Smallville: The Autobiography Of General Zod (MF)
by The Fan

My name is General Dru Zod. That is all you need to know. As I write these
lines, I find myself inside the Phantom Zone. With no one for company. It is
a fate worse than death. I shall remain there for all eternity. Immortal and
everlasting, yet unable to affect or change the world around me. I was locked
inside this squalid prison by Kal-El of Krypton, also known as Clark Kent of
Smallville, Kansas. The Last Son of the House of El. I was so close to
destroying him. Instead, I showed him mercy. Like his father Jor-El before
him, he repaid my mercy with betrayal. That's okay, though. Someday, I will
have my revenge. I have eternity, and with time, anything is possible.

I had it all going on for me. My faithful followers Na-Mek and Aethyr had
been defeated by Kal-El. They failed in their mission to conquer the planet
Earth and free me from the Zone. I still had faith that my most trusted ally,
the Brain Interactive Construct would save me. I've always trusted machine
over man. Brainiac freed me and installed my consciousness inside the
genetically enhanced and hybridized Krypto/human body of Lex Luthor, a
wealthy and powerful man gifted with the abilities of a True Kryptonian.
Flight, strength, heat vision, invulnerability, X-Ray vision, he could do it
all. Brainiac designed him well. He was the perfect Vessel for me to inhabit.
I crossed the threshold between worlds and came to Earth. I banished the son
of my hated rival to the Zone and conquered his world in a single day, by
myself. Somehow, he escaped from the Zone. I beat him. He conned and locked
me away. Again. How I loathe him and his kind. But enough about the cursed
House of El. This story is about me, after all.

I am a Kryptonian man by birth. A son of the Great House of Zod. My
family lives in the Dark Zone of Krypton. The primeval wilderness which is
unexplored. It's where titanic beasts which prey upon the unwary roam. My
father, Lu-Zod and I have hunted many of them. It is in these Hunts that I
developed a taste for fighting. I am a Warrior born. When I ran out of
ferocious giant carnivores to battle, I sought a new challenge. Even back
then, I longed for more. I enrolled at the University of Krypton, mostly
to play Extreme Sports. It would lead me to become the great man I was
always destined to becoming. Throughout time and space, the universe would
hear of the great things I have done.

Much has been written about me, and most of it is inaccurate. I feel the need
to set the record straight on a great many things. I am not the monster that
they make me out to be. I am not the force of evil that most humans and
Kryptonians believe me to be. In all actuality and fact...I am simply the
kind of man who refuses to follow the herd. An independent thinker! I was
born on the planet Krypton, during its Silver Age. During that time, men and
women improved themselves through scientific advancement and selective
breeding. We became the best individuals that our species had ever produced.
For the first time in Kryptonian history, we could do anything. Our
spaceships could travel across galaxies. Our technology enabled us to live
for thousands of years. We had become the Masters of the Universe. We could
do anything. Rather than to conquer the universe as was our birthright, many
Kryptonians instead sought to unravel the mysteries of the universe through
scientific acumen. I was against it. You see, I am a Warrior.

On Krypton, men and women are bred for specific reasons. There are
scientists, craftsmen, builders, construction workers, peacekeepers,
explorers and educators. We made the best of what nature gave us. In twenty
thousand years of civilization, we achieved many things. We mapped out
several galaxies. We made contact with promising alien civilizations. We
became a force to be reckoned with in the universe. Intelligent beings
from other worlds respected men and women of Krypton because we were
technologically advanced. However, we were weak in one regard. We didn't
have warriors. We had no army or fleet. I think this was foolish. Even
insects have soldier castes among them. See? Nature needs fighters. We
can't all be peaceful scientists and explorers.

