Smallville: Vampires Part 1 (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])


The Homini Nocturna

A race of seven-foot tall bat-like humanoid creatures. They ruled the night.
When they hunted, no animal was safe. Nothing was too great or too strong for
them to take down. They hunted other animals and drank their blood. These
creatures were extremely strong, fast and resilient. The ferocity of these
creatures combined with their sheer numbers made them the most dangerous of
all creatures on the planet Earth. Long ago, the world was teeming with them.

One day, they became extinct. These creatures had been around for a long
time. They were around before humans became the dominant species on the
planet. They died out shortly after the beginning of the Ice Age. Tens of
thousands of years ago. These creatures were somewhat humanoid in appearance
but there was nothing human about them. Nothing at all. They inspired many
egends in human history. The tales of vampires are loosely based on them.
Far worse than any fairy tale, these creatures were real.

In the year 1970, a team of scientists discovered an ancient underground
chamber in Siberia.

Underneath the ice, they found the perfectly preserved remains of hundreds of
gigantic humanoid creatures were found. Since that day, scientists have been
experimenting with their DNA. They identified those creatures as the Homini
Nocturna. Strange creatures that were humanoid in shape but closely
ressembled bats. They had huge leathery wings and had the look of predators.
The scientists did a lot of research and discovered a lot about these
creatures. The Homini Nocturna were the strongest predatory species that ever
lived on the planet Earth. They lived in swarms and hunted together. Hundreds
of these creatures flying in the air, seeking prey and attacking anything
that lived. They feasted on the blood of other animals. They were smarter
than any animal on the planet but they were not sentient. They did not have
intelligence. They were not self-aware. That did not stop them from being
awesome predators. Ancient humans fought against these things and often lost.
The Homini Nocturna's sole weakness was their fear of daylight. They had been
around for a long time. Millions of years before the appearance of man's
earliest ancestor.

The scientists discovered the secrets of the DNA of these creatures. These
creatures had a lifespan of well over a thousand years. They were infinitely
stronger and deadlier than humans. They constantly needed to drink blood in
order to survive. They were exceptional predators. They appeared to have been
immune to all diseases known to man. All viruses. The Homini Nocturna DNA
seemed perfect. These creatures had the ability to regenerate. The scientists
pondered the infinite possibilities that implied. They were funded by Lionel
Luthor, the wealthy billionnaire who was dying of liver disease. The
scientific team was ready for the next stage of experimentation. Human


Pete Ross ran into the hall of Star Labs. He was extremely late. He hoped
that his boss, professor Emil Hamilton wasn't mad at him. The young black man
was the only high school student in the country who had gotten the internship
with the nation's most famous scientist. Professor Hamilton was legendary in
the academic community. He was like Einstein or something.

Pete Ross bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry." he said. He gasped when he saw
who it was. A tall, slender girl with light brown skin and long black hair.
She wore a red shirt and blue jeans. She simply looked beautiful. He
instantly recognized her. "Helen." he said.

"Hi, Pete." she said. Helen Hamilton was the professor's daughter. She was
also an internationally famous supermodel. He knew because he had pictures
of her in his bedroom. She was a superstar and had been in tv shows and

"How are you doing?" Pete said.

"Fine." said Helen.

Pete looked at her, realized he was staring and said. "I better be on my way.
Teacher's waiting."

Helen waved him bye. Pete ran. Helen Hamilton was extremely close to her
world-famous father. She came to visit him weekly. Her arrival was always
noticed by the students, Pete Ross among them.

Pete Ross ran. He arrived at the lab. Star Labs was located right next to
Metropolis University. Emil Hamilton worked for Star Labs and was an adjunct
teacher at MU. Pete wished he could have walked with Helen but her father
would not be too lenient with him for his tardiness. Emil Hamilton was a
hard man to work with. Pete Ross really wanted to have it on his resume for
college applications next year. He needed this internship! Colleges would
open their doors to him once they saw the name Emil Hamilton. It was like
knowing the president or something. Hamilton had that kind of power. Pete
Ross barged into the lab. He took a look around. Hamilton wasn't there. Damn!
Maybe he wouldn't mind Pete being late, then.

