Smallville: Red Kryptonite Part 1 (ff)
by Scorpio

Lana and Chloe were being lazy one day during the summer at Chloe's house
when they both decided to go swimming.

"I know the best place," said Lana, "It's over near where I used to live."

"Ok, that sounds great," agreed Chloe, "Lets get out bathing suits on and get

Chloe pulled her top of and started rummaging through her dresser drawers for
her suit. Lana was a little bit behind and beside her and admired Chloe's
tits as they gently swayed side to side with the effort. 'I wish I had tits
as nice as Chloe's,' Lana thought to herself. Lana took her top of and looked
at her small b-cup breasts. They had a perfect shape with no sag at all and
her nipples and aureole were big and puffy with distinctive outline if she
wore a top with out a bra. Lana put her bathing suit top on and grabbed the

She had just bought this suit in Metropolis with some of the money she made
at the coffee shop. The suits in the city were a lot sexier than the suits in
Smallville. The one she bought was a bikini with just two red triangles on
top. You could slide open or closed on the fabric on the under side of your
breasts to adjust for the size of your tits, or to let you cover or uncover
as much as you wanted to show. But the bottoms were even sexier, also red
with a set of black lips. Like someone had kissed her right over her little
pussy. The back was cut brazilian style, not a g-string but showing more than
half of what a more conservative suit bottom would show.

As she pulled on the bottoms she was unaware of the fact that Chloe was
watching her pull them up over one of the most perfect asses that she had
ever seen, and being a high school girl in the locker room after dance class
she had seen quite a few to compare with.

"Oh, you go girl," Chloe whistled at Lana, "That is one sexy suit!"

Lana turned around as her face turned a deep red. "I wouldn't normally wear
this except that when I bought it I was feeling really adventurous, in the
big city and all. And besides, its just the two of us girls going swimming
today, right."

"That's right," Chloe agreed feeling a bit conservative in her two piece
consisting of a pair of boy shorts and a halter style top with little flowers
on them. But from Lana's eyes Chloe always had the better body, with a nicer
fuller ass and beautiful large round almost d-cup breasts. Lana always felt a
little lacking around Chloe. She seemed to have the body of a woman, where
Lana's own body had grown some very small breasts but for the most part had
seemed, (to her anyway) to stay the body of a little girl.

"Lets get going the day isn't going to wait on us."

Each girl threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and flew down to the
kitchen to get some drinks to take with them. Then they jumped in Chloe's bug
and went off to the secret swimming hole that Lana knew about.

"Oh Lana, this is beautiful, how come I never knew about it before?"

"Well probably because it's on the Kent farm and unless you know the little
road that goes around the back side of their property you would never be able
to get to it without hiking for miles. I used to live right next door to the
Kent's remember!"

It was a good sized pond about the size of a football field, with a little
island in the middle. It was actually not much more than a big flat rock.

"Lets go!" yelled Chloe as she raced to the water, pulling off her shirt and
shorts as she ran.

Lana was right behind her as she saw Chloe dive into the cool running water.
It was such a hot summer that the water felt like heaven as it washed over
the two incredible bodies diving through it. If only the water knew that any
of the boys in Smallville would give anything to caress these two bodies
enveloped in the cool liquid. They swam and splashed each other for about a
half hour before finding themselves in the middle near the island.

"Lets climb up on the island for some sun."

"Ok," agreed Lana and followed up to the flat top.

It was just big enough for about four people so the girls had plenty of room
to stretch out and bask in the sun.

Lana laid and day dreamed about boys, in particular Clark Kent. Unknowingly,

Chloe was right next to her doing the same thing, and dreaming about the
same boy. The difference being that Chloe was also thinking about Lana,
and how sexy she looked in her new bikini. Lana never told anybody about
the pond they were at or about the things she thought about when she was
out here alone. She almost always had strange sexy dreams as she would lay
on this same rock all by her self growing up. Some times the day dreaming
or fantasies were just too much for her and she would pull her bikini to
the side and rub her pussy until she had an orgasm. She actually didn't
think that it was so strange, she just figured all girls thought things
like she did and touched themselves growing up. The only thing was, Lana
almost always forgot about what happened when she got home from swimming,
and she had been doing it since she was five. Every time she went swimming
she would remember it all and every time she went home she would forget
everything, except that she went swimming and had the most beautiful
relaxing day.

What Lana never knew was that the rock that the two girls were sitting on
was actually a meteor rock, and that the bottom of the rock was almost pure
red kryptonite. The bottom of the rock would begin to glow as soon as anybody
was in the water, but the bottom of the rock was completely buried in the mud
and silt. So nobody knew or even guessed, of course only a very few people
knew about the pond in the first place. In actuality only Lana and the Kent's
knew it was there, and know Chloe knew as well. The red kryptonite was
starting to have its usual effect on both girls as they sunned their bodies
up on the rock, especially Chloe. Lana had been coming here for years by
herself. This was the first time she had been here with anybody, so Lana was
used to the feelings that she always got when she was here. Chloe on the
other hand was new to the sensations she was feeling and the powerful
daydreams/fantasies she was having.

