Smallville: Seizure (mF,reluc)
by Terry Webster

Martha Kent breathed in the sweet clean air Kansas air.

She stood on her porch in the early morning light, watching her husband,
Jonathan, start up their truck. Her ruggedly handsome husband flashed her a
smile, as the vehicle kicked over. With a wave, he drove away towards the
small hamlet of Smallville. Martha waved one last time, then turned back
and entered the house.

She noticed Clark's backpack by the front door.

'Strange,' She thought, 'He should be on his way to school.'

Of course she realized that Clark could get to school within seconds, if he
chose to. Few things astonished Martha about the alien child she and Jonathan
had adopted seventeen years ago. It had been a long, tough journey raising
him, especially since he manifested a strange new power every now and then.
So far, they had been blessed.

She stopped short, as she entered the living room. Her eyes widened in

Clark was on his knees in the center of the room, his body bent forward in
seeming agony. He was dressed in his school clothes, but Martha could see
that his back was expanding, ripping his shirt.

"Clark!" She cried.

"Stay back!" Clark yelled, "My body feels like it's...on fire!"

Clark began to twist and turn, moving so fast that he became almost a blur.
The carpet beneath his legs flew in bits around the room, as well as cloth
fragments of his clothes.

Martha stood in shock. Her son was in the exact position it was before, but
now he was naked. Martha ran forward and dropped to her knees, throwing her
arms around his strong, sweaty body.

"Clark...Oh, Clark!"

She could feel the heat emanating from his body. It was another manifestation
of a change in his alien body, she realized. A sickness or a metabolic
change. She would check him, then try and call Jonathan on his cell phone.
Gently, she pulled his head from the floor and looked upon his face.

Her eyes widened in terror.

Martha rose, turned and attempted to run.

It was too late.

Clark's hand seized her by the hair and spun her back towards him. He was
standing now, sweat running down his powerful body. He wrapped both arms
around her, holding her tight. She could feel the heat of his flesh.

"Mom...Help me...I can't."

Martha had a moment to open her mouth to react to her son's pleas before her
mouth was covered by his strong lips. The kiss caught her in mid breath, as
his tongue snaked in and dueled against hers. Martha began frantically
pushing against Clark's chest.

Clark broke the kiss, gasping for air. He didn't release his Mother, but his
face displayed his dilemma.

"Mom...Something happening in my body!" He coughed, "I need...I need...I

Before she could react, Clark released her and spun her around like a top.
As he did, fragments of cloth began to fly across the room again. A moment
later, her body came to a dizzy stop and fell against Clark's body.

Martha swooned for a moment, her mind confused. All she could feel was that
she was naked and that she was pressed against the muscles of a young sexy
man. She could feel her nipples harden against his hard sinewy chest. She
moved her head and began to smell the sweat on him. Instinctively, her tongue
began to stroke his abs. She could feel his hands move across her body, his
fingers caressing her back in a sensuous massage.

"Oh, Jonathan," She moaned.


Martha's eyes opened in terror, as realization sliced through her mind. She
began to struggle in a panicked frenzy against her son, who looked at her
with sad eyes.

"I'm trying to." He gasped.

"LET ME GO, CLARK!" She screamed, pulling against his grasp.

"I can't!" He wailed. "My body is out of control. I'm trying to control my
powers, but the need."

His eyes went from desperate to hungry. He began to kiss his mother in
desperate motions, his lips traveling over her face and shoulders. As he
moved down to her chest, he released his left arm and brought his hand up
to squeeze her right breast.

Martha cried at the contact, as her son dug his fingers into her flesh before
bringing his prize up to his mouth. He began to lick, beating his tongue
against her nipple in a rapid succession.

Martha could feel her body responding to his actions. Her attempts to pull
away from him were growing weaker at the realization of his strength. Worse,
she could feel her breath coming in ragged puffs in response to his actions.

Clark's right hand left her waist and traveled down to her crotch. His
fingers began to play with her labia, brushing back and forth against her
clit. Martha wanted to flee, to run from this nightmare, but she could feel
her body pressing closer to his invading fingers. Clark plunged one, then
two fingers into her pussy, while his thumb played a rhythm against her clit.

