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Smallville: The Burden (mmf,inter,bond,slash)
by The Fan

Maria Semenof sat at home watching tv.

On screen she turned on the Sci-Fi Channel. She was watching that hit show,
or rather old hit show Knight Rider. Hasselhoff was dark and handsome in
his hi-tech car. So cool and amazing. She found herself dreaming about him.
Maria Semenof wanted someone in her life. Desperately. She was seventeen
and had never had a boyfriend. Not a real one anyway. Her last date was with
Josh, a jock from Smallville High. He dumped her after she refused to do
him. Maria wanted someone alright. A sweet, nice someone.

She walked over to her bedroom mirror and stared in it. She saw herself.
A girl of seventeen. Five foot eight. Her hair was blond-white, her eyes
blue. Her skin was milk white and her body slightly better than average.
For some reason she always attracted losers. Nerds and jocks were one and
the same. They wanted her. She hated them. Maria Semenof was no normal
girl. She remembered one night when she found a glowing green rock. It
did something to her. Ever since that day she had been strong. Very
strong. She often tested herself. She could lift 1000 pounds without
great effort. She could bend steel. Also, she seemed to heal very quickly.
She kept all this to herself ver since she was seven. Ten years later
having "super powers" hadn't improved her life. In fact it made her life
worse. In the rare times that she showed off girls feared her and boys were

She hated being different.

She knew she couldn't have been the only kid affected by the green rocks.
There had been that football coach with the fire power, the heat-draining
jock, that shapeshifting freak Tina the lesbo, and that chick who controlled
the bees not to mention that mind-reading kid Ryan. Ryan... she seemed to
remember something about him. He was helped by some kid from Smallville,
Clerk or something. That kid seemed to be good friends of Lex Luthor the
billionaire. 'Clark Kent, yes,' she thought.

Funny how he was always in the papers. Rescuing some kid here, fighting off
a superfreak there. He was so cute. He had to be affected by the green
rocks somehow. Had to be. He always came out unharmed out of every risky
situation. That couldn't be luck. Yes, she would investigate.


Maria Semenof got ready.

She braided her long hair and put on sunglasses. She wore a red turtleneck
shirt with tight black jeans and leather boots. She checker herself in the
mirror. She knew she looked good. "Smallville High here I come," she said.

At the Kent Farm...

Clark sat down at the table. He was eating breakfast alone. His parents were
out of town. They left Clark alone. He was responsible, nice and with his
powers easily ready for anything. He was the perfect son anyone could have
even if he wasn't exactly from the planet Earth. He was dressed in an old
black leather jacket over a blue sweatshirt, indigo jeans and sneakers. He
took his backpack.

He heard a car pull up.

He peered through the wall with his x-ray eyes and saw the old red pickup
truck of the Ross family. He saw a young black man at the wheel. It was
Pete. "Come on, Clark, we gonna be late," said pete.

"All right," Clark yelled. He finished his meal at superspeed, closed all
doors and windows and quickly rushed to the truck. "Hey Pete," he said as he
got in the passenger seat.

"Hey, dude," said Pete. The two friends shook hands. "So, what's up,

"Not much. The parents are out of town."

"Great!" Pete said.

Clark smiled. "Pete, I know what you're thinking and the answer is no. Mom
specifically said 'no parties'."

"Damn it, Clark," Pete said. "You are really an alien aren't you?"

They looked at each other and burst out laughing. Pete knew who and what
Clark was and seemed to be cool with it. This was a big relief for Clark
Kent. He only hoped he could one day be as open with Lana and Chloe. One
was his friend, the other the girl he dreamed about.

"So you're not doing anything this week end?" Pete said. "That is sad. Man,
you're a teenager and I'm sure even where you're from kids party when the
adults are away."

"You don't know that," Clark said. He always got uncomfortable when Pete
talked about his origins. He tried not to dwell on it in his spare time.

They arrived at Smallville High's parking lot. The two were late.

"Damn, we're late," Pete said.

"Not if I can help it," Clark said.

He suddenly grabbed Pete's hand and sped through the parking lot. He ran to
the third floor of the high school to room A212 where Mister Brennan was
trying to teach algebra 2 to the school's brightest sophomores. Clark dropped
Pete to his usual seat. Pete looked disoriented. "Weren't we just in the
parking lot?"

