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Date: 09/01/2004

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Male/female sex, inter, strong language

Categories: Het, mind control

Pairing: Chekov/Uhura

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Other Notes: This story takes place sometime after the episode entitled

Summary: While exploring a newfound uncharted region of space, the Enterprise
gets zapped by a strange wave of energy that allows two spirit - like beings
to possess Uhura and Chekov.

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Star Trek: The Energy-Globes
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had began on Stardate 122833914.36, when a Federation starship known as
the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) has entered an uncharted star system that
has suddenly been discovered by some scientists at Starfleet Command
headquarters back on Earth.

The orders to the entire crew of the Enterprise were indeed quite simple: To
survey and chart each and every star and planet within the newfound system
and check to see if those planets are perfect for colonization.

So anyway, after the ship has entered the system, the ship's commanding
officer, Captain James T. Kirk had turned towards his friend and science
officer, Mister Spock and asked, "Are there any Class-M planets in this
sector, Spock?"

"Negative at this time, Captain." answered Spock, while he was looking at
his long-range scanners. "However, I shall continue with my scans until I
am certain of my findings."

"Please do so, Spock.", said James, before he had turned towards the main
view-screen and sat himself down in the Captain's Chair. "Mister Sulu,
steady as she goes."

"Aye, Sir.", said Lt. Hikaru Sulu, who -- like the rest of the Enterprise
crew -- was unaware that a strange wave of energy was heading towards the
ship without any signs of slowing to a compleate stop.

But that was before Spock had suddenly noticed the energy-wave on his
scanners, turned towards his captain and said, "Captain, my sensors had
just picked up a wave of energy heading towards the Enterprise."

"From what distance?" asked a curious James, after Spock had turned back
towards his sensors, taken another look and answered, "Approximately 202.1
miles straight ahead, Captain."

"Red alert ! Sulu, get the ship out of the way ! Chekov, get the shields up!"
ordered James, only to have his orders come out too late, for the energy-wave
had just hit the ship and caused some of the ship's systems to start shorting
out -- and that was only the beginning, for while some of the crew members
trying to get the Enterprise out of the energy-wave and put the fires out, a
pair of energy-globes had managed to seperate themselves from the energy-wave
and placed themselves inside the two bodies that were closest to them -- Lt.
Uhura, the ship's communications officer and Lt. Pavel Chekov, the ship's
second helmsman.

The end result of such a thing taking place was that after the globes had
entered their bodies, it had suddenly caused both Uhura and Chekov to go
into a coma and drop down to the floor -- and it was exactly what happened
to his two fellow shipmates that James had pressed a button on the ship's
intercom and said, "Kirk to sick bay! Get up here, Bones! Something has
happened to Uhura and Chekov!"

Just then, after the ship had finally made it out of the energy-wave, both
Uhura and Chekov had opened their eyes and noticed that Doctor Leonard McCoy,
the ship's chief medical officer was giving them a check-up to make sure that
nothing strange has caused their bodies to be seriously damaged.

"Well, Bones ? How are they doing?" asked a concerned James, just before
Bones had finally compleated his medical examination and walked over to his
friend and commanding officer with his findings.

"Well, Jim.So far, they look like they're perfectly fine." answered Bones,
after he had handed the medical tri-corder to James. "However, I do suggest
that they should remain in off-duty status for a while, because there are
some anomalies that I'm having trouble understanding."

And then, after he had realized that Bones doesn't want to alarm his two
paients with the bad news, James has ordered both Uhura and Chekov to leave
the bridge and get some rest.

However, after the two crewmembers had agreed with James' order and stepped
into the turbolift, both Uhura and Chekov had looked at each other, allowed
a smile to appear on their lips and wrapped their arms around each other.

And then, after they had given each other a deep and passionate kiss on the
lips, Uhura had looked at Chekov and said, "Oooohhhh, Sargon. I love you so
very much -- and yet, I still don't understand why we couldn't allow Captain
Kirk and his crew to know what really happened to us."

"Forgive me, my darling Thalassa. But in order to once again experience the
true pleasures of the fleash, I'm afraid that this is the only way for us to
do so.", answered Sargon, after they had stepped out of the turbo-lift and
made their way to Uhura's quarters.

Once they were inside the room, both Sargon and Thalassa had given each
other another deep and passionate kiss on the lips, before they had removed
their Starfleet uniforms and placed their nude bodies on the bed -- and
before Sargon had started licking all over Thalassa's body -- all the way
down to her hot, wet pussy.

"Aaaahhhh, yes! That's it! Do it, Sargon!", said Thalassa, while Sargon
was carressing her firm breasts. "Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy
dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, at that moment, Thalassa has suddenly realized that she was
experiencing something that she hadn't experienced within another woman's
body before, for she was experiencing pure, untamed erotica -- and enjoying
every minute of it.