"Mr. Ross!" Pete froze. He turned around slowly. It was Emil Hamilton
himself. The energetic older black man wore a lab coat. "Where have you

"Oh." Pete said. He didn't know what to say. Hopefully, Hamilton wouldn't
take the internship away from him.

"This is the third time that you are late, kid." Hamilton said. He approached
Pete. He sniffed. Pete held his breath. He didn't know what to say.

"Hi, daddy." came a voice.

Emil Hamilton turned around. Pete looked past him and saw the stunning Helen
Hamilton walk toward them. Emil Hamilton greeted his daughter. They hugged
each other.

"Hello, Helen." said Emil. His voice was quieter and gentler than Pete had
ever heard him. Helen looked at Pete from her father's arms.

"Hello again." she said. "Glad to see you're okay."

Pete stared at her. "Uh?" he asked.

Emil Hamilton glared at Pete.

"Oh, daddy." said Helen. "It was so nice of Pete to stop that old man."

Pete stared at her. What was she talking about? Helen winked at Pete. Pete
looked at her. She told her father about him helping some old dude at peril
of his own life. Emil Hamilton looked like he was buying his daughter's white

"That true?" Emil asked.

Pete felt the older man's eyes bore into his skull. "Uh-huh." he said.

Emil Hamilton looked at his daughter, smiled and hugged her.

To Pete he said, "Your tardiness is excused, Mr. Ross. Go to your duties."

Pete nodded. Saved by the hot chick! He hurried into the lab, but not before
looking at Helen and silently mouthing thank you. She wasn't looking at him.
Damn! Oh, well.

He went back into the lab. There was another scientist there. Dr. Annie
Conner. Conner was an attractive petite woman with dark brown hair and pale
blue eyes. She appeared to be in her early thirties. Pete knew she was an MIT
graduate and that she used to work in Boston. She came to Metropolis in order
to work for Star Labs. She wasn't an adjunct teacher like Emil Hamilton. She
wasn't an annoying SOB either.

"Hi, Pete." said Dr. Conner.

"Hi, doc." Pete said.

Conner offered him a sad smile. "How are you doing today?" she asked.

"Okay." Pete said with a grin.

Dr. Conner squinted at Pete and smiled. "You saw her again, didn't you?" she

Pete couldn't hide anything from her. "Yeah." Pete said, thinking of the
lovely Helen. "She was amazing." he said wistfully.

Dr. Conner grinned. "Earth to Pete." she said. "Did you get her number yet?"
Pete's smile faded. He shook his head. "Better do it soon." said Dr. Conner.
She tapped Pete's shoulder. "Don't wait too long."

Pete nodded. They went back to work.

The hours flew by. Pete liked working for Dr. Annie Conner. She was a nice
lady and he actually thought she was smarter than Hamilton. Hamilton was a
genius and a jerk. Annie Conner may be a less known scientist but he thought
she was remarkable. He'd seen her picture on the cover of Time Magazine,
though. Emil Hamilton had won several nobel prizes and had been photographed
with politicians, entertainers and business people. He was financially
well-off, too. He was the widower of Jessica Andover Hamilton, a wealthy
heiress. As Pete worked, he watched Dr. Annie Conner. She was a smart lady.
She was a beautiful lady. Why didn't she ever seem happy? She always seemed
sad, although she did her best to cover it. He wanted to ask but this was
none of his business so he didn't. Time was up and he bade her farewell.

He started walking out of the lab. She would stay and work for some of the
night. Pete Ross had to catch the train to Smallville. Today, he didn't.

"Hi, Pete." came a voice.

Pete saw his best buddy, Clark Kent. Clark stood there, wearing a red T-shirt
and blue jeans. Pete looked at him and smiled. "Hey, buddy."

The two young men shook hands. Pete noticed that Clark was not alone. Chloe
Sullivan was with him. Chloe was a slender and attractive blonde girl. One of
Pete Ross's best friends since grade school.

