This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Spider-Man 3:
Rebuilding An Empire Part 2 - Spider-Whore Part 2 (FF,fist,anal)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"This is not a good idea Harry," Mary Jane said as she climbed into the car
parked in front of her apartment complex. Both were dressed in traditional
funeral attire.

"Why is that?" Harry replied as the door shut and the limo took off.

"People will talk."

"People always talk."

"It won't look good if I show up at my boyfriend's funeral with an Osborn."

"You worry too much MJ. You'll wrinkle and age faster if you keep it up."

"Thanks for your concern," Mary Jane replied rolling her eyes.

"You really shouldn't concern yourself with the opinions of others. It's not
going to much matter what anyone else thinks anyway, because once the tape of
you fucking Spider-Man and Venom goes on sale they'll not want to talk to
you. The only opinion you should really be concerned with is mine and right
now everything is fine."

"You're right Harry, I'm sorry."

"Trust me, everything will be fine," Harry smiled before kissing MJ on the

As the car thundered down the road Mary Jane stared out the window wondering
what not only that day, but the future held for her, and when Harry's Mr.
Hyde persona would come out next.

* * *

"What the hell is he doing here?" Ben Grimm growled when the last of the
vehicles pulled in just minutes before the funeral was set to start.

"Stay here," Captain Stacy began trying to keep a scene from happening. "I'll
take care of this."

There was a murmuring of disbelief as Harry stepped from his car and even
more so when he extended a hand and helped Mary Jane out.

"It's good to see you again Mary Jane," Captain Stacy said meeting the
couple. "I'm truly sorry we couldn't do more to save Peter."

"Thank you sir," MJ replied cordially. "You did what you could and there was
nothing more the city could have done without endangering your men or the

"If you don't mind I would like to have a moment to discuss a few things with

"Can't this wait until after the services?" Harry asked.

"No it can't." Mary Jane then looked to Harry for some kind of instruction.

"It's okay MJ. Why don't you go keep the captain's daughter company? She's
looking a bit lonely among all the suits and superheroes here."

A chill went up Mary Jane's back as she made her way to where Gwen Stacy sat
alone. She knew that if the captain did anything more to irritate Harry in
the slightest that something bad was going to happen. Captain Stacy waited
until MJ took a seat next to his daughter before continuing his conversation.

"She such a nice girl," He said turning back around to face Harry.

"Yes she is."

"She and Peter made a better couple though."

"That's debatable, but that's not why you're holding up this funeral to talk
to me is it?"

"No it's not so let me get right to the point. You're not wanted here Harry.
Your father tried to kill Spider-Man, you tried to kill Spider-Man, and
despite it all Peter had faith that you would come around. We wanted to
arrest you, but he didn't want us to. He said the accident had changed you,
made you a better man. In the end though his faith in you got him killed."

"First, Peter was right. The accident did change me and I'm a much better man
for it. I'm in the process of generating money to restore Oscorp to it's
former glory and I've got Mary Jane at my side now."

"Why you little..."

"And before you accuse me of killing Spider-Man take a look around. You've
got the Fantastic Four, you've got Wolverine and Storm, and you've got
countless other heroes here that could have helped your beloved Spider-Man
but did they? No! Not a single one of them helped him with Sandman and Venom
so unless you want to accuse any of them of murder as well then keep your
mouth shut."

"That's not good," Mary Jane frowned as she turned to look at Captain Stacy
and Harry and saw their conversation getting heated.

"Mary Jane what's going on?" Gwen asked touching the redhead's shoulder to
get her attention.

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you here with Harry?"

Mary Jane sighed then began her fabricated story. "After seeing the video
from the news and knowing the rocky relationship Peter had with the Osborn's
I can see how Harry showing up when he did could lead some people to think he
let Peter die and was only there because he wanted me back in his life.
That's just not true. Harry won't say what happened, but he's been beating
himself up about the whole thing since that day. He saved me from Venom and
has been nothing but supportive."

"I see..." Gwen replied somewhat stunned by Mary Jane's answer.

