This story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily
offended. Stop reading.

Smallville: The Mutations (best,veg,ncon)
by Wonder Mike ([email protected])

Lex Luther: Mr. Kent, my new fertilizer will revolutionize the farming
industry, I want you to be a part of it.

Jonathan Kent: I have told you countless times, my family doesn't want or
need your help.

Martha Kent: Jonathan, I think we should just hear him out.

Jon: I have heard the story from the Luther's too many time.

Lex: I am not my father Mr. Kent, I only want to help.

Martha: I think everybody deserves at least a first chance.

Clark Kent: Yeah dad, Lex has never done anything but be good to us.

Jon: Why do you insist on trying to "help" us.

Lex: Clark saved my life, I couldn't do anything else.

Jon: I am willing to listen to you proposal, just listen.

Lex: That is a wise choice Mr. Kent. I assure you that I only want to help.

Jon: What is your plan:

Lex: Lexcorp has developed a band new super fertilizer, we have grown plants
and animals twice there normal size.

Jon: I would like to see them before I agree to anything.

Lex: That, Mr. Kent is not a problem.

Martha: Clark, Lana is here.

Clark: Thanks mom.

Clark: Lana, hat are you doing here? Not that I mind, you are welcome any
time of course.

Lana Lang: I like to come here, it's my safe place, I had an argument with
Whitney I just needed some away time.

Clark: I'm sorry, can I help?

Lana: No, it was a small thing, it will blow over, I just need to take my
mind off it.

Clark: Well, we are all going to Lexcorp, they have developed something big
my dad might get involved.

Lana: That's great, can I join you?

Clark: I don't see why not. Dad?

Jon: The more the merrier.

The men and Lana took the short trip over to Lexcorp, he took them to the

Lex: Now you have to promise me that you'll not reveal what you will see
here. We haven't patented this yet and we wouldn't want to get scooped.

Jon: Not a problem.

Lex opened the huge double doors the trio entered the room, Clark doubled
over, his skin began to bubble.

Lex: Clark, what's wrong?

Clark: I think it must be something I ate, I just need to sit for a minute.

Clark stepped away from the door and felt fine, Lex frowned and closed the

Jonathan stood in awe, there where three foot tall cucumbers, heads of
lettuce the size of watermelons, and tomatoes the size of basketballs.

Lex: This is just the start, in the next room we have animals that we have
given the special feed.

Lana looked at the vegetables, they seemed to be swaying back and forth, she
new she was imagining it.

They trio went into the next room, there was a dog the size of a pony in the

Lex: He is the first of what I expect to be many of my super animals, we will
be able to feed the world. I call him Luther he is just 5 months old.

Luther lifted his leg to pee, Lana grinned when she saw the two foot long leg
sized cock, Luther barked, it echoed through the chamber.

Jon: I am amazed by what I have seen here Lex, but I need to know how you did
it? And is it safe?

Lex: I assure you Mr. Kent, I would not unleash anything that was not safe,
this will enable me to get out from under my father, and you to free yourself
from the bank.

Chloe Sullivan: Hi Clark, what you doing out here?

Clark: Nothing Chloe, what are you doing here?

Chloe: I heard a rumor there was something big going on at Lexcorp, I thought
I could come in a get a scoop.

Clark: Well, my dad, Lana and Lex are in there looking at something now.

Chloe: I guess I should come back later.

Lex and Jonathan went back to the house to discuss the finances, Clark and
Lana went back to his house.

Jonathan came back a couple of hours later he told the family what he thought
of Lex's plan.

Jon: I don't trust him, I will never trust the Luther's there is something
rotten there and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Clark: I think you should give him a chance, I know we are having troubles,
this could revolutionize farming, you will beat yourself if you don't get in
on it.

Jon: You can't trust the Luther's.

Clark: Dad, I changed Lex's life, he deserves a chance, anyway, Chloe is
doing a piece on it, lets see what she can come up with.

Chloe climbed through a hole in the fence at Lexcorp, she made her way down
to subbasement, she pushed the doors open and went in, she looked at the huge
vegetables in amazement.

Chloe: Those cucumbers must be at least three feet tall.

Somebody had placed a cucumber between two giant tomatoes, Chloe couldn't
help but giggle at the symbolism, she raised her dress, stood over them and
began to sway from side to side.

Chloe: I'm such a bad girl, but I wasn't the one who made this.

She pulled out her camera and snapped a couple of pictures, she started to
step over the cucumber, but a tomato vine had become tangled around her
ankle, she bent over to get her foot loose, she lost her balance and fell
straight down.

The arm sized cucumber was pressing her panties into her pussy, the tip of
the cucumber was inside of her now.

She spread her legs and tried to stand up, she felt herself pulled down, the
cucumber ripped through her thin underwear.