"Hi, Pete." said Chloe. She gave him a hug.

Pete turned around and saw Dr. Annie Conner holding a piece of paper. "You
guys have a minute?" Pete asked. Clark nodded, as did Chloe. "I want you to
meet someone."

A few moments later, Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent shook hands with Dr. Annie

"Great to meet you." said Clark.

"Likewise." said Dr. Annie Conner. She looked at Clark, then at Chloe.
"You're the friends Pete mentions so much?"

Clark grinned. Chloe smiled. Pete nodded. They made small talk for a moment
then Dr. Conner excused herself. Pete and his friends wished her good night
and went back to the car. Dr. Annie Conner watched them go. She smiled
wistfully. There were times that she envied Pete Ross. He was a good kid and
he had such good friends. His friend Clark was really handsome, too. If he
was a bit older... hmm. Nah.

Chloe Sullivan had been less than pleased to meet Dr. Annie Conner and had
frowned when she saw Conner looking at Clark. Clearly, Chloe considered Clark
Kent to be hers even though Conner was pretty sure they were not dating. It
looked like an unrequited love story. Oh.

There were times not that long ago that Annie Conner felt very much like
Chloe. She was a young woman with no worries other than boys and clothes.
The world of high school. Now, Annie had different worries. A year ago, her
doctor told her that she had cancer. It was terminal. Annie was shocked. She
was scared. She had not given up. She wanted to find a cure. The cure lay in
the research of the DNA of the Homini Nocturna. These magnificent beasts
were impervious to disease. If their regenerative process could somehow be
replicated... the possibilities were infinite. Annie Conner had worked hard
on the project ever since Lionel Luthor hired her. She wanted to find a cure
to cancer. Homini Nocturna DNA had the cure to all disease.

She worked hard on perfecting the formula. She had tested it on a
chimpanzee named Troy. The Homini Nocturna DNA had caused Troy to mutate
into a grotesque monster in a matter of weeks. Within three weeks, the three
year-old Bonobo chimpanzee had become a towering monster with huge claws and
fangs. A monstrosity that had to be put down. Annie Conner knew that the
formula needed to be improved. The Homini Nocturna DNA was strong. She knew
that it could cure her but didn't want it to turn her into something freaky.
She tested it on a gorilla named Hector after making some changes. Hector had
been dying. The Homini Nocturna DNA healed him. For three days, he was alive
and well. On the fourth day, he began to mutate. By the sixth day, Hector
hadn't been recognizable as a gorilla. He'd grown into something huge with
the beginning of what appeared to be wings on its back. Hector had to be put
down. It had been hard to put him down, too. When he was shot, he simply
regenerated. It took a pressure chamber to destroy him.

Annie Conner knew that she was making some improvements. The Homini
Nocturna DNA was taking longer to mutate her test subjects. If she could
stop the mutation, this formula would change the world. She wanted to share
her discovery with the world. She imagined the ways it would change mankind.
The formula would render the average man a hundred times stronger than he
could ever be. He would have the ability to regenerate, as well as the sharp
senses of a predator. He might even be able to fly. Or whatever. She was
opening the door to infinities. She didn't think of the military prospects
of the formula. She thought about the ways it would benefit humanity. She
imagined Earth's billions living as long as Methuselah and never getting sick
again. No cold. No fever. No AIDs. No Cancer. No West Nile Virus. Nothing.
Just endless life.

She had shared her results with Emil Hamilton. He had been ecstatic. He had
told their financial partner, Lionel Luthor. Emil Hamilton wanted to proceed
with human testing, as did Lionel Luthor. Annie Conner was not so sure. She
had seen what the Homini Nocturna DNA did to Hector and Troy. She didn't dare
imagine a human being mutated by that formula. It was the stuff that the
darkest nightmares were made of. She didn't dare venture down that road. She
held a vial of the improved formula in her hand. She had already produced
three others. She held it and looked at it. That little bottle and its
contents were gonna change the world. She was very surprised when she heard
rapid footsteps approaching. For a moment, she thought it might be Pete but
it wasn't. He'd been gone for too long. She watched three dark figures
approach. Men in dark clothing with ski masks on their heads sporting rifles.

