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Spider-man: Girl Next Door (MF,inter,ncon,oral,anal)
by Tommy Filth

After the Green Goblin had captured the young Mary-Jane he took her back
to his secret hide-out. The Goblin dumped her in a empty room. Tears were
running down MJ's face as she had no idea what was going on.

"Yes the belovered Mary-Jane, the girl who broke my son's heart and more
importantly the one who loves my enemy Spider-Man," said the GG.

MJ looked around the room for the GG but there was no sign of him, she did
notice speakers attached to the ceiling though and presumed he was in a
different room then her using the speakers to amplify is voice. "What, what
do you want with me?" MJ stuttered out.

"I want to make you suffer," the Goblin hissed.

MJ kept screaming why and what are you going to do with me but no answers
emerged from the large black speakers.

It had been a number of hours since MJ had been taken into the room. She was
beginning to fall asleep until the sound of the door opening woke her up.
She looked up and saw a large south-african male enter the room. He must had
been 6'7" and 300 pounds. The tall man looked down on MJ lying on the floor.
He couldn't help but notice how attractive and young she looked, tears began
to run from MJs eyes and she knew what was about to happen. The large man
took out his 10 inch dick and shoved it into MJs face. "Open wide bitch" he

Before MJ could protest the man had shoved his cock down the poor girl's
throat. He began to thrust his member back and fourth in her mouth, each
stroke becoming faster and longer then the previous. MJ had no choice then
to suck, who would protest against a man of that size! He then pulled out
his dick and shot his load over the red-heads face. His first load shot
all over her red hair then he aimed down onto er pretty face. Within seconds
her whole face was covered with the man s sticky wet cum. She tried to wiped
it off her face but the man grabbed her hand when she tried to do so.

The cum was beginning to dry and had caked the young girl's face as she
pleaded, "please stop, I'm begging you. I'll let you fuck my cunt just please
leave me alone once your done."

The man replied, "I'm not after your cunt you red headed whore. I want your

MJ tried to crawl away but the man grabbed her.

"BEND DOWN NOW YOU BITCH," he shouted.

She bent down and the man removed her trousers to reveal her white tight
panties, which he then literally tore off. Her ass was perfect, small and
sooooo tight, the cheeks were very well curved. He then guided his cock into
her young tight asshole. "Owwwww please stop your going to tear me into two."

He took no notice and thrusted his way in. He fitted 7 inches into her ass
despite the young girls screams and pleads. Then came the thrusting. Never
befoer had a young girl felt such pain in her asshole. The man was going to
break the anal virgin. "Pleeeeaaaassssseee stop your going to kill, stop I
can't take the pain."

"Shut the fuck up you filthy bitch."

After minutes of pleads and screams the man began to shoot his wet cum all
up her tight ass. "GOOOODDDDD that feels so good, do you like that you whore?
Bet you do."

MJ was screaming at the top of her lungs as the man was violating her once
clean asshole. So much sperm had found its way into MJ's ass. The man left
the room, leaving a raped and upset girl lying on the floor half naked
covered with cum. The Green Goblins plan had worked.


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