Star Trek: Dark Impulses (MF,MM,oral,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Science Officer Spock of the Starship Enterprise lay on his bed. He was
staring at the ceiling. At the moment, his vastly capacious Vulcan mind was
bored. Spock was a Vulcan. A member of a sentient humanoid race that was one
of the most advanced civilizations in the cosmos. The Vulcans had contacted
humanity a century ago and inter-species relations began. Vulcans and humans
started the United Federation of Planets. They welcomed other sentient
humanoid species into this collective brotherhood.

Some species were okay with it. Others, like the Romulans, Klingons and
Cardassians were troublemakers. The Federation was basically a democratic
union of worlds. They discussed inter-stellar matters. Starfleet looked
after the safety of all member worlds of the Federation. Starfleet was the
Federation's armed forces. Humans, Vulcans and other races were part of it.
Vulcans were great intellectuals. They made the best advisors as well as
spies and diplomats. They were extremely intelligent and adaptable. Vulcans
were almost fearless. Nothing could stop them once they made up their minds
to do something. They were a unique and mysterious race.

This held true especially for the Vulcan named Spock. Spock was the result
of a rather unusual union. A high-ranking Vulcan official named Sarek met a
human woman named Amanda. They had a son named Spock. A half human, half
Vulcan hybrid. Spock was the most famous of all Vulcans. He was the pride
of Starfleet. He served as the chief science officer onboard the Starship
Enterprise. He was the right hand man of James T. Kirk, captain of the
Enterprise. Spock was a respected individual. In many circles. He was also
a conflicted being. Vulcans were a very intellectual race. They had long
ago forsaken emotionality for the pursuit of logic and clarity. A thousand
years of intellectual and mental conditioning had left the Vulcan species
almost completely without emotion. This made them seem strange and peculiar
to most sentient humanoid species in the galaxy. This was most true
especially of Spock.

Spock was conflicted because he was a dual being. He was half human and
half Vulcan. A part of him was completely cold, emotionless and rational.
Flawlessly logical and ruthlessly efficient. The other part was... human.
Complex, emotional, raw, unpredictable. No Vulcan had ever felt what Spock
felt in a thousand years. Take the issue of sex for example. Humans put a
lot of value in sex. It's a very complicated issue for them. There are
romance novels. Sex shops. Adult videos. Strip clubs. Sex toys. Sex crimes.
Sex wars. Vulcans are very different. For them, sex is merely something
they have to do in order to reproduce. There's no mystery involved. It is
merely a biological function for them. No different in their minds than
taking a piss or a dump. It's simply a must. That's all. With these two
warring notions in his mind, no wonder Spock was conflicted.

Spock spent a lot of time conflicted and stressed out of his mind. His
emotional and physical needs were driving him crazy. He was stoic, even for
a Vulcan but he had his limits. He spent a long time performing his duties
without sleeping. The result was a manifestation of his subconscious. His
subconscious took over. A new personality emerged. The logical and rational
Spock was gone. He was replaced by a different Spock. One who wanted to have
some fun and a lot of sex. One who couldn't care less about traveling in
space at warp speed. A more "human" kind of Spock. This new and improved
Spock was loose upon the Starship Enterprise and began at once to sexually
infiltrate its members. That's when all helll broke loose.

Spock looked at his commanding officer, captain James T. Kirk of the Starship
Enterprise. Spock had been observing the captain for a long time. He had come
to a realization about the captain. When the captain walked around, his eyes
followed both men and women. Maybe James Kirk didn't know this or maybe he
couldn't admit it to himself. He was bisexual. Spock decided to have a little
fun with him. He decided to pay the captain a little visit. Spock knew that
the captain was attracted to him. He decided to take advantage of that. He
showed up naked at the captain's quarters. Kirk had been fast asleep, his arm
draped over some female ensign named Jezabelle. Spock let the captain know he
had a surprise for him. James T. Kirk couldn't believe it. He was finally
gonna bed Spock! He quickly sent his girlfriend away on a phony errand that
would take her two hours to complete. Then, he got ready for some hot wild
monkey sex with his science officer. He quickly got naked and went into the
shower, where Spock joined him.