I discovered that I wasn't the only Kryptonian who felt that way. I talked
to many other men and a few women and they agreed with me. Krypton needed a
military force. We brought our concerns to the Science Council of Krypton,
headed by my former rival from the University of Krypton, Jor-El the Science
Wizard. They didn't agree with me or my fellow warriors. So, we brought our
concerns directly to the people. Out of a population of twelve billion,
thirty percent of all Kryptonian women and sixty eight percent of all
Kryptonian men agreed that our planet needed a military force. I returned
to the Science Council and they agreed to let me create the Great Military
Academy of Krypton. Hundreds of thousands of young men and women eagerly
joined. We selected the best among them and trained them in the art of war.
Thus, for the first time in twenty thousand years, Krypton had a Military

I was raised to the rank of General, and named Supreme Commander of the
Military Forces of the Planet Krypton. I answered only to the Science
Council. It was agreed that in matters of war, they would defer to my
judgment. Scientific acumen cannot win battles when one lacks knowledge
of tactics and strategy. Any man or woman who's ever fought a battle can
agree with this. We were the Grand Army of the Kryptonian Republic. Nine
million men and three million women strong. Among the few Kryptonian women
who joined us was Ursa, my beloved wife. I am intolerant of weakness. I
admired strength. Ursa was a tall, beautiful woman. She was also very smart,
strong and cunning. A great potential mate. I married her. No regrets. A
strong woman is a great mate and asset to any man.I pity my foolish rival
Jor-El who let Ursa go. Apparently, he couldn't handle the fact that she
chose to become a Warrior. Ursa became my Chief Lieutenant. In my absence,
she controlled all of Krypton's Military Forces. I respect her talents. If
she hadn't been capable, we wouldn't get along so well. I loathe weakness.

Anyway, that was before the War. The War with the Wraith. The Wraith are an
intelligent species which live on a desolate world thousands of light years
away from us. They're technologically advanced but it's not their technology
we fear. The Wraith have the ability to absorb radiation and unleash it in
the force of deadly blasts of radioactive energy. They're also very hard to
kill because they can take over the bodies of other humanoids. I detest the
Wraith. When they attacked one of our spaceships without provocation, I
retaliated by destroying twenty of their ships. There were eleven men, ten
women and five children from Krypton on that vessel. Scientists on a field
trip to one of our most distant moons. The treacherous Wraith would kill
children ! Children ! I can understand the killing of any man or woman who
gets in one's way. A male or female who picks up a weapon is automatically a
combatant and should be treated as such. As a soldier, I know this. However,
I despise those who kill children. I think I may have gotten a little carried
away. I followed the Wraith to one of their spatial outposts and blasted them
into oblivion. Their death was sweet to me. I only wish I could have made
them suffer more.

When I returned to Krypton, the Science Council didn't approve of my actions.
They sent an envoy to negotiate peace with the Wraiths. The Wraiths were less
than peaceful, as I predicted. They killed the Kryptonian diplomat. Then,
they amassed a massive fleet of warships and set a course for our world. At
last, even Jor-El the wimp couldn't deny that the Wraith were a threat. It
looked like we were going to war. The Military Academy was flooded with new
recruits. Men and women who wanted to become Soldiers of the Republic. I
trained them and my people taught them well. We built a massive fleet of our
own and set a course for the Wraith homeworld. My Ursa was by my side onboard
the Starship Spear of Destiny, flagship of the Kryptonian Military. We had
the best warriors with us and the best military technology. We were ready for
the Wraith.

Also accompanying us was Jor-El and his wife Lara. Lara was a scientist,
like her husband. I loathed having either of them on my ship but my Ursa
encouraged me not to flush them out into space while they slept. I wanted
to see if Jor-El and his weakling wife would piss themselves on the eve of
the first battle. My wife and I had a wager about them. Scientists can't
fight. Take them out of their precious labs and carefully ordered little
worlds and thrust them into the real world, guess what happens? They roll
over and die. Like the miserable losers that they are. I despise the breed.
The only type of scientist I have respect for is the military scientist.
Those great men who build us our weapons and spaceships. They're amazing.
The only scientist I respect was also on board, Jax-Ur. He was a student of
mine at the Military Academy once. I taught him how to fight. He wasn't as
good a fighter as I was. However, he was ruthless, driven and not above
using treachery and deceit to win a battle. He should have been a warrior.
He married a warrior, though, the lovely and ruthless Mala, another one of
my students.

