The protagonist of the below story is a man gifted with the ability to control the minds and bodies of others. If you are the sort of person that likes to know the features and limitations of his power, read on. If not, eh, skip to the story.

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Our nameless protagonist does not know how his power works other than it appears to be genetic and kicks in around puberty. He has had this power for a while now and through his investigations (aided by many who of course do not remember lending their expertise) he has some understanding of how it works but not why.

Our protagonist's abilities:
- allow control of a subject's motor functions, both voluntary (walking, moving head and arms, etc) and autonomic (breathing, heart beating, etc). He does not like to control autonomic functions however due to the high risk of killing the subject by for example forgetting to tell his heart to beat.
- control is executed through commands ('run', 'jump', 'pick up that object', etc). The subject's body seems to be able to work out the details as long as the command is not too vague (so 'hit that man' will work but not 'hit anyone who looks threatening').
- commands are transmitted mentally.
- He can read minds and memories, and can change the intensity of base emotions (fear, anger, lust, etc) but cannot create or change thoughts, switch a subject's emotions or affect complicated emotions (love, jealousy, etc).
- He can create visual, auditory and tactile illusions. These work as normal commands - he tells the subject what to see/hear/feel and the subject's mind works out the details provided the illusion is simple.
- commands can only be given to subjects in direct line of sight. Detection of other minds is possible through walls, etc up to a certain distance, but they cannot be altered unless our protagonist can see the person.
- Commands remain effective until removed by the protagonist, even if the subject is no longer in view.
- Commands can be made to only one subject at a time, but multiple subjects can be controlled by giving commands to one, then the next, then the next, etc.
- larger scale and/or simpler commands work better than fine detailed ones. The protagonist cannot change facial expressions, and attempts to force speech results in meaningless slurring.

The protagonist's only real fear is that someone like him will notice his ability and take it away from him. Consequently any potential activity is investigated and if another 'Talent' such as he is discovered he takes steps to neutralize the danger. He has not yet met a Talent with abilities as strong as his, but he feels sure they are out there, somewhere.

* * *

The following fanfic is based on 'Spooksville' SE01EP18, "Gnome Alone". All characters and events are fictional. Many are illegal, immoral and/or impossible. Never try this in real life. You do not have mental powers.

Spooksville: A Man Of Singular Talent - Sally Wilcox
by Mephisto Pegari

Stories of strange happenings eventually led me to a small town by the name of Springville, AKA 'Spooksville'. For once these tales had some truth in them. I traced the source to a local Talent. Nothing too remarkable; like most people who inherit the ability to bend people's perceptions and beliefs the Talent ascribed it to magic. So be it - superstition is a handy way to make sure inexplicable events get ignored, no professional scientist wants to be associated with anything labeled paranormal. I made some minor tweaks to the Talent's abilities, making sure any 'spells' cast would be temporary and limited in range. I've learned not to just crush a Talent's abilities, too noticeable. Better to render them too weak to threaten me while remaining undetected.

Did I mention the Talent this time was a young female? Quite an attractive one at that. A pity that the sort of fun I might have had with her would have broken my 'don't get noticed' rule. I managed to avoid temptation, but it was a seriously frustrated me that took breakfast in a local diner early that morning (carefully tinkering with the mind of a Talent is best done when the target is asleep, so I had been up most of the night).

As I sat in my booth, sipping a scaling hot coffee, voices carried over from the booth behind me. An older couple planning a day of antique hunting. What fun these baby boomers have. My ears pricked up however at the sound of a younger, more petulant voice.

"Urgh, for the thousandth time Mom, I'll be fine."

"I'm sure you will dear, but that doesn't stop me worrying. That's my job."

"Sally, you remember where the hose is kept, right? In the toolshed?"

"Yes Dad. And yes, I know to use the wide spray setting when washing the precious gnomes."

There was more of this but you get the point. I decided a trip to the bathroom was in order, located behind me such that my journey allowed me to see the people in the booth. Standard elder white middle class couple (there's a factory somewhere that makes them by the truckload). Cute teenage daughter. Long brown hair, brown eyes, soft rounded lips and a button nose, a perfect petite package. Seemed about 16?

