Disclaimer: These Characters belong to DC Comics and the WB. I am only
borrowing them to have fun.

Rating: NC-17 (Foursome sex)

Paring: Clark/Lois/Chloe/Lana

Setting: Rewrites the season 4 episode Spell. This is what you wished
happened when Lana, Chloe, and Lois were possessed. Feedback is welcomed.

Smallville: The Night
by Robbins ([email protected])

Clark is at the mercy of Lana, Lois, and Chloe as they are possessed. Lana
moves up closer to Clark and rubs her hand across his chest.

"You desire this body, Clark" Lana says.

Clark is afraid of saying anything.

"I know you want it" she tells him.

Lana kisses Clark hard on the mouth. Clark thinks Lana feels so good.

After several minutes Lana withdraws from Clark. Clark thinks that was some
kiss. Lois and Chloe move up to Clark. They put their hands on Clark's chest
and rub them across his chest. Clark is stunned by this.

"This is your lucky night Clark. We are horny. And you will get a night you
will never forget." Lana tells him.

Lana then goes up to Lois and kisses her. Clark is stunned by this. Lana then
kisses Chloe.

"You will get to help us fuck our brains out Smallville," Lois says and then

After several minutes Lana withdraws from Chloe. Lois goes up to Chloe. They
kiss. Clark Is stunned. Lana laughs. Lane walks up to Clark. She rubs her
hand across his chest. She goes down,and unzips his paints. Clark feels very
hard. But he doesn't want to be since he knows this is wrong.

Clark is now nude. Lana throws him on the ground. Chloe,and Lois begin to
undress as Lana gives Clark a seductive look.

Chloe and Lois are now nude. They jump on Clark. They both lick his chest.
Lana watches them and laughs sinisterly. Chloe moves down on Clark. She
touches his balls as Lois continues to lick his chest. Chloe feels his balls.
Lois rubs her hands all across Clark's chest as Chloe puts his dick in her
mouth. Clark is lost In excitement as Chloe begins to suck his dick.

Lois starts to kiss Clark's chest as Chloe continues to blow his dick.

Clark feels great pleasure from the blow job Chloe Is giving him.

Lana begins to undress.

Lois is licking Clark's chest. Lana, now nude, goes up to Chloe, still
blowing Clark and puts her hands on her breasts and caresses them. Suddenly
Lana throws Chloe off Clark. She claps her hands. Lois gets off Clark. Lana
gets on Clark.

"You deserve something, Clark. My pussy!" Lana tell him, and spreads her legs
for him.

"Lick my pussy, Clark" Lana tells him.

Clark lost in passion obeys Lana and starts to lick her pussy out. Lana
smiles. Lois goes up,and grabs Clark's dick as he blows Lana. She puts it in
her mouth and begins blowing him. Chloe goes up to Lois,and puts her hands on
Lois' breasts and begins to caress her tits.

Lana explodes onto Clark. She laughs.

Lana is riding Clark's dick with her pussy hard. She enjoys riding Clark.
Clark is lost in passion of being with Lana.

Lois has her hands on Lana's breasts as she Is riding Clark and is caressing
them. At the meantime Chloe has her face buried Into Lois' pussy and is
licking away at it as Lois caresses Lana's breasts as Lane rides Clark.

Clark can't think about anything but what Lana is doing to him. It is what he
has always wanted. Lana enjoys having Clark under her control. Lois enjoys
this night,and thinks they will make It go on as long as possible. And Chloe
enjoys sucking Lois.

They went on through the night.

The End.


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