We headed to the Wraith homeworld. As could be expected, they had a massive
fleet awaiting us. We fought them. The battle was fierce. Unlike most
generals, I wasn't content to order from the safety of my flagship. Instead,
I went out on a fighter ship and led my soldiers in combat. Jor-El and his
not-so-bright wife were astonished. Yes, I am a man who practices what he
preaches. My arrival onto the battle scene cheered on my troops. We took
heavy losses but managed to wipe out sixty percent of the Wraith fleet in
this decisive battle. We had them on the run. Instead of following them to
their base and finishing them off, Jor-El ordered a retreat. He wanted to
send an envoy to negotiate peace with the Wraiths. I wouldn't have it. And
neither would any of my warriors. We chased the Wraith and exterminated
their fleet.

When we returned to Krypton, the Science Council was not happy with my
disobedience but I told them I was acting in the best interests of all.
They couldn't argue. I had basically saved all of Krypton. However, Jor-El
demanded my resignation for insubordination. I refused to step down. My wife
Ursa along with the top military leaders of the planet stood by my side. We
declared Martial Law. In order to save Krypton, we had taken over the
government. Historians from Krypton would call me a dictator. They would
call me a monster. The truth is that all I sought to do was save our people.
So I passed the Military Enlistment Act. Every able-bodied male and female
of adult age would serve the new government in one aspect or another. Treason
would be punished by death. I would tolerate no opposition.

With my new Grand Army, I waged war against the Wraith while Ursa ruled over
Krypton in my absence. I've been told she executed ten thousand men and women
while she reigned. I am sure she had a good reason. Treachery must be met
with death. Traitors are the worst of the worst. They can bring down any man.
My wife was swift and merciless in dealing with rebels, especially members of
the House of El who rebelled against us. Jor-El and his wife Lara joined the
Resistance Movement against my new Empire. It was the First Kryptonian
Empire, headed by High King and Supreme General Zod and the Regent Ursa of
the House of Zod.

For years, the War Against the Wraith raged. I fought a war on two fronts. I
fought against the alien Wraith in deep space while my wife and the troops
loyal to us fought against the Resistance Movement. Those misguided fools who
wanted Krypton to become a peaceful world of science again. During my wife's
reign, one hundred thousand people were executed for treachery. Ursa is not a
very forgiving woman. Trust me, I'm married to her. Anyway, the war against
the aliens took up much of my time. I could only return to Krypton briefly.
It was during that time that I saw my son Titan being born. Titan was not an
ordinary Kryptonian. He was genetically engineered and specifically designed
for battle. He would be stronger than any Kryptonian before him. Also, he
would be faster and deadlier. A formidable warrior. A superior being. The
result of my genes and those of his mother, combined through genetic
engineering for best results. Titan would make both Ursa and I proud someday.
He's the kind of son any father would be proud to call his own.

The War Against the Wraiths raged on. These creatures were very hard to kill.
Also, they destroyed world after world while battling us. Whatever planet the
Wraith couldn't take over, they destroyed. When we fought them on these
worlds, they were formidable opponents. We discovered many things about them.
I thought they were ruthless predators. I was wrong. They were sentient
parasites. The Wraith were energy-based life-forms which took over the bodies
of humanoids and needed radioactive energy to survive. Kryptonian men and
women were strong, fast and resilient. However, radiation does to us the same
thing it does to most organic life-forms. It kills us. Slowly. They were very
hard to kill. Destroy a Wraith's body and it will enter that of the nearest
living person. You won't believe how many men and women we lost that way. A
body-switching Wraith could wipe out an entire itself.

The only good news I had came from my wife Ursa. The Resistance was losing
its power. Their leaders had been captured and eliminated. Only Jor-El and
Lara, along with their most trusted followers, remained at large. I decided
to unleash hell upon these evil parasites. Jax-Ur was working on a weapon to
unleash upon them. We lured the Wraith into a trap. The Wraith badly needed
bodies. We let information leak that millions of Kryptonian refugees would
be sequestered on the Moon of Quagmire. The Wraith ate it up. The plan was
to get them all there and unleash something called the Victory Device. It
would expel all of the Wraith from the Host bodies they inhabited and deplete
their life energies, thereby killing them. The Victory Device was actually
one of Jor-El's inventions but Jax-Ur refined and enhanced it. At least,
that's what he told me. I should have known better than to trust Jax-Ur. I
knew he hated the Wraith since one of them took over his wife Mala and
snuck its way back to Krypton. The Wraith inhabiting Mala's body had since