There was six inches of the vegetable splitting her pussy, she couldn't
believe what was happening too her, she had a vegetable stuffed into her
pussy, she tried to raise again.

She was pulled down again, she had thought she stumbled the first two times,
but she knew this time something pulled her.

Chloe: FUCK.

She had a foot of cucumber stuffed into her pussy, it was so thick she
couldn't move.

The most embarrassing thing about this predicament was she was getting wet,
and she slid down the veggie even further.

Chloe couldn't move, she had a foot and a half of cucumber inside of her, and
she couldn't move, she felt herself being pulled down further.

There was no doubt about it now, she was being fucked by the cucumber and the
tomatoes, she had two feet of it rammed inside of her, and it felt good.

Chloe tried to stand up straight again, she was yanked down hard, she now had
two and a half feet of cucumber stuffed inside of her, she had bottomed out.

Chloe was completely impaled now, she couldn't move at all, her juices where
dripping down her legs, she had to do something.

Chloe grabbed her cell phone, she could call Clark, but she really didn't
want him to see her like this, Pete was out too, she would never hear the end
of this from him, she wished she had more friends now, she had to call Lana.

Chloe called her, she didn't tell her what was going on, she just told her to
come to the place she had been to earlier in Lexcorp, and to hurry.

Chloe screamed the last sentence, the cucumber twisted inside of her, Chloe
dropped the phone as Lana hung up.

The cucumber spun again, in the opposite direction, Chloe had a huge orgasm.

The cucumber spun again, and again, it spun faster with each turn until it
spun all the way around, and then back in the other direction.

Chloe began to cum again, and again, she couldn't help herself, the cucumber
was a blur spinning inside of her like a washing machine, it fucked her for
twenty minutes her cum finally came gushing out like a water hose, she
slumped over unconscious still impaled on the giant cucumber, the tomato vine
unraveled itself from around her ankles.

Lana made her way to the subbasement, she saw Chloe slumped over impaled on
the cucumber, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Lana went over and began to shake Chloe, Chloe slowly regained consciousness.

Lana: Do I want to know what you where doing?

Chloe: I was raped by this cucumber.

Lana: I knew you where weird and had some stranger theories, but this is too
weird even for you.

Chloe managed to slowly climb off of the cucumber, she looked between her
legs, her blonde pussy was hanging wide open, and glistening, more of her cum
came dripping out.

Lana: It looks like you had fun whatever you where doing anyway.

The tomato vine slithered it's way toward Lana, she stepped over it before it
could hook her.

Chloe: There is something more than strange going on her, I'm going to find
out what.

Chloe started toward the second door, but her legs were still weak from the
fucking, Lana caught her before she fell.

Lana: You are too weak to do anything but go home, you should go home and
come back again another day, after you have rested.

Chloe: No, I'm not giving Lexcorp a chance to cover this up, take my camera,
go into the other room and get me some pictures, I will wait outside, away
from these cucumbers and be the lookout, we can be out of here in ten

Lana: All right, but then we're getting out of here.

Lana helped Chloe to the outside and propped her up against the wall, she
took the camera and went to get some pictures.

Lana saw Luther, she couldn't tell if he was chained or not, he was far and
away the largest dog she had ever seen, she began to slowly back towards the

Lane spun around, she didn't realize how close the cucumbers where to the
door before, in fact she knew they weren't that close when she came in, the
door slammed shut knocking her across the room.

Lana fell at the feet of Luther, she looked up and saw he was chained, she
began to crawl away, Luther growled, Lana froze.

Lana: CHLOE.

Luther barked, then pushed his nose against her face, it knocked her over.

Lana was on her back underneath Luther now, she rolled over and tried to
crawl away, Luther sunk his teeth into the collar of her shirt, he ripped it
right off of her.

Lana was lifted into the air then dropped as her shirt was torn away, she
tried to crawl away again, Luther put a paw on her back and pushed her flat
on her face again.

Luther sunk his teeth into her belt buckle, he shook his head until her jeans
where shredded, Lana was flat on her face in nothing but her bra and panties

Chloe remembered the giant cock she had saw in Luther earlier, she tried to
cover herself, she didn't want the huge dog getting any ideas.

Lana looked over her shoulders, she knew Luther had already gotten the idea,
his cock was fully erect.

The cock was thicker than Lana's leg, she scooted up to her hands and knees
and again tried to crawl away, Luther put his jaw around her neck.

Lana: CHLOE.

Luther began humping at her pussy, his huge cock pressing against her white
cotton panties, he couldn't get his cock past them, he bit down on her neck
harder, Lana slid her panties down, Luther let the pressure off her neck,
Lana slid her panties all the way off, Luther let go of her neck.


Luther took aim and slammed his cock onto her tight pussy, it stretched her
as never before as he sunk all two feet of it inside of her on the first

Lana: AUUUUUUGHH, it hurts, it hurts.

