Smallville: Two Of A Kind (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Smallville, 1986

Michelle Kingsley stood on the front door of her farmhouse, watching and
waiting. She was waiting for her boyfriend Keith Ramsey. This was the big
day. They were going to move away. She was nineteen years old and six weeks
pregnant. Keith was her older boyfriend, twenty years old. He was the son
of a rich businessman in Metropolis and a football player at Kansas State
University. They were going to move to Metropolis and he was going to take
care of her.

She loved him. He'd given her a friendship ring after graduation from
Smallville High. The summer after high school, they'd fallen in love and in
part it resulted in the bun in her oven. She smiled when she saw Keith's car
coming through the road. He was coming to pick her up. God, she loved this
man. Most young men would have freaked out upon learning they were going to
become fathers. Not Keith. He was ecstatic. She sighed happily and looked up
at the sky. Something was very wrong. The sky was on fire. Huge rocks were
falling out of the sky. Meteor rocks. That day, Michelle Kingsley's life

She lost her boyfriend Keith. His car was crushed by a meteor rock. She just
lay on the ground, next to the strangely glowing green piece of meteor rock.
When she touched it, something happened. Something went from the rock and
passed through her. Nearly a year later, Michelle Kingsley died giving birth
to a girl named Kara Kingsley.

The child would be raised by Michelle's older sister Nicole Kingsley and her
husband James Thorne.

Smallville, 2004

Kara Kingsley walked out of her house. It was a big house on North street.
As usual, she missed the bus. She could tell the other kids would be laughing
at her. She could ask her aunt to drop her at school with her car, or...she
could go her way. She just ran. At high speed. She ran so fast she went past
the bus in a blur. The bus had to be doing 50 miles per hour. Kara smiled,
knowing she just broke a world record. She pushed herself, easily increasing
her speed to five times that of the bus. 250 miles per hour. She arrived at
Smallville high school without breaking sweat. Sometimes, she wondered why
she could do these things. Her aunt, the brilliant biologist told her that
the green meteor rocks had a mutagenic effect on human beings and could turn
ordinary people into super-powered freaks. Well, life as a super-powered
freak wasn't so bad. She just wished she had someone to share it with. She
knew there were many kids with special powers in Smallville. For some reason,
they always ended up dead or worse, in the custody of special "care."

Kara hid her powers. She didn't look like a super-powered freak. She stood
five foot eleven inches tall, not skinny (or fat) but a girl with some meat
on her bones. Her skin was light bronze, her black hair had been shaved a
month ago and was now nice and short, slightly spiky on top. Kara walked over
to her best friend, Jason Cornwell. He was a nice guy. Of average height and
skinny, with blond hair and blue eyes. He had been her best friend ever since
she was in the sixth grade.

Jason and she had shared secrets, once. He confessed to being bi-sexual and
she confessed to having super-powers. They became close pals. Jason had stuff
to hide and so did she. He acted "straight" at school, even dating a girl
every now and then. Jason was on the Boy's Wrestling Team. It was a guilty
pleasure for him, watching a bunch of hot guys wrestle. Jason was talking to
his current girlfriend Martina Stanford. She was a cheerleader. Kara smiled.
Jason felt moderately attracted to Martina but he really had the hots for her
brother Jonah.

"Hitting on the enemy, are we?" said Kara.

Jason glared at her. "I've been sleeping with the enemy as well," he said.

Kara smiled. "Jason, you dog!"

Jason smiled. He walked Martina to her first class. Kara had just finished
reading "Not a Day Goes By" a novel by E. Lynn Harris. Jason loaned it to
her. It was about Basil Henderson, a handsome, macho black man who was also
a closeted bi-sexual in a relationship with a dangerous woman who threatens
to expose his past. Kara liked the book and wanted to return it to Jason
but the switch hitting mofo was already gone.

Kara considered running. Hmm. Her uncle and aunt forbade her from using her
super powers at school. They gave her a lot of grief when she tried out for
Girl's Basketball and made the team. Still, she moved faster than a bullet,
what could happen?

Clark Kent was late. He couldn't believe it. He overslept. Again. He had to
get to school. Fast. He rushed to the bathroom, brushed, rinced and showered.
He dried himself up and got dressed. He went to the kitchen, ate five
sandwiches and drank two pepsi (in 2 seconds) before kissing his mom and
shaking his dad's hands. "Gotta go," he said. He rushed outside.

He ran on the road, too fast for the eye to follow. He was a blur. Less than
a blur. He was at the school within ten seconds. He needed to get to his
first period class or the teacher, the annoying mister John Baxter would
hassle him. Clark ran. He rushed through Smallville high. He ran past his
friends Chloe and Pete. He smiled as he went past Lana Lang, his longtime
crush. He ran past them, so fast that they didn't notice him. He was running
at hyper-speed when he saw something...something he wasn't supposed to see.
A girl. She was running at hyper-speed too. One thousand times faster than a
speeding bullet. He saw her turn around, saw her notice him. He continued
to the room G212 where his Advanced Trig class was. She came in.