A quick rummage through the teenager's mind confirmed she was 16, despite her relatively small frame. Headstrong yet innocent, an enticing combination. Her parents were leaving her alone all day today. She had no plans, expected no visitors. Lucky me.

It was tempting to follow them home when they left, especially as their departure allowed me to drink in the sight of Sally's small but perfectly formed ass squeezed into blue jeans. But again discretion is my watchword, so I simply took her home address from Sally's mind and watched them leave. I took my time over the rest of my breakfast, left a generous tip, and strolled over to the house (which I would have googled but annoyingly my cellphone did not seem to function well in this town. No matter, I simply got directions from a local who then immediately forgot he ever talked to me).

By the time I arrived Sally's parents had already left. Something felt wrong, however. A check on my instruments revealed some buildup of a local reality distortion field. Approaching the house with caution now, I determined the effect was coming from the upper floor.

Entering the house through the unlocked back door I made my way upstairs. I did not see Sally, but this distortion had to be dealt with first anyway. Business before pleasure. I discovered the source to be a broken garden gnome hidden in a closet in what I assumed to be the parent's bedroom. Evidently it had been a locus for a small distortion event, a common enough occurrence in the vicinity of an untrained Talent. The gnome looked newly broken, no doubt the distortion was caused when its shape was altered and the field force lines became warped.

It took a minute or two to drain the energy from the gnome and dissipate the reality distortion. And now finally I could return to my main task.

Back in the corridor, I heard noises coming from a room downstairs. Reaching with my mind confirmed that the noises were from Sally, and that no others were in the house (yes, I should have checked that before I came in. My horniness was making me sloppy.)

I went to the top of the stairs and peeked around the corner just as she left the room. I was treated to the sight of the young petite teen in a tight pyjama set. Pink pants hugging the curves of her ass even more than her jeans had before. An orange top showing a flat stomach and small but noticeable chest, especially as she reached up to tie her hair back in a ponytail. Tatty duck slippers.

She was intending to go to the kitchen but I had other plans, so instead she 'decided' to go back into her bedroom. I followed her in, still unnoticed.

On other occasions I have been more patient, perhaps getting the girl to try on different outfits or masturbate in front of me before getting personally involved. But after a night of digging through one hot girl's mind without being able to play and the need for patience this morning after spotting Sally I decided to cut to the chase. Taking full control of Sally's motor functions, I left her standing facing her bed as I approached her from behind. And what a behind it was. Reaching down (she really is quite short) I grasped her ass with both hands as she stood motionless. I returned some minor voluntary motor functions to Sally's control, enough for her to exclaim as I caressed her teen ass through the pyjama fabric.

"What the what?! What's going on? Ermph, I can't move!"

Leaning down I whispered in her ear.

"You'll move when I want you to, Sally."

To prove my point I had Sally push her ass back into my hands. I couldn't resist slipping one hand inside her pants and under her panties. My other hand wandered up and around to her stomach, under her top, heading for her breasts.

"Ah! Get off me, what are you doing?"

"Anything I want."

Her stomach was taught and smooth, but as I squeezed Sally's ass and rolled her breasts in my hands they proved soft and pliant in all the right ways. Her squirming as I held her only served to put more of her flesh in contact with mine.

Finally, I stepped away and allowed her to turn around. It didn't matter if she saw my face, she would be unable to describe it or recognize me even if I let her remember our encounter. She looked up at me with a mixture of defiance and fear that made my already stiffening penis strain against my clothes.


It was not necessary to give a verbal command, my mental control was already making her hands grip the hem of her top and start to pull it up. It's just more fun this way.

Her pajama top came off in short order, along with some pink crop top thing underneath. Her pants, those awful slippers and some gray striped socks quickly followed. The purple panties stayed on for the moment. Sally's round perky breasts were now fully on display in front of me. I stepped forwards and placed my lips on her trembling mouth. Of course there was no response at first, but a little mental prod soon had Sally opening up and sharing a deep passionate kiss, while one of my hands went again to cup a breast, thumb rubbing her nipple.

Feeling her soft lips against mine, her tongue flicking and twisting in my mouth, was delightful. But I had a better use for Sally's mouth. Breaking the kiss I straightened up and started removing my pants. As my hands moved to the zipper Sally started talking again.

"Oh... oh no. No. You can't."