"Oh no..." MJ moaned as both the mutant known as Wolverine and Ben Grimm
walked toward the now very heated discussion between Harry and the captain.
She quickly got up and practically ran to Harry's side. "Harry let's go," She
begged trying to pull him towards their car.

"Hold on MJ. The city fails to protect it's own, fails to protect Spider-Man,
and Captain Stacy dares to call me the villain!"

"Please let's go. If you cause a scene then you'll be playing right into
their hands."

"Listen to the girl bub. Scram," Wolverine growled.

"Everyone can die even the X-Men," Harry sneered. "But why should the city
expect any help from you? You can't even protect your own."

"You're pushing it," Ben said coldly.

"Oh come on Grimm. You're the worst of them. From what I hear you cry like a
bitch complaining about how hard it is being you. 'I don't want to be
rockman. I'm fine the way I am. I don't want to be rockman'," Harry goaded

"Why you..." Ben Grimm began taking a swing at Harry who easily ducked out of
the way.

"Harry!" Mary Jane screamed pushing him with all her might towards their
limo. "Let's go!"

"Alright, alright," Harry laughed. "I'm sure Peter would appreciate the scene
you people just created," he shouted before he and Mary Jane climbed into
their vehicle and took off. "God that was awesome!" Harry said jovially. "I
wish there were cameras there. I mean really, who starts a fight at a

"So what do you want me to do?"

"What do you mean?"

"Ben Grimm took a swing at you so now you have to do something to get back at
him and the Fantastic Four right?"

"Come here MJ," Harry said beckoning to the girl sitting across from him. She
looked at him hesitantly then moved next to him. Harry wrapped his arm around
her and pulled her close to him. "Do you really think I'd put you in harm's
way to get back at that pile of rocks or anyone else?"

"But you-"

"I know what I've done in the past, but you're my girl now. When I eventually
get around to giving back the respect Ben Grimm gave me then it'll be all my
doing and I'll never put you in any danger like Peter liked to."

"Thank you Harry," Mary Jane found herself muttering. This side of Harry was
charming almost caring, but all Mary Jane had to do was replay the beginning
of any negative impact he had on her and she shivered at the dark side of him
that she hadn't fully seen yet, but already scared her.

"You're welcome," Harry smiled kissing MJ on the top of the head. "But to
answer your question I'll get around to paying Ben and the others a visit
sometime in the future. I have to take care of something else first." As
Harry finished his statement his cell phone rang. "Give me some good news."

"Oh, I wasn't expecting you to answer your phone Mr. Osborn."

"There was an unfortunate incident so we had to leave early. What's the

"I was just calling to let you know that we worked all night on editing and
putting the film together and it's finished. I was on my way to your
residence to drop of the movie."

"How's it look?"

"It looks great. You could probably charge double what we discussed and it'd
still sell like hotcakes."

"That's good to hear. I need you to do me a favor now. Go find me the best
internet, the best website, the best marketing people, and whoever else you
can think of to help sell this thing. I want a website up asap. Let's see how
many deviants there are out there."

"Was that about the movie?" Mary Jane asked feigning interest.

"Yes it was. That was Richie calling to let me know everything is finished
and looking great."

"When this is over MJ, you're going to be a big star."

"That's great, but I'm going to lose my job once the video is put on sale.
Nobody is going to want to hire a pornstar except other filmmakers. I don't
mean to upset you, but I either need some cut of the money my movies make to
be able to pay for a place to live or if you'll let me I need to move in with

"First of all you won't be working for any other filmmakers and second when I
was going to bring this up with you later I was going to ask you to move in
with me. Regardless of what this or any other film does you'll be given an
allowance of sorts to spend as you please each month and if this or any
future films do really well I'll increase what you get each month."

"Thank you," Mary Jane said sitting up and kissing Harry on the cheek.
"You're a real sweetheart." MJ couldn't believe what was coming out of her
mouth. It had only been a few days since Peter died and Harry had her body
injected with nanobots that could kill her at any moment and already Mary
Jane found herself playing to Harry's sweet side trying to keep things

"I know I've said and done some things that would indicate otherwise, but I
love you MJ. I really love you."

