Spy Kids: Villain Victorious (Mf, BDSM, drugs, viol)
by Hamster

Carmen Cortez had learned the hard way that gadgets were no match for skill.
Scorpio was a man that was planning to build a powerful bomb to blackmail
the country and take over the entire west coast. Carmen and her brother had
stormed his hidden base to try and disable the bomb. The brother and sister
had made it into the base but not very far before they tripped the security
system and completely overwhelmed by an army of fairly nasty trained
mercenaries. The men grabbed them both and proceeded to beat the shit Juni,
kicking him in the face, ribs and balls while Carmen screamed for them to
stop. The mercs held them both until their leader Scorpio arrived.

Scorpio looked at Carmen with lust. He immediately wanted to rape the girl

"Take the girl to the showroom table. Feed her brother to the Hyenas." Said

"NOOOOOOO." Carmen screamed on behalf of her unconscious brother as the men
dragged them in different directions.


Carmen was taken to a large auditorium. The men shocked her with a baton.

"Be good." One said.

The mercenaries began to rip off her clothing, anytime she tried to fight
them they shocked her into submission. Then, stark naked she was strapped to
a cold metal table that was on the stage facing seats that were now being
filled by the dozens by mercs. Carmen felt totally humiliated. Scorpio strode
onto the stage and stopped to admire the naked teenaged girl. Scorpio stroked
Carmen's breasts softly as she struggled in her bonds.

"Don't touch me!" She screamed.

He stopped and took out a syringe. He sunk the needle into her neck and then
injected her.

"It's a special chemical." Said Scorpio. "It's an especially powerful
aphrodisiac, very soon you will be so desperate to cum that you will do
anything I want, no matter how perverted."

"Never." Carmen said defiantly despite the fact that her will was already

The auditorium was now full.

"Gentlemen, thanking you for gathering here. I thought you might all enjoy
watching me break in my new harem girl." Said Scorpio.

The crowd cheered it's approval. Hereturned his attention to her breasts.
Scorpio pinched and pulled on her hard nipples, Carmen moaned and squirmed
as his fingers tweaked her delicate nipples. Scorpio went to a wooden toy
box in the corner and returned with nipple clamps and a medium sized
vibrator. Carmen eyes widened and she struggled unsuccessfully against her

Scorpio massaged first one breast then the other till her nipples hardened
under his touch. He clamped the right nipple and then the left.

"Gaaahhhhhhhhhh! It HURTS! PLEASE take them off! UuGGHHHh!!" she shrieked as
the sharp teeth of the clamps bit into her tits.

Scorpio laughed sadistically. Scorpio softly caresseed her inner thighs
and. Then he turned on the vibrator and slowly pushed it inside her. Carmen
screeched in torment and her body bucked up from the table as the whirring
device was inserted into her virginal slit. She was tight and a virgin, so
this was all shocking and new.

Scorpio chuckled. Carmen moaned and squirmed as she was filled.

"Ooohhhhhh gggggaaaawwwwwdddd! It hurts! Take it out, PLEASE!!" Carmen

Carmen bit her lower lip as Scorpio worked just the head inside at first. He
used a circular motion as he worked it deeper inside her. The vibrator was
already working its magic on her loins, forcing her to respond. Carmen's hips
rotated slowly as she was fucked with the vibe. Scorpio worked it about half
way in, as Carmen moaned in spite of herself. Her passion built up and her
pussy was quite wet.

Scorpio slid the toy into her more and more as her sex opened and became
wetter from the foreplay. Carmen moaned as her body thrusted up and down
to meet the motions of Scorpio's hand. Scorpio reached up and caressed her

"OH God!" Carmen grunted in joy. Scorpio knew when she was ready to climax
and he pulled the toy from her cunt before she could orgasm.

Carmen was grumbled in frustration. Carmen's hips continued to rotate and
sway from side to side.

"Oh please!" she pleaded with glazed eyes as the affects of the drugs began
to wreak havok with her will power.

Carmen trembled with need. Scorpio stripped off his clothes and stepped
between her splayed legs. Scorpio moved down and started to lick Carmen's

"Oohhhh!" she gasped wantonly. Carmen moaned and her head bent back as her
eyes rolled up into her head. She pulled helplessly at her bonds.

Scorpio reached down and pushed his cock into her vagina. With a single
thrust, he mounted her and began to move hard inside the girl. His large
organ ripped through the thin membrane of her hymen and Carmen screamed
in pain as her virginity was torn away. Carmen sobbed and wept from the
forced penetration. But, at once, her hips thrusted up to meet his strokes.
Her hips rotated as the man plunged inside her. Scorpio's cock drove home
again and again into the bound writhing teenage spy. He took her with deeper
and deeper strokes. Carmen squeald as she felt the prick inside her over and
over. She gasped as Scorpio savagely fucked her. He was relentless as he
plunged home again and again. Carmen moaned as her wetness overflowed and
seeped from between her stretched pussy lips. Scorpio reached up between
them and started to massage her breasts as he lunged in and out of her twat.
Her body quivered as her passion mounted to climatic proportions. Her pussy
tightened on the man's cock as she started to explode. Scorpio watched her
thrash about on the table as he took her. He felt himself near a climax and
he growled as he came. The huge man heaved above Carmen as he filled her
with cum.

Scorpio slid out of her as she slumped in her bond. He stood and faced his
loyal men who ere cheering wildly.

"Feel free to take turns with her for the rest of the day." He announced.

He received a standing ovation.
_ _ _

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