Mr. Brennan looked at the two of them. "Mister Ross, mister Kent, the usual
suspects for tardiness, I didn't see you come in."

'Not in your life,' Clark thought. 'I can move so fast bullets are in
slow-mo compared to me. But he couldn't say that without revealing his
secret to everyone. And that was a no no.'

Pete looked at Clark. "Well, we got our ways," he smiled.

Clark breathed relief. He thought Pete would be freaked out.

They sat down.

Clark sat down next to a blond girl. He looked at her. What was her
name? Mary or something. She was cute. He resisted the urge to peek then
surrendered to impulse. He activated his x-ray vision and saw right through
her. What he saw had him gasping. The girl was hot! Very, very hot! He was
so into it he didn't notice her noticing him.

"Hey," she said.

Clark blushed. "Hello," he said.

She smiled at him. "Hi, I'm Maria."

"I'm Clark," he said. Of the Kent farm." She looked at him. 'Way to go,
Clark,' he thought. 'She must think you're a total loser.'

"Are you always this articulate?" she asked.

Clark gulped. "Uh, no," he said. He tried to act nonchalant but could not.
No one had had this effect on him since Lana Lang but at the time he couldn't
remember her.

"Talk later," she smiled.


Later they had physics class.

Clark talked to Maria there. She was from russia or something. She had
lived in smallville as a kid then moved back to the red country and come
back as a junior in high school.

In the Gym...

Clark stood in the boys locker room. He put on black sweatpants and a white
t-shirt. He walked straight to his Strength Training class. Pete made him
take that class on selection day. Pete liked to see Clark work out for
whatever reason. Clark walked to the bench press. His favorite thing. It
was so cool pretending to strain to lift 200 pounds. Personally Clark could
lift ten times that. Heck, he could probably lift fifty times that easily.

He was very surprised to see his favorite spot occupied by a girl. She had
her back to him but he could tell she was A-okay. Tall, blonde, great body.
Especially the rear. "Wow. Excuse me," he said. "I was gonna use that."
The girl turned. His eyes widened when he recognized Maria Semenof. "You!"
he exclaimed.

"Hello," she said. She looked at him, really looked at him. "I can't
believe it." Clark almost blushed. He didn't look ripped but he was strong.
He was tired of people thinking he was somewhat weak. "You look absolutely
fab," she said in her russian accented voice.


She lay on the bench and said, "Would you be kind enough to spot me, Clark?"


He held the bar for her. She easily lifted the 250 pounds that were on it.
He looked at her. She puffed and lifted and breathed rhytmically. She was
strong, and beautiful. Like the amazon chicks on that old show Xena. He
looked at her beautiful body as sweat beaded all over her perfectly white
skin. She benched twenty five times before putting the bar down.

"Wow," he said. "You are very strong, Maria. Where did you learn how to work
out like that?"

"Oh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you."

They talked. Gym was the last period of the day. Clark really enjoyed
talking to her. She was simply great. Back in there he lifted 300 pounds,
impressing everyone. Including her. She positively clapped. Clark liked

They traded phone numbers.

Clark went home.

He went to work and started to work. He cleaned out the house and the yard
then the fields. Working using the maximum of his strength and speed he did
work that would have taken ten men a day to do in twenty minutes. Everything
was cool. He sat down and relaxed in his chair.


Maria sat on her bed at home. Her mother was at work in Metropolis. Her
dad was at the office in Central city. Basically she was home alone. She
had nothing to do. Would have nothing to do for the whole weekend. She
called Clark. The boy picked up the phone. They talked for hours. He
hesitated before inviting her over to watch an old movie. She pretended
to hesitate for a minute and then agreed. She giggled in her room. 'Yes,'
she thought.

She got ready and drove to Clark's house.

He greeted her. He gave her a tour of the farm and told her his parents
were away for the weekend. As were hers. While they were in the barn, she
noticed soemthing odd. A glistening metallic object. Normal eyes would
not have picked it up but she wasn't normal. "What is this?" she walked
to it. Clark tried to stop her but couldn't and watched in horror as she
uncovered the spaceship.

He looked scared and uncertain.

