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Where No Man Has Cum Before

By Uncle Mike
[email protected]

The red-alert signal kept up its blaring until Captain Kirk shouted at an
ensign to cut it off. The Enterprise shook with the impact of the unidentified
ship's photon torpedoes.

"Hard right!" Kirk barked at the man who had leaped in to replace the
injured helmsman. "Get us over there, now!"

"She won't move, Capt..." The man's words were cut off as he, too, was
flung from his post and dashed to the floor by another smashing blow.

Behind Kirk, the turbolift door opened with a mocking gasp instead of its
usual swoosh, and Dr. McCoy was thrown across the opening. He grabbed at the
back of Kirk's command chair and held on tightly. "Damn it, Jim," the doctor
barked, "The crew can't take much more of this! We've got injuries on all
levels and the infirmary's overwhelmed! I should be down there myself, but the
turbolift shaft's buckled and I can't get to it!"

"What do you suggest I do, Bones?" Kirk asked over the roar of another
explosion. "Ask them to stop while we get ourselves sorted out?"

Spock looked up from his science station. "I doubt they would do so,
Captain," he said calmly. "They seem to be determined to finish us off."

"Of course they are, Spock," McCoy spat out at the Vulcan. "Jim was

With a flash of sparks, the communications station erupted. Uhura quickly
picked herself up off the floor and crawled under her station. "I think I see
the problem, Captain," she called out. "I think I can fix it."

McCoy stared at her backside as she wiggled and poked at the mess of
wires. "What's the use?" he shouted to her. "They don't seem in the mood to
discuss things!"

Kirk's sharp voice cut through the chatter and clatter. "Mr. Sulu? Do we
still have phaser power?"

"Aye, Captain," the weapons officer said, gripping his console as tremors
rocked the ship back and forth.

"Then I want a full phaser strike at the tip of their left nacelle. And
toss over any photon torpedoes you've got left, too. Now!"

Even as Kirk finished, Sulu's hands flew over the panel and the bright
light of the phasers lanced out at the alien ship, followed quickly by the
pulse of two photon torpedoes hitting home. There was a bright, blinding flash;
when it cleared, the alien vessel was gone.

The whoops of the crew could be heard throughout the Enterprise as the
turbolift doors swooshed open again. This time Admiral T'sien Lo strode briskly
onto a rock-steady deck. He ignored the shouts and back-slapping around him and
walked directly to Kirk.

"Well, Admiral," Kirk greeted the stooped old man. "How'd we do? Did we
do better than the Lexington?"

"You did better than the Lexington and every other ship we put up to this
scenario, and you damn well know it," T'sien Lo muttered darkly. "And if I ever
figure out how the hell you did it, I'll be back and I'll bring a Star Fleet
resignation form with me -- for you!" With that, the admiral turned abruptly
and stalked away. When the turbolift door shooshed closed behind him, Kirk
chuckled briefly.

Spock raised one eyebrow. "I fail to see the humor, Captain. It is quite
possible Admiral T'sien Lo will uncover the secret to your strategy."

"Not if you did your job properly, Spock. You did cover your tracks when
you broke into the Star Fleet war-games computer, didn't you?"

"Indeed, Captain. But even if the admiral does not find traces of my
probe, he is likely to realize the only way someone could have known about that
bug in the war-games program was if they got inside it."

"Hmmm, yes, well, perhaps you're right, Spock. But if he can't prove it,
he can't do anything about it. It worked on the Kobayashi Maru, and it worked
here!" Kirk slapped the arm of his chair and spun toward the main viewscreen,
now showing their true situation, parked peacefully off Gamma Antares VI.

"But what did we prove, Captain?" Spock pressed home the point. "It is
unlikely a real adversary would have a bug in their vessel allowing us to blast
it apart so readily."

"Well, perhaps you're right, Spock. But I've found that Star Fleet's war
games aliens have one thing in common with all our real opponents: There's
always an Achilles' heel."

