Spiderman 2: Deleted Scenes Part 2 (MFF,BDSM,nc-cons)
by Anonymous

The organs blared out the loud drowning wedding song...dum dum da dum...dum
dum da dum. Capt. John Jameson stood with his back held high just like they
taught in NASA. Here he was at 26 years old marrying and upcoming redhead
actress named Mary-Jane Watson. Everyone had shown up to his wedding; his
folks, his grandparents and some NASA and old school buddies.

As the music drowned out everything in the room John looked to the door
waiting for his woman to come through. The wedding had almost been delayed
with the kidnapping a few weeks ago by Doctor Octavius aka Doc Ock. John
had been mad with worry and his father was walking around blaming himself
for making Spiderman give up.

The music was still playing; people were on their feet getting looking back
waiting as the bridesmaids walked in and then steeling himself he waited to
see his beautiful wife...I mean fiancee walk through the door. All the
sounds, the low murmur of people whispering and the organ music, the
shuffling of his best friends behind him they all faded out.

His friend Tom who was his best man clapped him on the back. Before the
wedding while he and Mary Jane were courting he kept saying how John was a
lucky man. He didn't know how lucky. He looked up lost in thought, Mary Jane
still hadn't walked out.

Looking around he noticed the low murmur had become a dull roar. Mary Jane
seemed to be missing. A low clapping noise began to get steadily louder and
the voices got softer as they expected Mary Jane to walk through the door.
Instead her maid of honor, Patty something walked in briskly, she handed
John a note and he read it, looked up and walked briskly down the aisle and
out the door.

"Damn!" Jonah Jameson aka JJ thought silently. As he left to follow his son.
This was his pride and joy, even more important then his newspaper the Daily
Bugle though many people wouldn't have believed it if he had said it.

His son disappeared around a corner and went into a room. Looking around
J.J. entered the room and slowly closed the door behind him. His son, Capt.
Jameson was sitting on the floor, his eyes looking upwards and his breaths
coming out in short irregular breaths.

"Son are you all right?" he asked in a low voice,

John handed him the note silently, it read

I love you, you have been there for me when everyone else
wasn't. I don't know when things in my head became so
muddled. Probably when I was Doc Ock, being so close to
death, I was so frightened but it wasn't you in my thoughts
who comforted me. It was someone else. I can't be your
perfect wife if I think of someone else. I hope in time
you can forgive me for getting cold feet.

- Mary Jane

JJ read the note twice and then silently handed the note back to his son.

"Is there anything I can get for you John?"

"No dad just leave me alone." John replied.

Nodding to himself, JJ left and shut the door. His wife walked up to him,

"Have you seen John?"

Shaking his head no JJ replied "We should give the boy some time, lets just
nod our heads and thank the guests for coming."

JJ looked once more at the closed door and left with his wife. The guests
left in an orderly fashion, some left words of comfort others left with a
look on their faces saying, "ha ha sucks for you" or "damn we didn't even
get fed".

* * *

Later that night JJ was tired from all that fake smiles, the nods to the
words people left. While getting ready for bed he looked at his wife, "I
can't believe that girl left our son at the altar?"

"I always thought she was a good girl too." his wife chimed in "I guess I'm
not that good a judge of character I thought."

"Let's just try to get some sleep and we'll try to figure out something
tomorrow," JJ said as he turned out the light.

"Good night honey," his wife said.

"Good night."

JJ felt his perfect dream of him fucking Mary Jane broken up as a hand shoved
him roughly.

"Whhhhzaaat?" he asked groggily as he tried to get his surroundings.

"Jonah, honey something is downstairs, check it out."

"Huh?" JJ started to ask when he heard a loud thump resonating from his

Reaching under the bed he grabbed his bat and slowly padded down the stairs.
For a man reaching 58 Jonah Jameson was in great shape. He worked out in the
gym every day and he when he couldn't get there he worked out in his basement
in the personal gym that he and his son had put together. JJ's muscles
bunched up like springs ready to beat the shit out of anyone that decided to
break into his house on this stressful night. He tightened his hands and
thought silently, "Please be a robber, I just need to beat the shit out of

There was a crash in the kitchen, this time louder. "Obviously not a good
robber," JJ mused to himself. Maybe he would write a small column about how
crime in New York was starting to rise again, yeah and then he could blame it
on Spiderman. Laughing to himself he walked down the stairs, the kitchen was
illuminated by the light over the stove, looking in cautiously he saw John
strewn across the floor. Dropping the bat he rushed forward to check his
pulse. "Please God don't let anything happen to my boy," JJ prayed to
himself. Feeling a strong pulse JJ pushed his son onto his back.

"OH SHIT!" he cursed loudly. His son smelled like 2 bit whores and a beer
bottles that have been left open and out to long. Sighing loudly he pulled
his son upstairs to get him cleaned up. As he changed his son's clothes he
remembered when he vowed he would never see his son hurt and he began to
formulate a plan...of revenge.

