Smallville: The Dark Side Of Women Part 1 (MF,anal,ncon,viol)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Lionel Luthor sat behind his desk, and looked at the pictures of Clark Kent
as he saved yet another person from certain death. Clark Kent, the son of
Jonathan and Martha Kent was definitely not what he seemed to be. He was a
young man with amazing powers. Definitely not of this world. Lionel knew
exactly who and what he was. A Kryptonian. The last remnant of an ancient
alien civilization from beyond the stars. And finally, Lionel had evidence
of this.

Finally, he would be able to control Clark Kent, the most powerful being
living on the planet Earth. So, he sent a letter to the Kent family, telling
them that if they didn't do what he said, he would reveal Clark's secret to
the world. Jonathan and Martha Kent didn't know what to do. Jonathan wanted
to beat the crap out of Luthor. Martha was frantic. As usual, Clark Kent
blamed himself for bringing trouble to his family. None of them were sure
what to do. They were good people whom an evil creep had power over. They
didn't stand a chance.

Chloe Sullivan went to the Kent farm. She went to visit Clark. Over the past
few months, they had grown closer together. He seemed to finally get over
Lana Lang, who was now dating Lex Luthor. Chloe smiled when she remembered
the passionate kiss that she and Clark shared, shortly after she saved him
from a psychopath who knew his secret weakness. For once, the girl saved the
boy. Chloe wouldn't mind saving the young man she loved, especially when they
decided to be more than friends. At last, he was hers.

When Chloe went to see him that day, Clark was sullen. She asked him what was
wrong. He told her what Lionel Luthor was doing to his family. Blackmailing
them. None of them knew what to do. Chloe felt a deep anger inside. Someone
else was threatening Clark. Clark, the lovely young man who constantly put
himself at risk by helping other people. Clark, the only good person she
knew. And, last but not least, the only person she ever loved. This couldn't
be happening. Not now. Not while they were finally lovers. Chloe held Clark
in her arms, and silently promised herself to solve the situation. Yes,
someone had to do it.

* * *

The next day, Chloe went to see Lionel Luthor at his Smallville mansion. The
older man looked handsome and regal. As usual. Inside, he was an evil creep.
She told him that she knew he was blackmailing the people she loved and that
it had to stop. Lionel laughed and told her that since he was rich and
powerful, he could do whatever he wanted. Chloe told him that she'd do
anything if he would leave Clark alone. Lionel smirked and decided to put her
to the test. He ordered her to undress. Deeply ashamed, Chloe told herself
that she was doing this to save Clark, and then she complied.

Lionel looked at the sexy blonde girl as she got naked. Yeah, Chloe had a
nice body. Definitely sexy. Oh, and she had a nice ass too. Lionel told her
that if she let him fuck her in the ass, she'd leave Clark alone. Chloe did
as she was told. Lionel positioned himself behind Chloe. Slowly, he spread
her butt cheeks wide open. Chloe groaned and nodded her consent. Slowly,
Lionel slid his finger into her asshole and began probing around. Chloe
gasped as she felt his finger explore her tight anal cavity. Yeah, Lionel
knew that Chloe was not an anal virgin. He told her as much.

Chloe gasped and blushed. Yeah, she wasn't a virgin anymore. A couple of
years ago, she lost her virginity to a handsome youth she met at the Daily
Planet. She had gotten tired of waiting. She regretted it. So, she decided
to be celibate until she found love. When Clark finally fell in love with
her, they made love in so many ways. Chloe fully gave herself to the man
she loved. She lost her anal cherry to Clark. It was willingly given as an
act of love. She would do anything for him. He was so kind, decent and pure.
So unlike Lionel and the evil people like him.

Lionel slid his cock into Chloe asshole. The young woman gasped as he began
to fuck her. Lionel held her firmly by the hips and thrust into her. He
shoved his cock deep inside her asshole. Chloe screamed and it was music to
Lionel's ears. He fucked her hard, and fast. He plundered her tight asshole,
making her scream. He plunged his fingers into her wet pussy, twisting them
around. He loved the sounds she made. He fucked her for a long time then
came, sending his cum deep into her ass.

Lionel pulled out of Chloe, and she lay there, sobbing. Slowly, she picked
herself up. Lionel looked at her, and laughed. He enjoyed having power over
her. Completely. He laughed and told her that Clark Kent would become his
slave no matter what and that there was nothing she could do about it.
Seething with rage, Chloe rose and went after him. He backhanded her and
sent her across the room before laughing and walking away. He laughed and
exited the premises.

Chloe lay there, angry and desperate. She looked around the mansion, and
finally found a meteor rock. She had seen what it could do to people. So,
she took it with her. She smashed it, and melted it. Then, she took the
remains and mixed them with water, before drinking it. A fortnight later,
Chloe Sullivan was transformed into...something else. Oh, Chloe still looked
the same. Yet somehow, she'd been changed. Mutated into a being with super
strength and the ability to move at super speed. This creature which looked
like Chloe yet was less than human was powered by rage. It went after Lionel
Luthor. It was a grisly scene. Lionel met with a gruesome death.

Chloe Sullivan returned to Clark Kent, the man she loved. She remembered
everything. The fury she felt when she killed Lionel Luthor. How much she
loved it. The taste of his blood. These days, she had the strength of a
hundred men and she could run faster than a NASCAR racing vehicle. Super
strength and super speed, along with a thirst for vengeance. Clark and his
family were surprised by news of Lionel Luthor's death. Yet they weren't

Clark held Chloe in his arms. She was the girl he loved. And she loved him
more than anything in the world. She held his face in her hands, and kissed
him. Yes, for him she would do anything. Even kill. She loved him that much
and he loved her. She thought about disclosing her super powers to him.
Maybe someday. But not now. For now, they would enjoy each other, in every
way conceivable.

To be continued...

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