"Heel, Captain? I believe..."

Spock's musing were cut off by McCoy, who broke from Kirk's side and
rushed to the communications station. "You may have been playing games, Jim,"
the doctor snarled, "but your communications officer looks like she's really
hurt. What's the matter, Uhura?"

The lithe black woman uncurled herself and sat up on the floor, holding
one hand to her head. "I'm not sure," she whispered in her silky voice, "I
just... felt a little woozy, that's all."

"You passed out," McCoy said. "Probably breathing fumes from that 'mock'
fire under there. Come on, I'm taking you with me."

"No, Doctor, really, I'm fine now," she protested, starting to rise.

"I'll be the judge of that," McCoy snapped. Taking hold of her elbow, he
led her to the turbolift.

=== === === ===

In the infirmary, Nurse Chapel and the others were fixing up the last of
the few real casualties from the war game -- a few bumps and bruises, nothing
serious. While they finished up, McCoy ushered Uhura into his private examining

"Now stop complaining," he said, his voice slipping into a Southern
drawl. "We'll have you fixed up and working again in no time. But first, we
have to run some tests. I know, I know, but Star Fleet would have my name on a
resignation form if I didn't make sure. Now, I've got to go out and talk to
Nurse Chapel. You just take off your clothes and lie down on the table."

"My clothes?" Uhura's voice raised in surprise. "Doctor, I thought the
monitors could work through clothing."

"They can, but I'm just a simple country doctor. When I do my
examination, I have to have flesh to work with, not electronic blips and boops.
Just take 'em off and I'll be right back."

As he closed the door behind him, Uhura slowly did as he ordered. She was
just unhooking her bra when he came back in, calling over his shoulder: "I can
handle things in here, Christine. You and and the others can take your break

Uhura lay back on the cool sheets of the examining table. She was a
full-figured woman, with large breasts that culminated in full, dark aureoles
and nipples erect in the slight chill of the room. Her body was a classic
hourglass, slimming to the waist and then widening again to full hips and long,
shapely legs.

Her chocolate-brown flesh was pocked by goosebumps, not only from the
chill. She shivered slightly as McCoy came over to her.

"Is something wrong, Uhura?"

"It's just that I'm a bit nervous, Doctor," she said. "I've never had to
strip for an exam before. Is there something wrong with me? More than just a
little dizziness?"

"I wouldn't worry about it," he said, pressing her head back against the
pillow. "You just lie back and relax and let the doctor take care of

She tried to follow him with her eyes, but he placed a bright lamp above
her head. She shut her eyes to keep out the glare. There were bustling sounds
but she couldn't quite make out what he was doing.

Then there was his voice, from the foot of the bed. "Now slide down a
bit," he said, taking hold of her ankles and fitting her feet into stirrups on
extensions several inches off the end of the bed. Obediently Uhura slid down
the smooth sheet, placing her buttocks on the very edge. As she did, her head
moved away from the glaring light and she opened her eyes.

"Doctor!" she gasped. McCoy stood between her legs, stark naked. Over the
rise of her pubic mound and the soft thatch of hair there she could see the
head of his cock bobbing slightly.

"Just relax, Uhura," he said, his drawl thickening. "This is an old
Southern cure for dizziness. Works every time." As he spoke, he reached out a
hand and massaged her labia, rubbing in some kind of cream that made her melt
inside. "Special stuff. Got it from an Arrekian trader a couple of months ago.
I was hoping I'd have a chance to use it soon." McCoy's probing fingers and the
soothing cream soon brought forth Uhura's own juices, and she felt herself
growing eager for more. She lifted her arms to him, and the doctor moved

His stiff shaft slipped over her slick labia, riding up and down. Teasing
her, he refused to push it in. Instead he held his cock in his hand and rubbed
it over her entrance as she writhed in the stirrups beneath him. "Put it in
me!" she called out. "Put that monster in me!"