'Oh, God! Stop! Please stop! I...I can''

Martha's body began to rock against the invading digits, urging them to probe
deeper into her recesses. She could feel jolts of delight coursing through
her helpless body with each flick of her adopted son's thumb. She could feel
her hands moving of their own accord to encircle Clark's head and push his
mouth harder against her chest.

'God, Jonathan never loved me like this. He never made feel like a wom...'


Martha pushed herself out of Clark's grasp and slapped her son with all the
strength she had. She had forgotten his alien composition and nearly sprained
her hand against his super hard body.

With a growl, Clark seized her by the shoulders and forced her to her knees
before him. Martha was now staring directly into his crotch. His erection
waved before her, a drop of pre-cum shining at the slit. For a moment, her
terror was overridden by her astonishment at the organ before her. Ashamed,
she found herself admiring it, even desiring it, all thoughts of what was
happening to her blotted out. It was only momentary, as Clark's grip pulled
her head towards the object of her fascination.

"NO!NO!NO!NO!" She shrieked.

Clark closed his eyes and pressed his mother's head against the head of his

"Suck it! You have to...suck it! I'm so...sorry, Mom. PLEASE!"

Clark squeezed her head, causing her to gasp. As soon as her lips separated,
Clark pushed his cock in the wet cavern of her mouth. He began to pivot his
hips in and out of her face.

Martha gagged, as the organ assaulted her. It was her first experience with
oral sex. Jonathan was too old fashioned in his own way to allow it. But
Martha had always secretly desired to try it.

Now she found herself pounding on Clark's thighs, pushing at his arms. When
he finally released his grip, she pulled the organ from her mouth and gasped
for air, her terrified eyes looking up at the savage expression on her
adopted son's face.

There was no movement from either for the longest moment.

Martha grasped the organ and, without her eyes leaving Clark's, began to lick
and suck at the head. Clark's eyes softened, his breathing starting to calm
ever so much. Martha began to run her tongue up and down along the shaft,
eliciting sounds of delight from the boy before her. Martha didn't think,
didn't reason or justify, she simply began sucking on Clark's cock for the
mutual delight of both. She then moved to the head and forced as much of it
into her mouth and down her throat.


Martha felt a wave of pride, as she continued to move her mouth sensuously
against his entrapped manhood. She could feel his body tense against her
head. She knew what was to happen next.

She grabbed Clark's buttocks in a vain attempt to keep him buried in her
throat, but the boy's strength broke their grasp and he stepped back. A split
second later, his cock erupted, semen pouring forth and hitting Martha in
the face. Instead of averting her body from the spray, Martha found herself
moving her open mouth against the torrent, trying to catch and swallow as
much as she could.

His cum was hot, hotter than any body fluid should be. It didn't burn her,
but the juice she swallowed inflamed her insides as it traveled down her
throat. She began to feel it be absorbed in her flesh, tingling it with a
heated flush. A part of her wanted more of it.

The realization of what she done suddenly ripped through her mind. Martha
lowered her head, the shame of her act washing over her. When she looked back
at Clark, she was unprepared for what she saw.

His body still shook.

His cock was still hard.

His eyes were still glazed with lust.

Martha tried to rise, but Clark seized her body with both hands and carried
her to the sofa. She struggled and cried against his grasp to no avail. She
could feel the heat still emanating from his body, his hard cock pushing
against her naked, now sweaty flesh. Her conscious mind forced her to
struggle, while the fluid within her was seething her being with passion.

"You've got to stop!" She cried, "Stop! STOP!

Clark laid her down on her back and immediately pushed her legs apart. He
placed three fingers of his left hand into her cunt and began to repeat the
motion he began earlier. Martha struggled against the sofa, desperately
trying to escape, but found her body responding to his ministrations. She
stared at his glazed eyes, trying to find the right words to express what
she desired. Her insides now felt afire, her eyes as glazed as his.

She looked down at her pussy and gasped, "My clit! Clark, please, lick my
clit. LICK MY CLIT!"

