Smallville: Super Lovers (MM)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent looked sat on the couch and looked across the room at his host.
He was sitting in a high-rise apartment in Manhattan. The apartment complex
dominated the rest of the city, and from the large window, the entire
financial district could be seen. The view was simply breathtaking, but
Clark Kent wasn't looking at the city...

He looked at the young man who had recently stepped out of the shower. A tall
young man with a lean, wiry build. He was good-looking, with blond hair and
pale blue eyes. His name was Bart Allen. He was the fastest human being in
the universe. Long ago, Clark Kent and Bart Allen met, back when Clark still
lived in Smallville. Nowadays, Clark Kent wasn't the smalltown boy he used
to be. He was a junior at Metropolis University, studying Journalism, with
a minor in Business Management. He had moved out of his parents's farm in
Smallville and lived in an apartment, somewhere in Metropolis. Not long after
Clark Kent's arrival in the City of Tomorrow, there were rumors of a strange
man with super powers helping people in the city. This man was seen stopping
car accidents, foiling bank robberies and catching the most dangerous men and
women of the criminal underworld. Yet no one knew who he was, or where he
came from.

The local newspapers called him a "Superman".

The "Superman" in question was none other than Clark Kent. He had taken to
wearing a blue shirt and jeans and red leather trenchcoat when there was
trouble afoot, that and sunglasses. So far, no one had recognized him. He'd
been in the city for three years and had caught dozens of criminals and
saved hundreds of people from certain death. Clark Kent was living his life.
Ever since he left Smallville, there had been a lot of changes in his life.
He had fully embraced his Kryptonian Heritage. The mighty Kryptonian Fortress
of Solitude stood in the Arctic, accessible only through the Portals which
only Clark Kent knew the location of. Clark Kent had gone into the Chamber of
Knowledge, a special part of the Fortress.

The Chamber of Knowledge had instructed him in the entirety of Krypton's
Natural Evolution, Civilization, History and Technology. It had helped him
embrace his heritage. He had been transformed. Now, he could fully use all
of his Kryptonian powers. Flight, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Hearing
and Invulnerability. The Chamber of Knowledge had corrected a certain flaw
in his biological and cellular structure which made him vulnerable to
different varieties of Kryptonite. Once the cellular flaw was removed, Clark
Kent, also known as Kal-El of Krypton, had become impervious to all varieties
of Kryptonite. They could no longer harm him physically or psychologically.
None of them. Green, Red, Black or White.

Clark Kent's actions in Metropolis hadn't gone unnoticed by the other
superhumans who knew him. Back in Florida, Arthur Curry, the tall blond
young man who would one day become King of the Sea was making waves. He'd
been helping a lot of people during the storms that battered Florida. There
were rumors of a tall, handsome young man with superhuman strength and speed
who seemed to be able to control the sea itself. The locals called him
"Aquaman". Bart Allen had been in Florida while the storms occured. He had
done something very uncharacteristic of himself. He had stayed to help the
humans, even though with his Gift of Speed, he could run a couple hundred
miles in less than an hour and could outrun any storm. While helping the
humans, Bart Allen met someone else who also had super powers... Arthur
Curry, also known as Aquaman. They ended up working together to help people.
Curry told Bart about another person with super powers, and based on his
description, Bart heard about his old buddy, Clark Kent!

The next time Bart Allen was in Metropolis, he looked up Clark Kent and found
his old buddy. They hung out for a little while, then went to New York. Bart
had gotten himself an apartment in the city, having "borrowed" some money
from eccentric billionnaire and ruthless industrialist Matthew Layman, a
one-time rival of Lex Luthor. A long time ago, Clark would have hesitated to
stay in an apartment which had been paid for by money acquired through less
than honest means. Now, he wasn't bothered. He understood how the world was
run these days. Dealing with the likes of Lex Luthor had shown him that. He
took things as they came, and had fun when he could.

Bart Allen and Clark Kent became quite the dynamic duo. Two super-powered
studs out to have some fun in the world. Bart's powers had changed too since
Clark Kent first met him. Originally, Bart Allen could run at a top speed of
a thousand miles per hour. When he pushed himself. Now, his speed was far
beyond that. He could easily run ten thousand miles per hour. He could move
so fast that he could do more than run on water now. He could become out of
phase with the three-dimensional world at will and enter other dimensions.
His speed was greater than Clark Kent's, even after the transformation the
young Kryptonian underwent in the Chamber of Knowledge. Th two young men had
grown to trust each other like best friends. Clark Kent decided to show Bart
Allen his Fortress of Solitude. They visited the place. A few hours later,
they returned to Bart's loft in Manhattan....via Portal.