In the morning his wife asked him where John was, he pointed upstairs.

"Honey I think its time we go see Mary Jane." JJ said.

"What to try to convince her to marry John, she has stated she doesn't want

Nodding his head, "No just to see how she is,"

Nodding her head yes his wife said, "Yes lets go see how she is."

They hailed a taxi later that morning and arrived promptly at 11:30 am to
Mary Jane's small apartment. When they rang the door they apologized for not
calling ahead but Mary Jane politely nodded and ushered them inside. JJ and
his wife accepted some refreshments that Mary Jane offered and they sat down
in her small den.

"How are you sweetie?" Martha asked politely

"I'm fine Mrs. Jameson," she replied quickly "I just couldn't go through with
it," she tried to explain.

Martha nodded her head but her eyes quickly began to tear up.

"So how is John?" Mary Jane asked hesitantly.

"He fine," JJ replied in a somber voice.

The phone rang, and Mary Jane got up to get it in the other room. JJ couldn't
help but get up and look at a picture near the doorway, and strain his ears
so he could hear what was saying.

JJ heard bits pieces like, "You can't come over now", "Its not a good time",
"of course I want to see you" and "call me later tonight"

JJ nodded his head, looks like Mary Jane has a new beau. A fury started to
well up in JJ that he had never known before. Clenching his fists he waited
for Mary Jane to walk back into the room.

"Who was that?" JJ asked.

"Noo-one," she stammered.

"Oh JJ don't get into her business." Martha chastised.

"Shut up Martha!"

Martha and Mary Jane both gasped in shock. Walking up to Mary Jane he shoved
her into the ground. Martha jumped up in shock, "What are you doing Jonah?"

"You shut up Martha!"

Martha and Jonah had an understanding, he was her master he had molded her
into submission and they had a very good sex life because of it. Martha
automatically switched to "sub" mode and sat in her chair with her arms
clasped in front of her quiet as a mouse. Reaching down JJ looked at Mary
Jane. She was average height for a girl about 5 foot 6 inches. Her red hair
outlined her roundish face that was highlighted by her startling green eyes.
She was wearing purple tube top and a black leather mini skirt. Yanking
down her tube top, he roughly grabber her and pulled her tub top to her
waist. He roughly grabbed her C cup tits and massaged them. Mary Jane in
shock still hadn't moved but when she felt her body begin to betray her,
and her nipples began to become erect she jumped up.

"I said sit down slut!" JJ yelled as he pushed her into the couch next to
his wife.

Mary Jane looked at Martha for help but Martha just looked on, as this was
something that happened everyday. JJ looked at Martha and said, "Watch her
Martha while I prepare us."

JJ walked out and they could hear him drawing curtains, locking the windows
and the doors, he took the phone off the hook and walked back into the room.
He pointed at Martha and said, "See how she sits there so obediently Mary
Jane?" Mary Jane looks at Martha who still is sitting in the chair like a
puppet whose strings have been cut. "I made her like that just like I'm gonna
make you. No one can help you here, no one can hear you, now get over here."

Mary Jane was frightened, she had never seen a side for JJ like this before,
usually he was loud and boisterous but he was always a good guy she had
thought. When she didn't move fast enough, JJ lunged out and grabbed her and
pulled her to him and threw her over his lap.

"Looks like my new slut needs some punishment," He leered.

He pulled her miniskirt over her soft fleshly globes, "No underwear?" he said
"What a slut."

"I hope you understand what punishment is about," he said into her ear "it's
when you're being disobedient or not following your master's orders, count
the hits slut."

SMACK "One," she said as she tried not to cry.

SMACK "Two." the tears began to fall silently

SMACK "Three."


"I don't hear you, call me master and maybe this will go faster." JJ said.

SMACK "Three...Master!"

SMACK "Four."

SMACK "Five."

SMACK "Six."

SMACK "Seven."

SMACK "Eight."

SMACK "Nine."

SMACK "Ten."


"Good, you're shaping up nicely Mary Jane."

She slid to the floor, her mini skirt and tube top bunched around her waist.
Her face was wet with tears, her backside burned with the punishment that JJ
had laid to it and her cunt was on fire.

"You are probably wondering why I am doing this aren't you Mary Jane?

She nodded dumbly.

"Well first," he said as he stood up, "is because I paid for that very lavish
wedding you didn't attend."

He stood in front of her as she cowered on her hands and knees

"Two because you hurt and my son, and three because I've always wanted a
piece of you, now we can do this the hard way or you can submit and do this
the easy and pleasurable way."

Mary Jane looked up blankly.

"Unzip my pants slut."

