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Sports Night:
Jeremy The Hero (Draft Day Part 1: It Can't Rain At Indian Wells) (MF)
by The Fan

Jeremy was feeling strange.

He was having mixed feelings about something.

He met her in a bar. He wasn't the bar type. But there was something about
her. She was a slim brunette that was well, hot. Jeremy sat there drinking
his drink which was light beer since he wasn't a big drinker. He was a
somewhat tall man with curly dark hair and thick glasses and a more than
somewhat nerdy look. He was one of the reports at NSC and a member of the
Sports Night team. He was watching the clientele of the bar a bit
absentmindedly. He was having trouble at work. His friend Natalie was not
talking to him. Dan and Casey were having problems of their own. The office
was not a safe place to be anymore.

The Office kinda reminded Jeremy of high school. He was the most sensitive
and brilliant kid wherever he went, the most intelligent but somehow was
overlooked because of his looks. He was the nerd and always would be. So
imagine his surprise when this gorgeous girl started talking to him.

Jeremy gasped. He seriously looked at his bottle. That stuff had to be strong
if he was Hearing Things. He thought he heard this pretty girl talk to him.
She came closer, actually. 'Oh great,' he thought. 'Now I am seeing things.'

She smiled. "Hey," she said. "My name's Jenny."

"I'm Jeremy," he said. He looked at her. She was even cuter up close. The
bar's male clientele and some of the females were looking at her. And him.
Jeremy sat down squarer in his chair, willing himself to be calm for surely
this was a misunderstanding and she was about to explain. That or she was
waiting for someone. That had to be it. She was waiting for someone. Well,
he was gonna cooperate.

"So," she said. "Jeremy, what do you do?"

'Feigning interest,' he thought. 'A good touch. Most chicks did not bother.'
"Well," he said. "I am a news reporter at NSC. On the Sports Night team."

"Really?" she said with a smile. "I never watch it."

"Probably just as good," he said. "You would not have seen me there."

"Why not?" she asked with interest.

"Do I look like I should be on TV?" Jeremy asked.

She looked at him strangely and said nothing.

"So, what about you?" he said. "I hate to go on talking about myself. What do
you do?"

She seemed surprised. "You serious?"

"Yes," Jeremy said.

"I don't look familiar?" she asked in disbelief.

"Nope," he said. "I would have remembered seeing you, honest."

"I'm an actress," she said.

"Oh," he said. "See, that's why. I don't watch much TV."

"Not that kind of TV," she said.

"Oh, are you a foreigner?" he asked. "Perhaps Canadian or British

"Nah, I'm pretty much international," she said with a sigh.

Several men walked into the bar right this minute. One of them, a tall burly
muscle type looked at Jenny and scratched his head. "Hey, guys," he said to
his buddies. "Isn't that Jenny?"

Jeremy turned. "You know these gentlemen?" he asked Jenny.

"No." she answered. "But I'm a pretty sure every single one of them thinks
they know me."

The men started whistling and making crude remarks.

"Hey, guys, that's uncalled for," Jeremy said.

"What are you gonna do about it, weirdo?" said Burly Man.

Jeremy felt something in him snap. Here was this nice lady sitting there
talking to him and there were jerks and bozos trying to ruin it all. Just
like in school. Well, he wasn't 16 anymore. He got up.

"Jeremy," Jenny began.

Burly Man looked at Jeremy and smiled. "Oh, he's standing up for her," he
said. "Guys, lookie here, beauty and the stupid." He looked at Jeremy and
grinned. "Do you know who she is, wimp?"

"Her name is Jenny and she is an actress," Jeremy said.

Burly Man and company smiled. "Did she tell you what kind of an actress?"

"Uh, no," said Jeremy. "But I'm sure she's good at it so back off."

"Oh, sure," said Burly Man. "She's very good at it. In fact she's the
Pussy-eating queen of Blowjobs."

Jeremy grinned. "Yeah, right. Nice girl like that?"


She doesn't seem like it. He turned to Jenny. "Come on," he said.

"Tell this loser he's wrong about you."

Jenny was looking very flushed at the moment. "It's all true," she said
flatly. "I am a porn star."


Jeremy was very shocked indeed.

Later he would find out that Jenny was friends with Natalie and that did not
phase Natalie a bit. Jeremy had grown up a good Catholic schoolboy. Natalie
was liberal and found nothing wrong with having a bisexual porn star for a

They were at the studio. Jeremy was still looking at Jenny, only with shock
and disbelief. Jenny was kind of angry. "You know, why can't you just deal
with it?" she said. "You were all ready to defend me at the bar then when
you found out what I was... you changed."

"I did not," Jeremy said. "I thought you were great, I was just...

"I thought you were a really nice guy too," she said. "The nicest guy I met
in a long time." She paused to llook at him, shook her head and walked away.
Jeremy watched her go, unsure what to do.

Natalie stood before him, disbelief in her eyes. "You are just gonna let her
walk away?" she said.

Jeremy looked somber. "Well, what can I do? I blew it. Thanks mom and dad for
making me an intolerant Christian jerk."

