Smallville: Superman's First Night (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Chloe Sullivan looked at her fiance, Clark Kent, as he slept. He looked so
damn good, lying there, totally naked under the sheets. She smiled and
gently touched his lips. He moved in his sleep but didn't wake up. He was
just the most beautiful boy. She didn't want to disturb him in his sleep,
so mesmerized was she by the picture he made.

Not long ago, Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan were just friends. Chloe Sullivan
had always liked Clark, in fact, she'd been in love with him for a long time.
Unfortunately, he had a crush on Lana Lang, her friend and secret rival.
Recently, Lana left town. Something else happened. Chloe discovered Clark's
secret. He was not exactly an ordinary human being. He had super powers. She
marveled at what he could do. He could run faster than anything on the
planet. He was incredibly strong. Nothing could hurt him. That day, things
had changed between them. Clark was both thrilled and scared, at first. He
liked Chloe but wondered if knowing his secret would be too much for her. He
never thought anyone could accept him just the way he was. A superhuman
living among the ordinary mortals of the world.

Clark Kent grew up different from anyone else. Ever since Chloe discovered
his secret, she was quite drawn to him. The more she thought about it, the
more she understood. Clark Kent was a lonely individual. He didn't think
anyone could accept him just the way he was. He thought of himself as cursed.
Apparently, the emergence of his powers had freaked him out. He told her
about how much he wished that he was normal. He didn't want to have powers.
She could only imagine what life must be like for him.

He was a super-powered teenager who risked his life almost every day by
helping people who would hate and fear him if they knew what he truly was.
He didn't think anyone could accept him so he kept his secret to himself.
The only person outside of his family whom he told about it was his best
friend, Pete Ross. Pete had recently left Smallville, following his parents'
divorce. Chloe was glad that she found out. She had always wanted to be
close to Clark but he always backed away, out of fear. He had some serious
issues about his secret identity. He told her how he once hoped to lose his
powers and live a normal life someday. That hadn't happened. He was forced
to accept himself. He had so many abilities. He told her how once he flew
around the world and caught an airplane in an attempt to retrieve some
precious token from his past. Chloe marveled at what he could do. He was
truly something else. On top of having super powers and being a really nice
guy, he was also a hero.

Chloe had unraveled the mystery that was Clark Kent, and was hooked. He was
amazing. She had never met anyone like him. Not just because of the powers,
either. How many people put their lives on the line to save even those who
had wronged them ? Not many. Clark did. He was one of the best people she
knew. She never thought he could be hers. Now, here he was. Ever since she
learned his secret, they had grown closer together. He was more relaxed and
more open with her. Chloe was glad about that. She had always wanted Clark
to feel comfortable around her. She wanted to be his, damn it ! Finally, he
had come around. She wanted him quite badly. She smiled when she remembered
their first time...

It was right after graduation...a meteor shower had fallen on Smallville.
Clark had chosen to remain in town, using his powers to help people and save
them. Lex Luthor had chosen to stay behind, because he wanted to unlock the
secret of the Kawatche Caves, those same caves that were created by the
Kryptonian Jor-El, Clark's biological father. That day, Chloe saved Clark's
life by removing his unconscious body from the Vault of the Luthors, which
was filled with green Kryptonite, Clark's only weakness. Chloe had tried to
stop Lex from finding out Clark's secrets. Clark had gone to the Caves,
asking the Voice of Jor-El for a way to help him save Smallville from the
meteor showers. Jor-El had used the Kryptonian Teleportation Device to seize
Clark Kent and transport him to the Artic in order for him to embrace his

Clark Kent returned to Smallville, he was the same guy, with a difference.
His power of flight was back, permanently. Clark Kent returned to Smallville,
empowered and mighty. He was also stricken with guilt when he realized what
had happened to Smallville. He used his powers to help people. Covertly, of
course. He maxed up his speed and flight powers to help people and yet remain
out of sight. Most people he helped went on the record to say that they had
"unearthly" help of some kind. This was one of Clark's boldest moves yet.

After his heroic journey, he came to find Chloe back in her house, alone,
miraculously spared. Chloe smiled to herself as she remembered him that day.
He came in, having spent the day flying around the state, trying to help
people while staying out of sight. He was looking so...hmm. His red shirt
and blue jeans hung in tatters but he still looked so damn hot. Chloe stood
at the door, looking at the man whom she had loved for years. She had been
trying to fix things up after helping her neighbors. She had overalls on and
a baseball cap. Clark looked at her and liked what she saw. He gave her that
Million-dollar smile. "Come here, you." She said.

