Smallville: Reign Of Bizarro (MF,anal)
by The Fan

My name is Bizarro. Do you know who I am? The Last True Son of Krypton. It's
time for me to embrace my destiny, and take over the planet Earth. And to
accomplish that goal, I went about getting rid of the competition. My genetic
template Clark Kent fortunately put in his time and got rid of the escaped
Phantoms from the Phantom Zone. Those alien monsters from throughout the
galaxy were all returned or destroyed by him. I'll have to thank him for this
favor. Now, there's nothing that can stand in my way. Least of all Clark
Kent, the eternally indecisive, emotional and weakling whose form I wear. We
fought and by a fluke, he was able to beat me. But I returned. I defeated
him. Permanently. A mega-dose of Green Kryptonite doused Clark Kent and in
that moment, he perished. Of the race of Krypton, I was all that remained.

I can't tell you how much fun I'm having. It was child's play, really.
Jonathan Kent is dead. I have access to Clark Kent's memories and he would
have been a problem if he were still alive. Fortunately, he was gone. Slain
due to his son's lack of priorities. The weakling Clark Kent chose to save
the life of that skinny bitch Lana Lang instead of protecting his father.
As for Martha Kent, she left the Kent Farm. She's in Washington these days,
but not serving in the U.S. State Senate. A plane she boarded encountered
some turbulence and crashed. There were no survivors. Without these two to
get in my way, I'm free as a bird.

I dispatched the others in a fairly ingenious fashion. Chloe Sullivan is
still around. Ah, Chloe. She was the first person to suspect that it was
Bizarro who now walked the Earth and not Clark Kent. I put her in a cryogenic
chamber deep inside the Fortress of Solitude. She won't be a problem. As for
Lionel Luther, he's still missing. Lex Luther, the eternal bane of Clark
Kent's existence is comatose. Trapped inside his own mind thanks to a special
cocktail I cooked up in the Fortress just for him. Lana Lang is dead. Again.
This time, forever. Her car took a fatal dive off a bridge. As for Lois Lane,
the bitch is dead. She jumped off a building rooftop in a failed attempt to
fly. Hey, I don't like slap-happy bitches, not even the hot ones.

Man, I have powers beyond reason here. I absorbed Clark Kent's Kryptonian
powers as he died. Our powers were quite similar. Both of us could fly and
had superhuman strength and speed. He has X-Ray Vision, Super Hearing and
Heat Vision, all of which were powers I had. However, he was invulnerable
to everything except Green Kryptonite while I was simply resilient and not
invulnerable. I stole his power of invulnerability. And Green Kryptonite
makes me stronger. It doesn't weaken me. Now, I was completely invulnerable.
The only challenge which remained was Kara Zor-El, Clark Kent' s cousin from
Krypton. She proved to be quite a formidable opponent. However, like all
Kryptonians, she was weakened by Green Kryptonite. So, I fashioned a blade
out of the green meteorite and thrust it into her chest while we fought in
mid-air. She fell to earth, dead long before impact. I used my Heat Vision
to reduce her corpse to a pile of ash, then soared with victory.

Man, I cannot even begin to describe how good I felt. I was victorious. The
planet Earth was mine. And no one could stand in my way. At long last, I had
brought down the House of El. Jor-El and his heirs were no more. I flew
around the world, exploring it. You've got no idea what it felt like to
finally be free. I was created by the Kryptonians. An intangible being of
great intelligence and power whose sole weakness was that it required a
living host body to inhabit. I was the first prisoner which Jor-El and the
other Kryptonian scientists sent into the Phantom Zone. For eons I lived
inside that barren wasteland of a world. Then, they began sending monsters
inside the Zone. Strange creatures from worlds around the galaxy. The
cannibalistic Giant Alien Aldar. The Radioactive Parasite Baern. The Plant
Elemental Woman. To name but a few. Then, there were the Kryptonians. The
men and women whom Jor-El and the others deemed unfit to live on Krypton
for various reasons. I could enter their bodies and possess them but it was
useless. Inside the Phantom Zone, Kryptonians no longer had super powers.
They were useless to me. I didn't bother with them.