The two men stood, facing each other in the shower. Spock looked at Kirk and
grinned. Kirk smiled. He was lusting for some Vulcan dick. Spock was glad to
give it to him. Kirk got on his knees and sucked on Spock's cock. He licked
Spock's balls until the Vulcan was hard as a rock. He bent Kirk over. Spock
positioned himself behind Kirk. He grasped the captain's buttocks in his
hands and rubbed his cock against Kirk's butt cheeks. Kirk urged him to stick
it in. The Vulcan science officer took his sweet time, teasing Kirk's bottom
with his cock. Finally, he thrust into Kirk's ass. Kirk grunted when he felt
the Vulcan's cock enter his asshole. Spock's cock felt so thick and huge
inside his ass. Spock placed his hands on the captain's hips and began to
pump away. He slammed his cock into the captain's ass. Kirk gritted his teeth
and pushed back, loving the feel of a hard cock up his ass. Spock felt his
hard cock embedded in Kirk's ass and this only made him drill the captain
harder. He fucked him good, drilling his cock into that ass for a long time
before he came. Kirk screamed as hot cum filled his asshole. Spock pulled
out. Kirk looked at the man who had just given him a good fucking. He
grinned. They left the shower and went in the bedroom for another sex

Spock had just given Kirk the fuck of the century and Kirk wanted a repeat
performance. He knelt before Spock and sucked on the Vulcan's cock and
balls. Kirk noticed that Spock had a really big cock that seemed to grow
harder depending on the stimulus it received. He sucked on it, polishing
the Vulcan's knob for a long time until the cock was hard and throbbing.
The Vulcan's huge cock looked outright menacing. He was well-hung. Just
like Kirk liked it. Spock lay on the bed and Kirk climbed on top of him. He
spread his ass cheeks and lowered himself on the Vulcan's cock. Spock's cock
thrust into Kirk's ass, filling him to the rim. Kirk screamed. Spock grabbed
him by the waist and slammed his cock into his ass. Kirk felt like he was
being split in two. Spock's cock was simply huge. They went at it like this
for a long time, with Spock drilling into Kirk's ass with his huge cock and
Kirk screaming and jerking himself off. Spock came inside Kirk and Kirk came
as well. Spock eased his massive cock out of Kirk's asshole and the captain
then sucked on the science officer's cock, tasting his ass on it. After a
few more bouts, Spock left.


Kirk sat on his bed, his body still thrilled over the sex acts he had
performed with Spock. The Vulcan was very energetic. Kirk had made love to
many women and a few men and never had he had a lover like Spock. He wanted
some more of that. He heard a few knocks on his door and hurried there,
thinking that it was maybe Spock returning. He wasn't so lucky. It was
ensign Jezabelle Mary Richards.

Kirk looked at her. Jezabelle wasn't a pretty girl. She was tall, athletic
and kind of nice-looking in a wholesome kind of way. Her hair was long and
black, her skin light bronze. Her eyes were a pale blue. She became Kirk's
lover during her first month onboard the Enterprise. She was a lovely girl
from Alpha Centauri. She had finally returned from her errand, to find Kirk
naked in bed. She was puzzled. He told her that he wanted to surprise her.
She was a little bit mad for being played for a fool but once she saw his
hard cock, she wanted some of that and quickly forgot what she was about to
say. She looked at Kirk's cock....hungrily. Kirk beckoned her with one hand
and she came to him, taking off her nightgown. She knew he wanted to fuck
her brains out...and looked forward to it.

