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So Weird: Fiona And The Vampires
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Fiona Phillips and her Mom, famous singer Molly Phillips were working on
Fiona's math homework late one evening on their travel bus.

"So what's the answer Fi?" Asked Molly.

Fi brushed her brown hair from her eyes, "um... is it 6?"

Her brother Jack was in the room "You're close Fi, the answer's 7."

"Wow, what is it with you Jack, you've become so smart lately you've almost
turned into a nerd." said Fiona.

"Say what you will Fiona, ever since I logged on to the OSSN I'm getting
straight A's."

"What exactly does that stand for?" Wondered Molly.

"Online Students Support Network, if they can get me interested in school
than they must know what they're doing."

"My brother the nerd, who would have thought it." giggled Fiona.

"Be nice Fi, I think its great he's doing so well in school, maybe he could
help you get all A's too."

"Well, Mom ya know they having a seminar a couple of days from now, in
Indianapolis. They get people whose grades are good enough to become
official members of their organization. So I was thinking, maybe we could
swing over there since we have plenty of time before your next show." hinted

"Are you kidding that's a day and a half out of the way." complained Fiona.

"Well, we do have plenty of time... sure why not, I'm interested in meeting
the people who got my son interested in his school work." said Molly.

"All right, great!" said Jack. After that Jack walked out leaving Fiona and
Molly alone. As usual though he stole a glance at his little sister. Fiona
was in a long white jersey type shirt and pink panties. Her legs were looking
quite tan and sexy smooth. He stared at her red-painted toenails all the way
up to the bottom of her cute pink panties. She was nicely well-endowed in the
chest for a 14 year old. The white jersey hugging her breasts made Jack wish
it was later in the evening, cause if it was he would have caught her not
wearing a bra. After all Fi took her bra off before bed. Because she was
wearing a bra though, the lace on her bra was quite visible through the thin
shirt. Then there were those beautiful brown eyes of Fi's, and long, flowing
brown hair down to the middle of her back. to go along with a cute face.

Being on the road so much he never got to really meet that many girls, and
seeing his sister starting to develop so much at 14, he was very turned on
by her. He didn't see any harm over lusting over his little sister, after
all he would never act on those feelings.

"Mom, I thought we we're gonna have fun with this extra time we have, you
said you would take me shopping. I'd rather not spend my time with a bunch
of nerds in Indiana!" Fiona complained.

"We'll still go shopping Fi, they probably have better stores in Indianapolis
anyway, don't worry we'll still have a blast Fi, I'll see to it."

With that Molly turned herself in for the night.

Fi starting punching buttons on her computer as she usual did. After she was
sure her Mom and brother were asleep though she slipped into a chat room.
Her Mom never thought to put parental control on Fiona's computer. Maybe she
figured Fiona was too young to be interested in bad things on the Internet
or that she was too good of a girl to click on them. Fiona slipped into her
favorite chat room, "romance." She enjoyed finding a man to talk dirty to

"Mom can be so naive, does she really think I'm just doing research when I'm
playing with my computer." Fiona smiled to herself. Fiona talked to a black
man. He told her to touch her pussy. Fiona slid her hand under her panties.
She slid fingers in her pussy as he encouraged her. Fiona imagined his cock
which he described as 12 inches inside her. Fiona fingered herself as the
black guy talked dirty to her. He told her to get on her knees and suck his

Fiona got a cucumber from the fridge and got on her knees in front of the
computer, and started fantasizing that it was his cock. She was wishing her
door had a lock, just imagine if her Mom or brother came in to see her doing
this. She swallowed it and sucked it giving him every detail of what she was
doing. This would be fun to explain if she got caught. She was talking dirty
to a black guy twice her age and fantasizing the cucumber was his black cock
as she swallowed it whole. He told her he was squeezing her firm white
titties as he fucked her little schoolgirl face. "Suck it you little ho
swallow that black dick" he told her.

Fiona fingered her horny pussy faster and faster as she imagined the cucumber
as being a thick black cock. Fiona loved seeing him call her names like bitch
and a little white slut, all the dirty talked caused her to orgasm. Then he
said he was shooting his load too, and was shooting it all over her face. She
closed her eyes, imagining she was tasting his cum.

"God I need a boyfriend so bad," she thought. After that she logged off and
changed her soaked panties, pulled off her shirt and bra, then put the shirt
back on and went to bed.

* * *

In Indianapolis Brent the head of the OSSN was pleased to read that Jack
Phillips was coming to be inducted into their group. What Jack didn't know
was that they were vampires, and them inducting him meant making him a
vampire. Brent also had revenge on his mind. After all Jack's father Rick
Phillips exposed Brent's father as a vampire forcing him to have to return
to Romania one step ahead of the authorities.

