Spiderman 2: Deleted Scenes (MF,M-dom,ws,rough)
by Anonymous

"Hi Pete, would you like some chocolate cake?"

"Yes that would be nice."

The girl left, she was the daughter of the landlord, Peter racked his brains
trying to remember her name, Anna something...Annaka...Annalynn.... Annameka,
he remembered. Annameka walked back in arms laden with two glasses of milk
and two pieces of chocolate cake. They ate in silence, Peter chewing
thoughtfully as he checked out Annameka, and Annameka checking Peter out, the
object of her desires, the person she dreamt about every night, and here he
was eating her chocolate cake laced with an aphrodisiac. Peter's finished
eating and downed his glass of milk.

"Thanks Annameka that was great." He said.

She nodded, and blushed, she picked up the dishes and walked to the door
slowly counting to twenty as she slowly shuffled. Taking a deep breaths, she
stumbled and dropped the dishes, cleverly placing a piece of her shit in a
loose nail. Peter rushed forward asking,

"Are you all right Annameka?"

"Yes," she answered in a low voice then lifted her hand so Peter could help
her up. As she stood up her shirt ripped of showing her small pert breasts
and her large pink areolas and large puffy pointy nipples. She breathing came
out in erratic breaths, as Peter just stood watching her. She looked and saw
a bulge begin to grow in his pants. His eyes widened and his breathing became
shallow as well, but he didn't move he was just rooted to the spot watching
her willowy frame move up and down with her erratic breaths.

"Peter..." She said slowly.

"Shhhhh," he said as he stood there contemplating his next move.

"Your late on your rent Peter." She said in a low voice.

Peter finally looked up at her and looked in her brown eyes, his fists
clenched and he asked slowly, "Are you trying to blackmail me Annameka?"

She sat on the floor breathing slowly, not daring to move, her fantasies
were right here in front of her and she didn't want to push him away, she sat
there breathing hard waiting for him to make the first move.

"Are you trying to blackmail me Annameka?" he asked again.

He crossed the room in two short steps and he reached down and roughly
pinched her nipples.

"I asked you a question slut!" he barked forcefully.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO BLACKMAIL ME!?!" With each word he forcefully twisted her

"No!" she screamed as tears began to roll down her cheeks. "I...I...I...I...I
just wanted..." she stammered

"What did you want slut?" Peter asked with a fury he never knew.

"Did you want this?" With a twist he ripped off his pants and his half erect
cock popped out of his boxers, pulling down his pants so he stood only in
his socks he watched her reaction. Her reaction was instantaneous, her eyes
widened as large as half dollars and her left hand twitched and slowly moved
forward to touch the thing that had invaded her dreams. Peter twitched and
pulled away, "Did I tell you, you could touch me SLUT?"

Annameka groaned with protest and slowly began to strip before Peter could
say a word. Pushing him back into the chair she straddled his muscular form
and slowly felt up every muscles and brushed his nipples and slowly began to
kiss his neck. Peter encouraged her, "Go ahead, you're here for the night,
whatever I want, you'll do it." There was still anger in his voice. Peter
groped each tit with his rough hands, Peter grabbed Annameka by the back of
the neck, and roughly kissed her. He worked his tongue into her mouth. He
reached down and palmed and squeezed her firm ass cheeks, kneading the warm
flesh to his desires and making her moan into his mouth. With his enhanced
strength Peter spanked her hard making her cry out in pain and leaving a
large hand print on her ass. He did it again and again, wanting her to cry
out, he was daring her to cry out again.

Annameka wasn't a virgin by any means of the word, her father whored her
out to pay off his debts so she was used to having it rough and in weird
positions but Peter's strength amazed her, even scared her and she wanted
more, she rocked her hips forward in the chair causing his cock to slide
up against her wet slit which was gushin her juices. She twined her fingers
through his hair and began to kiss his neck and try to kiss his lips again.
Peter wasn't having it, he shoved her onto the floor and she slid on her
already raw ass, making her wince in pain, as she looked up tears began to
fill her eyes as Peter advanced onto her. "Get this through your head, I'll
take you whenever I want you, this isn't love making, I'm not making love
to you, I'm fucking you whore." With that statement he grabbed her head and
slowly put his large cock into her mouth. She choked on the massive girth
but he didn't let go, and he slowly began to grab a large lock of hair and
forcefully fuck her mouth. Tears coursed down her faces as he used her like
her fathers friends, but this was different, the minute she walked into
this door she had already submitted to him. She was his and he was using
her like a cheap 2 cent whore and she wouldn't want it any other way. She
felt his cock expanding and she got ready to accept his hot cum but he
pulled out of her mouth, and flipped her on her hands and knees.

He slowly entererd her from behind and began to fuck her hot pussy.

"Damn you're a slut Annameka! You're not even tight, and there is so much of
your juices, you must be one hot fuck!" he said with a groan.

Peter fell into a trance thinking of his first time, it was definitely more
tamer, it was right after he and Harry had graduated and he had paid off the
maid to fuck them both in his large home but that's another story...

Annameka looked back at Peter, his eyes were blazing mad and his hair
was slicked back. His hands were twisting her nipples hard, the pain and
pleasure were taking her to new levels of pleasure she hadn't achieved yet.
Concentrating she used her best asset... she clenched her pussy muscles
trying to milk Peter's cock for all her worth.

SMACK SMACK! Peter slapped her ass and then twisted her nipples as he fucked
her harder and harder hitting places in her pussy that hadn't even been
explored with her large dildo. With a loud groan Annameka came again and
again and again and again, and the room began to swirl into blackness as she
passed out. Before she passed out the last thought on her mind was how she
had orgasmed back to back like that, that had never happened before.

When Annameka came to she was in the hallway, her ripped shit was over her
willowy frame and her pants were thrown next to her. A note was pinned to
the shirt:

I expect to see you at my front door tomorrow morning at

- P.

P.S - You shouldn't keep so much money in your pocket like can
disappear...funny how its exactly the amount of money I need to pay the rent.

Annameka got up and dressed hurridly and walked to her fathers apartment.
Peter's cum ran down her legs and her body was rubbed raw from the rough sex
she just had. Reaching up to fix her hair she felt a wet gooey substance,
lifting it to her nose she smelled Peter's cum and she laugh silently as she
licked her fingers. There was another disticinct smell that came from her
clothes and her skin but she couldn't quite place it. She felt something
sticking her skin and she pulled out another note it read;

You're some slut you know that? When you passed out you
said you wanted a golden shower....what a slut but you're
my slut now and I like kinky things so I obliged and
marked you as mine.

- P.

Annameka walked into her apartment and began to think about what tomorrow
would hold.


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