Smallville: The Eradicator Part 1 (mf,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])


The planet Krypton. It is a large planet orbiting a large red sun on one of
the arms of the Milky way galaxy. On this world, life evolved. A humanoid
race came to be the dominant species on the planet Krypton. These Kryptonians
were a highly intelligent species. They had an advanced society and developed
amazing technology at a time when most of the galaxy was still evolving.

Some Kryptonians left their world to explore space in advanced spacecrafts.
One of these explorers was Jor-El. He was a scientist from the planet
Krypton. He traveled a long way and discovered the primitive planet Earth,
a small world orbiting a Yellow sun. Jor-El discovered the people of Earth.
He also discovered a fascinating fact. On Earth, the people of Krypton
developed extraordinary powers due to exposure to the yellow sun. Jor-El
had awesome powers while on Earth. He could fly at amazing speeds, he had
amazing physical strength, he was impervious to harm and he could see
through solid objects. He could also set things ablaze merely by looking at

Jor-El came to Earth around the early 1400s. He visited North America. He met
the Kawatche people. He gave them large chunks of Kryptonite and studied the
effect it had on humans. The Kryptonite triggered unpredictable mutation in
ordinary human beings. Jor-El was worshipped as a god by the Kawatche. He
wanted to bring Kryptonians to the planet Earth so that they could conquer
these people. He set up a massive technological complex deep underground. He
imprinted his thought-patterns on a Kryptonian computer called the Machine.
The Machine was an artificial intelligence system in charge of the
underground caves. The caves contained all the information and tools that the
Kryptonians would need if they ever came to Earth.

Jor-El left Earth and returned to Krypton after spending decades among the
earth's people. He went home to his wife Lara and shared the news. Shortly
after, their son Kal-El was born. Jor-El conducted scientific experiments
and determined that the planet Krypton was doomed to cataclysmic destruction.
He wanted to tell the people of Krypton to evacuate their doomed homeworld
and go to Earth where they would become supremely powerful. The people of
Krypton did not listen. Jor-El convinced his wife Lara to place their son
Kal-El on a spaceship and sent him to Earth so that he might live. Jor-El
and his wife Lara as well as everyone on the planet Krypton died as the
planet itself exploded. But the small spaceship containing Kal-El, the last
son of Krypton safely traveled through space and made it to Earth.

Kal-El 's spaceship landed on the planet Earth. It landed in North America,
in the state of Kansas in the United States. Kal-El was found by Jonathan and
Martha Kent who would raise him as one of their own. They named him Clark
Kent. Clark Kent grew up as an awkward teenager in the town of Smallville,
Kansas. He was different from everyone else because he was not human. He had
amazing powers that were his birthright because he was not a member of Homo
Sapiens but rather of a vastly older and superior species that ruled the
cosmos before man evolved on Earth.

The Story

Clark Kent walked through the halls of Smallville high school. He was really
bored as he walked around. He saw the same old bunch of people all the time
and it was getting to the point of being tedious. Clark Kent sighed as he
made his way to his chemistry class. He ran into his old buddy Pete Ross and
the two of them shook hands. They went into class together. Clark listened to
the boring lecture of Miss Haskell. She was an old maid. A spinster if there
ever was one.

He tried not to fall asleep as he listened in class. Clark was slowly getting
over a lot of things. Lana Lang was one of them. She had been the main focus
of his affections since he was younger and lately, it dawned on him that it
was not gonna happen. She liked him but only as a friend. He understood that.
He was man enough to handle it. Unfortunately, that did not make it any less
difficult to handle.

Watching his peers interact, Clark Kent was ware of how different he was. He
was not one of them. He could never be one of them. He walked among humanity
but he was not one of them. His kind was a supreme race now extinct. This was
the hard fact.

He suddenly felt incredibly bored and ran at full speed from the high school
to the Kawatche caves. He stared into the wall from which usually came the
voice of this biological progenitor, the thing that called itself Jor-El.

"Why did you send me here?" said Clark Kent. He looked at the stone and
nothing came from it. He slammed his fist into the wall and the whole system
of caves shook under the blow thrown by a superhuman fist. "Why?" Clark Kent
felt the agony of despair.

He felt alone. He felt tired. He felt afraid. He was beginning to feel really
bad. He did not want to live his whole life on Earth... among people that
would fear and loathe him... he'd rather be dead. Suddenly, the walls of the
caves glowed from within. The Kryptonian technology behind the walls came
alive. Clark Kent stared into a bright white light. The Voice of Jor-El was
loud and clear. "YOU ARE MY SON!"

Clark Kent screamed. "I just want to leave this place. Why did you send me
here?" he asked.


Clark shouted, "I am not a conqueror!"


After the Voice uttered that last sentence, fine tendrils of energy came
from the walls and snared Clark Kent in their clutches. Clark Kent was
brought inside the walls kicking and screaming. The Arms of Energy
overwhelmed him with light and energy. Clark Kent screamed as he was
exposed to Green Kryptonite. He felt incredible pain and thought that he
was gonna die... shortly after, he was exposed to Black Kryptonite. He
no longer felt physical pain. Finally, he was exposed to Red Kryptonite.
The Arms of Energy bombarded his body with all three varieties of
Kryptonite until the young man screamed in sheer pain. He felt like he
was being torn to pieces. The pain was excruciating... the Arms of Energy
let go. Clark Kent fell on the floor, and lay unconscious...

