Smallville: Rogue Alien (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Clark Kent. He is a young man with a lot of gifts and responsibilities. The
last son of the planet Krypton. The last of a race of humanoids that were far
more advanced technologically than the people of Earth could ever be. He was
found and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent of Smallville, Kansas. He grew
up as would an ordinary human being. Yet he was different. Always different.
He had to hide who and what he truly was. He had to hide. He missed out on a
lot of things. He could never have a normal life.

He watched other teenagers around him and sometimes yearned for what they
had. The simple things in life. Like friendship and love and not having to
hide. A lot of anger and resentment filled Clark's mind over the years. He
saw what normal people did. They spoiled what they had. Men hurt women.
Women hurt men. There was a lot of hatred and abuse in the world. Often,
these troubles started over trivial matters. Race. Gender. Religion. Sexual
Orientation. He sat on his computer and looked at the news. A man ran over
his estranged wife and her mother with his car. A woman stabbed her husband
to death to collect his insurance policy.

A prominent reverend spoke against the evils of Homosexuality. A married
bisexual man in the army was kicked out because people found out about him.
A lesbian woman suddenly changed her ways and joined the church and became
an ex-lesbian and engaged in a bitter custody battle with her female ex-lover
over their child. A popular black athlete is accused of a particularly
heinous crime by a white female in some hillbilly town. The world was a
bitter and scary place. Yet Clark envied them. He wanted so much to stop
having to hide and to be able to live in the open and love just like other
people. He was a teenage boy and both his body and soul wanted someone
special. Yet all he saw in the news was bitterness. The politicians were
fighting over issues to gain power. The Religious Right opposed Gay Marriage
and most Republicans supported them. Why stop love? Life was so short. Macho
heterosexual men feared that some gay or bisexual men would come onto to
them. Heterosexual women were known to be curious about all kinds of sex yet
were set against letting gay men and lesbians marry. Radical Feminists hated
all males and promoted Gender Wars as opposed to Equality For All. They
showed men as oppressors and women as victims. They showed men as abusers.
Men could and did get abused by women. And vice versa. Domestic violence was
a two-way street. Clark saw all that. He developed a singular hatred for the
men and women around him.

That hatred and mistrust of the humans grew and filled Clark's mind. Oh, he
still helped people. But he no longer believed in innocence. He had seen too
many innocent men get condemned because of false allegations made by women.
He had seen good women get hurt by men who were jerks. He had seen a lot of
anti black and anti male bias in the media. Clark was stressed. He needed
some way of releasing his tension.

That's why he went to Chloe's. He came to her house and there she was.
"Hi, got a minute ?" he asked.

"Sure," said Chloe.

Clark followed her in her living room. He couldn't believe he was considering
this. Telling a girl all his secrets. He sat her down. He took her hand in
his. Chloe's heart leapt in her chest. Clark was holding her hand. "I've got
something to tell you." he said.

Chloe smiled. "You can tell me anything."

He sat and told her the truth about himself. His arrival on Earth. His
parents finding him. His adventures in Smallville. The pain of having to hide
his true identity from those around him. His constant fear of being found
out. Chloe just took all this in. Clark looked at her. Finally, he got up to
leave. He was halfway to the door when Chloe stopped him. "Yes?" he said.

"I've got a secret too," she said breathlessly.

He looked at her curiously. She smiled. "I like you, Clark. I am glad you
told me your secret."

They looked at each other and something passed between them.

Clark Kent looked at Chloe, and smiled. The blonde girl smiled shyly and came
to the bed. They sat there and kissed. Clark loved the way she worked that
tongue of hers inside his mouth. He caressed her slim body, sending small
waves of pleasure through her. He noticed she had begun to undress, and soon
her shirt was off. He helped her slip out of her pants. Now, she stood before
him. A lovely blonde girl in bra and panties.

"You're beautiful," he told her.

"I'm ready, Clark." she said.

He came to her and she helped him undress. They faced each other, naked for
the first time. Tentatively, they reached out to each other and kissed and
embraced. Clark touched Chloe's tits and pinched the nipples. She gasped a
little and he knelt before her, caressing her tits and licking them. He
caressed her navel and her firm buttocks, bringing his hands back to her
shoulders and making her bend and sit on the bed. He parted her legs and
looked into her eyes. She nodded and he went ahead, slowly working his
tongue into her pussy. He worked his tongue into her insides, making her
moan and quiver. He tasted her cunt, licking and sucking it. His agile
tongue played with her clit. He fingered her asshole while his tongue played
with her pussy. Chloe was in ecstacy.

Clark's tongue inside her was making her feel things she had never dreamed
possible. Her pussy was quivering with lust as Clark licked and sucked and
probed, making her scream in pleasure. She gripped his head as an orgasm
rocked her body. She screamed and her whole body shook with the force of it.
When it passed, she found herself in Clark's waiting arms. He kissed her
full and deep. "Are you okay, Chloe?" he asked.

She nodded.

"Ready for more?" he asked with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

He put her on the bed and pulled her toward him. Then, he spread her legs and
looked into her eyes. "Ready ?" he asked.

She nodded eagerly. Clark took his cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips.
Chloe grunted impatiently. He entered her pussy. Slowly, inch by inch. It
felt so tight around his cock. He began to work his way, in and out. He
fucked her, establishing a tempo.

"Harder!" Chloe said.

Clark went in hard and fast, shoving his cock deep inside her. Chloe moaned
as Clark fucked her, going places she never thought she would allow anyone to
go. He held her by the hips, and made her legs rest on his shoulders as he
fucked her, plowing into her as hard as he could. Chloe loved the feel of
Clark Kent's hard cock inside her. A spear of hot and hard flesh and muscle
pumping into her hole like there was no tomorrow. He soon came, his hard cock
shooting hot cum deep inside her. They lay against each other, resting on the

Clark Kent felt a lot of relief that night. He had just told the truth about
himself to someone who cared about him. That was good for his mental health.
He had just made love to Chloe.

This was the beginning of something new for the both of them. Now, both of
Clark's best friends knew his secret and were okay with it. He wished Lana
Lang could be so understanding but she was so....normal. He doubted she
could understand. Besides, he was with Chloe now. He hoped everything would
turn out for the best. He was no longer alone.

The End


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