Then, one day, the Portal opened. It opened the day Clark Kent sent Aethyr
and Na-Mek, a pair of Kryptonian warriors who were Disciples of Zod, into
the wasteland. Well, well. That made things interesting. I began to hear
rumors that Kal-El, the Son of Jor-El was living on the planet Earth and
wielded god-like powers, much like all Kryptonians under a Yellow Sun. He
was waging a one-man war against all evil forces on the planet to protect
Humanity. How cute. The son of the cruelest scientist in history was a nice
guy. Oh, well. I wanted very much to escape from the Zone. But the next time
it opened was to extract General Zod, the Kryptonian military leader who led
a failed uprising against Jor-El and the Supreme Council of Krypton.

General Zod went out of the Zone through the Portal. He accessed the
bio-engineered body of Lex Luther, which had been endowed with the powers of
a Kryptonian. With that Vessel, he tried to take over the Earth. Mere hours
after General Zod escaped, the Phantom Zone Portal opened again. This time,
to let in Kal-El, the Son of Jor-El, whom General Zod easily defeated. The
other prisoners of the Zone were thrilled to be given the chance to exact
their vengeance on the son of the man responsible for their imprisonment. Of
course, the Kryptonian female Raya, Jor-El's former assistant, helped Kal-El
escape. The fool opened the Portal and escaped, along with many of us. He
hunted down all of the others. I wasn't so easily dispatched. I would be the
one who eventually defeated him, destroyed his friends and a llies and took
over the world he once called home.

I set about conquering the Human world. Ninety nine point nine percent of the
humans were ordinary creatures. Genetic dead ends. The rest was called the
Meta-humans. They were the genetic freaks whom Clark Kent often clashed with.
Not all meta-humans were created by Kryptonite-induced mutation. Smallville
wasn't the center of the universe, no matter what Clark Kent and friends
believed. The planet Earth had produced a very small percentage of human
beings born with amazing powers. They were the next step in humanity's
evolution. If I was going to take over the world, I would need an army. Why
not offer these super-humans a chance to join forces with me and take over
the planet Earth? Most super-humans believed themselves superior to ordinary
people anyway. Leading them against their non-genetically mutated brethren
ought to be easy.

I didn't know that there was another Kryptonian left on the planet Earth. Of
all the escaped prisoners from the Phantom Zone, there was one whose fate was
unknown. Clark Kent hadn't captured her. Nobody knew where she went. I'm
referring of course to Aethyr. The tall, green-eyed, alabaster-skinned,
black-haired Kryptonian female who was Na-Mek's ( the tall, black-skinned,
bald-headed Kryptonian soldier) mate. She escaped the Phantom Zone along with
the rest of us, yet made herself scarce. She remained apart from the
conflicts which followed. While Clark Kent hunted down, captured or destroyed
the various aliens escaped from the Phantom Zone, she remained hidden. Unlike
most of them, she knew that the Son of Jor-El was immensely powerful,
resourceful and lucky. Definitely not someone to be trifled with.

Aethyr came calling one day. I was flying above Metropolis. Suddenly, there
she was in front of me. A tall, alluring Kryptonian female attired in black
leather. Damn, she looked hot. Believing me to be Clark Kent, she attacked
me. We tumbled in the skies, trading blows. Like all Kryptonians under the
Yellow Sun, she was immensely powerful. But I always carried a piece of
Green Kryptonite with me. Just to juice up, you know. I brandished it in her
face and she screamed in agony. She dropped from the heavens, howling in
pain. I caught her before she crashed. When she came to, I stood over her.
I was still holding the Green Kryptonite. Before her eyes, I absorbed its
power. She looked at me, eyes wide with shock. She demanded to know who I
was. I smiled, and told her my nom de guerre. Bizarro.