"We have more inductees coming tomorrow." said Pete a recent addition to the
vampire group.

"Great Jack Phillips is coming too, with his famous mom, singer Molly
Phillips. Brent replied. I wonder if Jack is more like his mom... or his
father?" Brent wondered.

* * *

The Phillips's arrived in Indianapolis and got ready to meet the members of
the OSSN. Fiona decided there was a chance that amongst these smart nerds
there might be a hot guy so she dressed fairly sexy, but not too obvious.
She put on a light blue and white flowered summer dress that went up to her
knees. The dress nicely accented her blossoming chest with the spaghetti
straps in the front, and of course her smooth legs would get any guys
attention. Fi admired herself in the mirror as she debated on a bra. She
decided to be a little wild today and go braless since she didn't wanna mess
with her bra straps showing all day. As long as she told her mom she was
wearing a bra with the straps pulled down she figured she would be safe.

Then came the panties issue, she decided a thong would make her look like a
slut if it was windy, she didn't wanna be too obvious she was looking for
attention. So she decided on a pair of sexy blue silk panties that matched
her dress color. She was surprised to see that they barely fit her.
"Apparently they shrank, must have been a load of laundry done by Jack," she
thought. She liked the way they hugged her ass though giving her a wedgy in
the back. "Oh yeah this will get any guys attention." she said with a smile.

Jack walked into her room and his jaw dropped seeing his cute sister ass
with a wedgy, and her admiring it with her dress raised. "God I wanna fuck
Fiona so bad," he thought. Then he came back to earth.


Fiona quickly dropped her dress and looked at her brother her face beet red
with embarrassment.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"You ready to go?'

"Um yeah, just let me grab my shoes."

Fiona grabbed her black open toe highheeled sandals and slid them on, and
soon they were off the bus and on their way inside to meet the OSSN

They met the man who started the OSSN, Brent, a young man with blonde hair.
"Brent this is my mom, Molly," said Jack.

"Woah, as in Molly Phillips the singer?" he said excited.

"Yes, that me" she said, flattery to be recognized by someone of a younger

"Wow, you never told me about that online Jack, I'm a big fan. My parents had
all your CD's. I loved that song 'Never Gonna Sleep" it kept me up through
many late night studying sessions."

"Well, thank you. Oh, this is my daughter, Fiona."

"Its a pleasure Fiona," they shook hands. Fiona noticed something weird about
this guy, but she couldn't figure out what. They went on discussing the OSSN,
as Fiona look around not paying much attention. She spotted one of the guys
working on his computer a guy named Pete. She found him quite good looking.
"Tall, dark, and handsome just how I like 'em," she thought to herself. Pete
glared back at her, Fiona couldn't help but blush a little no guy had looked
at her in that way for before.

"Go ahead, tell her about the success rates," said Jack to Brent.

"Well, our members average a 2 letter grade improvement." smiled Brent slyly.

"That is amazing, isn't it Fi? Fi???"

"Oh yes that's great." said Fiona finally unlocking herself from her
exchanging glares with Pete.

"Well, me and Fi are going shopping you have fun getting aquatinted with
everyone," said Molly.


"Bye, Miss Philips," said Brent trying a little too hard to be polite and
coming off more like Eddie Haskell.

As Fiona left Pete lifted his hand, and using his vampire powers he lifted
Fiona's dress enough to see her panties. He felt truly aroused to gaze at the
young teen's sexy ass in the skimpy blue panties. It only lasted for a few
brief seconds though, before an embarrassed Fiona grabbed the back of her
dress and pulled it back down. She wondered where the breeze lifting it had
come from.

"Jack this is Page and Rita, two of our newest members." Brent introduced
Jack to two attractive teenage girls. Page had blonde hair and blue eyes a
light complexion and very nice rack. Rita had a dark complexion with brown
hair and almond eyes, she had a thinner figure with a killer ass. Both had
on conservative summer dresses.

"Mind if we steal him from you and show him around Brent?" asked Rita.

"Go ahead, see you later Jack. You're in good hands."

They showed Jack the facilities, the blood drive they were sponsoring, and
the many community services they were involved in. Then Rita and Page led
Jack to a room in the back it was deserted and had a sofa on it. Once there
the two vampiress's took control of Jack's mind.