Jax-Ur's terrible weapon worked perfectly. It forced hundreds of thousands
of Wraith soldiers out of their Host bodies. When a Wraith is forced out of
its Host body, no living humanoid can resist it. It can enter anyone in the
vicinity. So, the Wraiths possessed the bodies of our very own Kryptonian
soldiers once forcefully ejected from theirs. Can you imagine it? To see
your fellow troopers taken over by something evil? Jax-Ur's weapon had
worked but at a terrible price. The Wraith absorb the knowledge of whatever
creature they possess. They now knew our military secrets and the weaknesses
of our people. It was sad but true. So I did the only thing I could do. I
ordered that a Containment Grid be placed all over the Moon. Nothing could
come in or out of it. The Kryptonian men and women who were possessed by the
parasitic Wraith would be quarantined. I needed to figure out a way to save
them. These people were loyal to me. I owed them that much. They perished
because I trusted a madman's vision. Jax-Ur topped himself that day by doing
the unthinkable. He unleashed yet another doomsday weapon....and this time he
destroyed the entire Moon. All those on the Moon that d ay perished. All of
the Wraith-infested Kryptonians, along with non-infested Kryptonians. I
ordered that Jax-Ur be killed on sight. The madman escaped me once again.

In spite of everything, we had dealt a deadly blow to the Wraiths. They were
in disarray. The Brain Interactive Construct, the Artificial Intelligence
System which served both as my personal computer, spaceship and bodyguard
assured me that the Wraith had lost a significant number of troops in that
shameful massacre. We returned to Krypton, to consolidate forces and marshal
support. When I came home, I was greeted by a tall, brawny young man. He
looked strangely familiar. Little did I know that this young man was Titan,
the son Ursa bore me. I looked at him proudly. He grew up fast, as programmed
into him by the geneticists. He was also stronger than the best of the Alpha
Class Warriors, which only the strongest of men could ever hope to join. I
was very pleased to see my wife.

My Ursa stood before me, tall and beautiful as ever. She looked regal in her
red gown. Her long black hair had a few specks of gray in it. She looked
lovely. A six-foot Kryptonian Amazon. I smiled and embraced her. We kissed.
Our son Titan stood nearby, observing me curiously. When I last saw him, he
was but a small child. Thirty eight months later, he was a grown man. Seven
feet tall, massively muscular, with black hair and pale blue eyes. His skin
was bone-white. He weighed three hundred odd pounds. He dwarfed my
six-foot-three, two-hundred-pound frame. Yes, my son was worthy of his name.
Intellectually, he was no slouch either. He had graduated valedictorian of a
class of five thousand of the smartest individuals from the Military Academy.
He had a passion for Extreme Sports like myself.

I was told that lately, he'd joined the Royal Guard in their efforts to wipe
out all remnants of the Resistance Movement. I couldn't believe that Jor-El
and Lara still eluded my best people. Oh, well. Maybe the scientist was
craftier than I gave him credit for. I didn't know that he had been off-world
for years, working on a top secret project with remnants of the Science Guild
of Krypton which opposed my militaristic ways and imperial ambitions. In
future time, I shall learn never to underestimate anyone. Any man or woman
with the right knowledge, or simply great determination can cause great harm
to any individual or organization. That's why one should always beware of

Anyway, I was happy to spend time with my wife and son. Especially my wife.
Although it may surprise you, I have been celibate for all those months I've
been away from my dear Ursa. When you meet a strong woman who loves you and
is completely loyal to you, you should be faithful to her. Betray her and you
risk making the worst enemy you'll ever have. She might be your undoing.
Besides, my Ursa was Regent of my Empire, ruling all of Krypton in my absence
and she was also the Mother of Titan, my Imperial Heir. Other women couldn't
hold a candle to her. Sorry but that's just how I felt.

