South Park: Cookin' With Chef Part 2 (MFFF,inter)
by Robert Malone ([email protected])

Chef had fucked every woman in South Park, except three. He was on his way to
meet those last three, Kyle's mom Sheila Broflovski, Stan's mom Sharon Marsh,
and Butters' mom Mrs. Scotch. All three were at the Marsh home. Chef pulled
into the driveway and got out of his station wagon. He knocked on the door.

Stan Marsh opened the door and said "Hi, Chef. What are you doing here?"

"Hello, little cracker," said Chef. "I'm here to give your mama and the other
ladies a cooking lesson."

"That sounds pretty gay, Chef. I'm gonna go to Cartman's house. Fatass has a
new video game. Bye, Chef." Stan left. Chef walked in to the living room and
called out, "Hello, ladies."

"Oh, hello Chef, said Mrs. Marsh. "Come into the kitchen."

Chef went into the kitchen. All three moms were there. The blond, Mrs.
Scotch, said "Hi, Chef. Is it time for our lesson, now?"

"Yes, ma'am, it is," Chef replied. "Let's all go somewhere comfortable." Chef
and the three ladies went down to the den in the basement. There was a huge
black leather sectional couch. "This oughta do quite nicely," said Chef, as
he started taking off his shirt. Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. Scotch started
undressing as well. Mrs. Broflovski hesitated.

"What's wrong, nice Jewish lady," asked Chef.

"I, uh, I've never done it with a schwartze before," replied Mrs. Broflovski.
"I'm afraid it will, uh, be too big for me."

"Don't worry, Mrs. B. You'll do just fine." With that, Chef took off his
pants and underwear. There it was, thirteen inches of semi-hard black cock.
Mrs. Broflovski gasped. Chef started stroking it to bring it to its full

"Let me do that," said Mrs. Marsh. She was down to a pair of crotch less
panties and a pushup bra. Her tits were small but the nipples were large and
dark. Her pussy was shaved almost bald. She grabbed Chef's cock and started
stroking it from tip to base. She knelt down and started licking the dark

"Mmmm, baby, you do that good," moaned Chef.

Sharon Marsh managed to get the large head of Chef's cock in her mouth and
was going for more. Mrs. Broflovski stood with her mouth wide open watching
her friend deep throat the black man.

"Let me help you, honey," said the blonde Mrs. Scotch, who was stark naked
at this point. She had large, firm breasts with average-sized pink nipples
and a hairless cunt. She pulled off Mrs. Broflovski's clothes and underwear,
exposing a hairy bush and massive droopy tits with huge nipples. Mrs. Scotch
grabbed a handful of kosher tit and stuffed her tongue in Mrs. Broflovski's
mouth. The Jewish lady responded with her own tongue and slid a hand into
the blonde's cunt slit. Mrs. Scotch reached down and inserted a finger in
Sheila's snatch. The two women continued kissing as they frigged each other.

Back at the couch, Sharon Marsh was kneeling in front of the reclining Chef.
She had worked half of his monstrous cock into her mouth. As she did that she
fingered her own clit. "Hold on, there, lady," said Chef, pulling his cock
from her mouth. "I don't want to come just yet. Lay down and let me do you."

Sharon lay down on her back and spread her legs. Chef went to work on her
vulva and clit with his wide tongue. In moments Sharon was screaming at the
top of her lungs, "IIII"MMM CCCCOOMMIINNGG!!!" and flooded Chef's face with
her pussy juices.

At the other end of the couch, Mrs. Scotch had worked her hand into Sheila's
cunt and was fisting her as she worked on Sheila's clit with her tongue. The
Jewish lady repeated over and over "OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD" as she came.

Sharon came up behind Mrs. Scotch and started licking her pussy and asshole.
Chef positioned himself behind Sharon and slid his cock into her slick cunt.
All three women gasped at once. Chef pounded Sharon's cunt as Sharon inserted
a finger in Mrs. Scotch's asshole. Meanwhile, Sheila had grabbed Mrs.
Scotch's arm and was pistoning it in and out of her snatch. Sharon put a
second finger in the blonde's back hole. In minutes, all three women were
coming, Sharon and Sheila for the second time.

Chef finally couldn't hold back any longer and called out "Oh Fudge!" as he
deposited his man juice into Sharon's cunt. The four spent people disengaged
and lay back on the couch.

"That was unbelievable!" the three women said at the same time.

"Can we do more?" asked Sharon.

"I want a taste of that cock," said Mrs. Scotch.

I think I'm ready for him now," said Sheila.

"Okay, ladies, I need a minute or two. Why don't y'all get started and I'll
join you."

Sharon and Mrs. Scotch grabbed each other and stuffed their tongues into
each other's mouths. Sheila lay back and started diddling herself, looking
straight into Chef's eyes. Sharon and Mrs. Scotch positioned themselves
69-style and started lapping at each other's cunts. Chef walked over to
Sheila with his hardening cock in his hand. "Try my salty chocolate balls,"
he said.

Sheila grabbed his cock and started jerking it as she took one of his massive
balls in her mouth. Chef reached down and started tweaking her large yet
sensitive nipples. She worked on his balls for a bit, her hand never leaving
his cock. Soon, Chef was fully hard again. Sheila aimed his cock at her
mouth. She started licking the underside of the head, and then popped the
head in her mouth. Slowly, she worked her way down his shaft.

Meanwhile, Sharon reached under the couch and came out with an anatomically
correct purple dildo 10" in length along with a small bottle of lube. She
lubed the fake cock and worked into the blonde's asshole. Mrs. Scotch tweaked
her own clit with one hand as the purple plastic cock slid in and out of her
dirty hole. She worked 3 fingers of her other hand into Sharon's slick juicy
cunt and worked Sharon's clit with her thumb.

Chef pulled his cock from Sheila's mouth and gently pushed her back on the
couch. He knelt between her legs and slowly, oh so slowly, slid is cock into
her waiting pussy. Inch by inch it went until his balls were slapping against
her ass. He started drilling her, faster and faster. His finger continued
working on her nipples. He heard the sound of the other two women behind him
coming all over each other. He continued to pound away at Kyle's mom, who
really wasn't such a big fat bitch. She screamed out in Yiddish as she came
and came.

Soon, the other two women appeared and started licking and biting Chef's
nipples. He had never had that done to him before. He liked it. Moments later
he cried, "OH FUDGE, I'M COMING! He pulled his cock out of Sheila. The two
women who were licking his nipples started jacking his cock. He erupted all
over Sheila's large breasts. Again, all four of them collapsed, spent.

After a few minutes, Sharon said, " I guess we need to all get dressed. Stan
will be home soon."

"Yes, " said Sheila. I need to get home and make my bubbeleh his dinner."

"I can give you a ride, Sheila," said Mrs. Scotch.

Everyone dressed. Chef said, "It was nice seeing you ladies. If you need
another lesson, you know where to find me."

"Thank you, Chef!" said the three moms at the same time.

The end, until some new women move to South Park.


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