"I love you too Harry. Thank you for saving me from Venom and giving me a
second chance when you didn't have to." Mary Jane's heart sank as she said
that. She hated the situation she was in with a passion, but she hated the
idea of being responsible for the death of May Parker or the children of New

"You don't know how much I'm loving life right now," Harry side with a huge

"I'm just glad I could be a part of it."

"Me too..." Harry said hugging Mary Jane tight. "Me too..." There were a few
minutes of silence before Harry spoke. "I know you two had issues in the past
when Peter tried to make you jealous, but what do you think of Gwen Stacy?"

Mary Jane swallowed before answering. "How do you mean?"

"Is she good looking enough for you for your first lesbian scene? She really
doesn't do anything for me, but Eddie had a thing for her and so did Peter to
a degree."

"I think... she's very attractive..." Mary Jane said reluctantly. "Oh my god
Mary Jane what have you done?" She wondered having just doomed Gwen Stacy to
the same life she was now living.

"Okay then I'll get her for you. We won't film for a few weeks though.
Kidnapping a policeman's daughter and putting the proper failsafes into place
takes a bit of planning."

"I'm looking forward to it."

* * *

"Have they stopped busting your butt about the incident with Harry Osborn at
the funeral a few weeks ago?" Gwen Stacy asked her father as the two of them
had dinner late one night at a fancy restaurant.

"There were no cameras there so there was nothing to splash all over the
evening news, but nothing was really said. It was Harry Osborn after all and
he's not very well liked by anyone on the force."

"What about Ben Grimm? He did take a swing at him."

"It was one of those things where something was said only because it had to
be although to be honest everyone wished he hadn't missed. I'm curious about
something though. What did you and Mary Jane talk about at the funeral?"

"I asked her why she was there with Harry and she painted the exact opposite
picture of him that everyone else is. She claims that he wanted to save
Peter, but for a reason he won't explain he couldn't and he's been beating
himself up about it. She also said that he's been nothing, but supportive."

"I don't believe that for a second and you shouldn't either. I don't know
what he's got or done to her, but she's doing what he says."

Just then the restaurant lights flickered several times before shutting off.
Murmuring and agitated voices began echoing in the restaurant before terror
broke out. In the darkness glass could be heard shattering. There was a loud
thud on the table that separated Gwen and her father.

"I'll see you soon Gwen," a voiced hissed in her ear.

"Eddie!" Gwen shouted as the lights came on a few seconds later. She now
found herself alone at the table. "Father! Where are you?" She screamed
leaving her table and wandering through the restaurant. Making her way
outside Gwen looked up and down the street seeing nothing, but hearing the
howl of the creature known as Venom.

As she reached into her purse for her cell phone Gwen was greeted by a
familiar face as a limousine came to a stop in front of her and a window

"What the hell happened here?" Harry asked sticking his head out the window.
"Looks like a herd of elephants came through here."

"Where's my father Harry???" Gwen demanded.

"I don't know. I do know that he's safe and sound for the time being. Get in
the car and let's go find your boyfriend and father."

"Eddie, that thing, is not my boyfriend. You'll never get away with
kidnapping a police captain."

"Gwen just get in the car so we can go find your father."


Suddenly Harry's demeanor went from calm to extremely agitated. "If you want
to seem him alive again you will get in the car," Harry said menacingly. "Oh,
I guess I forgot to mention Venom your mother earlier."

"You wouldn't dare kill either of them. They'd fry your ass in the chair."
Just then the moon roof opened and Mary Jane popped out of the top.

"Gwen, please just get in. You're just making this very difficult for

"Why are you with him Mary Jane? Things can't be bad enough that you need to
hang around with this asshole."

"I'm begging you Gwen, please get in. Harry is very serious and you don't
want to test him."

Seeing some desperation in Mary Jane's eyes Gwen reluctantly got into the
limousine. Just as she was closing the door a wet cloth was force over her
nose and mouth and she slowly lost consciousness. When Gwen was laying on the
floorboard MJ threw the cloth into a ziploc bag and closed it.

"Bravo MJ Bravo," Harry said impressed. "You almost had me convinced you
cared about her."

"See I told you I could be of some help," Mary Jane replied somberly.