My Ursa led me to our bedchambers. I sat on the bed, looking at her and this
room which I hadn't seen in so long. It felt so strange to be back on the
homeworld. I had grown accustomed to navigating through space for months and
months. Not being on a spaceship felt strange. Being with Ursa didn't,
though. She looked at me and gently stroked my cheek. How I had missed her
touch. She smiled, and gently disrobed. I beheld her beauty. There she was,
my Ursa. Tall and beautiful in her nakedness. An athletic woman with full
and firm breasts, wide hips, a plump bottom and a great, somewhat voluptuous
figure. The years had been kind to her. I took off my uniform, and stood
before her. A tall, naked man upon whom a strict diet and rigorous military
training bestowed an athlete's body. Ursa smiled and looked at her husband.
I could tell she liked what she saw. Good.

We kissed, and began making love. I hadn't seen her in so long or touched
her in so long. I could tell that she missed me. I smiled. I missed her too.
Let's make up for lost time. We embraced, and rolled around on the bed.
Playfully we wrestled, jockeying for position. I found myself on top of her,
laughing. Ursa laughed and tried to get away from me but I held her in place.
I kissed her again, and this time, she didn't pull away. She wanted me. I
kissed her neck, and made my way down to her breasts. I sucked on them gently
while my wife moaned in pleasure. I sucked on the areolas of her bosom, while
my hands slipped between her thighs. I slowly inserted one finger, then two,
inside her. Ursa gasped and begged me for more. I kissed a path from her
breasts to her belly, before finally making my way down to her groin.

Once there, I breathed in the smell of her femininity. My woman flaunts her
own aroma. I smiled and gave her sweet pussy a good licking. Ursa groaned and
grabbed my head, urging me on. I licked and nibbled her pussy, fingering it
and teasing it with my agile fingers and wicked tongue. I drove her wild. I
made her cum again and again and she begged me for more. Then, I held my cock
at the entrance of her womanly portal. Slowly, I entered her. Ursa wrapped
her arms around me, embracing me as our bodies merged. We began to make love.
I hadn't done this in a while and neither had she. The life of a Commanding
General and that of an Empress can be lonely. Now, the Emperor-General had
come home to his woman to take care of her needs. I put my hands on Ursa's
hips and thrust into her. Hard and fast we went, fucking passionately. Her
pussy gripped my cock tightly. Grinning, I gave her all I had. Her womanly
portal welcomed me, ensnaring my cock in its tight embrace. We switched
positions. I lay on the bed while Ursa climbed on top of me. I grasped her
breasts in my hands while she rode me passionately. I thrust into her,
feeling her wondrously tight flesh yielding to my power. Passionately, we
went at it. Ursa screamed for me to fuck her harder and faster. I did, giving
her all I had. Until we came together and screamed, caught in the throes of a
seemingly endless ecstasy. We fell asleep in each other's arms. My Ursa was
happy. Her Emperor-General had come home.

With the Wraith now on the run, I set about ruling my Empire. Ursa filled
me in on everything. Our enemies had multiplied. My wife knew something of
politics. Many of the men and women who supported us were actually deceitful
snakes. She had spies everywhere and knew everything. They feared her. They
called her the Devil's Empress. I smiled at that. I spent time with my son
Titan. I took him to the Great Wilderness and we hunted monstrous carnivores
together. He had an appetite for destruction which surpassed my own. His
bloodlust surpassed his mother's, which is saying a lot. I once saw him leap
twenty feet into the air, snatch a ten-foot-long flying carnivorous reptile,
drag it down to the forest floor and snap its neck with his bare hands. My
son Titan was destined to become a god among men.

For the first time in ages, all was well. Then, of course, Jor-El had to come
and complicate things. He had been gathering forces off-world. His scientists
discovered a desolate realm outside of normal space and time called the
Phantom Zone. There, they explored and developed their technologies. They did
diabolical things like the ruthless scientists they had become.

Would you believe that Jor-El was foolish enough to ally himself with Jax-Ur
against me ? Jax-Ur blamed me for the death of his wife Mala. I get blamed
for everything. Jor-El and his followers were supported by disgruntled
members of my military forces. They fought us, hard. I had always thought
Jor-El was a coward. Until he showed me just how ruthless he was prepared to
be. I hunted him down personally with my Royal Guards. He escaped. I placed
a Containment Grid around Krypton, which would override any Kryptonian
technology, military or civilian. No one would leave the planet until the
Rebels were found and executed. Jor-El, Lara, Jax-Ur and their Legions of
Followers set up shop on the Moon of Argos. Jax-Ur was up to his old schemes
again. Remember how he destroyed that other Moon and killed untold numbers of
Kryptonians and Wraiths? Jax-Ur was a madman. He was at war with the
universe itself. Jor-El trusted him. And doomed us all.