"Wow," she said. "A spaceship. Where did you get this?"

Clark looked at her. He considered lying but she was so nice and pretty and
he hated lying so he told her. His arrival on the spacecraft with the green
meteor rocks. Him being found by the Kents and raised as their own son. He
told her of his powers. She sat down, clearly distraught.


"That is my story, Maria, if you tell anyone I... I don't know what I'll do."

"Clark," she said. She approached him. "It's okay. I know what it's like to
have secrets."

"How would you know?" he said. "You're so pretty and normal and have this
great life and I am a freak from space."

She looked at him.

With amazing speed she produced a small pocketknife and placed it in his
hand. She held out her hand. "Cut me," she said.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

She took the knife and struck herself. She sank the blade deep into her

"No!" Clark said, sickened at the sight of blood. He watched, wide-eyed as
her wound began to heal. In ten seconds it was gone. "Wow!"

"Yeah," she said. "It started when I found this green rock..."

"A meteor rock," he said. "I'm so sorry, this happened to you because of me."

"Don't be sorry, Clark. This is one of the best things ever to happen to me.
I have powers now."

Clark looked crestfallen. She touched his cheek.

"You're not alone, Clark," she said. "I know what you are. You know what I
am. We are the same. We should be together."

She kissed him.

Clark kissed her back. The events of the day, the tension of the last
moments, all this made him give in. He needed her. She kissed him fiercely.
Her arms hugged him tightly. He hugged her back, really hugged her. She
wasn't frail, not like Lana or Chloe. With her he could be himself.

They kissed and rolled in the hay of the barn. Maria slowly undressed. Clark
looked at her, mesmerized. She was beautiful. Those round, full breasts,
that slim waist, that perfectly round butt...oh. He reached out tentavilely
to touch her. She smiled at him encouragingly. He touched her breasts,
fondled them and kissed them. She moaned under his touch. He kissed her tits
and her throat and planted soft kisses in her neck.

She grabbed his head and forced him between her legs. Clark received the
shock of a beautiful, shaved pussy. He breathed her in. She smelled
wondrously good down there. He poked her pussy with one finger and licked
her cunt. He began tongue-fucking her. This sent waves of pleasure through
her body. Clark felt her heat rise. "Oh, Clark, lick me!"

He obeyed. He licked and poked and prodded her most intimate orifice for what
seemed like a long long time. When he was done she looked at him with hooded,
hungry eyes. A predator's eyes. "Clark, I want you."

Clark felt heat rising in him too. He felt his cock stiffen. It was so hard.
She had him lie down and took him in her mouth. Her expert mouth licked his
shaft and sucked on the head. Clark felt about ready to pass out. Waves of
unknown and thrilling sensations coursed through his body. He couldn't hold
it anymore, he screamed. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He grabbed her head and forced her down on his cock. She gagged on his big
dick. She kept licking him and pumping his cock with her right hand while
her left hand toyed with her pussy. Clark felt something deep inside of him
snap and he released his manly juice. The cum flooded Maria's mouth and
spashed onto her face.

She looked at him. His cock was stiff as a steel rod and stood as if at
attention despite having just cummed. She crawled on the bed. He grabbed
her. She straddled him. Hands planted on her hips, he began lifting her
up and down. Maria screamed as Clark's large cock filled her pussy. He
began fucking her. The walls of her vagina stretched to accomodate his
twelve-inch white monster cock. She screamed.

Clark began pumping her. The feeling of her tight insides was amazing. Clark
had never fucked anyone before so he was just getting used to the sensation.
It was great. He pumped her, thrusting deeper and deeper. In spite of her
tightness, it seemed to him Maria had no depths. If this was a side effect of
the meteor rocks, it was a good one.

She pulled away from him and lay exhausted next to him. She took her time
to recover. Maria gasped. She felt tired and ached in a bunch of places.
Her pussy hurt badly but it was a good kind of hurt.

She looked at Clark. He was smiling at her. "Are you okay," he asked.

"Okey-dokey," she said.

She was sweating heavily. It took all of her energy just to stay conscious.
Clark tired her, in a good way. "So this is sex," he said happily. "I could
get used to this.

"You've never done it before?"