I ignored her protestations as I removed my own clothes. Sally's eyes widened as my fully erect penis popped into view in front of her, which I took as a compliment.

Now fully naked I walked around her and sat on her bed. After a brief moment enjoying the view of her panty clad ass, I got Sally to turn around and kneel between my legs. I placed one hand on the back of her head (again not strictly necessary but fun), and slowly guided her open mouth towards my penis. Sally's protests continued all this time, until I could feel her hot breath on the tip of my eager dick. She only stopped when my penis finally slid past her lips and into her wet inviting mouth. I had taken back control of her mouth, so even as Sally's eyes looked up at me, pleading me to stop, her lips were tightly closed around the shaft and her tongue was fluttering around the head of my penis, teasing and twirling.

After the initial entry I started withdrawing my penis after it had been about halfway in Sally's mouth. I'm not remarkably big, but Sally's petite proportions meant even half an average sized dick filled her mouth. She looked a little relieved as I withdrew but the respite was brief; before the tip left her lips I was pushing back in, more quickly this time, and did not stop until about three quarters of my penis was engulfed in Sally's sweet mouth. I started a rhythm, sliding my dick in and out, each time a little deeper. Sally was struggling to cope, but tried her best to accommodate me in her mouth and eventually in her throat (my control of her gag reflex helped). By the time I was feeling her lips kiss the base of my penis on each downstroke I had let go of her head, but of course she did not stop or slow down. I was able to lean back and enjoy watching Sally of Spooksville kneeling in front of me wearing nothing but panties and a look of despair as she deepthroated my penis again and again and again.

As she serviced me I reached into her mind again. It was awash with fear. I soothed her mind a little - not to be kind you understand. It's just that past a certain point, where fear shades into terror, the mind essentially freezes, unable to contemplate what is happening. A defense mechanism perhaps. By dialling back her fear I could sense Sally's thoughts begin to flow once more. She was able to contemplate her situation, to properly feel the sensation of her mouth being invaded, her body not respond to her urgent desire to get away but in fact participating in giving her first blowjob (yes, first. The boys of Spooksville must be timid creatures.). I could feel some of Sally's personality come back, her eyes narrowing as she stopped mentally thrashing around and tried to focus on achieving one thing. Oh, how cute, she was trying to bite down!

Unsurprisingly I did not let her chew my penis up, but I did decide to let her stop impaling herself on my dick and remove it from her mouth. She even got to hold it in one hand. As she gently stroked and squeezed with her hand, Sally was once again able to talk, albeit with frequent interruptions as she smothered my penis, balls and side of my legs in kisses and long languorous licks.

"*kiss* Mister, I don't know *liiick* ugh, how you are doing this *smack* buh, but I'll get you for it *liiick*. You'll sooo regret doing this to *smooch* to *kiss* to me."

I felt no need to answer, it was just too much fun listening to Sally promise vengeance while running her tongue up the shaft of my penis and lightly twisting the tip with her small but dexterous hand. Eventually though I tired of her protestations and decided to silence her again. Sally removed her hand from my penis and used it instead to fondle my balls. Her mouth covered the tip of my dick and closed around it, giving her tongue enough space to really go to town licking and flicking the head. She was still trying to talk but achieved only incoherent moans, which added to the sensations of her gentle hand massaging my balls; her lips sliding over my skin as her head bobbed slightly up and down my penis; the wetness of her mouth and caresses of her tongue on my oh so sensitive head.

It wasn't long before I could feel my orgasm boiling up from my balls. I tensed up, but if Sally noticed or realized what it meant she gave no sign. Certainly the look of surprise on her face as I started ejaculating into her mouth seemed genuine - I could have checked but I was a little distracted filling this teenage girl's mouth with her first load of warm cum. I did have the presence of mind to allow her to swallow as I came, there just was not space in Sally's small (and still weakly protesting) mouth for my cockhead and the cum spewing from it.

My orgasm finally died down as Sally's hand squeezed the last of my cum from my balls into her waiting mouth. She slid her lips off with an audible pop. I had her look up at me as her tongue darted around the head and the corners of her mouth, cleaning up every last drop. Neat and tidy.