Natalie looked at him and her eyes softened. She knew Jeremy had a tough life
no matter how he tried to hide behind a smile and a fatalistic attitude. It
was one of the things she liked about him.

"Even if I went after her," he said. "Why would a girl who looks like that
want with a guy like me?"

"Maybe she likes you," Natalie said. "You did pretty good by her, defending
her like that, until you blew it that is."

"I don't even have her number," he said sadly.

"I do," said Natalie. "So call her."

Jeremy memorized it then went home. He waited a couple of hours then called
Jenny's apartment. The phone rang. She picked it up. "Hello," he said. "Hi,
Jenny, it's Jeremy, from the bar."

"How did you get this number?" Jenny asked. "You are not only small-minded
but a stalker, too?"

"No," he protested. "I only wnated to apologize."

"You still haven't told me how you got this number."

"Natalie gave it to me," he said.

Jenny froze. Apparently Natalie thought enough of him to let him know her
number. Maybe he was worth it. At the other end, Jeremy summoned up his
courage. "Say, Jenny, I was kinda hoping you'd let me make it up to you, my
acting like a jerk and all." He closed his eyes and crossed his fingers,
expecting a solid "No" followed by a laugh or a "Go to Hell." The answer he
got actually surprised him.

"Ok," she said. "Just don't make me regret this."

Jeremy practically jumped. 'Yesssssss!!!'

"So, what did you have in mind?"

"A date at the ice skating rink," he said. He immediately regretted saying
that. Natalie had once mentioned Jenny liked ice skating as a youngster but
he himself did not know how. But they set the date for tomorrow and they
went on.

He borrowed Natalie's car and drove to Jenny's place. She had a VERY nice
apartment. Wow. He coplimented her on it. She was ready. She wore her hair
long and wore a blue turtleneck shirt over a short black dress and skates.
He had to help her get to the car. He noticed she looked very nice and got
the guts to tell her. She smiled. They talked. He encouraged her to talk
about her business. She told him. He tried to be comfortable with it even
though the quiet schoolboy and Christian in him rejected these notions. He
took her ice skating.

She was so good on the ice. He himself could not. He was more likely to stay
home on his computer or go to the library as a kid than to do any sport. He
cheered her on as she did flips and turns that seemed worthy of the Olympics
themselves. He congratulated her.

Then he took her to a nice restaurant. She insisted to split the check. He
let her. They ate in silence. Several of the men in there were looking at
her. It made Jeremy feel proud to be around her. Here was this gorgeous
woman, so uninhibited and she was with him!

He drove her home after that and asked if she had a good night. She said she
did and they parted. He took her out several more times after that. Three to
be exact.

Jenny sat home in her apartment.

She had just finished shooting GIRLS WITH DESIRES XXVIII. It was to be
released next week and involved her getting nasty with a lot of men and
women. It had been a while since she had somebody in her life. The sex
was great. She had several lovers. Like Sabrina, her co-star and her
girlfriend Janine. She also had a male lover, Jason. But they all left
her cold...sometimes. Living in the Porn industry she had seen a lot of
well-endowed men and gorgeous women. And she had no problem getting lovers
anytime she wanted. So what was the problem?

No one really touched her. They fucked her, sure. But no one touched her
heart. No one except that guy. Jeremy. He was such a gentleman. She wondered
what his life was like. He was such a goody-two-shoes. On one of their dates
he actually stopped to help an old lady cross the street. He thought highly
of Natalie and the crew of Sports Night even though they treated him life a
fifth wheel most of the time. He was such a ... goody.

She found it touching how he was always defending her. First at the bar then
at the restaurant when a guy got out of line. Putting himself in harm's way
for a girl and expecting nothing of it. She wanted to know him.

So she went around asking. She asked Natalie. The woman was so helpful. No
one at Sports Night could believe she was really interested in Jeremy. He
was the weirdo of the piece. The misunderstood character.

One day she followed him home. He was entering the apartment where he lived
when suddenly a kid snatched a purse from a woman and ran with it. Jeremy
chased the kid and Jenny had to run to see it. Luckily she was SO in shape.
Jeremy had caught up with the kid, a large 18-year old black male. They
struggled and Jeremy was overpowered. The kid ran and stood in the middle of
the street. He was laughing at Jeremy and calling him a sissy and a silly
white boy when the car came. Jeremy yelled out a warning. The kid moved
before it was too late. Jeremy's warning had saved his life. The kid kept
running with the purse.

Jeremy shook his head. He got up painfully from where he lay and walked to
his apartment. Alone.

Jenny saw all that. And was amazed.

She went home and called Natalie. She told the other woman what happened.
Natalie was not really surprised. "That's Jeremy for ya," she said. "Always
helping people. He's like Superman only powerless and geeky.

"I didn't think there were guys like that still around."

"Yeah," said Natalie.

Jenny hung up and went to sleep. She could not sleep. She kept seeing
Jeremy's face over and over. That hurt, vulnerable face. She had to see him.
She took her car and drove up to his apartment. There she rang the doorbell.
Jeremy came down and opened for her. He wore an old Saved By the Bell T-shirt
and gray sweatpants. He still had his glasses on and upon seeing her kinda

"Jenny," he said. "Hi. What are you doing here?"