"You've been more than just a bit of help. I forgot to tell you, but I talked
to Richie earlier today and the website is up and it looks great. The really
good news though is that that the pre-order and word of mouth over the
internet for your one scene so far has been incredible and much better than
even I anticipated. You are a star. This can mean only great things for your
video with Ms. Stacy here."

"That's wonderful news Harry. I'm so glad I could make you proud of me."

"Don't say that MJ. I've always been proud of you. You're my girl after all.
I love you."

"I love you too," Mary Jane replied without much emotion as she stared at
Gwen's unconscious body.

* * *

Mary Jane paced nervously around the lab in Oscorp Tower keeping an eye on
Gwen waiting for the first sign of her regaining consciousness. She didn't
know why, but she found herself playing to Harry's every whim and in the case
of Gwen Stacy helping to plan her kidnapping. MJ didn't like what she was
turning into and justifying her increasingly borderline deviant behavior by
telling herself she was just trying to keep Harry happy to keep him from
killing May and children of New York didn't help either. Mary Jane was
brought back from her thoughts when she heard a groan coming from Gwen's

"I'm sorry you have to be here," MJ said as she took her cell phone from her
pocket and hit speed dial. "But if you just behave and be a good girl
everything will be okay."

"Unnh... Who's there?" Gwen moaned as she opened her eyes and attempted to
sit up, but found herself strapped down to a table. "Mary Jane?"

"Hold on Gwen. I'm on the phone."

"She's awake I assume?" A voice asked picking up on the other end of MJ's
phone call.

"Yes she is."

"Good. I'll be up in a minute. Turn on the video feeds."

"What's going on? Why am I strapped to this table?"

"Harry will be here in a minute and explain things to you," MJ replied as she
turned two nearby monitors on. On one was a feed of Gwen's father in a
hospital bed and on the other was Gwen's mother in a hospital bed.

"Is everything ready?" Harry asked suddenly walking through the lab door.

"Yes it is."

"Great," Harry smiled kissing Mary Jane softly on the lips. "Let me make

"What the hell are you doing Mary Jane?" Gwen screamed finally realizing she
had been set up by the redhead the night before who now was apparently Harry
Osborn's girlfriend.

"Please keep quiet until Harry's finished talking. You don't quite understand
the situation."

"What situation? I know what's going on now! You never loved Peter in the
first place did you?"

"Gwen please shut up," Mary Jane asked hoping to avoid what she knew was the
inevitable with Gwen.

"My father thinks Harry's got you under some kind of control which is why you
showed up at the funeral with him. He's going to be as disappointed as I am
when he learns the truth."

"Listen to her and be quiet for a moment," Harry said calmly. Mary Jane knew
that was just the calm before the storm.

"Go to hell."

"Very well. I should have expected nothing less from the daughter of a police
captain. Pick a number; one or two."

"Harry, please don't," Mary Jane suddenly blurted out.

"She has to be taught to stand in her place MJ. You were smart and reasonable
and listened to me. She is neither of those things. Pick a number Gwen. One
or two."

"What are you two talking about?" Gwen said defiantly as she tried to rock
back and forth to free herself, but moved very little.

"Pick a number or both get picked. This is your last chance," Harry warned.

"No way!"

"Fine, you pick both."

"No Harry please!" Mary Jane begged. "I'll pick."

"Do you really want to do that? She'll hate you for the rest of your life."

"She already hates me."

"Okay then. What's your choice?"


Harry reached into his own pocket and pulled out a cell phone. He dialed
seven digits and a few seconds later Helen Stacy began screaming and writhing
in agony as blood began to pour from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Seconds
later she was dead.

"No... NO! Gwen shouted in shock as she watched doctors try to revive her
mother. "How could you..."

"We didn't do anything. By being loud and defiant you sealed your mother's
fate. If it wasn't for MJ your father would be dead as well."

"You bitch!" Gwen screamed hysterically before spitting at Mary Jane

"I would really watch your mouth right now if you don't want your father dead
as well. As I tried to say earlier before your belligerence killed your
mother the three of you have, your mother had anyway, nanobots in your blood
stream. If I want to I can have them release a toxin in your body that will
bring on a slow painful death or a quick and easy one. Your mother can't be
helped, but you and your father can. Do as I ask, don't create any problems,
and behave and things will be fine. MJ can attest to that. Any questions?"