I had her sit up, hands in her lap and waiting silently while I recovered from my post-orgasm high. All the tension of the last twenty four hours had been drained out of me as effectively as Sally had drained my balls. I still had an erection, but building up a decent load would still take a little time. No matter, I had all day.

Five or ten minutes later my erection had still not subsided. Perhaps it had something to do with the nearly naked teenage girl kneeling at my feet waiting to sate all my lusts. I decided I would spend some quality time with Sally's small but well-proportioned chest. Sally stood and stepped towards me, straddling my waist and sitting in my lap facing me. Not only did this place her breasts neatly within reach of my head, my dick was pushing against her ass crack, rubbing against her panties with every movement either of us made. Sally squeezed her body as close to mine as possible, leaned back and placed her hands on my knees for support. Her breasts stood proudly from her chest, flushed from her earlier exertions and rising and falling with her breathing. Taking one breast in one hand I squeezed a little to make her nipple stand out even more, ready for my tongue to flick and lick. Her body tasted sweet and salty, no perfume but the faint smell of soap.

Using my hands, lips and tongue I explored her chest thoroughly, before moving to her neck. The squirming of her ass against my dick (okay, I may have made her grind a little on purpose) eventually grew too much.

"Stand and turn around, Sally."

Sally climbed off me and did as ordered. She did not speak, even though I allowed her to.

"Good. Now take off your panties with both hands, slowly. Time for the next hole."

That last bit was intended to provoke a reaction, and it did, something between a sob and a wail emerged from her lips as she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and slowly drew them down, keeping her back and legs straight and bending at the waist. Her now naked ass looked sweet as a peach, asshole just peeking out invitingly. Sally straightened up and turned around. Her pussy lips were clearly visible between her legs (dat gap). Brown pubic hair was trimmed but not shaped.

Some say the missionary position is boring, but it does have the advantage of being able to see the girl's face and look into her eyes as you penetrate her, and I wanted to watch Sally as a strange man took her virginity on her own bed. So I got up and had her lie down, arms above her head, legs parted. Her ponytail went to one side, hair spilling over her shoulder. I got on the bed between her legs, positioning myself for entry. I looked up and saw she had closed her eyes tight. That would not do. A mental command and her eyes flew open just as my dick touched the folds of her pussy.

I locked eyes with Sally as I slowly but firmly penetrated her. I got about half of my penis inside her in one relatively smooth motion. Surprising - I had of course made sure her pussy was wet before entry, but even then I expected more resistance. A peek into her mind confirmed that she was indeed a virgin (until now) but her hymen had been taken care of by the insertion of... a pocket flashlight? Girls will put anything inside themselves nowadays.

Sally let out a squeal as I slid into her. I almost did too - she was so tight! Would I even fit all the way in? I certainly intended to try.

I took the same approach with her pussy as I had with her mouth, steadily pushing a little deeper into her with each downstroke. I met with some success but not much. I mentally commanded Sally to relax and lift her knees up to her torso. Looking down to where our bodies connected I still had a couple of inches to go. Sally's body was visibly bulging where my dick was planted inside her, and when I withdrew her pussy gripped my shaft so tight it was almost turning inside out. She had surely reached her limit, but I was determined to feel this cute brunette's vagina fully encircle my penis.

I got off Sally (there was an audible 'shloop' sound as my dick left the warm embrace of Sally's pussy, but no blood), got her to stand and then took her place lying on my back on her bed. After a short session of her leaning over the bed and blowing me, partly so Sally could taste herself on my dick and partly so I could stroke the curves of her body from the side, I got Sally to straddle my hips, grab my penis with one hand and lower herself onto me.

Sally had been pretty silent in the previous position, but as she rode me cowgirl style she started panting. Each time she pushed herself downwards she would gasp or make some exclamation along the lines of "Ah!", "Urgh!", "Huuuh!" and so on. Her expression showed pain, but she was slowly managing to feed more of my dick to her pussy. I reached with my mind and lessened her pain somewhat, again more so she could feel the experience than out of pity.

Finally, with one determined thrust and a shout of "FuhfFUCK!", Sally impaled herself on my penis entirely, her legs meeting mine and her ass resting on my balls. I let out a groan of satisfaction. I'd wanted to take Sally from the moment I saw her, and now here I was, balls deep inside the spunky sixteen year old's no-longer-virgin pussy. Sally's naked body was flushed and sweating from the exertion, her nipples erect on her heaving chest. Her head was bowed, but I could still see the look of defeat on Sally's face. Where were the defiant threats now?