Jenny looked at him and actually got nervous. There he was. His same old
Jeremy self. The nerdy, shy sports reporter was making the ultra elegant and
sexy Porn star nervous. "I just... had to see you," she said.

He looked at her, surprise showing in his eyes. "Is there something wrong?"
he asked.

The surprise was replaced by concern for her. She saw that and it warmed her
heart. "No," she said. "There is nothing wrong. I just had to see you."

He looks at her and hesitates. She sees it in his eyes. He wants to believe
she came to see him. He does. But his past experiences made him doubt that.
No girl has ever wanted him. Much less come to see him in the middle of the
night. He is looking into her eyes, wandering what she wants. She has to
prove to him that she wants him. So she dares it all by suddenly grabbing him
and hugging him. She kisses him. Jeremy is standing stock still. He slowly
puts her arms around her.

They go inside his place. They are kissing. Her passion dazzles him. Then
they stop to breathe.

"Jenny?" he asks in disbelief. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, Jeremy, I want you."

Jeremy freezes. Maybe his hearing is defective. Unlikely since he was in his
twenties still and took care of himself most of the time. Anyway he thought
he heard her say she wanted him. "What?" he said.

They sat on the couch. They were sitting in his modest living room. Jeremy
had been working at Sports Night for a while and had nothing to show for it.
He was slightly embarassed of the place. Jenny sat awfully close to him and
held his hand. She was looking at him. He looked at her and felt his heart
warm up and at the same time a jolt of electricity flowed through his whole

"Why would you want me?" he said.

"I just do," she said.

Jeremy really hoped this was true but his ultra agile logical brain told him
it was highly unlikely. He was about to say something when she put a finger
to his lips, silencing him. Then she was on him. Kissing him tenderly and
whispering his name. He was not inactive. He held her by the waist and
carried her to his bedroom. There they kissed and were rolling on the bed.
They found themselves on each other, laughing. She took his glasses off. He
was nearly blind. It was she who helped him. She caressed him and guided him.
He kissed her throat then her breasts and fondled her. She giggled as he
licked her. He was not very good at this. Heck, he'd only gotten laid three
times in his life. But he was gentle so it was okay.

He aroused her by probing her most sacred place with his fingers and tongue.
His agile tongue probed her clit and she was writhing in delight. He had
watched enough porn as a teenager to know how to please a girl. He watched
Jenny getting her orgasm and ride it as it intensified, sending jolts of
pleasure throughout her body. She screamed. He brought her down gently.

Jenny opens her eyes and sees Jeremy moving up on her belly, murmuring soft
words of love to her. She sees him and just wants to make him happy. She
tells him it's his turn and starts to take his shirt off but he pulls back
and looks at her. He is still amazed she wants him. Even after he pleasured
her. She reassures him and tells him she wants him. She nibbles on his ear
and tells him he's gonna love what she's gonna do to him. He is relaxed at
last and she smiles as she takes his pants off. Jeremy closes his eyes but
she tells him to open them. He does and revels in the sight of her holding
his manhood in her hands. She starts to pump it up and then licks it then
puts it into her mouth. Jeremy gasps in pleasure. Her mouth is incredibly
warm and soft. Jenny can tell he is liking what she does to him so she sucks
on his cock, stimulating him until she feels the flood gates opening and
Jeremy's dick unleashes cum down her throat. He is panting as she drinks
every last drop. He is spent. She uses all of her technique to resurrect him.

Soon he is hard again and watches as she straddles him, lowering her pussy
onto his prick. She moans as his length stretches her. She is bouncing up and
down on his dick and he is holding her waist. Then he puts her on her back
and begins to really ram it home. She screams as his dick goes very far in
her pussy. He was something alright. They are humping each other like animals
while holding each other's gaze. Jeremy continues to fuck her and fuck her
and they go like this for half an hour. She crosses her legs behind his back,
driving more of him in her. He gasps as she does her specialty to him. She
tightens up all of her vaginal muscles and holds his prick into place so he
can't fully move...and squeezes. Jeremy screams at the vise-like pressure his
cock is in. He is brought off and cums like crazy deep inside her. Jenny
gasps as Jeremy's warm cum floods her insides. He collapses on top of her. He
lays there and she kisses his forehead as his head rests in her chest. His
dick is still embedded in her pussy and she likes the fact that he hasn't
pulled out once satisfied. He remains and is mumbling sweet words to her.

Finally they come off of each other. "That was the best, Jenny, thank you,"
he says.

Jenny smiles. She embraces him, her tanned, fit physique contrasting with his
pale-white, slim form. They are lying down face to face. He falls asleep
holding her hand. She watches him. He has a dopey expression on his face. One
of happiness. He is in heaven and she has brought him there. She hopes this
is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and makes a memo to herself to
thank Natalie for introducing her to this strange and wonderful man. But that
was for later. For now she would watch him sleep.

The End


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