Clark looked down upon her vagina, his fingers moving in and out of their
abyss, and brought his mouth hungrily against her clit. He seized it in his
lips and began to beat against it with his tongue.

Martha swooned onto her back, her resolve to fight gone completely, burned
away by the lava within. Gone was the shame. Gone was the fear. She didn't
care for anything but the lips, tongue and fingers playing across her body.
Her vagina was literally flooding his hand.

She could feel the tide of pleasure rising through her body. She arched her
back, trying to force her pussy harder against Clark's incursion.

"GGGooooddddddddd!" She moaned, "Eat me!"

Holding on to the edges of the sofa, she rubbed herself against his mouth in
quick frantic movements. Her body was drenched in sweat, her eyes wild with
passion. She wanted to come, regardless of everything else. The pleasure was
coursing through her like an electric circuit. Holding the sofa with one hand
for balance, she reached down with the other and seized her son's hair with
the other. She frantically pushed him against her crotch.


Martha screamed her orgasm, her body twisting above the sofa. She slumped
back down to the cushions and lay there, her breath sputtering from her lips,
her body glistening.

Clark rose and looked down upon the woman who had cared for him since he was
a baby. Without pause, he parted her legs and moved between them. He grabbed
his cock and directed it to the entrance of her pussy.

"Clark," Martha mumbled, her eyes closing in exhaustion, "The heat.."

The boy thrust forward, driving the air from her lungs. Her eyes popped open,
as his body fell upon hers, his cock moving like a piston in her pussy.
Instinctively her hands went to his shoulders, trying to push him away. Clark
ignored her, his face twisted with the delight of being within her.

"Hot!" He breathed, "Inside is so hot!"

Martha felt the same heat, both from his body and from within her. Exhausted,
she seized his shoulders, holding on for dear life. Her grip tightened as he
increased his rhythm. Her head lolled back, as she fought to capture her
breath the pressure and heat overwhelming her.

"Slow...down. Please!"

But Clark seemed to increase his tempo, oblivious to everything else. Martha
thought that she should be dead, considering the boy's alien strength, but
realized that, even in his delirium, subconsciously he was holding back.

But regardless of that, Martha felt pleasure, as she never had before. Every
fiber of her pussy tingled at Clark's assault, sending ecstasy throughout her
body. Her legs moved across his waist, her feet kicking at his buttocks in a
plea to go deeper and deeper inside her.

'Don't stop!' Her mind screamed, 'Never stop fucking me. Never! NEVER!'

She could feel her energy drain at her attempts to spur Clark. Her orgasm was
on a steamroller to peaking and she could do nothing but be fucked like a rag
doll and wait for the moment.

Martha screamed her pain, as her body quaked yet again, this time more
intense than the first time. As held on to Clark for support, she could feel
his hot cum shoot forth into her pussy, tearing her grip from her adopted son
and sending her back into the sofa cushions.

Clark, his body reverberating from his own orgasm, pulled his cock from her
pussy and allowed jets of his blistering sperm to leap onto his Mother's
naked flesh. Martha was too drained to even acknowledge her second shower of
the fiery cum. She simply lay there, trying to return her breathing back to
normal. The droplets lay heated against her skin, but Martha couldn't move to
even touch them.

She could feel Clark's hands running on the sides of her thighs. A small
smile formed on her lips at his touch.

'It's over,' She thought with relief, 'That was the best sex of my life. I
will have to...'

Martha didn't finish the thought. She could feel Clark's hands on her hips,
lifting her lower body. She looked at him through her cum stained eyelids.

The look was still there in his face.

His cock was still hard.

Clark flipped her over on her stomach. Martha, realizing what he had in mind,
started to crawl up and over the sofa in a futile attempt to escape. But her
body was too tired. Martha slumped against the sofa arm, trying to regain her

Clark rubbed hot cum from his Mother's body with two fingers of his left hand
and brought it against his parent's anus. He moved them against the opening,
sensuously screwing them in her rectum.

Martha's face contorted in terror, her eyes screwed tight at this new

"Don't! I'll do anything, Clark, anything! Don't do this!"