The women told Jack to undress and he quickly did just that. The two girls
pulled off their summer dresses and got on their knees in front of him. Rita
took Jack in her mouth and started swallowing his cock. Page went to his
balls and began sucking him there. Jack moaned softly as the two hotties
between his legs shed their bra's and panties and went back and forth trading
off on sucking his cock and balls. The two girls got Jack on his back and
Rita sat on his face. Under their trance Jack did as was ordered by them and
started licking Rita's cunt. Page rubbed his cock between her big firm tits
as she was glad to have Jack's 8 inch cock to herself, and was licking and
sucking the huge cockhead. Jack opened up Rita's cunt wide and really stabbed
at her clit with precision with his tongue. Page stroked Jack's big cock in
her hands as she licked and sucked his balls into her mouth.

Page decided she wanted his cock somewhere else and climbed on top of him.
She slid his thick prick into her eagerly awaiting wet love hole. She slowly
began riding Jack as inch after inch filled her up, all the way into her
pussy until he was hitting her cervix. Page reached forward and balanced
herself on Rita's shoulders as she rode Jack hard getting all the pleasure
she could. Rita pinched and squeezed on Page's hard nipples as she rode
Jack's face grinding her hairy brown mound into his face. The two kissed
each other softly as Jack's incredible cock sent Page to an orgasm.

When Page came back down to earth Rita decided she had to have some of Jack
too. Rita set herself up on all fours and her mind told Jack to fuck her
doggy-style. Jack did as asked since he had no choice in the trance he was
in. Grabbing Rita's hips he started ramming into her. Rita felt her pussy
being stretched apart by Jack's enormous rod and she was in pure pleasure.
Page got behind Jack and reached over and played with his balls as he fucked
her friend. Page started to grow fangs and was about to bite Jack before
Rita stopped her.

"No, not yet, remember what Brent said, not until the induction."

A disappointed Page nodded her head as they went back at what they were
doing. Rita had Jack slap her tight ass and fuck her as deep as he could, as
she reached back and rubbed her clit. Page helped her friend along by getting
underneath and licking Jack's balls and Rita's clit. It wasn't much longer
until both Rita and Jack were coming together. Rita screamed in pleasure as
Jack's load filled her snatch full of his hot cum. She in return coated his
cock with her sweet girl cum. Page underneath them got a taste of Rita's cum,
then eagerly licked of Jack's cum from his peehole. After they all got
dressed they let Jack out of the trance.

"So like what you've seen here Jack?" asked Rita.

"Yeah this place is great, thank you so much for the tour."

* * *

Fiona was tired after a long day of shopping. She grabbed some ice from the
hotel's ice machine and was on her way back to her room. Then suddenly Pete
appeared behind her.

"Pete, hi."

Pete seemed kind of strange like he was sick or something.

"Fiona I had to go cold turkey, so they wouldn't know I came to see you."

"Cold turkey? I don't get what your saying."

Pete held his ailing stomach and because of that dropped a clear beaker that
had a red liquid in it, it looked like blood to Fiona.

Pete quickly grabbed it and picked it up. "Look whatever you do, don't let
them make your brother a full member, jus....just trust me OK."

"Um, OK," Fiona had a puzzled look on her face as she turned around to walk
away. Pete grabbed the blood in the beaker and drank it down. Then he looked
at the young beauty in front of him. He remembered how good her ass looked
under her dress earlier and decided he wanted more of the young Fiona
Phillips. Using his vampire powers he stopped her from going back to her
room. He fed her mind with the command to follow him to another room. She
dropped the ice bucket and immediately followed Pete.

Pete led her to an empty hotel room. Once inside he told her to take of her
dress. Fiona untied her strings on the back of her dress. Then slid the
spaghetti straps off her shoulders. Pete was pleased as the top of her dress
came down to find that Fiona wasn't wearing a bra. Her big round globes with
bikini tanlines were right in his view now. Those huge tits on a girl of
only 14 had surpassed Pete's expectations, they were not only huge but they
seemed to defy gravity with their firmness. The bottom of her dress was off
now, exposing her light blue panties. He had her turn for him slowly, so he
could admire that incredible ass of hers again.

Pete then unbuckled his pants and pulled out his already hard 7 inch cock.
He had Fiona crawl to him slowly on all fours. Pete couldn't get over how
hot she looked, so sweet and innocent, crawling to him on the floor like a
tigress wearing just skimpy panties. Once she reached Pete she took his cock
in her hand and began stroking it with her hand. Pete caressed Fiona's
beautiful face, brushing her long bangs from her eyes. Pete then had her
suck his cock. She opened her mouth taking a good three or four inches in
her mouth right away. Pete got a hold of the back of her head pushing Fiona
into his rod and making her take more.