Jezabelle licked Kirk's dick and sucked on his balls. Kirk groaned in
pleasure as she worked on it. Jezabelle had the mouth from hell. He couldn't
believe how much dick she could suck. He pumped his cock into her mouth. She
slurped on his cock with her tongue, and licked the whole thing. Kirk smiled.
He was familiar with her slobbery blowjobs. Kirk felt like she was a vacuum,
sucking the life out of him. He felt like he was going to burst as her eager
sucking mouth drew out his seed and he came. Kirk came in Jezabelle's mouth.
She drank his cum and licked his cock and balls clean without spilling a
drop. Kirk grunted. Jezabelle then lay her head on his belly and waited. Kirk
pulled her into his arms. She straddled him and he pulled her closer. His
firm hands caressed her sexy buttocks and then grasped her by the hips.
Jezabelle lowered herself onto his member until his cock was sheathed in her
pussy. Kirk began to ram his cock into her pussy as she began to bounce up
and down on him, riding him like there was no tomorrow. Kirk thrust into her,
enjoying the feel of his hard cock inside her hot, wet pussy. Jezabelle
screamed as Kirk slammed his cock into her pussy. They changed positions. He
bent her over the desk and took her from behind, in order to achieve greater
penetration. He felt a familiar rush in his loins and came inside her. She
screamed and he did as well. They climaxed together. She lay next to the
captain, sated.


Spock was headed toward his chambers. He bumped into someone. It was none
other than the lovely Nurse Chapel. The beautiful blonde woman who had eyes
for Spock since she first joined the Starship Enterprise. She was always
coming on to him, hoping that perhaps some day the Vulcan would show some
interest in her. Alas, she had fallen for a man without emotions. She stayed
late at night in the ship's lounge, hoping to see him walking to his quarters
and wishing him a good night. When she saw him that night, she could sense
that something was different. When she asked him to accompany her to her
chambers, he agreed. The rest as they say, is history...

Nurse Chapel knelt before Spock. She licked the Vulcan's cock and sucked on
his balls. She sucked his cock, licking and sucking until it was hard as a
rock. He had one of the biggest cocks she'd ever seen and she couldn't wait
to get it inside her. She eagerly assumed the position Spock demanded of
her. She got on all fours, and waited for the Vulcan to enter her with his
fantastic cock. Spock positioned himself behind Chapel. The blonde nurse
eagerly rubbed her butt against the Vulcan science officer's groin. She
grasped her butt cheeks in those slim hands of hers and spread them as far
apart as she could, exposing an obvious target. Spock placed his cock against
her pink little asshole, and pushed. Nurse Chapel felt the Vulcan's cock
press against her asshole. She gritted her teeth in preparation for what was
to come. Spock's cock penetrated her asshole and in spite of the lubrication,
it felt huge inside her ass. Spock placed his hands on her hips and thrust
into her. His cock went deep until it nearly reached bottom, then he pulled
back almost all the way out, only to push it back into her again.

Nurse Chapel was getting her ass penetrated by a Vulcan's cock and she was
loving every minute of it. He slammed his cock into her ass. Chapel screamed.
Spock continued to slam his cock into her poop chute. He pushed his cock even
deeper inside her and Chapel thought she was gonna pass out. He rammed into
her with strength and that raw animal passion that she suspected he had all
along. Her asshole squeezed his cock hard and she heard him grunt and his
body shook lightly. She knew what was coming. Moments later, she felt a rush
of liquid warmth flood her rectum with full force. Spock came, sending his
seed deep inside her. Chapel screamed at the top of her lungs. Spock pulled
out of her. They lay on the bed, their bodies covered with sweat. Chapel
looked at Spock. The Vulcan's face was filled with a deeply satisfied look.
This was exactly how she felt. She kissed him. They went to sleep. Nurse
Chapel spent the night in her Vulcan lover's strong arms.

At some point in the night, a chemical reaction occured in Spock's brain. The
long-repressed dark impulses receded and gave way to the logical and rational
core that the Vulcan people had struggled so long to cultivate. The old
mister Spock was back. Upon returning, he saw nurse Chapel. Apparently, he
had spent the evening with her and carnal activities had taken place. He
returned to his chambers as was proper. The next morning, Spock felt awkward
onboard the Enterprise. He approached nurse Chapel and tried to talk with her
but she didn't seem to want to remember last night's activitiets. Spock was
pleased with that. He didn't want to carry an affair with a human female
anyway. He was also shocked to find memories of James T. Kirk in his
consciousness as well. Apparently, his darkly impulsive "other side" had
taken over for a few hours and seduced the humans. Spock's other side was a
bisexual entity whose sexual appetites were stimulated by various men and
women on the Starship Enterprise. Spock vowed never to let him get loose

The End


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