Meanwhile, inside the ship's sick-bay, Bones was showing James and Spock his
findings on Uhura and Chekov's medical examination and the anomalies that he
had mentioned back on the bridge.

"Now, Jim. Do you remember that one planet we've visited that had three
containers that each had a disembodied lifeforce in them?" asked Bones,
after he had turned towards his two curious friends.

"Yes, Bones. I do.", answered James, while he was scratching his head. "They
were known as Sargon, his wife Thalassa and his old adversary Henoch."

"You're quite correct, Captain.", said Spock, after he had turned towards his
commanding officer. "And if I may be so bold as to point out, it was Henoch's
treacherous nature that had caused Sargon to destroy his old enemy and
himself and Thalassa to drift off into oblivion together."

"Only something tells me that the last part wasn't exactly true." said Bones,
after he had allowed the images from his medical tri-corder to appear on a
large screen in his office. "You see, these energy patterns within the
brain's cerebral cortex are like those of Sargon and Thalassa -- and yet,
they're also different."

"That is also quite correct, Doctor.", said a curious Spock. "You see,
Captain. When Doctor McCoy had examined Lt. Uhura and Lt. Chekov, he had also
noticed that there was no raising of their body temperature and they were not
experiencing any shortness of breath, which of course allows me to come to
only one inescapable conclusion."

"That if Sargon and Thalassa were both inside that energy-wave, it must've
changed them in a way to make it easy for them to inhabit someone else's body
without putting it in any serious danger.", said James, after he had turned
towards Spock, who was able to add, "Indeed quite true, Captain. Indeed quite
logically true."

Meanwhile, back inside Uhura's quarters, Sargon has placed his stiff cock
inside Thalassa's asshole and used each of his hands to carress both her
breasts and pussy.


And then, after they had started moving harder and faster and their
lovemaking has reached its final jump to warp speed, both Sargon and Thalassa
had cum, collapsed within each other's naked arms and fell asleep.

And while they were both asleep, the energy-globes of Sargon and Thalassa
had gotten themselves out of the bodies of Uhura and Chekov and began to
hover over the slumbering duo.

Just then, after James, Bones and Spock had entered the room and noticed that
a nude Uhura and Chekov were both asleep in the bed and the energy-globes of
Sargon and Thalassa were hovering over them, James had sat down next to Uhura
and woke her up just in time for her to notice that both her and Chekov were
both in the nude and in bed together -- and she has no idea as to how it had

"Please do forgive us, Captain Kirk. But we were yerning to feel the
pleasures of the fleash and this was the only way for us to experience such
pleasures.", said Sargon's voice inside one of the energy-globes.

"It's quite understandable, Sargon.", said a curious James, after he and
the others had looked up at the two energy-globes. "What I really don't
understand is that we've assumed that the both of you had drifted into

"Indeed we've had done so, Captain Kirk.", said the voice inside Sargon's
energy-globe. "But it was after we had left your ship and drifted aimlessly
through deep space that we were able to plunge into a energy-wave that we've
just discovered."

"Why do I have a feeling that as soon as you've entered that energy-wave, it
had changed your power structure so that you won't cause any health problems
to the host bodies you inhabit ?", asked a smiling Bones.

"That is indeed true, Doctor McCoy.", answered Sargon's globe, while it
and Thalassa's globe were moving themselves towards a wall. "Now that
we've experienced such pleasureble erotica, we're on our way back to the
energy-wave that has become our new home. May all of your journeys through
space be pleasent ones, my friends."

And then, after the energy-globes of Sargon and Thalassa had gone through the
wall and headed back to the energy-wave, Uhura had looked at James and said,
"Captain, could you please do me a favor and don't put anything about this
incident inside your Captain's Log ? It's just that I want to put it all
behind me."

"Believe me, Uhura. That's very understandable.", said a smiling James,
before he, Bones, Spock and Chekov had left her quarters and allowed her to
get some sleep -- and then, after Chekov had gone to his quarters to get some
shut eye himself and James and his two friends had stepped into the turbolift
to go back up to the bridge, Bones had taken a deep breath, let out a smile
and said, "Well, Gents. If you were to ask me, what happened between Sargon
and Thalassa while they were inside Uhura and Chekov's bodies was one example
of true love."

"That might not be possible, Doctor.", said Spock, after he had turned
towards Bones. "For you see, logic suggests that in certain cultures,...!"

"Oh, for God sakes, Spock !", said Bones, after he had rolled his eyes. "Do
I have to listen to you talk about logic again ?"

Of course, that had caused James to roll his eyes and say to himself, "God,
please give me strength." -- and that was before they had walked on to the
bridge and continued with their mission of charting the newfound region of
space with hopes of finding the right planet for some citizens of the planet
Earth to colonize.



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