"MJ take Gwen to the house and prepare her for tomorrow. I want her ready."

"Yes Harry."

"I'll be home late tonight. I have a few minor things to do around here

As Mary Jane released Gwen from the table and the two got into the elevator
heading towards the parking garage the redhead spoke. "If you value the life
of you or your father then do as Harry says and keep him happy. As a friendly
warning if you ever began to think about taking your own life don't think
Harry won't still kill your father." MJ turned her head and could see tears
forming in Gwen's eyes.

"Okay... What's happening tomorrow though..."

* * *

It had been almost three months since Peter had died and the memory of the
night was still very vibrant and alive in Mary Jane's mind. Even still she
couldn't help but watch the news footage almost every night of the final blow
being delivered by the Sandman to Spider-Man's body. With tears in her eyes
and her face red Mary Jane turned the video off, planted her face in one of
her couch pillows, and began bawling hysterically.

After several minutes of a good cry Mary Jane got up from the couch and
headed into the kitchen. She opened her fridge finding it empty having not
been to the market in days, but it wasn't food she was looking for. MJ then
began opening up the pantry and all of the cabinets in the kitchen and still
didn't find what she wanted. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw the
empty tequila bottles in her trashcan. Mary Jane sighed then grabbed her coat
and headed for the front door. As she opened the door she found Gwen Stacy
standing in her doorway with her hand up about to knock.

"Gwen... What are you doing here?"

"Hi... I was just concerned about you and decided to check up on you. You
haven't answered your phone in three days."

"My phone? Nobody's tried to call me."

"Yes they have. A lot of people including me have tried calling you and you
never answered. And you haven't been to work either. I've really had to put
my butt on the line to keep you employed."

"I'm sorry... I guess Peter's death affected me more than I realized."

"But that was months ago. What happened? You just stopped all contact with
the world three days ago."

"All the channels started doing stories about everything Spider-Man and Peter
again and... I guess I just lost it. I've been drinking and watching tv ever
since and now I'm out of tequila and was on my way out to get some more."

"You're not getting any more alcohol Mary Jane," Gwen said taking the redhead
back inside the apartment. "I miss Peter too, but you can't keep doing this
to yourself. You'll become an alcoholic and trade one problem for another.
Stay at my place for the weekend and come to work on Monday."

"No!" Mary Jane belligerently said pulling away from Gwen. "Just leave me

"MJ please! I can't stand to see you like this!"

"Then leave Gwen! Just go away and leave me alone!"

"Fine..." Gwen said sadly hanging her shoulders and turning to head to the
door. She took several steps then stopped.

"Just go! I don't want you here!"

"I'm not leaving Mary Jane," Gwen replied turning around to face her friend
again. "I care too much about you to leave you like this. If you're not going
to stay with me this weekend then I'm staying here."

"No you're not!" MJ half-growled taking several steps towards her. "Leave."


Mary Jane raised her right hand to slap Gwen, but the blonde caught it in
time. MJ then did the same with her left hand with the same result. Gwen then
brought both of Mary Jane's hands down and pulled her towards her.

"I can't leave you like this," Gwen said when the two of them were face to

"Why not?" MJ asked with tears in her eyes again.

"Because I love you too much."

With those words Gwen leaned in and kissed Mary Jane on the lips. MJ wanted
to pull away from Gwen, but having the closeness of another human being was
something she craved. She returned the passion of Gwen's kiss and when the
blonde's tongue slithered into her mouth MJ even wrestled it with her own.
Then the guilt hit her full force and Mary Jane pulled away from Gwen.

"What's wrong?" the blonde asked regarding MJ's knee jerk reaction.

"I can't... I can't do this. It's only been three months."

"What are you talking about MJ?"

"Peter's only been dead for three months and I can't be falling in love with
someone so soon."

"I don't want to replace Peter. I'm not trying to, but I care for you Mary
Jane as you do for me. You're not replacing Peter with me. You're just
finding someone new to spend your time with and to care for you, but if you
want I'll leave."