"Not until you beg for it, Uhura," McCoy drawled. "That's part of the

She bit her lips, determined not to give him that pleasure, but her
yearning became too much. "Please, please! I want it! I need it! Oh, please,
Doctor, fuck me now!"

"Well, if you insist," he said, plunging his shaft into her in one swift

"YESYESYESOHGODYES!" Uhura's body arched and shook, cumming almost as
soon as the doctor penetrated her. "Oh, God, what was that? I've never cum like
that before!"

"That's the cream," the doctor said as he pistoned his prick into her hot
wet cunt and his hands massaged her firm breasts. "I must look up that trader
next time we're around Starbase Four. He really delivered the goods. Now let's
see just how many language you really know." As he spoke, McCoy picked up his
pace, driving his cock in and out faster and faster. His hands, those of a
trained physician, found every pressure point on the luscious body spread out
beneath him. Uhura found every sensation multiplied a hundred-fold by the magic
of the alien cream. Lust infused each cell of her body and she bucked back at
McCoy's thrusts, trying to impale herself as deeply as she could on his hard

Her cunt, inflamed with passion, gripped his shaft tightly as McCoy drove
in and out. His trained fingertips slipped down to her crotch, seeking out her
clitoris. Just the merest brush of it sent Uhura screaming into another orgasm,
her body almost flying out of the stirrups as she shouted her passion in
Swahili, in Urdu, in Klingon, in Vulcan, in every language she'd ever learned.

Still McCoy kept up his driving thrusts, grinding his cock into her, the
base of his shaft bumping against her pubic mound over and over. Beads of sweat
flew from Uhura's forehead as she rocked side to side under the erotic
pummeling. Yet again she felt the waves of passion building in her and a third
orgasm almost split her open. "Doctor McCoy!" she screamed. "What's in that

"My cock at the moment," he said as he drove his shaft deep into her
again. "Actually, I'm not sure. It's some kind of Klingon gunk -- the trader
told me its name, but it was something between a snort and a snarl, like all
Klingon words. All I know is that it must be powerful if it can make anyone
want to fuck a Klingon."

Uhura had no reply; she was lost in the furious sensations of McCoy's
ramming penis invading her tunnel over and over again. She felt yet another
orgasm beginning to build when he suddenly withdrew. Before she could ask, he
had unhooked her feet from the stirrups and ordered her to turn over. Quickly
he slipped her feet into the stirrups again, backwards, and advanced on her
wide-spread ass.

"No!" She tried in vain to slide away, but McCoy grabbed her hips and
drew her asshole closer to his thick purple cockhead. As he again took up a
helping of cream, this time to lubricate her ass, she sobbed a protest. "I've
never done it that way," she cried. "You'll hurt me! Please, no!"

But the cream worked its magic on her asshole as well, and McCoy's
rock-hard snake was able to work its way past the tight brown ring of her anus
and up inside her. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, the doctor
drove his cock into her ass. Uhura couldn't help it; she began to move back
against the thrusting and to work her fingers into her hot, wet cunt.

"Warp speed now," McCoy cackled as he went even faster, gripping her dark
butt-cheeks tightly to spread them for his cock. When his orgasm finally
approached, Uhura felt as if her ass was going to explode under the pressure of
his thickening shaft until at last his hot cum burst into her at the same time
another wild orgasm turned her insides to jelly. Through a haze of ecstasy she
could feel the doctor's cum pouring into her, wave after wave, leaking out of
her ass and dripping into her already sopping-wet pussy.

As the last of McCoy's jism squirted out of his cock, he slumped to the
floor, exhausted into unconsciousness. He was still out when Uhura felt strong
enough to leave. As she wiggled into her tight-fitting uniform, she noticed the
jar of Klingon cream overturned on the floor. Carefully avoiding contact, she
scooped some of the cream into a nearby beaker and slipped out the door. As she
did, she muttered to herself. "It works on Klingons, hmm? I wonder how it works
on Vulcans."


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