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the things depicted here. This is all in good fun.

Smallville: The Rise Of Clark Kent Part 1 (mf,mFf,voy,cons,ncon)
by The Master Of Small Things ([email protected])

The sun rose over the small town of Smallville, Kansas.

Clark Kent was already up. He stood in his room on the Kent farm, gazing
outside his window.

He was a tall boy, lean but strong, with black hair and pale eyes. A
handsome boy at that. But he was no mere boy. Not when he could run at
super speed, lift trucks and set things on fire with a glance. Also, nothing
could hurt him. Nothing except a few green rocks. The boy hardly thought
about it but he was the most powerful being ever to walk the Earth.

He was however unaware he was being watched.

The woman stood on her jeep, about a mile away from the Kent farm. Powerful
hi-tech binoculars enabled her to see everything, including... Him. She was
tall, slim, with long red hair and blue eyes. A woman with luscious lips,
large and firm breasts and a wide, tight behind. Her name was Laura, she was
a biological researcher. She had an urgent interest in Clark Kent.

She watched him all day. He was polite to his parents and did chores. He
listened to CDs. He lifted a tractor without breaking sweat. He never made
a single phone call. She had people monitoring the Kent phone line. Finally
he was alone. She decided to move in.

Quickly she entered the property. The Kents were gone to town and the
superboy was home alone.

She stealthily walked upstairs. Her hard-won athlete's body was silent and
efficient. She was about to enter a room when she heard a strange noise. A
deep moan. She creeped up the stairs and peered through a window. What she
saw amazed her. The boy was lying in bed, his pants down. There was a girl
with him. An average-looking blonde. She was taking the full length of his
cock in her mouth. Laura's eyes grew wide. The teen boy had a huge cock!

"Ooooh, Chloe, that's good!" he moaned.

The girl took the dick out of her mouth and looked at him adoringly. "Thanks,

He then took her in his arms. His powerful arms made her bend over on her
hands and knees. He positioned himself behind her. "You're gonna love this,
Chloe," he said.

The girl smiled bravely. "Be gentle, Clark."


He drew back and the next second drove his cock into her forbidden hole. All
ten inches. The shrill scream that came from chloe nearly shattered Laura's
eardrums. Clark began fucking his girl mercilessly, driving his dick up her


Chloe gritted her teeth. Clark was huge. She's taken all kinds of things up
her cunt but never in her ass. He was bigger than most dildoes. She gasped
as she felt her body respond to his. He fucked her, thrusting deep to her
bowels. Her ass walls hugged his dick tightly. He began speed-fucking her.
The pain and a million sensations in Chloe tripled. She wished she had any
KY like those pornstars used but she never had anal before. She shuddered as
he shot his load of super cum in her ass. She then noticed a woman looking
out the window. Clark withdrew his dick from her. He sped through the room,
a blur of motion.

Laura knew she was discovered. She tried to run but to no avail. The super
fast fist that connected with her head sent her sprawling accross the floor.

When she came to, the kids were looking at her. There was a fierce look in
Chloe'e eyes. Clark did not look happy.

"Who are you?" he said. "What do you want from me?"

"I ..." she began.

"Damn! I should have been more careful," he said, looking at her bruised

"I don't believe this," Chloe said.

Clark knelt in front of the woman. "I'm sorry," he said.

His eyes changed, blazing bright orange. Laura gasped as her whole body
suddenly felt hot.

"Clark! I may have an alternative to killing her," she said.

"What?" Clark said.

Chloe eyed the woman's spread eagled form. She was pretty and she always
had a bi side. "We could fuck her... then kill her!"


Laura begged them. She cried. She pleaded. But to no avail. In a few seconds
she was bound. Her face was aimed at Chloe's pussy. The blonde girl lay, legs
spread on a bed. Behind her Laura could hear Clark undressing, slowly. He
knelt beside her, cock in hand.

"What a nice ass," he said. He took his cock and placed the tip of it at the
door of her anus. With a thrust he was in. Laura screamed. Clark knew she
was an anal virgin, like a lot of chicks were. He fucked her mercilessly then
fucked her pussy. He went down to the kitchen and came back with beers.

Chloe was wearing a strap-on and fucking Laura's pussy. The woman screamed.
Clark placed his cock in her mouth. This was unacceptable to Laura. She was
born a lesbian and hated all guys and cocks. She bit him savagely. Clark
didn't even feel it. He made her suck his cock then fucked her pussy. He and
Chloe took turns fucking her pussy and ass.

Finally, they were done. They were looking at her weirdly.

"Chloe, she's such a good fuck, can't we let her live?" Clark begged.

"Not unless you want her to report you and me. I'll be locked up with a bunch
of lesbo freaks and you'll be in a cage in a CIA lab."

"Got a point," he said.

He knelt beside Laura and kissed her gently on the lips. "I'm so sorry, he

He drew back his fist, ready to smash her skull in. She closed her eyes.
The blow nevrr came. There were several voices. Laura hoped the cops had
gotten there but what good would they be against a superstrong rapist freak?
Not to mention a lesbo-hating closet bi-sexual girl? She hoped for the best.
When she opened her eyes, a handsome man in his forties was looking at her.
So was a tall, cute woman of the same age.

"Hey," he said.

Laura gasped. They were completely nude, save for the woman who wore a huge
strap on dildo.

"Hi. We're Mister and Misses Kent. I believe you've met our boy. Now it's
time to meet us."

Miss Kent drove her dildo into her ass and Mister Kent forced Laura to suck
his big dick.

"Oh god," she said, resigned.


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