Mary Jane was silent for a few minutes before speaking. "I don't want you to
leave. I want you to stay here with me."

"Come here," Gwen smiled taking Mary Jane by the hand leading her to her
bedroom. The two stole glances at one another as they undressed and threw
their clothing to the floor. "Now I know why Peter and Harry both wanted
you... Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean-" Gwen began to apologize

"I know you didn't," MJ said smiled assuringly. "I'm sorry I've worried you
and everyone else. Anyway it's not like you haven't seen me naked before."

"Yeah, but usually we're drunk and it starts with a game of Truth or Dare. I
love you Mary Jane and as fun as they were I'm tired of the drunken sex
romps. Not just with you, but everyone else I've slept with in my life."

"Okya... What are you trying to say?" MJ asked coyly as she climbed onto her
bed and laid back. She then spread her legs and began running her hand up and
down her crotch.

"I'm trying to be serious here MJ."

"I'm sorry. Go ahead and finish what you were going to say."

"All of this concern and worry I had for you these last few days got me
thinking and I've realized that I love you."

"And I love you. Now come here."

"You don't understand. I love you and want only you in my life. If it's too
early for you say so and this will be the end of it."

Mary Jane got off the bed and hugged her friend tightly. "I feel the same way
about you Gwen. I've been thinking about this for awhile and whenever I have
thought about you Peter always entered my mind and I began to feel guilty.
When the news stories on tv started again recently I lost it and didn't know
what to do with myself. Again I'm sorry for the way I've behaved. I'm ready
again to have a relationship with someone if you still want me."

"There is no amount of neurotic or anything else that you could dish out that
would drive me away from you," Gwen said before kissing Mary Jane again. "Now
you come here," She said crawling onto the bed leading MJ by the hand.

Mary Jane smiled widely as she laid back on the bed and once more spread her
legs for Gwen. The blonde ran her fingers back and forth through the red
mound of hair. Gwen then began to finger MJ's clit as she leaned in and began
to lick her slit.

Mary Jane grinned and moaned as Gwen's tongue teased her pussy flicking up
and down the opening but never penetrating it while her finger eagerly coaxed
the clit from it's hood. The redhead took hold of her breasts gingerly
playing with her nipples lightly twisting and pulling on them as Gwen
continued to orally pleasure her. When MJ's clit was bare and vulnerable Gwen
brought her head up and flicked her tongue across it while her fingers
slithered down to the redhead's pussy and two of them pushed their way

"Fuck me Gwen!" Mary Jane moaned when she felt herself start to get wet.

"How's this?" the blonde smiled as she slipped a third finger into Mary
Jane's pussy and began to quicken her pace.

"Oh god!" MJ could only wail as her hand slid down between her legs and she
began to finger her clit periodically pinching and pulling on it. "More!" the
redhead begged.

Mary Jane had never wanted this many fingers inside her before, but when she
pleaded again for more fingers Gwen was only too happy to oblige. The wetness
that now soaked MJ's pussy made it very easy for the blonde to slip her pinky
inside without missing a beat. It wasn't less than a minute of thrusting
before all of Gwen's fingers were covered in Mary Jane's stick fluid and she
began the penetration of her thumb.

"Fuck that's tight!" Mary Jane groaned as Gwen's fist began to pump in and
out of her pussy. "But it fucking feels good!"

Minute after minute as Gwen's thrusting intensified pushing deeper and harder
into MJ's opening, the redhead could feel the excitement coursing through her
body becoming stronger and push her quickly towards orgasm. Soon Mary Jane
cried out with hysteric lust, as she began to come.

Gwen felt her friend's pussy tighten it's grip on her wrist as she continue
to drive hard into MJ. Mary Jane writhed ecstatically as she came on Gwen's
hand slathering it with cum. When her friend had calmed down and was reduced
to nothing but heavy breathing Gwen slowly pulled her hand from within her.
The sticky mess that wasn't covering her hand spilled out onto the bed
beneath the couple. Gwen then brought her hand to her face and began to lick
Mary Jane's cream from it.