Clark stopped. She stopped too. He looked at her. He knew this girl. She was
Kara Kingsley, from his math class. She stared at him. "Clark?" she asked.
Her eyes looked at him in disbelief.

"Kara?" he said.

They stood, facing each other, two wide-eyed teenagers. Each gifted with
super-powers. The bell rang and the rest of the class came in. Clark went to
his seat. He couldn't focus. How in hell did she move so fast? What was she?
He'd seen her around since he was a kid and never known she was a...a what

When school ended that day, Clark Kent was troubled and about ready to go
home and talk to his folks about what he had seen. He felt like he should
talk about this with Pete. He was about to run when he heard someone call


He turned around. There she was. Kara Kinsley. The tall girl with the short
hair. The basketball player. The one who hung out with the funny wrestler,
Jason. "Kara?" he said.

She came near him. "Hey." she said.

Clark offered her a smile. "Hello."

What did she want? She got right to the point. "Clark, about this morning..."
she began.

"I better go," he said.

He didn't want to tell her what he was. Too many times he'd seen the
Meteor-altered people go nuts. She stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"Just want to talk," she said.

He looked at her. "Ok."

They talked. Clark told her what she already knew. He had super-powers, like
a good chunk of the Smallville population. "Was it the meteor rocks?" she

"Everything has to do with the rocks," he admitted.

She smiled. "Good to meet you, Clark. I never would have figured you for a
super-guy," she said. He smiled.

"You kind of got the power-girl thing going on."

Kara cocked an eyebrow. "How so?"

Clark hesitated, then did a perfect imitation of the WNBA's theme song, "I'm

Kara grinned. She was about to leave. Impulsively, Clark asked for her
number. She gave hers to him and took his. "Bye," she said.

Clark watched her run at super-speed. She wore a red and yellow Smallville
High Girl's Basketball Team jacket. God, what a sight. He sped home. When he
got there, he was smiling. His mom asked him what he did that day. He said,
"I told a girl my secret today."

Both Jonathan and Martha Kent exclaimed. "You WHAT!?!?!?"

Clark stopped grinning, and thought grimly. "Man, I knew I should have bought
those earplugs at CVS."

* * *

Kara Kingsley sat at her parents's dinner table. She was smiling the whole

"Who is he?" asked her aunt Nicole.

Kara said, "What?"

Her aunt grinned. "That boy you met today." said her aunt.

Her uncle got a beer from the fridge. "Met a guy?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Kara.

"Just make sure he's not a fruitcake like Jason," said uncle James.

Kara's temper flared. "Jason is bi, uncle James. He likes guys and girls."

Uncle James shrugged. "Whatever."

Aunt Nicole said, "Who is he?"

Kara smiled. "He knows about me," she said.

Her aunt panicked and looked at her uncle. "How?" they said in unison.

Kara said calmly. "I told him."

"You WHAT!?!?!?"

In that moment, and several hours after, Kara wished she could become deaf
at will.

The next day, Kara saw Clark. He smiled at her. He was eating lunch with Pete
and Chloe, his best friends. Chloe got up and left to go see someoneand Clark
asked Kara to join them. Kara hesitated. Jason was talking to some girl named
Lauren, a monosyllabic cutie. Kara joined Clark. Clark smiled at her. She was
wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and boots. "Hi," he said.

" Hello." Kara put her tray down and sat.

"Kara, this is Pete," Clark said, indicating a smiling black guy.

Kara shook Pete's hand. "Good to meet you, man," she said. Kara locked eyes
with Clark. He didn't look away.

"Bathroom duty," said Pete and he got up and left.

Kara found herself alone with Clark. "So, how's life?" she said.

Clark offered a weak smile. "Could be better."

They talked about stuff. Tom Brady leading the Pats to the Superbowl. Again.
The Scandal at Colorado University. The surprising rise of senator Jon Kerry
in the election run. The massing anger toward the current President of the
United States for his brilliant idea of putting people out of work.

"Strange world," said Kara.

Clark smiled. "You're telling me."

She looked around, her eyes scanning the cafeteria. "How many of us do you
supposed there are?" she asked.

Clark was surprised. "Excuse me?" Kara grinned.

"People with powers." she said.

"A few," he said.

He had personally encountered more than enough super-powered maniacs in
Smallville. She looked at him. "I bet you wish you wouldn't have to hide,"
she said.

Clark nodded. "I do wish I could be out in the open."

Kara smiled. "Me too. I want to be friends, Clark."

They shook hands.

Over the next few weeks, they became inseparable. They would run around in
town, too fast to be seen by anyone. They would also hang out and eat at BKs
and go to the Mall. Clark came to Kara's basketball games. She came to see
him at the Smallville Torch, where he was a writer. They got to know each
other. Kara introduced Clark to Jason, her best friend. Pete also got to know
Jason and Kara. Strangely enough, Pete seemed more comfortable with Kara
having super powers than Jason's bi-sexuality. Clark told Pete to curb his
phobia. Clark hung out with Kara as often as he could.

