Spider-man: Bad Guy (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Mary Jane Watson thought about Spider-man at least once a day. She had never
met the likes of him. A red and blue clad superhero swinging through the city
of New York on a web. The greatest thing to happen to New York city. She had
seen him take on many bad guys and some bad girls and always he came out on
top. He was always there when he was needed. The wise-cracking, web-slinging
vigilante with the ultra-cool powers. Often, she wondered about what kind of
person he was under the mask. He was definitely a young man, judging by his
voice and body. But who was he? To think that Spider-man walked among the
ordinary men and women of New York city and nobody knew who he was.

She found it fascinating. She once got lucky enough to watch Spider-man take
on a whole gang. He fought them. Those men and women who broke the law and
did vile deeds. Killers, pimps and crooks. He was so strong and fast,
seemingly everywhere at once and moving so gracefully. He caught all of them
in his web and handed them over to the police. He was the man. No, more than
a man. He was the amazing Spider-man.

She was still daydreaming about Spider-man when she remembered where she was.
She was in Cecil's Diner with her friend Peter Parker. He was a tall, slim
guy with black hair, blue eyes and pale white skin.

"Hello, MJ?" asked Peter.

Mary Jane snapped out of her reverie and looked at her friend. "I'm sorry,
Peter, what was that?" she asked.

"Could you pass me the ketchup please?" Peter said. Mary Jane handed him the
ketchup. He took it and looked at her. "You were thinking about Spider-man,
weren't you?" he said. Mary Jane nodded. "Spider-man's pretty cool." said

Mary Jane Watson went to her bedroom after a nice shower. She was finally
breaking through the tough world of modeling. She had gotten over Harry
Osborn, her wealthy and handsome ex-lover and now, life was back on track.
She had a great relationship with Peter Parker. He was a good friend to her
and she loved him as a friend. He was simply the best. Mary Jane looked at
an old newspaper in her night stand and saw something red and blue. She was
instantly reminded of her favorite superhero. The amazing Spider-man.

Imagine her surprise when he showed up at her bedroom window. " Hi," he said.

She looked at him. Her heart beat faster. "Hello, Spider-man." she said.
"What brings you over?"

He looked at her. "I had to see you." he said.

"Not that I mind, but why?" she asked.

He looked away. "I miss you, Mary Jane. You're the only person I can talk

Although she couldn't see through his costume, he looked sad. She invited him
to sit on her bed. "Talk to me." she said.

He sat down and told her about some of his adventures and how dangerous his
life had gotten. She was amazed. There he was, a great superhero in her
bedroom. He was telling her his secrets...Spider-man was in her room...she
felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

"I almost got killed tonight," he confessed.

"Oh, you poor thing." she said. She reached out to him and hugged him.
"Don't worry about a thing, I'm here."

He hugged her back. Mary Jane held him. Just touching him aroused her. She
caressed him tenderly and he gently stroked her.

"It is so nice to talk to you." he said. He pulled back the lower half of his
mask, uncovering his mouth.

"I am glad you want me," she said. She realized what she said and corrected
herself. "Glad you want to talk to me." she said.

Acting bolder than she felt, she asked him. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

He looked at her. "No." he said. "I am all alone."

She touched his arm. "Oh you poor thing." She hugged him again.

Spider-man smiled. He couldn't believe the sensitive guy crap was working...

Mary Jane kissed Spiderman. He hesitated, then kissed her back. She got up
and he stared at her as she started to unbutton her shirt.

"What are you doing?" he asked, trying to sound worried.

"I want you." she said. "Don't you want me, Spidey?" she asked.

Spider-man nodded and watched her sexy body as she took off her clothes. They
kissed again and rolled onto the bed. She unzipped his costume pants and
caressed his body. He touched her firm breasts and sucked on them. She moaned
as he slipped his hand between her legs. She was definitely aroused. She held
his cock in her hands and knelt before him, taking it in her mouth. She
sucked his cock, caressing it with her tongue until it was rock hard and
cumming, then she milked him dry. Then, she turned around on all fours.

"Take me Spidey." she said. She looked at him with a naughty look on her
face. "You can put it anywhere."

Spider-man began to slide in and out of her ass as he came close to
climaxing. She was moaning and crying in pain with each thrust but at the
same time she kept saying, "Cum in my mouth, I want it in my mouth."

Spider-man pulled out of her ass and she immediately turned around, got on
her knees and began jerking him off with her hands. She opened her mouth and
he watched as stream after stream of his hot cum spat over her face, in her
hair and in her open waiting mouth! The spurts of cum finally began to
subside and her face was covered with his seed. "Take that!" he said.

Mary Jane felt overwhelmed with lust and desire. She was finally in his
arms and feeling his big cock spitting over her. He made her turn around
and resumed fucking her ass. She was about to pass out when Spiderman
started jack hammering into her with complete abandon and all his might
taking her to the highest level of pain as her entire body screamed out
in protest. He finally came, shooting a wave of hot delicious cum, filling
her burning bowels with his seed, his great pleasure, his sheer lust, his
burning passion and his desire, every hot drop of it. His hot cum poured
into her splashing all over her insides, his body convulsing on top of her,
causing her to reaching an incredible orgasm.

Once he was done, he pulled out of her. She cleaned out his cock. Once
she was done, he began to fuck her pussy. She rode him like a cowgirl and
screamed like a banshee.

A couple hours later, she lay on the bed, sated. Spider-man stood, having
put his costume back on. He had kept his mask on the whole time.

"When will I see you again ?" she asked.

"How about never?" he said. "You spread your legs too quickly, Mary Jane.
Seriously, I thought you were a classy girl but you are just a slut."
She looked at him, shocked. "Your pussy was good, your ass was better but
not enough to keep me around for more, bye."

He leapt out of her window just as she angrily threw a pillow at him. She
could hear his laughter echoing in the night.

The next day...

Mary Jane Watson was furious. She was having breakfast with her friend Peter
Parker. "I feel so used." she told him for the thousandth time. "He just used
me. I thought he was different." She cursed. "All guys are jerks."

Peter Parker looked at her. "Hey." he protested.

She looked at him. "Oh, not you, Peter." She smiled nastily. "Just Spider-man
and all the rest."

She went on and on about her tryst with Spiderman. She had called him
everything from a freak to a pervert to a jerk. Peter Parker listened to it
all, playing the part of the best friend to the end. "So, Spider-man is like
the rest." he said.

"Men!" Mary Jane said with a venom-filled voice.

Peter Parker looked at his watch.

She looked at him. "What is it?" she asked.

"Oh, sorry, MJ." he said. "I gotta go."

She pouted. She was not done ranting and she needed someone to listen. Well,
Peter didn't want to put up with her bullshit. "I have a date." he said. "See

Peter Parker practically ran from the diner. Sheesh. Women were dumb and did
not know what they wanted. Most claimed to want a nice guy yet they only went
for jerks. Nice guys treated women nicely but women didn't like to be treated
nicely. The worse you treated them, the more they liked you. Seriously. Now
that he banged MJ, he didn't feel like hanging out with her anymore. She was
so...lousy. So quick to spread the legs and the butt cheeks and yet so slow
to SHUT UP!!!

Peter Parker changed into his Spider-man costume. He had a date with a girl
named Gwen Stacy from Manhattan. She was cute, rich and an "easy dater"
according to the people who knew her. Now that's the kind of girl he liked.
One who liked to do things the straight way. One who simply wanted sex and
none of that emotional bullshit. That's his kind of gal. He looked forward
to the remainder of the day. He was gonna use his super powers to seriously
improve his sex life. Sex life, not love life. Love was for suckers and
females. Word up.

The End


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