He stared at this teen goddess, the sight of her angelic face alone
swallowing his cock made him wanna shoot his load. He couldn't help but
think Fiona had given oral sex before, the way she was doing so well at
sucking his cock. Fiona was soon deep throating Pete. She took him all the
way in, then all the way out, back and forth. Pete was in pure pleasure as
he looked down and saw that cute ass of Fiona's shake from side to side in
her very skimpy panties.

He stopped her oral sex, and lifted her to her feet and kissed the young teen
passionately. Once again he was impressed with her skills, this time in the
French kissing department. Their tongues danced in each others mouths, Fiona
sucked on Pete's tongue and Pete caressed her firm ass as her big tits
pressed against his chest. Pete kissed her neck softly, then lifted her in
the air so he could get to those luscious knockers. He took her big left tit
in his mouth using his tongue to swirl around the brown nipple. He used his
thumb and forefinger to squeeze and pull on the nipple on the right breast.
When he got tired of that, he switched and began sucking on the right breast
and pinching the left nipple.

He let Fiona down and told her to turn around and remove her panties. Fiona
grabbed her waistband and pulled down her panties, as her firm ass appeared
she had a sexy bikini tanline. Pete got on the bed on his back and asked
Fiona to join him. He got a great view of her pussy lips with just a little
of brown pubic hair above it. Pete had her straddle him and his cock slid
into Fiona. He found out she may be an expert at oral and at kissing, but as
he slid his cock deep into her he found out that there was still something
she hadn't tried. He felt her hymen and realized that Fiona was a virgin,
meaning she really was as innocent as he first thought.

He squeezed her ass as her body was facing away from him. He sat up and
squeezed those big tits again from behind. He loved watching her ass go up
and down on his cock. He had her ride him harder and harder until her cherry
was busted and blood was all over the bed at the spot where they were
fucking. He squeezed even harder on her bouncing boobs as Pete started
thrusting up and into Fiona. Pete felt Fiona's pussy muscles tighten and she
soon orgasmed all over Pete's balls. Pete felt his own orgasm iminate so he
grabbed a handful of Fiona's hair and pulled as he pumped her young body for
all that it was worth. He called out her name as he released his load.


He shot his load deep inside the young girl, then kissed her sweetly on the
neck. He had real genuine feelings for Fiona from the moment he met her. He
had to have her but didn't wanna take the chance that she didn't feel the
same way. So left her at the same place he found her in front of her room
with a small pail of ice. He let her out of the trance, just as the door to
her room opened, and her brother saw her there.

"Fiona, that took a while did you go to another hotel for ice or something?"

Fiona looked behind her for Pete, she only remembered everything that
happened before the trance.

"Um, no, uh... Pete was right here a second ago. Where did he go?"

"Pete seems like he's kind of shy Fiona, and....I think he likes you."

Fiona smiled at her brother's thought that an older guy was actually
interested in her. She felt very strange though. Not a bad strange but
different like she had lost something, and on top of that she wasn't
feeling horny like she usually was.

Fiona felt something strange was going on, so she logged on to her computer
and got in the chat rooms to find out any info she could on OSSN. She finally
got instant messaged by someone named 'pdogit'. She explained everything to
him. Including Pete's strange visit.

Fiona waited as he said he knew a friend he could contact with more
information on The OSSN. Fiona was up most of the night trying to find more
info (as opposed to her cyber sex, which she strangely didn't feel the need
for). Then she got instant messaged from pdogit.

Pdogit: Guess what, the parent company is in Romania.

Rockerbaby: Romania? That's weird.

Pdogit:Acctually maybe not so weird. Didn't you say Pete had something with
him that looked like blood?

Rockerbaby: Yeah, so?

Pdogit: Romania is where Transylvania used to be, birthplace of Dracula.

"Transylvania, Dracula?" thought Fiona. "The OSSN, they're vampires?"

Fiona didn't know what to believe, though it was making sense she didn't
believe in vampires. She fell asleep on the computer and her mom woke her up
in the morning.

"Hey, pull an all-nighter Fi?"

"Um, yeah... I guess I did." responded a sleepy Fiona.

"Come on, we gotta get read for your brother's induction."

After they got dressed in their best clothes they all made there way to the
OSSN headquarters. They were surprised when they went to the basement on the
elevator. Fiona's fears were confirmed as Brent's eyes became red and he
turned around to put them all in a trace.

Soon they were all in a room join by other members. Including Pete.

"OK, time for phase one people, revenge and humiliation!"

