South Park: Cookin' With Chef Part 1 (MF,inter,preg)
by Robert Malone ([email protected])

Chef wanted to fuck every woman in South Park.

Years ago he fucked Ms. Cartman at the Drunken Barn Dance. She was drunk.
She pulled him around some hay bales and they went at it. She kept saying
“Fuck me with your big black cock” as she ripped his clothes off. He was
half-hard when she pulled his shorts off. She took his whole cock down her
throat in one gulp. Man, could she suck cock! He was fully hard in no
time. She kept sucking and sucking as she pulled off her own clothes. He
pushed her onto her back and spread her legs. He gave her all 13” in one

She screamed “FuckmefuckmefuckmeFUCKMEEEE” as he drove it home time after
time. She wrapped her legs around his ass and clawed at his back. She
diddled her clit as he fucked her and played with her long nipples. She
came three times in five minutes. Chef pulled out and flipped her around
to take her doggy-style, his favorite. He beast-fucked her for 15 minutes
(she came 3 more times) before he pulled out and shot his wad all over her
ass. She grabbed his disk and sucked him dry, rubbing his remaining
love-gravy over her face. “Damn, baby,” he said as he put his pants back
on, “you must have had a long dry spell.”

“Actually, I fucked the new teacher, Mr. Garrison, about a half hour ago.
All he wanted to do was put it in my ass. Which is fine, but I needed a cock
in my pussy.” Then she threw up and passed out.

In the eight years since then, Chef had almost every woman in South Park.
There were only a few left; Kyle’s mom Sheila Broflovski, Stan’s mom Mrs.
Marsh, and Butters’ mom Mrs. Scotch. He’d nailed Kenny’s mom a week after
fucking Ms. Cartman. Kenny’s mom was a skinny little skank but she had the
tightest pussy he ever fucked. She was walking home from the market along
the side of the road. Chef pulled up in his pimped-out caddy and offered
her a ride. When they got to her house she said she wanted to repay him for
the ride. Chef suggested a different kind of ride and she agreed. Her
husband, who actually had a job back then, wouldn’t be home for hours.

Right there in the kitchen she pulled up her dress and dropped her panties.
She lay back on the table and opened her legs. Chef grabbed a new bottle of
vegetable oil and poured some into his hand. He lubed up his cock and stuck
2 oily fingers into Mrs. McCormick to loosen things up. He stroked himself
to a hard-on as he fingered the skinny ‘ho. When he was at his usual 13”,
he slowly worked himself into Kenny’s future mom. Man, was she tight. It
took him 10 minutes to get it all in. The whole time she’s screaming and
wailing and thrashing, but in a good way. Once he was all the way in, Chef
really started pounding her good. He lost count how many times she came.
She kept pouring more oil on his cock as he rammed her for 15 more minutes.
When he was ready to come he tried to pull out but she wouldn’t let him.
“Oh Fudge!” he yelled as he came inside her. When his cock eventually
slipped out she gave him a couple of squeezes to get the last few drops of
his super sauce. “Finger-lickin’ good,” she said as she sucked his stuff
off her fingers.

Nine months later Kenny was born.

Chef was on his way to Stan’s house. He had a date to meet the three moms
he hadn’t done yet. On his way there he passed the mayor’s office. He
remembered the time the mayor called him up and asked him to come to her
office. She said she needed his help finding something. When he got to
her office she was sitting behind her desk. “Hello, Mayor,” he said. Her
assistants were not there.

“Chef, come here by my desk. I need your help.”

Chef walked over to her desk. When he was closed, she pushed her chair back.
Chef gasped. The mayor was not wearing a skirt or panties. She had her
hands stuffed in her crotch. “Chef, I need you to find the little man in the
boat. You can do that, can’t you?”

“I sure can, mayor.” Chef grabbed the mayor and laid her out on her desk.
He spread her legs and got down to some serious pussy-eating. I don’t care
what they say about the brothers, he thought. I’ll eat pussy anytime. He
attacked her pussy and clit with the gusto he usually reserved for barbecued
hot links. In no time he had the mayor thrashing around on her desk. When
he stuck two chubby fingers into her soaking pussy as he licked her clit with
his wide tongue she actually came off the desk.

“IIIII”MMMM COOOMMIINNGG!” she screamed as he inserted another finger in her
ass. She bucked and came and covered his hand and face in her girl-juice.
“Oh Chef,” she said, panting. “You found it!”

“My pleasure, ma’am. I wonder if you might return the favor?” He undid his
zipper and brought out his massive cock.

“Absolutely!” The mayor dove for his cock. She started out licking up and
down the underside while she massaged his balls. She had trouble getting her
hands around his cock as she licked his sac.

“That’s right, mayor. Lick my salty chocolate balls.” She took his balls in
her mouth one at a time as she stroked his cock. She kept jerking his cock
as she crammed the huge purple head of his cock in her mouth.

“Come for me, baby,” she mumbled with half the head in her mouth. “Come on
my face!”

Chef felt his balls tighten as she jerked and sucked his cock. “Here it
comes, baby,” he said as he grabbed the back of her head and shot stream
after stream of special sauce in her mouth and on her face. She kept
jerking his cock as she rubbed it over her face. “Thank you, Chef. You
were a great help.”

“Any time, mayor.”

To be continued...


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