Bart Allen went to take a shower and told Clark to wait for him. They planned
on going out. Bart stood in the shower room, letting the warm water fall all
over his skin. He smiled at himself. He just had a day the likes of which he
couldn't imagine. Clark Kent was really something....the things he could do
and the places he could go. Well, Bart could go to all those places faster
than Clark but he really liked hanging out with him. Bart thought about
Clark. The dude was really nice. Before Bart met him, most people he met were
out to screw him over so he screwed them over first. That's the way Bart saw
things, until he met Clark Kent. Clark Kent was a nice guy. He was also
really damn cute. Bart Allen had slept with both men and women before. He
considered himself bisexual, though this wasn't something he went around
telling people. He was beginning to find himself really attracted to
handsome, straight-laced Clark Kent.

He wondered about it. Was Clark even a little bit bicurious? Hmm. Maybe. Only
one way to find out. Bart grinned and checked his reflection in the mirror as
soon as he exited the shower. He looked damn good. He put a towel around
himself and left the bathroom. He walked up to the living room, where Clark
Kent was.

Clark Kent sat on the couch, waiting for his buddy Bart Allen to exit the
bathroom. Bart was taking his sweet time. Finally, he came out. He smiled at
Clark. Clark felt his heart skip a beat. Bart looked gorgeous in his towel.
Clark smiled back, trying to disguise his excitement. Although Clark didn't
go around telling people this, he was sexually attracted to both men and
women. He considered himself bisexual. He had discovered this after sleeping
with Lana Lang. She was hot and he loved her but he still wanted something
she didn't have. One night, he went to Lex's mansion and, they had a few
drinks. One thing led to another and the next thing Clark Kent knew, he was
in bed with Lex Luthor. Lex was bisexual too. He'd been exploring his
bisexuality ever since he got dumped by his treacherous gold-digging psycho
wife. Lex even organized sex parties for wealthy bisexual men such as
himself. He invited Clark and Clark accepted. Beautiful female and handsome
male escorts came to these parties to satisfy the lust of the very wealthy
bisexual gentlemen members of Lex's club. It was fun. Yep.

Clark looked at Bart. Bart looked at Clark. Clark tried to look away but
found that he couldn't. Bart was too sexy. Bart smiled. He saw the look in
Clark's eyes and he knew. He knew that Clark Kent wasn't straight. He had
to be bisexual or at least bicurious. At worst, he was a closeted homosexual.
Anyway, Bart had gotten the answer he wanted to his unspoken question. It was
time to make his move. He walked up to Clark, and ditched the towel along the
way. "Like what you see?" Bart asked.

Yeah," Clark said. "Good." Bart Allen took Clark Kent's hand and led him into
the bedroom. "Let's do this."

Clark Kent was led into the bedroom by Bart Allen. The Flash got right down
to business. Bart pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him. Clark
was already rock hard. He pressed his cock against Bart's buttocks. Bart
slipped away, and suddenly he was kissing Clark. The two of them embraced.
They rolled around on the bed, and Bart was once more on top of Clark. The
two young men looked into each other's eyes. They kissed, and caressed. Bart
let his hands run over Clark's hot body. Clark moaned in pleasure under
Bart's expert touch. Bart had been with many men and women in his time and
knew all the right moves to please almost every lover. Clark was no
exception. Soon, Bart Allen had him moaning in pleasure and screaming his
name. Bart's expert hands and mouth made Clark scream in pleasure. Time and
again. They spent the night like this, making passionate love on the bed.
Hours later, the two of them lay, exhausted, in each other's arms.

When Clark Kent woke up, Bart Allen was gone. The young Kryptonian sighed.
Where was Bart? Did he just take off? After the lovemaking they shared? In
a flash, Bart was back. He was naked, of course, and Clark's eyes lit up
when he saw him.

"Hey, sexy." Bart said. He was carrying a tray filled with delicious food in
his hands. "Breakfast is served."

Clark smiled. He got up, and Bart grinned. The sight of Clark Kent naked
immediately got him hard. Dinner was forgotten the moment Clark pulled Bart
in his arms, for another session of lovemaking. This time, they went at it
all day and brought each other to dizzying heights of ecstacy. When they
were done, the apartment was upside down, and some of the walls had
collapsed. It seemed that in their lust-filled frenzy, the two lovers had
unleashed a maelstrom upon the place.

Bart lay in Clark's arms, panting. He looked around, at the mess the
apartment had become. "Did we do that?" He asked.

"Yep," Clark said. He grinned. After a moment, Bart grinned too. Sleep
claimed them not long after. Thus, Clark Kent, also known as Superman of
Metropolis and Kal-El of Krypton fell in love with Bart Allen, also known
as Keystone City's Flash. The two of them moved in together in an apartment
in Metropolis three months later.

The End


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