Brent got out his video camera and led the three to a bed. He planted the
seed in their minds and watched as the helpless family members began their
humiliation. Fiona sat down on a chair she slid off her tight black pants
and by their orders she slid her pink panties aside and began masturbating.
Jack wrapped his arms around his mom, and then kissed her. Not a mother/son
kiss either, it was a passionate French kiss with him feeling up his mom's
ass through her gray slacks. Molly unzipped Jack's pants and found his hard
cock. He was rock hard as she began stroking him in his hand, while his
hands slid up to his mom's rack.

Unbuttoning her purple blouse he pulled it off of her, then unclasp her black
bra. Jack took a pointed nipple in his mouth as he squeezed the other breast.
His mouth and teeth pulled on her hard nipple as he roughly twisted on the
other one. The two had no will of their own as Molly's pants slid down her
slender legs and her white cotton panties were exposed. Fiona started using
her middle finger to push in and out of her cunt as she watched the action.
Jacks shirt and pants were removed by his mom as she dropped to her knees
wearing only her panties as she took her son into her mouth.

Fiona took off her red shirt exposing a pink bra. She used her free hand to
unhook it, exposing her above average chest. Fiona started licking her own
nipples as her mother and brother went at it. Jack started pumping his cock
into Molly's face as his mom almost gagged on her son's large member. After
a while of this, Jack pulled her up and started to slid down Molly's panties.
As her pussy and ass was exposed many of the vampires couldn't help but pull
out their cocks and stroke them as they beheld the famous singers hot ass.
Jack took Molly to the bed and placed her on her back. Jack pushed his cock
at his mom's pussy entrance and slid inside of her. Molly wrapped her arms
around his shoulders as he began to rhythmically pump her hard.

Fiona started to lick her fingers tasting her own cum as she watched the
naughty mother/son taboo. Jack shoved all of his long cock into Molly as the
two neared orgasm. A couple of minutes later they were there. Jack shot his
load in his mom, and the feeling made her orgasm as well.

When they were finished Brent made Molly suck her son off until he was hard
again. When he was ready to go again he had Fiona get on the bed on all

"Here you go Jack, this is what you've always wanted to do!" Brent laughed

Pete knew the consequences of betrayal, and that was all that was stopping
him from saving sweet Fiona. Jack got behind his sexy sister and spread her
sexy ass cheeks. Fiona used her girl cum to lubricate her virgin asshole and
Jack started pushing at her ass. Even in the trance Fiona's face showed pain
as her ass was penetrated by her brother. Brent showed some compassion and
let Jack be gentle on Fiona's ass.

He went in slowly squeezing her ass hard as he gave her anal sex. He got most
of his cock in her ass as he started humping her ass hard. Fiona reached back
and played with her clit as she lost her anal cherry to her own brother. Her
tight sphincter soon became too much for Jack and he came deep into Fiona's
bowels, causing her to come as well. Jack was done after his cock became limp
and slid out of her ass.

After that Molly got on the bed with Fiona and started kissing her softly on
the neck then a wet French kiss on the mouth. The mother and daughter swapped
spit for a long time before taking turns at sucking each others nice breasts.
After that they got into a 69 with Fiona on top. Fiona licked and bit on
Molly's clit. Molly fingered Fiona's pretty pussy and licked the cum dripping
out of her ass. The two women got each other to cum after a lot of licking
and they collapsed in a heap of sweat and cum on the bed.

Brent stopped the tape. "OK I think I should get a piece of this little girl,
too. Bring Fiona over to the table, then Jack can become a vampire and I'll
make the two women my slaves."

Fiona was placed on the table ready to be Brent's love slave, this proved to
much for Pete. He removed their trance and hollered at them, "Get out of here

They all ran out, still naked. Pete knocked over everyone that got in the
way. They barely escaped, to the elevator, but Pete had to stay behind. He
would be forced to pay the consequences of his actions, which would mean
death, for betrayal.

* * *

The Phillips were back on the road again and away from Indianapolis. Fiona
couldn't believe the OSSN was gone from the computer, not even a link. None
of them had any recollection of the events that happened.

The next day however Fiona was on her computer and saw that she had mail.
She saw that it was from the OSSN. She opened the mail and saw that it had a
link. She clicked on it and was led to a website. What she saw made her jaw
drop in horror. It said:

"For $19.95 see singer Molly Phillips as you've never seen her before getting
it on with her own son, and going lesbo with her slutty daughter."

There were pictures of the whole thing naked body parts covered by censored

"OH MY GOD!" exclaimed Fiona.

The End


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