Spin Ciy: Bisexual Holiday Stories Part 3 (MF,orgy,inter,anal,voy,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Mike Flaherty sat behind his desk in his office, in the east wing of City
Hall. He sat there, looking at the city of New York. New York was a truly
beautiful city, and it was his. Well, not really. He was deputy mayor, so
he had joint custody of the largest city on the planet.

Mike was no stranger to the game of power. He had been after it during his
whole life. That's why he pulled himself up from the depths of poverty and
obscurity to become a student at one of the nation's largest colleges. He
graduated from law school at the top of his class and was working for one
of the largest law firms in the country when he met Randall Winston, the
tall, silver-haired businessman from Connecticut who wanted to become Mayor
of New York City. Mike and Winston joined forces, and through Mike's shrewd
maneuvering and schemes, they won the election, beating a white-haired
conservative who croaked after losing and his radical feminist henchwoman.
Mike Flaherty become the Number Two Guy in the largest city in the world.
He walked through the halls of power. He was once a poor kid from a small
town in the middle of nowhere, and now he was basically co-ruler of an

Mike Flaherty ruled City Hall. From there, he shared control of New York.
Someday, he was gonna help Mayor Winston become Governor Winston. Deputy
Mayor Mike Flaherty would then become Lieutenant Governor Mike Flaherty.
Maybe, someday, Governor Winston could become President Winston, and
Lieutenant Governor Mike Flaherty could become Vice President Mike Flaherty.
Of course, by then, Winston could have an "unfortunate accident" and Mike
Flaherty would become the Most Powerful Man in The World. Mike smiled when
he thought of what a shrewd, brilliant and versatile man like himself could
do with such power. Mike sometimes thought of his favorite movie series,
Star Wars. In the Star Wars movies, a shrewd Naboo Senator named Palpatine
manipulated his way past the Jedi Order and into the Office of Supreme
Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He was helped by Anakin Skywalker, who
would later become his right-hand, Darth Vader. Mike Flaherty saw himself
as Vader and Winston as a slightly dummer version of Palpatine. One day,
he would get rid of his Master and rise to power, like the Dark Lord did.

He was interrupted from his reverie by the arrival of Stacy, one of his
underlings. Stacy was a tall, attractive Italian brunette who hailed from
the Bronx. She worked at City Hall as a glorified secretary. She was also
Mike Flaherty's secret office fling. He watched as she walked in. Stacy
was one sexy girl, dressed in a white blouse and black dress. She also had
big knockers, killer legs and a great-looking ass. "Hello, Mike." she said.

"Hi, Stacy."

Stacy closed the office door behind her, and stood before Mike. She smiled
at him. "Did you miss me?" Stacy asked.

Mike grinned. "You got no idea, babe."

Stacy smiled and walked toward him, moving in a deliberately provocative way.
Mike loved it when she walked like that. She sat on the edge of his desk. He
reached out and touched her sexy ass. "Nice," he said.

Stacy got off the desk. She leaned over the sofa, facing away from him and
showing him her sexy behind. "Come over here and tap that ass, mister Mike!"

Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty didn't need to be told twice!!!

Mike positioned himself behind Stacy. He caressed her sexy buttocks, and she
giggled. She knew what he liked. He rubbed his cock against her sexy cheeks,
and she pulled her sexy butt cheeks wide open, exposing an obvious target.
Mike knew what she wanted. He rubbed his cock against her puckered little
asshole. Stacy slid her fingers into her pussy. She was shaking with
anticipation. The hot Italian girl from the Bronx loved getting fucked in
the ass. It was her favorite thing to do in the world. She'd discovered anal
sex while fooling around with her boyfriend, Pete. They broke up but she
still liked to get drilled in the back door. Mike pushed his cock into
Stacy's tight ass. It slid in nice and easy.

"I've lubed myself," she said.

"I can tell," Mike grunted. He licked her ear and grabbed her by the hips,
thrusting into her. Stacy felt his thick cock slide into her anal canal. He
began to fuck her, hard and deep. Just the way she liked it. She undulated
against him, driving his cock deeper inside her.

"Oh, yeah, Mike!" Stacy screamed. "Give it to me, baby!"

Mike drilled his cock deeper into her, hard and fast. Stacy felt his deep
penetration. He was pretty far up her ass. Just the way she liked it. She
finally let go, and screamed at the top of her lungs. Mike felt Stacy's
ass tighten around his cock. He grunted, and the anal walls squeezing his
cock caused him to come. He blasted Stacy's tight asshole, filling her
back door with his hot cum. Slowly, he pulled out of her. Stacy winced
when Mike's big cock squeezed its way out of her ass. She looked at him.
"That was good," she said.

Mike smiled. "I was good, wasn't I?"

A little while later, Stacy put her clothes back on and left Mike Flaherty's
office. Mike went back to his desk. Something was bothering him. He should
be relaxed, especially after tapping Stacy's hot booty, but he wasn't. He
suddenly remembered! A few days ago, some guy had come with the water
coolers. The chicks at the office liked him and flirted endlessly with him
but he wasn't feeling them that way and found the unwanted attention a bit
degrading. In revenge, he had called Mike and threatened to sue. Mike
dismissed him automatically. The guy threatened to put something in the water
system. Mike hadn't really listened. Now, he was worried! What if the guy had
really poisoned City Hall's water coolers? Mike rushed out of his office. He
had to warn them away from the water coolers....or else!

