Smallville: Sodomizing Older Women (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Welcome to the future. Billionaire sociopath and aspiring world leader Lex
Luthor has convinced the Justice League to join forces with him. Well,
convince is a bit strong. He used a very powerful Kryptonian mind control
device and rewrote their psychological makeup, making them completely
subservient to him. Basically, their lives ambition is to serve Lex Luthor.
Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, Bart Allen aka Impulse and Victor Stone aka Cyborg
now work for the most wicked man in the world. As for Oliver Queen aka Green
Arrow, he's in prison, serving three life sentences for crimes against
humanity. Crimes which Lex Luthor committed yet blamed on him.

Superman is no more. Clark Kent is dead. A mega-dose of Kryptonite proved to
be the death of him. Chloe Sullivan is in a coma, and she's also crippled.
Lana Lang rules over the planet Earth at Lex's side. They are the Emperor
and Empress of the world. They are served by all the nations of the world,
themselves kept in line by Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom, made up of
super-powered men and women he acquired from around the world. The most
powerful superheroes now serve a man who has no conscience. Lex Luthor has
finally fulfilled his dream of world domination.

These days, he's more than human. Lex Luthor has become a demigod in an age
of superhuman men and women. He has all the powers of a True Kryptonian. He
has immeasurable strength and speed, along with invulnerability and the power
of flight. He can also see through any solid surface except lead and emit
powerful beams of force from his eyes. Lex also possesses a special
micro-thin force field which activates whenever he's around the green meteor
rocks, the only things which can hurt him. He has become a god among men and
the planet Earth is his domain. He has also brought all the alien criminals
from the Phantom Zone and they now serve him. For only he possesses the Power
Ring of Jor-El which can send them back to where they came from.

Lex Luthor looked at Martha. The sexy older woman was positively glowing.
Naked, she stood before him. Five feet eleven inches tall, athletic and
shapely, with long dark red hair and pale green eyes. She was a hot MILF if
there ever was one. Clark Kent's adoptive mother and Jonathan Kent's widow.
It had taken the Kryptonian technology a long time to break her will but
like everyone else on the planet, she was now a servant of Emperor Lex
Luthor. She was also his most glorified fuck toy. A willing resting place
for his manhood. She lived to fit that big cock of his in any hole on her
body. That's all she lived for. Martha Kent was a natural born slut. The
Kryptonian Mind Control technology brought out her true self.

Martha Kent got on all fours and did what she did best. The older woman's
asshole was not yet stretched well enough for her master's cock to penetrate
it easily, so she has to give it an extensive workout with her favorite dildo
to be able to have the guy fuck her shitty butt hole any way he wants to. Lex
watched, stroking his ten-inch cock as Martha Kent braced herself for what
was to come. Finally, he had enough. He told her that ready or not, he was
going to invade her asshole. Lex Luthor pressed his cock against Martha
Kent's asshole, and pushed. An inhuman howl escaped the older woman's lips as
ten inches of hard cock slammed its way up her tightest hole. Lex laughed and
smacked that hot booty of hers. He was going to have some fun with her.

Lex shoved his cock deeper into Martha Kent's asshole. There was nothing he
loved more than to fuck a woman's asshole. He had fucked thousands of women
in this manner since he first became the ruler of the universe. Lana Lang,
Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, he'd sodomized them all. And guess what? All of
them had willingly gotten down on their hands and knees, spread their butt
cheeks and offered their assholes to him. That's what it meant to be the
undisputed master of the universe. With legions of the most powerful men and
women no more than slaves to him, he could do anything. The alien technology
he had stolen from the Fortress of Solitude had been instrumental in
destroying the United States government and the Army as well as the Japanese,
British and Chinese powers. Thanks to Clark Kent, his worst enemy, he had
achieved his dreams.

Now, Lex Luthor savored his ultimate victory as he sodomized the mother of
his mortal enemy. He grabbed Martha by the throat and flipped her on her
back. He wanted to look into the bitch's eyes as he rammed his cock up her
asshole. He did just that. He looked into Martha Kent's emerald eyes as he
slammed his cock up her buns. He stretched that asshole of hers with deep
thrusts of his hard cock. He pounded into that butt hole of hers like anal
sex was going out of style. Martha screamed in sheer pain. Lex laughed and
continued to fuck her. He loved screamers. It was more fun to sodomize them.
What he also liked were the fiery ones with tempers. They were wonderful to
tame. And he always tamed them.

Lex took his sweet time fucking Martha Kent's asshole. For such a big and
strong Kansas woman, she certainly had a small asshole. Pounding into it and
stretching it with his cock were a definite pleasure. He loved every second
of it. Finally, he had enough. He pulled out of her, but not before he came.
His hot cum blasted into Martha Kent's asshole. Since he was no mere mortal,
his cum blasted into her like a force pump at one hundred miles per hour.
Martha Kent's anus suffered some irreparable damage. In fact, it was now
permanently stretched. Wide enough for two full-grown men's fists to fit
through comfortably. She also passed out, the poor slut.

Lex smiled, readjusted his clothes and took off into the air. Just another
day in the life of the new master of the universe. He had an entire world to
rule. There was much to do. Even though most men and women in the world bowed
to his supreme mastery, there were still a few rebels. He let them live
because he liked a challenge and didn't want to get bored. So, he allowed the
men of the Justice League to do his dirty work for him and hunt down his
enemies. Hitler and Orwell would be proud, as would be Mrs. Clinton.
Laughing, he soared into the skies and vanished.

The End


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