An involuntary shudder shook Sally's body as she got used to the feel of a man inside her, her tight pussy stretched beyond capacity. On my mental instructions she leaned forwards and placed her hands on my chest. Her ponytail lay on my body, silky smooth.

This position gave her leverage to start rapid thrusting of her hips, pounding my dick in and out of her. I doubt it was a lot of fun for Sally to abuse her pussy in this way, but for me it felt great. Her pussy wrapped around my dick like it was moulded to fit me, I could feel her movements on every square inch of penis. If she wasn't so wet it would be painful. Rhythmic slapping sounds and the creak of bedsprings filled the room as her body met mine. Her breath was hot against my chest as it came in sharp pants, forced out as if my dick were literally pushing the air out of her lungs with each thrust.

I'm not sure how long we continued in this vein - half an hour, maybe more? I was in no rush, my earlier need to ejaculate had been sated so for now it was all about lying back and enjoying the tight teen serving me with her body. Sally grew visibly exhausted, but my control over her made sure she kept up the pace. Occasionally I had her stop pumping and just circle her hips around with me fully inside her. She tried to scream the first time she did that, but she was too tired to manage more than a sharp "Ah!" which deteriorated into a ragged moan as her insides were swirled around by my dick.

Eventually I started to feel the familiar tightening feeling in my balls. By this time poor Sally was shaking from deep muscle tiredness, so I decided to give her a little rest. Sally lifted herself up, I slid my legs out from under her and stood, and she collapsed forward onto the bed. I flipped her onto her back and straddled her stomach. Sally lay limp, lips slackly parted and watching me rub the head of my penis on her breasts as I stroked it with one hand. The instant I felt my orgasm start to peak I scooted forwards and pointed my dick at her face.

My balls must have been working overtime since my last orgasm, as a healthy dose of cum spurted out of my dick straight onto Sally's lips and nose. She tried to turn her head but of course I did not allow it; she could only watch as my dick spewed cum all over her face. Pushing the head between her lips I managed to get some inside her mouth and on her tongue.

Sated, I looked down at my handiwork. Sally's soft round features were screwed up in disgust as she felt my cum covering her lips, spattered on her button nose, streaked across her cheeks and dripping into one eye. The salty taste of my seed was again in her mouth, as was the end of my dick as I had her gently suck and lick me clean.

Sally was a mess, and dog tired to boot. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat, vaginal juices and now my cum. I was pretty sticky too, so I decided a clean up was in order.

After giving Sally ten minutes or so to get her breath back we made our way to the bathroom, where a hot shower (and for Sally a deep muscle massage made highly effective by my ability to simply command muscle groups to relax) brought some life back to us both. I also made sure Sally thoroughly emptied her bowels and cleaned her asshole - bless her cotton socks, she had no idea why I wanted her asshole to be pristine.

Once cleaned and dried, I realized it was already midday and I was famished. A plate of bacon and eggs in the kitchen soon fixed that. Yes, I did have Sally cook for me wearing nothing but an apron. And yes, I did have her blow me under the table while I ate. You say cliche, I say timeless classic.

I finished eating, and spent a little time sitting enjoying the sensation of Sally's mouth working my penis under the table. I couldn't see the action, but I could certainly feel her lips locked tight and sliding up and down my shaft as her tongue fluttered around my cockhead. Looking around the kitchen, I spotted a bottle of olive oil on the counter. Greek extra virgin, how fitting...

I ordered Sally to stop and clear the table (including an inexplicably large bowl of pears. What is the point of that, noone can eat two dozen ripe pears before half of them rot?). I then got her to lie on the table, her ass just on the edge, legs raised and bent back far enough that she could grip her legs with her hands. Taking the oil bottle and standing between Sally's legs I coated my penis in oil, then poured a generous amount onto Sally's pussy and ass to serve as lube. All this time Sally was talking.

"What are you doing now?"

"Oh God, you can't be serious, in the kitchen?"

"My parents will be home any minute."

"Please, I'm so sore. Please not again."