"Let me help you with that," MJ said with a smile as she sat up next to Gwen
and began lick the free side of the blonde's hand.

"You taste pretty good," Gwen grinned a few minutes later as she ate up the
last bit of Mary Jane's cum from her hand.

"Wait here, I'll be right back," Mary Jane said climbing off the bed and
disappearing into her walk-in closet.

"Don't keep me waiting sweetie."

While she was alone Gwen laid down and stretched out on the bed. She couldn't
help but wonder what her friend was up and the thoughts running through her
head caused her to get just a little bit excited. Gwen reached down between
her legs and slid her fingers up and down her slit several times. Just as she
was about to slip one in to finger herself MJ reemerged from the closet
wearing a thick eight inch long purple strap-on dildo.

"My what a big cock you have," Gwen said eagerly sitting up.

"The bigger for you to enjoy. Now get over here and suck it," MJ commanded
standing at the foot of the bed. Gwen eagerly did as she was told and quickly
had her lips wrapped around the fake dick bobbing her head back and forth.
"That's it Gwen. Suck my dick like the dirty little whore you are," Mary Jane

MJ watched Gwen suck on her dick like a pro for several more minutes lubing
it up well with her saliva. Then as the blonde took the entire eight inches
into her mouth Mary Jane grabbed the back of her head and held it in place
for several seconds only letting go once she began to gag violently and try
to push herself away.

"Are you okay?" Mary Jane asked very annoyed as Gwen fell to the bed coughing
and wheezing.

"My apologies," Gwen coughed as she tried to sit up.

"I guess I should apologize too. I know it's been awhile, but you know you
can't go unpunished."

"I know," Gwen replied apologetically as she got onto her hands and knees
with her ass facing the redhead. She bit her lip as the sound of skin
slapping skin rang through the air the first time Mary Jane spanked her ass
with her bare hand.

"How does this feel?" MJ asked as she slapped Gwen's butt again this time
with more force. Then slapped it again and again.

"It feels nice MJ. I like it when you punish me," Gwen replied feeling
herself start to get excited. She tried to hide her pleasure by biting her
lip again, but the blonde couldn't keep the moan from escaping her mouth as
the redhead spanked her ass so hard the redness that began covering her skin
left a handprint.

"Let's see how much you are enjoying this," Mary Jane said slipping her hand
between Gwen's legs to feel up her pussy. "Quite a bit I see," she added
pulling her hand up to find two fingers very wet and sticky. "Now turn over
and spread those cute legs of yours."

"Yes Mary Jane," Gwen happily replied doing as her partner told her. She
became even happier and moaned when MJ dove between Gwen's legs and began
flicking her tongue up and down her pussy.

"You don't have much sex do you?" Mary Jane grinned after just a few minutes
of licking Gwen's pussy resulted in a very wet spot between the blonde's legs
and a lot of her wetness on MJ's tongue.

"I have sex often enough, but nobody is as good as you."

"I'd like to think that's true Gwen, but there are few girls I'll sleep
with," Mary Jane replied getting to her knees and taking the dildo into her
hand. She teased her friend sliding the tip up and down her pussy several
times without pushing it in.

"That's not fair MJ. Stick it in and fuck me," the blonde whined. "Finally,"
She then moaned when Mary Jane pushed the cock inside her.

Gwen moaned and squirmed on the bed as MJ slowly thrust the dildo in and out
of her pussy. She always enjoyed sex, even bad sex, but whenever she was with
Mary Jane she always got the most pleasure from it. Feeling the shaft plunge
in and out of her opening with an ever-increasing pace got Gwen feeling good.

Mary Jane could feel the pleasure growing with Gwen as the smile on her face
got bigger and her groans became louder and more frequent. She continued to
plunge the dildo hard and deep into her friend eagerly watching her react
with ever thrust. Soon bedsheets filled Gwen's hands and she looked as if she
was getting ready to orgasm.

"Not yet sweetie," Mary Jane said pulling her cock from Gwen's opening. "Get
on all fours again."

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" Gwen squealed with delight following
MJ's command.