"Oh." she said. They opened fire.

Annie Conner felt bullets hit her body. She went down screaming. She was
still clutching the intact vial in her hand. Her assailants left her for
dead. She was dying. She couldn't move. She felt cold. She knew that she
was dying. It was inescapable. She was gonna die when she was so close to
the discovery of the century. Why? Why her? Why now? She could feel life
leaving her body. She was drowning in a pool of her own blood. Her glazed
eyes looked at the vial in her hand. Maybe... maybe she didn't have to die.
She raised the vial to her lips. The effort felt herculean to her dying
body. She put it to her lips. The contents went down her throat and flooded
her body. She looked at the ceiling. The Homini Nocturna DNA went inside
her. Like a sentient virus, it sought what it needed. It found it. Mutation
began. Metamorphosis started. Transformation followed. The result was not
death but... rebirth!


Clark Kent drove Pete home. He dropped his best friend at the farm where he
lived. Clark drove in silence. Chloe sat next to him. She was smiling.

"Let's go by the track road." she said.

Clark had no idea what she had in mind but he drove there and parked in the
darkness. Chloe looked at Clark. Finally, she had him all to herself. Clark
Kent. She touched his thigh. He froze. She leaned closer to him. He looked
at her. "Chloe?" he said, his voice barely more than a squeak.

"Relax, Clark." she said. She unzipped his pants and caressed his body. Clark
wanted to stop her but his body betrayed him and he felt himself get hard.
Chloe held his erect cock in her hand. "I want you, Clark." she said. "You
want me, don't you?" Clark nodded.

Chloe smiled, then her head was on his lap. He felt her warm mouth engulf
his cock. He gasped. Chloe was sucking his cock ! He groaned in pleasure.
She sucked his cock and licked his balls. He grasped her blond hair and
she continued to suck on his tool. Clark felt like he was gonna explode. He
shouted a warning, which Chloe ignored. He came in her mouth and she drank
his cum. All of it.

Clark slumped on his chair, feeling strangely good. Chloe wiped her mouth
with the back of her hand. "I knew it." she said.

"What?" Clark asked.

"You are a virgin, aren't you?" Clark flushed a deep red. Chloe grinned.
"Well, you ain't gonna be by the time I'm done with you."

With that, she took off her bra. Clark looked at her. She was so lovely. He
wanted her so badly. Oh, shit. He had a beautiful sexy girl in his car and
no condoms ! As if reading his mind, Chloe produced a pack of condoms. She
ripped it open and placed it on his erect cock. Clark pulled her to him.
Chloe laughed, pushed him back on the chair and straddled him. She impaled
her wet pussy on his cock. Clark held her by the waist and thrust into her.
Chloe gasped. He grunted. She began to bounce up and down on his cock,
riding him for all that he was worth. Clark couldn't believe it. He had a
red-hot sexy chick on him, riding him like a bucking bronco. He slammed
into her. Chloe looked at Clark as he rammed into her. He was loving it.
They went at it like this, fucking and screaming for the better part of an
hour. He came. They rested, holding each other in a tight embrace.

Chloe looked at Clark's happy face. Finally, she'd gotten him. She always
thought that Clark was gonna lose his virginity to Lana Lang but he hadn't.
Her patience had paid off. He was hers now. They'd just made love. She didn't
say anything because there was nothing to be said. Both of them wanted it and
so they made it happen. Now, they couldn't go back to being just friends. In
Chloe's mind, next step was couple's land.

Next: What happened to Annie Conner? Did she become a superhumanly strong
blood-craving vampire-like creature? Is the city of Metropolis destined to
be overrun by a plague of vampires? What does the future bode for Clark Kent
and Chloe Sullivan as friends or lovers? Just who exactly sent those deadly
henchmen to Star Labs that night? Will Pete Ross's friend become his foe?

To be continued...


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