I ignored her for the most part. She must have realized by now that she had no control over her situation, and that her pleading would be in vain.

The oil, her spread pose and no doubt the earlier sex made her pussy easier to enter this time around, and I was able to penetrate her deeply on the first try. However as fun as it was to visit, Sally's vagina was familiar territory and not the main destination. After a few strokes I withdrew and poured more oil over both our genitals while rubbing my cockhead up and down the folds of her pussy. Sally seemed unsure if I had finished already or not.

"Please.... you've had your fun with me, just please stop."

"Oh, I'm not done yet. You're still a virgin, Sally."

"What? No. I'm ... no I'm not."

"Yes you are. Don't worry though, you won't be soon."

"I don't... what? But you... I don't want to get pregnant."

"Hmm, I wouldn't worry about that either."

Sally's asshole gleamed with oil, as did my dick as I aimed it with one hand.
Sally didn't seem to notice when the tip of my dick first touched, but she certainly felt the first intrusion of the head into her anus.

"What are you- no. NO! Oh no, it'd can't go there! I'm too small, please I URGH!"

Her grunt came as the head of my penis finally pushed past her anal ring and into her bowels. If her pussy was a tight fit, it was a cavern compared to this. Her ass held my dick like a long lost lover. I tore my gaze away from the sight of my dick being visibly squeezed into Sally's anus to look at her face. Such a gorgeous expression - Sally's eyes couldn't decide whether to widen in horror or wince in pain. Her mouth was open and her teeth firmly shut.

I needed to do some fine mental tuning to get her anus to relax enough for me to push further, but even with control of her body it was slow going. But it was worth it - after maybe twenty minutes and half a bottle of olive oil I had gotten all but the last inch inside her, and was building a slow but steady rythym.

Sally did not appreciate my dedication to the task. She kept up a litany of "No"s and "Please"s and "Oh God take it out it hurts soooo much"es, punctuated by the occasional scream as I probed deeper inside her. I was starting to get concerned that the neighbors or passersby may hear her, so I removed my penis (very gently as there was a real danger of turning her asshole inside out).

"Come on Sally, let's take this party back to your room."

I toyed with the idea of making her crawl to her room, but instead decided it would be more fun to watch her merrily skip to her anal violation. I followed after her with the oil bottle and a couple other items from the kitchen, watching her hair and ass bounce as she skipped to the bedroom. In the corridor I noticed a full length mirror, which gave me an idea. So I took that too.

On arrival in her bedroom I had Sally climb onto the bed and assume the doggy style position facing away from the head of the bed, but not before tying her hair back into a ponytail. I propped the mirror against the wall such that it reflected Sally's face, and got up behind her on the bed.

"Look, now I can see both your cute face and your cute ass as we play." I tell Sally.

"Fuck you, you fucking asshole."

Charming. Still she had a point, it was time to start fucking her asshole again. I started by rubbing my dick between the cheeks of her ass, feeling her smooth apple-round curves. I really think her ass is Sally's best feature, despite competition from her sweet soft lips.

Another top up with the oil and I was able to pop the head of my dick back into her ass. I then repeated the slow feeding of my dick into her until I was again about an inch away from the finish line. Sally's head was bowed, so I gathered her ponytail with one hand while the other gripped her narrow waist. I simultaneously pulled her head back up by her ponytail and thrust forwards with considerable force, and was treated to a scream from Sally as the last inch finally slammed home. Her body wanted to collapse under the onslaught; I kept her legs up but allowed her arms to give way. Of course her head was still pulled up by my grip on her ponytail, so her face was still visible.

"There, *now* you are no longer a virgin."


"Gotta say Sally, you are one tight piece of teen ass. I'd been wanting a nice young plaything to blow off some steam and when I saw your cute little butt, well... So nice of you to share it with me."

"F... fuck y..."

"Fuck me? Yes, you have, and you will again. But right now I'll do the fucking."
I wasn't kidding either. I'd been taking things slow, breaking in the petite innocent brunette. But now I had Sally Wilcox exactly how I wanted her - naked, helpless and thoroughly violated, ass in the air with my dick embedded deep in her tight teen asshole. No further need for subtlety, or mercy.