Jax-Ur found a way to duplicate his previous feat, only bigger. He told
Jor-El that he had a technology with which he could defeat my Containment
Grid, wipe out the Military Outposts and effectively conquer Krypton. He
didn't tell Jor-El what he was really doing. Jax-Ur found a way to harness
the energies of Kryton's Sun and focus them through a laser cannon. This
solar-powered Lason Cannon would destroy the Containment Grid. What Jax-Ur
and Jor-El didn't know is the fact that once the Sun's energies are
unleashed, controlling them were impossible. Too late did Jor-El realize
his mistake. He tried to stop Jax-Ur but the madman wouldn't hear him out.
He took off on a spaceship, ready to wipe us all out.

Jor-El came back to Krypton, and asked for my help. I wanted to kill him.
There was this man who had been a thorn on my side for decades. Now, he had
foolishly endangered my planet and wanted my help in saving it. Oh, well.
Desperate times make for strange bedfellows. I hated Jor-El. But I was not
foolish enough to focus on him while my Empire and its billions of people
were at stake. Jor-El and I sought out Jax-Ur. The madman unfortunately
caused a chain reason which would doom all of Krypton. I immediately ordered
an evacuation. Jax-Ur thought of everything. He had somehow created a more
advanced version of my Brain Interactive Construct which negated all of our
technologies, including spaceships. We were doomed.

I couldn't accept it. There had to be a way to save my planet. Krypton could
not be destroyed by a madman like Jax-Ur. We were better than that. So, I
refused to accept our bitter fate. Jor-El told me that he had a way in which
all of Krypton could be saved. I was all ears. He told me that he could send
all of our people inside the Phantom Zone. The Phantom Zone was limitless and
once inside, we would become incorporeal. I looked at him like he was mad.
Why live if you would essentially become a ghost ? We had to find a better
way. I refused his proposal. That's when Jor-El turned on me. As we fought in
the Throne Room, my Ursa rushed to my aid. He shot her with a ray gun.
Enraged at watching my injured wife fall, I began to squeeze Jor-El's neck.
I wanted to kill him.

My loyal Guards rushed to our aid. That's when Jor-El unleashed his final
treachery. He had a Victory Device with a S emblazoned in it. It was the
same kind of device which Jax-Ur used to extract the demonic Wraiths from
possessed Kryptonians. Except I wasn't possessed ! I stared at him as he
shot me with his ray gun and turned the device on me. I screamed as I felt
everything I was, everything I've ever felt or thought, rush out of my body.
Jor-El was stealing my very soul with that diabolical device ! I fell, dying.
But the fiend wouldn't let me go Heaven or Hell the way others would. He
would send me some place far worse than Hell. The Phantom Zone. He produced
a ring-like artifact which created an inter-dimensional portal, right here
in the Throne Room. Everyone who was loyal to me got sucked into it. My wife
Ursa, my loyal warrior Non, my followers. My elite soldiers. Everyone was
gone. I was the last to go. Na-Mek and Aethyr came to my aid. I told them to
leave me, to instead save themselves. As I got sucked into the portal, I
swore that one day I would be free to wreak havoc against the House of El.

I lost everything. My wife Ursa was sucked into the Phantom Zone. So was my
son Titan. He had come with the Royal Guards to rescue me. Na-Mek and Aethyr
escaped on a spaceship just as the planet Krypton collapsed on itself in a
cataclysmic event brought forth by a madman named Jax-Ur. Krypton perished.
But not before Jor-El and Lara sent their son Kal-El out on a spaceship to
the planet Earth so that he may live and one day restore us all. I won't have
it. The son of a traitor is no better than a traitor. The apple doesn't fall
far from the tree. Death to the House of El. Someday, I will have my revenge
upon them. And on that glorious day, the entire universe shall...kneel before


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