When Mike Flaherty stepped out of his office, the Dark Lord of City Hall was
in for a surprise. What he saw amazed him!!!

Nicole 'Nikki' Faber was stark naked and on her hands and knees, sucking
Stuart Bondek's dick. Stuart was standing behind his desk, thrusting his cock
in and out of Nikki's mouth. Stuart looked like he was enjoying the time of
his life. Mike froze. He watched as Stuart bent Nikki over his desk and
thrust his dick into her pussy. Nikki rubbed her sexy large breasts together
and moaned in pleasure as she was drilled. Clearly, she was enjoying herself
and so was Stuart Bondek!

Mike looked away from them, to see Stuart's girlfriend, Deidre West on her
hands and knees on the floor. Kneeling behind Deidre West was Janelle Cooper.
The sexy Black woman was wearing a mean-looking strap-on dildo and was
thrusting it in and out of Deidre West's snatch. Deidre moaned in pleasure
as Janelle fucked her. Mike watched with growing arousal. What in hell was
going on? He asked himself. Now Janelle was lying on the floor and Deidre
was straddling her. The bitchy white woman was impaling herself on the sexy
Black woman's dildo. Janelle put her hands on Deidre's hips and thrust into
the girl's pussy furiously. Deidre bounced up and down on Janelle's
thick-looking black strap-on dildo. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Mike looked back to Stuart Bondek and Nikki Faber. Now, Nikki was on all
fours and Stuart was giving it to her doggy-style. He grabbed her by the
hips and thrust into her, giving to her all he had. Nikki was loving every
moment of it, screaming and cursing like a bitch in a rap video. Mike could
not believe his eyes.

He looked further and saw Claudia Lassiter and James Hobert going at it.
Claudia Lassiter was a slightly plump yet beautiful woman with big breasts,
a pretty face and a really nice-looking bubble butt. James was on top of
her and she had her arms around him. The young speechwriter was thrusting
his cock in and out of Claudia's tight pussy. Claudia screamed in pleasure
and encouraged him to go harder and faster. They switched positions. Now,
Claudia was on top, bouncing up and down on James, impaling herself on the
young man's thick cock. James caressed Claudia's breasts and slammed into
her, giving it to her hard and deep.

Mike looked and saw Carter Sebastian Heywood and the Mayor himself doing
their wild thing! Mayor Randall Winston was lying on his back, his eyes
closed. He was jerking himself off while getting drilled by Carter Heywood's
thick black cock. The Black man was thrusting his cock in and out of
Randall's tight white ass. Drilling him. Randall Winston screamed in pleasure
and opened his eyes wide open. Mike was shocked. He had no idea that Randall
Winston was bisexual. Everyone knew that Carter liked men but this was a
surprise!!!! He watched as sexy Latin beauty Angie Ordonez joined in on the
action. The trio changed positions. Angie Ordonez got on her hands and knees.
Mayor Randall Winston positioned himself behind the young Latin secretary and
slid his cock into her tight asshole. Angie gasped when she felt Randall
Winston's hard cock enter her tight back door. Randall experienced a similar
feeling when Carter Heywood pushed his huge black cock inside his ass.
Gripping Randall by the hips, Carter thrust his cock into the older man's
back door. This caused Randall to drill Angie Ordonez's tight female ass even

They went at it like this, hard and fast. Mike watched as the couples
started mixing it up. Paul Lassiter joined his wife Claudia Lassiter and
James Hobert. Paul stood, buck-naked, and Claudia and James knelt before
him. They sucked his cock. Paul Lassiter grimaced in pleasure as he felt
both Claudia's sexy lips and James's slick tongue working his cock. This
was the best feeling he'd ever had. It wasn't long before he came,
exploding all over their faces. They pulled him down. James Hobert climbed
on top of Paul Lassiter, impaling himself on the big man's thick cock.
Paul thrust into James. James groaned in pleasure as Paul fucked him.
Claudia took James's cock into her mouth, sucking on it while the young
man got fucked by her husband. Paul fucked James for all he was worth,
thrusting vigorously into the young man's ass. They switched positions
again. Now, Claudia was on all fours and was getting fucked by Paul. Paul
slid his cock into Claudia's tight asshole. Meanwhile, James Hobert
positioned himself behind Paul Lassiter.