I gave Aethyr a hand up. I still had the Kryptonite in hand, just so she
knew who was the boss here. She had many questions. I had tons of answers.
I was the one who got rid of Clark Kent, after he destroyed all of the
other Phantom Zone escapees. I also dispatched all of Clark Kent's friends,
including his adoptive mother Martha Kent, his best friend Chloe, his
ex-girlfriend Lana Lang, and his various other pals and allies. The only
foe which remained was the Martian Manhunter, but I was sure I could take
him down. Aethyr was impressed. I told her how I avenged her lover Na-Mek
by killing Clark Kent. She smiled sweetly and asked me if Clark Kent
suffered. I grinned. Oh, yeah. She nodded in appreciation. I asked her to
join me. Together, we could take over the planet Earth and rule it. Shegladly agreed. There was nothing else left for her anywhere. Why not conquer
the planet Earth?

And so it began. My reign upon the planet Earth. Aethyr and I demonstrated
our mastery of our subjects by taking on the Metropolis Department. By
ourselves. And we won. We blasted them to pieces. We soared into the heavens,
blasting down police helicopters and the National Guard airplanes which came
at us. And so began our world tour. We traveled from city to city, killing
random civilians as well as police officers and military officials. Any
authority figure which might oppose us. Across the globe, we slaughtered tens
of thousands of men, women and children. Aethyr wanted to slaughter millions
but we got our point across. Humanity was helpless before our might. The
governments of the world, starting with the United States of America, bowed
down to us.

From the shadows of the world came a race of mutants. Men and women who
had super powers. For years, they hid their special talents from ordinary
humanity. With Aethyr and myself ruling the world, they came crawling out of
the woodwork. Hundreds of thousands of them, from all over the planet. The
strongest of them formed my special Legion. The Legion patrolled the cities
of the Earth, recruiting the super-powered and getting them to play ball with
us or perish. Yeah, I was the Lord and Master of the planet Earth. Emperor
Bizarro was my title. Aethyr was my Dark Queen. We had fun the likes of which
you can scarcely imagine.

It turns out that Kryptonian females were sexual dynamos. Who knew?
Aethyr and I became lovers. She was very passionate. Once, we fucked on a
mountaintop. Just the two of us, naked as jaybirds. Aethyr stood naked before
me, a gorgeous woman in all of her glory. I admired her sexy body. Damn, she
was something else. We kissed, and caressed one another. We fell on the icy
snow, not caring about the cold. I caressed her large, firm breasts and
fondled them. Aethyr laughed and spread her legs, welcoming me inside her. I
lay on top of her, hard as a rock. I pressed my cock against her pussy and
pushed it inside her. My first discovery was how wonderfully hot and wet she
was down there. I thrust my cock into her pussy. Moaning softly, Aethyr
wrapped her arms around me. Man, this was nice. I humpe d her until I came,
filling her wet snatch with my hot seed.

We tried something else. I put Aethyr on all fours and spread her spectacular
butt cheeks wide open. Hot damn, this woman was hot. I pressed my cock
against her backdoor and pushed it inside. The first thing I noticed was how
warm and tight she was down there. I pushed my cock deeper into Aethyr's
asshole. She screamed as I began pounding into her ass for all she was worth.
Man, I've never had anal sex before. From reviewing Clark Kent's memories, I
knew that this was something he dreamed about. Well, for me, it was a dream
come true. I plowed into Aethyr's ass, delighting in her screams. Man,
there's no pleasure greater than shoving your cock into a woman's ass. None
whatsoever. Why do you think porn movies feature ton of anal content? Take my
word for it, it's definitely worth it. I continued to fuck her until I came,
blasting my hot seed deep into her ass. Aethyr shrieked in pleasure mixed
with hot pain. I laughed my head off, victory at last!

Afterwards, Aethyr and I returned to Metropolis. There, the humans were
working tirelessly to erect massive statues of both of us. We were to be
Living Gods, obeyed and served by ordinary humans for the rest of eternity.
Jor-El was right when he thought Kryptonians could live like Gods among Men
on the planet Earth. We have no limits here. There's no obstacle in our way.
We can accomplish great things. And the miserable humans, genetic dead-ends
that they are, will obey us or be destroyed. Such is the way things shall be
forevermore on the planet Earth.


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