She turned her head as best she could. The lad could see tears running down
her cheeks, but he continued his probe of her asshole, his eyes still glazed
over. Clark's eyes seemed to light up, as he scooped some of the cum from her
body and rubbed it against his pole.

Martha screamed, as Clark placed his cock against her rectum and pushed. On
later reflection, she realized that no one could hear her on the secluded
farm, but the pain of Clark's violation was too much to bear. Not only was
she being ass raped, but the heat of his cum seemed to scald her rectum.

Clark seized her hips in both hands and pulled her body to his. Martha
screamed again, her pain becoming intense. If Clark felt sympathy, he didn't
show it, as he began to push his cock deeper into her body. Martha was now
crying like a banshee, but Clark silently began to fuck her ass, his hands
moving her body back and forth.

Wracked by pain, Martha tried to scramble over the sofa arm. But Clark
brought one hand up to the back of her head and savagely seized her hair.
Martha felt her neck almost snap at Clark's tug.

'No more! No more!' Her mind screamed, 'Let me die. I can't take it anymore.
I can't take it anymore. I can't take it anym...'

Martha's thoughts were cut off, as Clark's other hand slid from her thigh
to her crotch. His fingers began to play over her labia and clit, rubbing,
squeezing, and plunging into her fiery wet depths.


But even as her mind made this declaration, the burning of her flesh from
without and within took its toll. Instead of pulling away, her body began to
match his thrusts, even trying to surpass the strength of his plunging cock.

Clark could feel his Mother's pussy flow with hot juices. She began to mutter
behind her teeth, as she fiercely began to fuck back against him. He tuned
his superhearing to understand these grunts.


Clark grinned, as he felt the cum rise in his body.

"Ma! I'm going!" He announced in ragged breaths.

"CUM IN MY ASS, DAMN YOU!" She screamed, as her orgasm overtook her body.

The first shot of cum burned its way in Martha's bowels. She howled like an
animal in agony, both at the pain and at her own peak. A second shot flooded
the fluid out of her bowels and jetted on her back, causing her to spasm at
the scalding fluid.

Martha fell forward across the sofa arm and fainted.

She awoke still naked. She could feel the dried cum over her body, in her
hair, within her bowels and pussy. She could also feel that she was pressed
against a muscular naked body.

"Clark?" She whispered, her eyes still shut.

"I'm here, Mom," His soft voice came from above her, his arms wrapped around
her in reassurance, "It's over."

Martha slowly opened her eyes. She stared at his naked chest, his right
nipple only inches from her head.

For a moment, she had to restrain herself. She wanted to move to it, to cover
her mouth with it and try to return some of the passion she had experienced
beforehand. She could feel her mouth go dry and her pussy water.

Her thigh was resting against his limp, but still large, cock. Its touch
against her was sending her mind aflame with desire. Martha tried to calm
herself before Clark could sense her passion.

"How long have I been out?"

"Less than half an hour. I..I didn't want to move you."

"You didn't leave either."

"I WANTED TO!" He stated emphatically, the guilt permeating his voice, "I
wanted to run across the globe away from this house...From what I've done to

Martha twisted her body and looked up at her adopted son. Her chest now
rested against his, but she tried not to let their closeness... Or her
desire... distract her from her intent.

"It's all right, Clark. It's all right!"

"No it isn't, Ma. I raped you!"

"I know," She replied in a calm tone, "But listen to me. Listen! It was lucky
this happened. Do you hear me?"

"Lucky?" Clark asked in disbelief.

"Yes. Think! When a human boy goes through "changes" in his life, it's a new
experience. But, because you are special, your hormonal changes were like
your powers...More than you could handle."

"I lost control," He confessed mournfully, "I couldn't control any of it."

"I know, darling, I know," She said, kissing his cheek lightly, "But suppose
this had happened at school...or in Smallville. Suppose you had flew out of
control in the presence of Chloe...or Lana? Suppose you had raped one of
them? Do you see what I mean by lucky?"

"I guess," He replied reluctantly.

Martha sat up and on the far side of the sofa. Clark nervously looked away,
an action that brought a smile to her face, as his gallant gesture allowed
her to stare at his cock without his noticing. Even limp, it still stirred
her body.