What walked out of that cave was not Clark Kent. It was not even Clark
Kent's dark alter go Kal-El. This was a thing completely without feelings
or emotions. Clark Kent could feel love, lust, pity, fear and pain. Kal-El
felt nothing but wrath and a maddening power-hunger. This was something
else. The Machine that was imprinted with the thought patterns of Jor-El
determined that Clark Kent could not do the task that Jor-El set out for
his son. Jor-El wanted Kal-El to conquer Earth and rule it. Clark Kent was
at war with his own dark side, which Kal-El personnified. Both Clark Kent
and Kal-El were illogical, emotional beings.

The Machine decided to take biological samples from Clark Kent's body. It
used an advanced network of machines to bio-engineer a new lifeform. This
lifeform was the exact physical duplicate of Clark Kent. It was pure
Kryptonian, with some modifications. The Machine saw that Kryptonians had
flaws. They were emotional. They were unpredictable. They could be affected
physically by the Green Kryptonite, emotionally by the Red Kryptonite and
metaphysically by the Black Kryptonite. The Machine could not tolerate such
weaknesses. It did some modifications in its new creation. The newly created
entity did not have feelings or emotions. It could not feel lust, love, envy,
jealousy, pain or pleasure. It could not feel desire. It could not dream. It
could feel nothing. It was pure intelligence, completely without emotion.
Pure thought. Pure execution. Flawless logic.

This newly created being was called the Eradicator.

The Eradicator stood naked in the Kowatche caves. It looked at the
unconscious body of Clark Kent. It lifted the young man and placed him inside
the caves before willing them to close. The last pure biological specimen of
the race of Kryptonians was a valuable asset. The Machine might need him
later. The Eradicator touched the wall and dowloaded instructions. Its orders
were to conquer the world of Man and pave the way for the Kryptonian
domination of the Earth.

The Eradicator stepped outside the caves. It took a look around. It saw
just about everything. It saw the town of Smallville. It also saw many other
things. A chaotic world ripe for conquest. It was aware of its nakedness. It
did not need any armor. The Eradicator had all the powers that a Kryptonian
would have under the earth's Yellow sun. Super strength. Flight. Heat vision.
X-Ray vision. Invulnerability. Super Hearing. It was immune to the effects
of all three varieties of Kryptonite. Green. Red. Black. None had any effect
on it. It touched the remnants of the dark blue clothing worn by Clark Kent
and willed the molecules to rearrange themselves. In its hand, the dark blue
clothing became a costume which it put on. It took off into the skies.

The Eradicator flew into the heavens. It flew at a speed of Mach 15. It was
capable of much greater speeds but it was basically doing a reconnaisance
mission. Willing itself to move faster, it achieved the speed of light. It
flew all over the world. Its X-Ray eyes saw everything. All the doings of
the men and women of the world were rather chaotic. It understood humanity.
They were a weak species. They must be conquered. There was no sentimentality
in its actions. The Eradicator returned to the caves and fed all that it had
learned into the Machine. The Machine analyzed and processed it. The
Eradicator took off once more. It had a new mission... the destruction of
every capital of the world...


Pete Ross was in his house. His parents were gone for the day. He picked up
the phone and called up a friend. A few minutes later, she showed up. Her
name was Linda Medici. She was a tall young woman with long blonde hair and
pale blue eyes. A nice-looking white girl, if not too bright. Pete Ross
didn't need a brainy chick... for that he had Chloe.

Pete Ross had been seeing Linda for some time now. She came to his house,
wearing a short little red dress. Pete felt horny just looking at her. She
smiled at him. One thing about Linda is the fact that she got right down to
business. Pete sat her down on his couch and went to get drinks and when he
came back, she was wearing almost nothing. She was smiling seductively,
teasing him. Pete Ross went to her... no need to keep her waiting. She
practically ripped the clothes off him. They were rolling around on the
floor and playing like children... only this was a sexual game... she found
herself on top of him. Pete lay down on the floor with his erect cock in the
air and she came down on him and took his cock into her mouth.

She started sucking his cock and licking it, slurping his oozing pre-cum like
it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted. She sucked his cock and then he
returned the favor by lapping up at her pussy for a few minutes. He stuck his
tongue inside her and then started working it, wiggling it inside her most
private spot to give her maximum pleasure. He then spread her legs wide and
stuck his cock inside her. He thrust his cock in and out of her pussy while
she grunted and caressed her breasts. Pete grunted and rammed his cock inside
her. He thrust his cock inside her, moving in and out of her wet snatch and
listening to the sexy noises she made. After a session of intense fucking, he
finally gave in to the merciless pressure exerted on his thick black cock by
her wet pink pussy and came, filling her with his hot cum. A moment later,
they were lying on the floor, spent.

They were two ordinary mortals trying to sample the most basic of life's
pleasures, after all. They were nothing like the newly empowered Kryptonian
war machine known as the Eradicator that soared through the heavens, ready
to conquer the world of Man or destroy it in the process.

To be continued...


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