioned
himself between her smooth legs. He slid his cock
in to the purring royal beauty, first 2 inches,
then 4, then more, until he had about a foot in.
He sped up his pace, plunging his rod in and out,
as Leia's hips shook and rocked back and forth.
She reached up with one hand and stroked the wookiee's
furry arms, which were now grasped tight around
her 22 inch waist.

Leia began to scream, quietly at first, and push
and pull at the beast's cock. Chewie continued
pumping his tool into her. He let out a low growl
and Leia began screaming at the topof her voice.

"YES!....FUCK ME!.. FUCK ME!... Oh god, I....
ooooohhh...yeesssss... mmmmm!", she cried and her
body shook as the oragasm took hold.

Chewie yanked his pole out of the spasming
Princess and stuck its between her tits and pointing
at her mouth. Not slowing down, he grabbed her meat
mounds, pushed them together and started pumping away.
But he didn't last much longer. Her lips tightened
around Chewie's meat and immediately he started
pouring his load into her. His cock throbbed and
pulsed as jet after jet of hot fluid ran from his
cock deep inside her royal mouth, his body shaking
with animalistic pleasure.

"What's all the commotion about?", asked a smiling
Han Solo at the door of the princess' chamber.
"Looks like Her Worship's been a bad little slut. Me
and the farmboy are gonna have to do something about
that, ain't that right kid?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess", replied Luke, with a huge
stiff bulge evident in his tight white trousers.
"May the Force be with us!"

The End


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