"Clark, if you had assaulted one of them, you would have gone to jail!" She
stated, "They may have discovered your powers. And, even if you succumbed to
the justice system without revealing who you are, you would have had a record
as a sex offender, something that would have followed you the rest of your

As Clark turned his head, Martha swiveled her eyes to meet his gaze, so he
would not notice her hungry gaze upon his organ.

"But I attacked you!" He stated, "Raped my own mother!"

"Who understands you, darling" She declared softly, "I'm here to help you as
no one else can."


Martha moved closer to Clark, taking his left hand in her right.

"I understand your problem, as no one else could," She stated gently, "And I
can help you through this."

"I don't understand," Clark said.

"This will probably happen again," Martha remarked, "Maybe an attack like
today or maybe just little stirrings that could grow into an attack.
Whichever, whenever you feel the..."need", I want you to come to me."

"Ma!" Clark exclaimed in shock.

"Listen to me, Clark," She hissed, "I've already been through this. I doubt
that it will ever be any worse. And better we work on "releasing" those
passions than have you reveal your special nature by raping some innocent
girl that happens to be there...or Lana! You wouldn't be able to control

Martha smiled inwardly to herself. She knew how hopelessly in love her son
was with Lana Lang and how he never wanted to do anything to hurt her.

Shame filled Clark's face, as he remarked, "But that would mean having sex

"I know, dear, I know" She smiled, squeezing his hand, "But I can't think of
another way to deal with this and keep your secret safe...Can you?"

The pair stared at each other for a long moment.

"What about Pa?" The boy asked quietly.

"He must never never know, Clark!" She stated emphatically, "Even if he did
understand why, he wouldn't accept it. We must never tell him, Clark.

Clark looked at her, then lowered his head and nodded.

"We'll have to find someplace secluded away from the farm and the town, where
I can... help you," She pointed out, "We'll just have to hope your needs
won't arise when your father is home."

The two were quiet for several minutes, Clark's head hanging in shame,
Martha's eyes examining his muscular body like glutton would his lunch.

"I have to shower," She stated finally, rising to his feet, "Can you fix the

Clark nodded, not looking at her cum stained body. Martha smiled at his

"I'll make a note explaining your lateness to school," She stated, "Get
cleaned up! And stop worrying. Everything will be all right."

Martha turned and walked towards her bedroom. She put an extra sway in her
hips, hoping her son would appreciate her body.

Later, under the shower, Martha rubbed her pussy with her soapy fingers, her
eyes closed, her mind reliving Clark's assault on her body.

'God, he's the best. Even Jonathan can't compare. I must have him again. I

Martha moved one her hands to her violated rectum and sunk two fingers down
her chute.

'I never had a man in my ass. I never had a cock explode down my throat. Now
I don't think I can live without that gorgeous instrument. I have to have
Clark to myself. And I will! Even if he feels the slightest sexual stirrings,
he'll come home to mother, believing he may go berserk. And I'll be waiting!
Waiting for that magnificent body, that beautiful cock! Those brats Lana and
Chloe are out of his life now. I'll make him want me all the time, need me
all the time. He'll be mine! Mine alone!'

Even irritated and in pain, Martha could feel an orgasm rising from her
finger's manipulations. She threw back her head, ready to scream her delight.

In his room, Clark sat on his bed, still naked. He stared at the far wall,
a grin on his face. His left hand was moving up and down his erection,
gathering in speed.

He was watching his mother reach an orgasm in the shower with his x-ray
vision. He still felt the same awe he first experienced when he gained this
power and accidentally found himself staring at her naked body in the
bathroom over a year ago. It was then that he first fell in love with her,
that he became obsessed with possessing her body. Even more than Lana or
Chloe, Clark desired Martha, especially after he went through the changes
of puberty six months before.

Clark could feel his sperm rising in his body. He fell back upon the bed,
allowing the jet of cum to shoot upward, a fountain of triumph to the success
of his plan. He laughed to himself over and over again.

"She fell for it!" He chortled, "Fell for it completely!"


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