He discovered a lot about her. She discovered her super-speed when she was
twelve years old. When she was thirteen, she discovered she had a new
ability. She was strong. She lifted a 20-ton rock off the road during an
avalanche, once. She was only fifteen years old. Also, her body seemed to
be invulnerable. But no X-ray vision. No Heat Vision. No Super-Hearing.
Strangely enough, she was not vulnerable to Kryptonite. But she confessed
to him that the presence of silver made her nauseous, even weak.

Two months passed...

Clark finally introduced his parents to his friend. "Hi, mom and dad. This
is Kara."

Kara liked the Kent family. They accepted Clark Kent for who and what he was.
Her parents accepted her too but they saw her powers as a curse. She saw
them as a gift. She envied Clark and loved spending time with him. She always
wanted a guy who would accept her as she was and not be freaked out by her
powers. Clark was not freaked out. They had almost the same exact powers. He
was smart, cool and really nice. His parents accepted her as his friend. She
had grown to like him immensely.

She didn't quite know how to tell him. She went and talked to her aunt
Nicole. She explained her dilemna. She liked Clark. He had powers and so
did she. His parents accepted her. He was cute, nice to her and the perfect
gentleman. And she was aching to get on top of him. Aunt Nicole smiled.

"Just tell him," she said. Kara grumbled. Easier said than done, everybody
in Smallville knew Clark Kent had a crush on Lana.

Kara went to basketball practice. She had to stop herself from using her
powers every single time. She was just about a thousand times better than
most of her opponents. Lucky for them, she was not about to ruin her life
by acting on her urges. She watched her teammate, Erin Pitzer walk toward
her boyfriend Charles. Erin kissed her man and he held her, said something
and she smiled before kissing him again and returning to practice.

Kara wished she could have had that. She wished she could be as normal as
those girls, so she could have a normal boyfriend and a normal life. For a
long time, she wanted to be normal just so she could have someone in her
life. Someone who would love her and accept her just as she was. She was
thinking those thoughts when someone came near the bleachers. Tall, male,
black hair and blue eyes. Confident stride and innocent smile. All the
characteristics of Clark Kent.

"Hey, Kara, " he said. Kara smiled. Clark was looking very nervous. He had
been working up the nerve to ask Kara Kingsley out for a long time. He walked
toward her. "Kara Kingsley, would you like to go out sometimes?" he said

Kara hesitated. She hadn't anticipated that. Her wildest dream had come true.

To the surprise of everyone in the court, Kara threw herself in the arms of
Clark Kent and kissed him. "I love you, Clark." she whispered.

Clark buried his head in her now-thick hair. "Back at you, babe."

She looked at him, and smiled. "Just wait for me," she said.

Kara returned to practice and played better than she ever had before. When
practice ended, she scored a total of 124 points, with 34 slam dunks. As
soon as practice was over, she sped out of there. So did Clark. They met in
Clark's barn. "Oh, God, I missed you, " she said.

Clark took her in his arms and kissed her. The two young lovers looked in
each other's eyes. "I want you," he said.

Kara smiled. "I know, boy. I know." She undressed him and he undressed her...

Her hands rushed over his body, exploring his male beauty. Clark's hands
caressed her body as he leaned in for a kiss. He felt a rush inside.
Something he felt sometimes, but always repressed. He had come to think
of sex as something for the humans and not himself. Obviously, he was
wrong. He wanted to give in to the passion, to his instincts. But he
could not. Kara held onto him, fast.

"Let go, Clark. I want you too." she said.

Clark surrendered to his instincts just as Kara surrendered to hers.
They kissed and caressed and then they were rolling through the barn.
Strong hands caressed sensitive spots, bringing out cries of pleasure.
Warm mouths welcomed kisses, fingers and more. Sleek fingers entered
tight pussies before toying with tight bums. Tongues licked and probed
and explored. Lust-filled eyes met. The heat coming from their
super-powered, hormone-driven bodies was palpable. Kara lay on her
back, and Clark lay against her. He hesitated. She welcomed him in her,
fastening her strong legs behind his back. Clark's manhood entered

He gasped as he penetrated her velvety warmth. He plowed into her, hard and
fast. With feverish excitement, Kara welcomed him in her, holding onto to his
body. She loved the feel of his hard manhood in her, so hot and strong. He
went in and out, going where no one had gone before. She could feel a blazing
heat coming from his body, and a similar heat coming from hers. When he
finally came in her, she felt like a jet of pure fire had gone in her and her
body was rocked with an orgasm that made it jerk like a doll. Spent, Clark
lay against Kara.

They lay in each other's arms, saying nothing. A startling tiredness overcame
them both and they were soon asleep, nude bodies astride one another after a
glorious romp in the hay. Finally, they were sated. Two of a Kind.

The End


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