Smallville: Your Wife Is A Slut, She Takes It In The Butt (MF,anal,rough)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent strode through the Daily Planet newspaper. Recently, he had
become one of their star reporters. It was about time, he thought. Ever
since he first moved to the city at the end of his college days, he had
been relentlessly working his butt off. Both as Superman and as the ace
reporter of the Planet. It hadn't been easy. Every week there was a new
threat to deal with. Some new danger to face. Luckily, everything always
seemed to work out in the end.

These days, he had a bit of help. Oliver Queen's newly assembled Justice
League of America did provide a good service. They were always jetting to
various parts of the world, protecting innocent men and women from the
forces of evil. Bart Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone had been doing
stellar work. They had received some help from the mysterious alien
shape-shifter known as John Jones, the Martian Man-Hunter. They recently
put a stop to Lex Luthor's scheme of using super-powered men and women to
take over the world. The world's youngest billionaire was also proving to
be one of the most ruthless and ambitious people in history. He would stop
at nothing to bring about his dreams of world domination.

Lately, Clark had been flying solo and sort of liking it. Well, he wasn't
technically solo. He had Chloe. Thank God for Chloe. What would he do without
her? His charming, sweet, lovely little sidekick. They had been friends since
forever. Well, at least that's what they were, until recently. Clark Kent
seemed to be flying around in the sky. But this wasn't the real Clark Kent.
You see, Clark Kent had been plunged into a well filled with water
contaminated by red Kryptonite. The crimson substance seeped into every pore
in his body. It brought out Clark Kent's alter ego, Kal-El. This time, the
change was permanent. Kal-El decided to have himself some fun.

The first thing he did was visit some of the foxiest ladies he knew. He
dropped by Lana Lang's room in the Mansion she shared with the world's
richest bald man. He put on his best Clark Kent face, played the part of
the lover boy coming to reclaim the girl he loves. Using this guise, he
seduced her once more and convinced her to do the nasty with him. You see,
Kal-El knew how to manipulate people's emotions. He doesn't have a
conscience. He's a hedonistic sociopath. It comes easy to him. Kal-El
leaned back against the wall and looked down at Lana Lang as the sexy
Asian girl sucked on his ten-inch cock. Lana was a pretty decent cock
sucker. He continued thrusting in and out of her mouth until he finally
came. When he came, she drank his seed. Kal-El grinned as Lana drank his

He always knew she was a submissive bitch. Time to test her limits. He bent
her over a desk, then spread her butt cheeks wide open. He pushed his cock
against her asshole, and thrust into her. Lana gasped as Kal-El plunged his
cock into her asshole. Never before had she had anything up her buns. He
laughed and grabbed her hips hard as he began sodomizing her like anal sex
was going out of style.

If there's anything Kal-El loves, it's a tight ass. He began fucking Lana
Lang's asshole hard and fast. The chick howled loud enough to wake the dead.
He smacked her hot booty and continued ramming his cock up her ass.

Her ass was so wonderfully tight. He loved drilling it like a miner looking
for gold. He continued to violently slam her tight little asshole, feeling it
widen with every thrust of his cock until he finally came, flooding her
asshole with his cum. When he was done, he let her go. Lana Lang slumped to
the floor. She took a moment to recover. Finally, she sat up. Kal-El's cum
was still leaking out of her stretched asshole. She looked up at Clark.
Except that this wasn't the Clark Kent she knew.

Clark Kent was a nice young man raised by his father and mother to be a true
gentleman. He's a goody two shoes. The man Lana Lang looked at wasn't Clark
Kent. This was Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton. Hedonistic misanthrope and
incorrigible prankster with god-like powers. Oh, and he was a sociopath to
boot. He looked down at Lana, and smirked. Lana Lang's cheeks turned red with
shame. Her heart quaked with fear. Kal-El laughed and let himself out. After
his departure, Lana Lang rushed to the shower.

She took a long bath, sobbed quietly and swore to herself that she would
never let anyone do to her what Clark Kent had just done.

* * *

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor strode through LuthorCorp. He looked at the employees
of his billion-dollar corporation. Some of the smartest men in the world
worked for him. Everything was going according to plan. He couldn't wait to
go home to his wife, the lovely Lana Lang. to pass the time, he surfed the
web. He went to YouTube and checked out the hottest streaming video of the
hour. When he saw the name, and later, the face, his blood ran cold.

No, it wasn't possible. It couldn't be. He saw his wife, his dear Lana on all
fours, getting fucked in the ass by a man whose face he would never forget.
Clark Kent! The title of the video was as follows "YOUR WIFE IS A SLUT, SHE
TAKES IT IN THE BUTT"! Lex checked the stats and discovered that over three
million visitors had seen the video. He howled in pain. He was going to kill
Clark Kent! First, though, this bitch Lana Lang had some explaining to do!

* * *

Outside of Lex Luthor's office, Kal-El smiled. He saw the look on the bald
billionaire's face. Ouch. Lex and Lana were the laughingstock of the entire
world. The rich man whose country wife got sodomized by one of their best
friends. Laughing, he flew away. There were so many women to humiliate and
screw over. So many lives to destroy. So little time. He decided to get to
it. Next stop: Chloe Sullivan's apartment. Time for the blonde reporter to
get the dick she deserved for all her years of loyalty, well, up her ass,
that is!

The End


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