"Mmm, mmm, you've got a nice ass," Mary Jane said delighted as she stared at
Gwen's backside. "I bet it tastes nice too."

Gwen squealed with delight when Mary Jane placed her hands on her butt
spreading her cheeks apart before plunging her tongue into the blonde's
asshole. The excitement in Gwen's body began increasing exponentially as Mary
Jane's hands gripped and massaged her flesh and the redhead's tongue eagerly
dug itself deeper and deeper into her anus. The blonde felt her pussy start
to wet itself again and reached down between her legs to pleasure herself.

Mary Jane looked and smiled briefly watching Gwen finger her pussy. The
blonde's body began to shudder and buck slightly as her fingers slithered
further inside her opening. MJ then got to her knees and with the dildo in
hand pressed the tip against Gwen's asshole.

The police captain's daughter nearly came when the first bit of the cock
penetrated her backside and pushed it's way inward. Gwen's two fingers we're
being pumped in down to the hand and rubbed against her inner walls coaxing
her fluid out. With a single hard deep thrust Mary Jane's dildo bottomed out
in Gwen's ass. The blonde cried out ecstasy in as her backside was filled in.

"Oh god! Fuck my ass Mary Jane! Fuck my ass!" Gwen begged.

The redhead was only too happy to oblige and began driving the dildo with all
she had. Gwen was violently thrust forward each time Mary Jane bottomed out
inside her pussy. She moaned furiously plunging her fingers hard into her
cunt as MJ pounded her from behind. Soon Gwen felt her sticky cream begin to
flood out covering her fingers and dribbling down her legs.

Gwen cried out coming when Mary Jane stabbed her asshole with the dildo with
one final forceful thrust. She continued fingering her sopping wet pussy
until her orgasm completely died down. Pulling her fingers from her cunt Gwen
fell to the bed sucking them clean. She giggled when she felt MJ bury her
face between her legs and lick her cunt clean.

"So are we officially an item now?" Gwen asked after Mary Jane laid down next
to her.

"If you have to ask that," Mary Jane said before being interrupted by a loud
crashing noise in the living room. "What the hell was that?" There was
another loud crashing noise.

"Don't go out there," Gwen replied, "Call the police."

Before MJ could reach for the phone on her nightstand her bedroom door
splintered into a hundred pieces and Venom entered the room breaking his way
through the doorway.

"I told you I would come back for you!" the symbiote sneered as a tendril
shot out grabbed Gwen by the waist and yanked her towards him. "Tell Peter I
said hi... Oh wait I killed him... Well have a good night Mary Jane."

Mary Jane watched speechlessly in horror as Venom disappeared with her

* * *

"That's a wrap, good job people," Mary Jane could hear Richie shout in the
background as a peculiar look on Harry's face caught her eye.

"Oh no," She thought as she took a robe from someone on the set and put it on
as she walked towards Harry. "Something wrong? I know the scene didn't go
exactly like you wanted. I'm ready to film again anytime."

"You're right, but the scene has nothing to do with anything. Reed Richards
wants to see me tomorrow."

"He does? What about?"

"He claims to have evidence linking me to the death of Helen Stacy."

"What do you think he has?"

"He doesn't have anything. He's just another wannabe tough guy venting his
frustrations. Everything will be fine. I'll meet you at the car. I have to
find Eddie first and remind him to keep Gwen in one piece."

Mary Jane knew it was just a matter of time before Harry decided to take the
Fantastic Four down a notch. Though she initially hated saying she found Gwen
attractive helping to expedite the blonde to her current situation MJ
couldn't help but think that maybe the police department, Fantastic Four, and
everyone else who had the power to help Peter fight Venom and Sandman, but
didn't deserved some of the blame for his death. Maybe Mary Jane did
partially blame Captain Stacy and didn't help Harry kidnap Gwen just to keep
him happy.

MJ shook her head from of these thoughts as she climbed into the car. There
was no use thinking about it now. For better or for worse all she had left in
her life was Harry and she wanted to keep alive and happy. Besides, even if
Mary Jane was developing a lust for revenge helping to kidnap Gwen Stacy was
one thing. How could she possibly help deal with the Fantastic Four or any
other superheroes?


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