Clark looked at her, grinned and let her lead him inside. She took him to the
living room, and offered him a drink. She was nervous as hell. Even though
she and Clark had been through hell and back together, they were still "just
friends". Oh, well. Tonight, she changed that.

There he was on the couch, talking about what had happened to him. He was
excited about his new power, and also a bit scared. She could tell. They sat
so close. She leaned closer still, and did the boldest move she ever did in
her life. She kissed him. It was a long, deep kiss. Clark had been surprised.
So was she.

Chloe started to unbutton Clark's shirt. She was nervous and her fingers were
fidgety. Clark helped her along, and they undressed each other. He pulled her
into his arms. "Wait." Chloe said. "There's something I've gotta tell you."

Clark looked at her. "What is it ?" He asked.

"I love you, Clark." She said.

Clark smiled, and then they kissed again. He drew her down onto her bed,
actually, their bed. The two young lovers caressed each other's bodies.
They wanted each other quite badly. As they embraced passionately, Clark
whispered into Chloe's ear. "And I love you back." He said.

These words were words that Chloe would never forget. This is the moment
that defines Chloe Sullivan. She is a smart young woman. A dedicated
reporter. A sharp investigator. She's also a young woman with her very own
set of needs and wants. She has accomplished many things in her young life.
Honor student all four years of high school. Some degree of popularity. And
so on...but hearing CLARK KENT tell her that he loved, that's
something else. She's watched him for years, the wonderful boy that she
could not have. The one she loved. She watched him go from bad relationship
to bad relationship. Always looking for love. Never finding it. She knows
the feeling. Now, at last, she had him. She looks into his eyes and remembers
the day that she found out about his powers. She was amazed, not scared or
disgusted. She found out who and what he was...and accepted it without a
change of expression...why ? Because she's Chloe Sullivan...a young woman
madly in love. Now she knows that he loves her as much as she loves him...

Chloe Sullivan smiles as she kisses Clark Kent...all over. She licks a path
down from his lips and neck to his chest and belly and down to his groin.
She holds his hard cock in her hand. Something she's wanted to do for a long
time. She looks at him. He is aching for her touch. She wants to make him
happy. She takes him into her mouth. Clark groans when Chloe's warm mouth
engulfs his manhood. He's never felt anything like that before. He watches
Chloe as she sucks on his tool. Up and down she goes. His hands grip the
sheets. The sensations are exquisitely pleasurable. She sucks him off until
he feels a rush in his loins and cries out a warning. She doesn't care. She
drinks his seed, his manly essence. Normally, she doesn't do that for her
lovers. But this is not just any other male whom she takes to her bed. This
is Clark Kent, the man she loves. She licks him clean. He sighs in relief.
Chloe smiles and climbs on top of Clark Kent, pressing her naked body
against his powerful, fine and masculine physique. She looks into his eyes.
He wants her. Badly. She wants him, more than he can imagine. He wants her
now. She has wanted him for half a decade. "Let's make love." She says.

"Let's." Clark says.

She feels his hard cock underneath her. She presses her groin against his.
Her pussy is wet and aching for him. His cock presses against her pussy. He
enters her. With a single thrust, he is inside her. His cock fills her pussy.
His eyes widen. Clearly, he's never felt anything like that before. Chloe
rides him hard and fast, and then they establish a paced rhythm. They make
love to each other, thrusting and moaning, attending to each other's every
need. An hour of nonstop lovemaking ensues, until an incredible orgasm rocks
both of their bodies. He explodes inside her. She is filled up with his manly
essence. He exhales in pleasure and shakes in her arms, which she wraps
around him. He looks at her. There is much he wants to say. He can't find the
words for him. She silences him in the best way possible...with a kiss.

Chloe listens to Clark's gentle snoring as she remembers their first night.
A lot has happened since then. Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan have moved to
Metropolis and share an apartment together. They got engaged, which thrilled
their respective families. Jonathan and Martha Kent were thrilled to see
their son happy with a woman who loved him and accepted him just the way he
was. That was long ago...Presently, Chloe slips closer to Clark on the bed.
She thinks he's still asleep and doesn't want to disturb him. She is quite
surprised when he wakes up, gets up and pulls her into his arms. "You're
awake." She said.

"Yeah, babe." He says.

"What's up?" Chloe reaches between his legs. He gasps in surprised pleasure.
"It's you." She says.

Clark laughs. Chloe suddenly pulls away and lets herself fall back on the
bed. She smiles sexily at her lover. "Come to bed, lover boy."

Clark smiles and like the Southern gentleman he was raised to be, says, "Yes,

The End


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