James Hobert pushed his cock into Paul Lassiter 's asshole. Paul grimaced
when he felt James's cock slide into him. He gripped his wife's hips even
tighter. Gritting her teeth, Claudia Lassiter tried not to scream when she
felt Paul's cock invade her tight asshole. They went at it like this,
fucking and sucking each other. James drilled his cock into Paul's ass
with all the vigor he could muster. Paul screamed. James's thick cock felt
huge up his ass. Claudia screamed as Paul rammed his big cock inside her
tight ass. She could feel her rectum expanding to accomodate Paul's huge
dick. She felt like she was being split in half. Involuntarily, she
clenched her ass. It tightened like a vise around Paul's dick. Paul came,
flooding his wife's butthole with his hot cum. Claudia screamed as she
felt Paul's hot seed flood her back door. A few seconds later, Paul
screamed as well when James unleashed his load of hot cum deep inside
Paul's ass. Slowly, Paul squeezed his cock out of his wife's ass. James
removed himself from Paul's bottom and the three of them lay on the floor.
After fucking each other's asses so throughly, it hurt to sit down.

Janelle Cooper and Deidre West were joined by Stuart. Janelle looked at
Stuart's thick cock, and ached to feel him inside her, which Deidre
encouraged. Stuart Bondek positioned himself behind Janelle and rubbed
his cock against the Black woman's hot ass. He spread Janelle's cheeks
wide open and when she didn't protest, he rubbed his cock against her
asshole. Slowly, he pushed his cock into her tight back door. Janelle
felt Stuart's thick white cock moving about in her tight black ass. He
began to fuck her, hard and fast. Deidre watched them go at it, fingering
herself. Suddenly, something got her attention and she left. Stuart began
to slam his cock deep inside Janelle's butthole like he was drilling for
oil...Janelle's screams of pain and pleasure filled the air....

Deidre West watched Carter Heywood as he went at it with Mayor Randall
Winston and the sexy Latin girl, Angie Ordonez. Presently, Randall was
fucking Carter from behind. The Mayor slid his cock into the Black man's
tight asshole. Kneeling before Carter, Angie was sucking his cock. Carter
thrust his huge black dick in and out of Angie's mouth. His eyes were
closed and he was clearly enjoying himself. A handsome older man was
fucking his ass and a sexy girl was sucking his cock. Every bisexual
man's dream. Deidre had an idea. She had always fancied Carter but he
hadn't liked her. Not because she was a woman but because he thought she
was a sleazy bitch. Which was right. Deidre knelt by Angie and whispered
something into the Latin chick's ear. She also said the same thing to
Winston, who agreed. Winston told Carter that he wanted to get fucked
again but wanted Carter to keep his eyes closed while it happened. Angie
told Carter that she wanted to watch. Carter agreed. That's when the
switch happened. Instead of Randall Winston sucking Carter Heywood's big
black cock, it was Deidre West doing it. Randall and Angie sat on the
floor, watching as Deidre began to suck the unsuspecting Carter Heywood's

Deidre sucked Carter's cock and licked his balls. Carter felt hot lips on
his cock. Clearly, Randall had improved his technique. Carter was loving it.
He kept his eyes closed and thrust into the waiting mouth of what he thought
was the world's greatest cocksucker.

"I want to fuck your ass, Winston!" Carter shouted.

Deidre looked at Randall and Angie, who sat to the side. They were trying
very hard not to laugh. "Okay, Carter, fuck my white ass!" Randall said.

He winked at Deidre. Deidre West took Carter's cock in her hand and guided
him into her ass. She pushed back against him, driving his cock deep inside
her ass. Deidre West had been fucked in the ass before but never by such a
gorgeous, obviously unattainable stud. Carter was fucking her ass like there
was no tomorrow. Deidre loved getting drilled by a thick cock, even one as
huge as Carter's. Still, she felt like she was being split in half and it
was getting harder and harder not to scream. He slammed into her, hard and
deep. They went at it like this for a few minutes until he came, sending
his cum deep inside her. Deidre gritted her teeth. The flood of hot cum spat
from the Black man's cock and struck her bowels. Slowly, he squeezed his
cock out of her and pulled out. She knelt before him and took him in her
mouth, tasting her ass on his cock. She licked his cock and balls clean,
then she let go of him and waited.

Carter opened his eyes, expecting to see Randall Winston. He was about to
congratulate the older white man for having the tightest asshole he'd ever
fucked. His eyes widened when he saw....Deidre. "You!!!" He said.

Deidre smiled. "Admit it, Carter, you liked fucking my ass, and you loved it
when I sucked your cock."

Carter looked past her at Randall and Angie. "Sorry, Carter," Randall said.

Deidre looked at Carter. "So, which one of us is the best cocksucker?"

Carter looked at Deidre, then at Randall. He tilted his head back and
laughed. "Who cares?" He shrugged.

"It was great." Randall got up and put his arm around Angie, who smiled.

Deidre grinned at Carter, then walked away.

Suddenly, they realized that everybody else had been watching them. Paul
Lassiter, sitting between his wife Claudia and James Hobert. Stuart Bondek,
who had just given bisexual Black babe Janelle Cooper the ass-fucking of a
lifetime. Nikki Faber, who sat next to Stacy Paterno. And finally Mike
Flaherty, who had watched the whole thing.

"What the hell was that?" Mike asked. "Everybody fucks everybody in here?"

Randall smiled. "Well, Mike, we're thinking of making it a New Year's Eve

Mike grinned. "Oh, well, in this case, you're all invited back to my office."

Everyone laughed and rushed to Mike's office. The party was just getting

The End.


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