Still holding her ponytail I removed all but the head of my penis from Sally's asshole. Then without warning I slammed back into her, burying my dick all the way inside her and eliciting another scream. I then proceeded to properly fuck Sally's ass, pounding in and out. Her body quivered with each impact and my balls slapped against her pussy. Her screams became squeeks became guttural grunts. After a while I wanted to hear her scream again, so while thrusting forwards I started slapping her ass hard, raising red handprints and fresh exclamations of pain from the abused teen.

When even the hardest cracks on her ass no longer yielded a satisfying reaction I decided a change of position might help. Since the cowgirl position had been so successful before, I rearranged us so that I was lying on my back with my legs off the bed. Sally then straddled me, but still facing away from me - reverse cowgirl this time. She lowered herself down and I got a front row seat to the show as my dick was swallowed whole by her small round ass. The weight of her entire body pushed down onto my penis, putting me as deep into her bowels as it was possible to go. Her screams as she impaled herself on me were delightful, but they reached new heights when I commanded her to rotate her ass in my lap, my dick twisting inside her as she ground her body against me like a stripper giving a highly intimate lapdance.

Watching Sally's ass as she bounced and ground on my dick was mesmerizing. Leaning to one side I could also see us from the front in the conveniently placed mirror. Sally's stomach and leg muscles were working hard to please me with her body. I doubt she would have been able to keep this up for long voluntarily. Unluckily for her I was in no rush.

I had one more surprise up my sleeve. I allowed Sally to slow down a little (the feel of her ass clenched around my dick was almost as good as the feel of it pumping her anyway). As she slowed to a grateful stop I reached for my pants beside the bed and took a condom from the pocket. Sally lifted up and unsheathed my dick from her ass so I could resheath it in latex (I had not used it earlier because I was not concerned about contracting anything from innocent little Sally, but other girls? I'm telepathic, not immortal). I then showed her the two small bottles I had liberated from the kitchen.

"What do you think, babe - peppermint essence or Tabasco?"

"What the what?"

"Hmm, yes you are right. Why not both!"

Opening both bottles I dripped the contents onto the condom (taking care not to get any on my skin!). Holding my dick steady at the base I watched Sally in the mirror as she reinserted it into her ass.

Sally's wail as her ass was invaded by my dick topped with the tabasco - peppermint concoction was of an entirely different nature from before. Earlier screams were simple reactions to pain. This one sounded like part of her soul was being burnt away. It faded but did not die as more of me slid into her, aided by the lubricant from hell. As she resumed bouncing on my dick it morphed into a continual moan, pitch and volume changing as she pumped.

It wasn't long after that I felt my balls once again signalling my impending climax. I didn't want to waste my cum in a condom, so I got Sally to hop off me and kneel on the floor. I stood over her and fed her my dick, letting her taste a mix of her ass, olive oil and latex lube. A few pumps of my dick in her mouth and I started spurting. After the first shot went down her throat I pulled out of her mouth and once again covered Sally's face in my cum. This time I managed to get some on her tits too.

In the hours that followed I used Sally's body thoroughly. Her sweet mouth, tight pussy and (after a meticulous cleanup) her red raw asshole were all subjected to fresh violations. Eventually evening came, and the sound of the front door announced the return of the parents.

"Sally dear, that's us back now. Sally?"

At this point Sally was unable to answer, as she was currently lying on her stomach on the bed, her top half propped on her elbows and her mouth full of my dick as I sat at the head of the bed. Sally's old friend the pocket flashlight was embedded deep in her pussy.

The door opened.

"Sally, are you in he- oh."

I allowed Sally to twist around enough to see her mother poke her head around the bedroom door, look straight at us, smile, and gently close the door again. Sally's muffled cry of "Mom!" turned into shouts of puzzlement and alarm. Over Sally's exclamations we could hear Sally's mom address her dad.

"She's fast asleep."

"This early? Huh. She didn't finish cleaning the gnomes."

"You can talk to her about it in the morning dear."

"I suppose so."

Looking down at Sally I explained.

"Your mom saw only what I wanted her to see. And hey, good news - looks like we have the whole night together!"

Sally's moan of despair turned to squeals as I reached down and twisted one nipple, sending pleasant vibrations through my dick. A long night beckoned for us both. Oh well, I can sleep tomorrow.



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