She looked at her new lover. He was just the prettiest boy. "I've liked a
girl for a long time but she's into jocks and is emotionally fragile so I
back off. She doesn't know what she wants."

"I know what I want," she said. "You, Clark."

They kissed.

"Wanna try something else?" She asked.

"There's more?" Clark said surprised.

"Oh yeah."

She left the barn and went to her car where she took some lotion. She sped
back to the barn, still naked. Clark looked at his beautiful lover and the
bottle of lotion she held in her hand. "What are we going to do with that?"

"You'll see."

She went to the spacecraft and took the chains that bound it. She attached
the chains to Clark's ankles and wrists. Clark protested but she assured him
he would enjoy this. She used her bra and panties to blindfold him. Then she
went to work on him.

First she used the lotion to lube up her asshole then she lubed up his dry
dick. She went to Clark and slowly lowered herself onto him. Clark felt his
dick enclosed in something. It was awfully tight. "Maria, what are you

She lowered herself still until his cock was buried to the hilt in her ass.

"Um, your pussy has gotten tighter."

Maria felt his cock throb within her most intimate orifice and gasped in
pain. "Clark," she gasped. "You're not in my pussy."

"You mean I'm in your.... oh..... wow."

"Yeah," she said.

She fucked herself against his cock. It felt so large inside her tight ass.
She had never had anything up her ass before but she liked Clark and he was
special, like her so she had to do something special for him. "Ah," she said
as Clark moved within her.

He suddenly broke from his chains and his strong hands held her wrist. He
forced her up and down on his cock. He moved fast, fucking her innermost
sanctum. Her anal walls clenched around his cock as he fucked her. He
thrust deep into her bowels.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" she gasped. "Clark, you're going too far...."

She screamed in pain and joy as he mercilessly fucked her ass. He was so
big and wide and her asshole so tiny and vulnerable and stretching to
accomodate the giant intruder that was his cock. He turned her over and
made her go on her hands and knees where he could have a better angle.
He pulled out of her and left her asshole gaping.

"What are you doing?"

She watched as he spat on her ass and resumed fucking her.

This was when someone walked in...

Maria found herself staring at a black boy.

"Clark, what are you doing?" Pete said.

"What does it look like?" Clark asked. "I'm fucking this bitch up her ass."

"Okay," Pete said, still shocked.

He looked at them, at their passion. Both Maria and Clark stared as Pete

"Can I join?"

They smiled.

They spent the afternoon screwing each other. Clark fucked her ass while
Pete licked her pussy and poked her. Then pete fucked her pussy then her ass
while Clark watched and stroked his dick. They switched around. Clark lay
down as Pete and Maria began licking his cock. Clark was very surprised by
Pete's bisexual side. Maria sucked Pete's cock while Clark sucked his
friend's balls.

Then Clark let Pete have his ass. She was turned on as Pete's big black cock
drove in and out of Clark's ass. The boys panted and groaned as they fucked
each other. Clark screamed and Maria took it. The alien was a virgin to anal
sex. Clark sucked Pete's dick until the boy came and then began fucking Pete
in the ass. The boys's screams of passion filled the barn.

Maria watched the scene. The action was incredible. Big cocks sliding in
and out of tight asses. Screams and cums and curses and soft words murmured.
She watched as Clark literally fucked the shit out of his best friend and
Pete sighed happily. Unable to resist, she came in between them. She got a
strap on dildo and fucked Pete's ass while Clark sucked cock then they traded
places. She stuffed the ten-inch long dildo up Clark's ass which was awfully
tight. Then both boys turned on her and fucked her ass and pussy until it
became a fest. Dildo in ass. Cock in ass. Cock in mouth. Cock in pussy.

Pete was the first to leave.

Clark eyed Maria who looked extremely hot with her strap on dildo. She
understood. She fucked him royally then gave him her mouth, pussy and ass.
She loved the boy. She gave him what he wanted and they fucked until night

They went to bed, tired. They had fucked each other all afternoon.

Clark promised himself it wouldn't be the last night of passion that Clark
Kent, Maria Semenof and Pete Ross experienced together. He would bring in
Chloe. She's be easy. She secretly loved him. He also wanted Lana. They
would join their little afternoon bi fuck club.

The End


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