Luther began pumping his cock into her faster and harder, each stroke he took
was harder than the last.

Chloe knew something was wrong, she decided she had to go find Lana, she made
her way into the first room, looking out for the cucumbers.

Chloe couldn't believe what she was seeing, the second door was closed, there
where two cucumbers braced up against it, keeping it from opening, Chloe knew
Lana was trapped.

Chloe ran across the room jumping over the tomato vines until she reached the
door, she pushed the cucumbers out of the way and swung it open.

Chloe stood with her mouth hanging open, she saw the giant dog fucking Lana,
Lana was rocking back onto the cock, she couldn't believe it.

Chloe: What are you doing?

Before she could get an answer, the tomato Vines had wrapped around her
ankles, they spread her legs apart, she saw another foot long cucumber coming
up underneath her.

This cucumber was thicker than a 2 liter bottle of coke, it jumped up and
wedged it's entire length inside of her, Chloe screamed as the vines pulled
her too the floor.

The cucumber began working itself in and out of her pussy slowly at first,
but going a little faster with each stroke, two more vines wrapped themselves
around her wrist, she was completely immobile.

Lana was slamming herself back as hard as she could onto Luther, she need the
entire two feet inside of her with each stroke, Luther slammed his cock into
her with all his weight with each stroke.

Chloe looked back, she saw another foot long cucumber working it's way up her
back, it was half as thick as the one ramming her pussy, it began poking at
her ass.

Chloe: NOOOOO.

It was too late, the second cucumber began working it's way inside her ass.
She tried to wiggle away, put it just made it easier for the cucumber to
impale her ass.

Both cucumbers where pumping in and out of Chloe now, the one in her pussy,
slid in and out easily, since it was already stretched out, and she was
dripping wet. They both began to twist around and around.

Luther had a knot the size of a volley ball, it slapped against Lana's ass as
he rammed his giant cock in and out of her, Lana had her face on the floor
and her ass up in the air.

Luther stepped over Lana, so his front paws where in front of her, this
enabled him to get his cock in her even deeper, Lana pushed back, she needed

The cucumbers spun faster and faster inside of Chloe, she couldn't stop
cumming, they pumped in and out as they spun. Chloe's eyes rolled back into
her head, she was about to pass out again. The cukes reamed her harder and

Luther stopped fucking Lana, he was ready to shoot his load into his new
bitch, Lana needed to taste his seed, she managed to crawl away from the
beast just as the first stream of cum came spurting out.

The cum shot out like a fire hose, Lana was drenched it the white sticky goo
immediately, she was covered from head to toe in seconds, she opened her
mouth and caught a spurt, she almost drowned in the goo as it quickly filled
her mouth, she swallowed as fast as she could, but had to let a quart spill
out of her mouth.

Luther was still squirting his goo, he galloped over to Chloe, who could
barely keep her eyes focused, he drenched her with his seed.

Lana: Fuck, that was good, I've never felt anything like that before, I need

Lana began to lick the cum off her body like a cat, she licked up all she
could, then she licked Chloe clean.

Chloe was still impaled on the cucumbers, they where still reaming both her

Lana: I need to be fucked.

Lana saw another cucumber, it was twice as thick as the one stuffed inside of
Chloe's pussy. Lana went over and wrapped her arms around it.

The cuke was as thick as both of Lana's legs but together, it was a foot and
a half tall, she stood over it and swayed from side to side.

Lana: I need this thing inside of me, I need it bad.

Lana leaned over and began to stroke the cucumber with both hands, her
fingers didn't even come close to touching, she lowered herself on to it.

The fat cukes began to slowly enter Lana's pussy, she lowered herself even

Lana: Come on, I need it, fuck me please.

Lana began to bounce up and down on the cuke, she managed to stuff six inches
oh it into her wide open pussy.

Tomato vines wrapped themselves around Lana's arms, they pulled her down onto
the beast of the cuke.


The entire length of the cucumber was stuffed inside of Lana now, her pussy
was stretched wide open, it began to thrust in and out.

A third foot long cucumber snaked it's way up Chloe's leg, it began to push
at her pussy, and slowly worked it's way inside of her.

The three cucumbers pumped alternately into Chloe, the two in her pussy and
the one in her ass, they began to pump faster and faster.

All the cukes fucking the girls where a blur now, they where going so fast,
it looked like they where standing still, they couldn't stop cumming, both
girls passed out as the cukes kept reaming them.

The next morning Lionel Luther went to the sub-basement, where he found the
cucumbers still ramming the two young girls, he called one of his henchmen
to video tape the fucking, he then pulled out the security camera tapes and
watched the show.

Lionel: I see Lana has met up with Luther, I bet Chloe would love to meet his
dad, I think this video tape will be a very wise investment indeed.



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