Looking back at Martha who still hadn't moved. She slowly unzipped his pants
and pulled them to his ankles. He wore light blue boxers that left nothing
to the imagination, a large lump was sprouting in his boxers, and despite
herself Mary Jane licked her lips. Mary Jane pulled down the boxers as well;
JJ's member sprung up and hit her in the chin. It was 9 inches long and very
thick. With no urging Mary Jane sprung forward and began to lick around the
head and up and down the shaft while gently jerking it off. The next thing
she knew she felt to arms circle her waist and begin to tweak and pull on
her nipples, looking out of corner of her eyes she noticed that Martha had
finally moved and was stroking her erect nipples. JJ grabbed her hair while
moaning and began to try to force more and more of his cock into her mouth.
Mary Jane gagged and he pulled out.

"Your good girl, but I don't want to waste my time letting you suck me off
when I can get off in your cunt."

Looking at his wife he said, "It looks like Martha wants to get in on the
action, strip her."

Mary Jane looked at Martha and slowly began to remove her white blouse,
showing her large breasts that jiggled as Mary Jane moved the cream bra that
held her breasts in confinement. The spilled out, showing a bit of a sag but
large areolas and large erect nipples.

"Go ahead lick and kiss them." JJ said.

As if in a trance Mary Jane leaned forward and licked and sucked the nipples
making Martha grab her head and try to force more of the nipple into her
mouth. Mary Jane used her other hand to tweak and pinch her other nipple as
Martha pulled Mary Jane onto her as she rolled onto her back. Grabbing his
cock JJ positioned himself behind Mary Jane and slowly entered her from

"God your wet girl, you must be a slut." JJ began to fuck her with hard and
long strokes, with each thrust Mary Jane felt herself getting wetter, each
thrust pulled Martha's nipple out of her mouth making her moan loudly. Martha
watched as her husband began to fuck this white girl with vigor of a man that
was 20 years his junior.

"Fuck her master...fuck her harder make her beg you for your cum," Martha
said, as she began to reach down and pinch and finger herself.

"Mr. J-J-Jameson oh GAAAAWWWWDDDD," Mary Jane yelled as her body began to
shake and she felt that uncontrollable pleasure blast through her body as she
collapsed on Martha. Martha stroked her hair and looked up at Jonah as he
still began to fuck her limp body.

"Master, please let her eat me out!"

JJ nodded and he pulled Mary Jane towards his wife's steaming pussy. Her
hairy bush had a lot of hair slicked down by her juices.

"LICK IT SLUT!" JJ yelled.

Mary Jane, to tired to protest began to first lick around and then eagerly
dove into Mrs. Jameson's pussy.

"It looks like you've done this before." JJ said with a sneer.

"I used to eat out May Parker's pussy."

"Peter Parker's aunt?" JJ asked?

Mary Jane nodded her head as she began to eat out Martha's pussy with wanton

JJ pulled out and began to search the apartment for any sexual toys he could
use. He went into Mary Jane's bedroom and looked around especially in her
sock drawer. He found a large black double headed dildo about 16 inches long
and 4 inches around. Laughing silently he pulled it out and smelled it, he
could see some white hairs sticking off of the black rubber and he could
smell pussy on it, maybe Mary Jane wasn't lying and she did have a
relationship with May Parker.

"I should pay her a visit," he thought to himself.

Walking back into the living room he saw Mary Jane and his wife had moved
into a 69 position and were busy eating each other out. Pulling them apart
he ordered Mary Jane to get on him and ride him. Mary Jane eagerly leapt
onto his lap and positioned his cock to her pussy and slid down to his pubic
hair. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to slowly move up and
down, JJ liked as she surrendered herself to the pleasure and began to match
her thrust her thrust for thrust. He pulled her in and began to suck and
bite on her nipples, as her moans became screams as she bounced on his cock.
Martha laid on the ground twisting her own nipples as she watched Mary Jane
bouncing on her husband's big cock.

"Oh Goood OH GOOOOOD FUUUUUCCCCK!" Mary Jane yelled as she kept bouncing up
and down on JJ's cock. Mary Jane tensed up and could feel her pussy muscles
begin to contract around JJ's cock. JJ began to thrust harder and harder as
he felt that familiar feeling of his cock begin to swell.

"AHHHHHH YOU SLLLLLLLUUUUUTTT!!" JJ yelled as he came just as Mary Jane
climaxed at the same time. JJ roughly pushed her to the floor and grabbed her
hair to clean his cock. Pulling the black dildo off the floor he muttered,
"Get my wife off." With a grunt he pushed the black dildo in her and then
pushed her over to his wife. He watched as the two women lined up their cunts
and began to thrust against each other with the dildo and moan and paw each
other as they tried to orgasm. Looking at the clock, JJ called Robbie and
told him he might be late for work tomorrow. Smiling he thought, its gonna
be a long night.


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