Spy Kids 2 - The Island Of Lost Dreams: Deviations Part 1 - Carmen And Juni
by Mark Gamiao ([email protected]) (bf,inc,anal,ncon)

When Carmen and Juni come across a deep hole somewhere on the island of Leeke
Leeke, a flying pig, or spork, does a low fly-by. This causes Juni to lose
his balance and fall into the gaping hole. Carmen then quickly attaches a
cable from her belt to a root sticking out of the dirt and jumps in to rescue
her brother.

This story starts as Carmen dives after Juni, then deviates from the point
where Juni tries to climb back up.

Carmen caught Juni by the ankle of his left leg just as the rappelling cable
went taught. Darkness awaited them below. Juni let out a short gasp and
looked up at his sister.

"What are you waiting for?" he demanded. "Get me out of here!"

"If my auto retractor was working, I'd get us both back up there," Carmen
shot back.

"Okay, I'm gonna grab your hands," Juni said and reached for Carmen's
outstretched hand.

No sooner had he touched his sisters left arm, Juni lost his grip and began
to fall again. Carmen quickly reached out with her other hand and grabbed a
hold of Juni by the forearm. Once she was sure she got a firm hold of him,
Carmen nodded to Juni and he began to hoist himself up.

"Okay," Carmen said, helping her brother climb up.

Juni groped around for something to grab onto and pulled at the loose fabric
of Carmen's pants.

"Oh!" she cried out as Juni's weight came down on her as he inched further
up. "Aaahaaahhhaaa!"

Juni brought his other hand up and grabbed something soft and firm: Carmen's

"Ooohh!" Carmen gasped. She wasnt expecting her brother to touch her there,
and it brought a wave of sensation throughout her body. Just then her cell
phone slipped out her vest pocket and fell down into the gaping pit. "Aahh!
My cell phone!"

Carmen was then suddenly aware that Juni was now straddling her. However,
instead of climbing further up the cable, he just stayed in that position.
She heard a shuffling sound, as if Juni was searching for something in one
of his vest pockets.

"Why'd you stop?" Carmen asked. "Something wrong?"

"Aha!" Juni exclaimed, having found what he was fishing around his pockets
for and pulled his hand up to inspect his pocketknife. He flicked the blade
open and looked down at his sisters back. "No," he answered her. "Everythings
perfect." Then he whispered to himself, "You're perfect."

Carmen furrowed her eyebrows. She was trying to make out out Juni was saying
but that last part was too soft for her to hear. She tried to crane her neck
to see what her brother was up to, but the angle she was in made it
difficult. Suddenly, she felt him tugging at her belt.

"Juni, what are you doing?!" she demanded.

Her brother ignored her. He was busy concentrating on using his pocketknife
as a saw to cut through the leather belt. His goal was to get rid of it so he
could pull his sister's pants down just enough for him to do what he had
fantasized a few months ago. A few more strokes of the blade and the belt was
finally undone. Carmen heard the snap of the material and gasped. She could
only guess as to what her brother planned on doing next. Then, to her horror,
she felt Junis hands slip around the waist of her pants and pull it down just
below her ass.

"Juni, no!" Carmen cried out. "What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing, sis?" Juni retorted, and peeled her white
cotton panties down as well. He took a moment to soak in the view of his
sister's perfectly shaped rear. Then he reached down and cupped the curves
her ass. "Iv'e been wanting to feel this for a very long time."

"Ugh!" Carmen felt that tingly sensation again. "Get off of me, you pervert!"

You're always calling me names," Juni laughed. "Telling me I'm a pain in the
butt. Well, sis, that parts about to come true right now."

Juni put his pocketknife away and unzipped his pants, causing Carmen to
gasp with the shock and realization that he was going to fuck her ass. She
thrashed frantically around in the air, trying to shake Juni off her back.

"Juni, no!" Carmen screamed. "You can't do this to me! I'm your sister!"

"Shut up, Carmen," Juni retorted. He pulled his six and a half-inch rigid
cock out from his pants and shifted his position, aiming his penis straight
at the entrance to his sister's anal opening. "I know you gave Uncle Machete
a blowjob as a favor to use his plane back when we rescued Mom and Dad from
Floop and Minion. So, youll let me fuck your ass, or I'll tell them what you

"Please, Juni," Carmen begged, tears forming in her eyes. "Don't do this to
me! I'm begging you! Don't do this to myyeeaaAAARRRGGGHHH!!"

Juni slammed his cock all the way into his sisters tight ass. "Oh, shit!" he
screamed, totally enjoying the tightness that wrapped around his dick. "Yeah!
You're fuckin tight!"

Carmen bucked wildly in the air and screamed in agony, desperately trying
to expel her brother's cock from her ass. However, this only added fuel to
Juni's murderous lust for his sister. The more Carmen struggled, the harder
and deeper he kept ramming his dick in and out of her puckered anus. He was
relentless. And he showed no signs of slowing down.

Juni shifted his position and reached down to cup both of Carmen's
well-rounded tits with his hands, albeit through the fabric of her jumpsuit.
She gasped at the touch, her brother's fingers rubbing in a circular motion
a round her nipples. Juni leaned in to kiss his sisters neck, occasionally
sucking at the flesh just hard enough to leave a nasty bruise. Carmen could
only hope that the degradation of her body by her brother would be over
quickly. Unfortunately, she was not offered that respite.

Juni turned his attention to just a little below her left earlobe, upon which
he gently nibbled at the soft flesh. This greatly heightened Junis already
incredible lust and he began to fuck her ass more feverishly.

"Oww!" Carmen cried between each punishing thrust. "Aaagghh! No! Dont!
Please! You're hurting me! Owww! No! YouAAAUUGGHHH!!! Fuck! Juni! You

Juni was on the verge of climaxing. His thrusts became more rough, frenzied.
His breathing ragged. He was going to come in her ass but good, damn it!
Finally, after fucking her ass for a full 20 minutes, Juni shoved his cock
deep into his sister's ass as it would go and blasted her insides with his
hot, sticky, creamy goo with an audible SSSPLLURRRGG!OHGODNO!!!!! Carmen
wailed. All the fight had gone out of her body as she felt her brothers cock
twitching inside her ass. Juni came in hot spurts after the initial torrent,
and her body shook each time from the aftershock. She broke down in sobs.

"Nononono... How could you do this to me, Juni?"

A huge grin from ear to ear was plastered all over Juni's face as he milked
out every last drop of cum into Carmens ass. He'd finally conquered his
sister. Damn, if he was given the choice to screw the President's daughter
maybe even Gerti Gigglesheck, or any other girl, hed still fuck his beautiful
sister Carmen six ways to Sunday. Juni leaned over to kiss his sister on the
cheek. "I love you, Carmen," Juni whispered in her ear.

Carmen could only whimper in reply. Her brother had just raped her. Sodomized
her. Things couldn't get any worse than that.

And then the rope keeping them both suspended in the air snapped.

To be continued...


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