Chloe's body felt like it was vibrating and was getting warm all over. Of
course she was laying in the sun, but the warmth that she was feeling felt
like it was building up from the inside, and then traveling out to her skin.
The tingling was the strongest in her pussy, and she was having a hard time
not touching herself right here and now, in front of Lana even. In her mind
she had been thinking of Clark, how his body was so toned and strong. She
had seen him without his shirt more than once as he worked on the farm,
lifting hay bales by himself and throwing them as if they weighed nothing.
The strange part of it was he did it so effortlessly, and even though it
was hard work it the hot sun, she had touched him once to hand him a drink
and his skin was cool to the touch and not sweaty at all. Just thinking
about touching Clark was getting Chloe so worked up that she was mentally
having to tell herself to keep her hands away from her pussy.

Chloe felt like her whole body was trembling with desire. She glanced over
at Lana to make sure she hadn't noticed anything. The sight of Lana laying
there on her back on the rock was arousing itself. Lana was right next to
her. Her skin a beautiful almost glowing tan with little beads of
perspiration springing out all over her body. Her little tits standing up
proud and pointing straight up. She could even make out her aureole and
nipple poking up, almost as if Lana were cold, or aroused. Lana's smooth
stomach stretched taught by her posture on her back, and even her pubic
mound thrust up and outlined by her skimpy suit bottom.

Chloe watched as Lana started running her hand up and down her stomach. Just
the slightest motion that you wouldn't even notice if you weren't watching.
Lana's hand sliding over her beautiful clear skin, spreading the moisture on
her stomach and slowly gliding down until just her finger tips were tracing
along the top of her bikini bottom and back up to about her belly button.
Then on the next pass Chloe notice that Lana's fingers slipped, ever so
slightly, under the band of her bikini. Then with each pass her fingers
disappeared a little more under the bikini bottom. Over what felt like the
next twenty minutes but was probably only a few Lana's fingers slipped lower
and lower under her bikini bottoms until her whole hand was rubbing in and
out of her bottoms.

Chloe couldn't believe it, it looked like Lana was starting to masturbate
right there with Chloe next to her. In stead of being repulsed, Chloe was
getting more and more aroused. It was as if Lana were touching Chloe at the
same time as she touched herself. It was then that Chloe remembered that
just a few minutes ago she was having to concentrate on not touching herself
just like Lana was doing to herself. Chloe was mesmerized by the sight of
Lana next to her, now with her hand fully buried in her bikini and obviously
thrusting a finger into her pussy. It was just as much of a shock to Chloe
to realize that her own hand was buried deep inside her bikini and that her
own fingers were playing with her pussy and digging deep inside herself
mirroring what Lana was doing next to her.

Chloe was no longer fantasizing about Clark, she was totally engrossed in
what was happening right next to her at this very moment. She watched Lana
fingering herself, and she could see under the tight band of Lana's bikini
bottom a wisp of the light brown hair peeking out now that Lana's hand was
holding the material up. Lana's chest was rising and falling with the
slightly heavier breathing of her exertions. The sweat was gathering in
the small cleavage and in her belly button as she worked herself up toward
an orgasm. Chloe was almost as surprised as Lana, when she saw and felt her
own hand join Lana's inside the small bikini bottom.

Lana was startled when she felt a hand other than her own inside her bikini
touching her pussy. She had come here so many times by herself, and let
herself be taken over by the power of the rock so many times, that she had
totally forgotten that she wasn't here alone this time as well. Lana had
let herself go on this very rock so many times that she didn't think it so
strange that she was being touched by Chloe right now. She just let herself
enjoy the new sensation of having fingers besides her own mingling in the
juices flowing freely from deep inside her pussy. Lana pulled her own hand
out of her bikini and let Chloe touch her without the of their two hands.
Lana slid her own hands up and under her top to pinch and tweak her nipples.
She cupped her little tits, slick with sweat from her skin, and continued
to alternate between squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples.

Chloe was mesmerized by the feeling of her friend Lana's pussy. It was (at
the same time) different and the same as her own. Lana had a tiny little
clit that was just now starting to poke out to be played with. Her little
pussy lips were soft and smooth with just a small, sparse patch of hair
above her slit, but the thing that was the most wondrous was how tight she
was. If Chloe didn't know better she would swear that Lana was a virgin.
She could barely get a single finger inside of Lana's pussy, sliding it in
only because of the juices that were freely flowing out from inside.

Both girls were now beyond any kind of control as Chloe fingered Lana on
top of the rock. Chloe rolled over and pulled Lana's bottoms off with her
other hand leaving her naked from the waist down. Lana's top was up around
her neck so she could massage and squeeze her own tits. Chloe slid down and
rolled over so that her face was between Lana's legs just inches from her
pussy. Chloe had never seen anyone so close as she was now and she just
marveled at how pretty Lana's pussy was. Just like she had felt with her
fingers, Lana's pussy was small and compact with just a little spread to
the pink little lips and a small patch of hair sprouting above. Her pussy
hair was just a small oval above her slit that look like it grew in the
middle out to the sides. Unlike Chloe who had to shave her patch into a
little blond rectangle above her slit. Chloe could tell that Lana never had
to shave her pubic hair to hide it under her bikini, it was just naturally
petite, just like the rest of her.

Chloe saw Lana's little clit just peeking out over the top of her slit, so
she leaned in and gave it a little lick. It was soft and hard at the same
time and the effect of making Lana shudder. Chloe loved the musky smell of
her friends pussy and tentatively licked up the slit from the bottom
brushing over the clit once again. She liked the taste as well, she wondered
if all pussies tasted as good as her friends? Chloe then lowered her whole
mouth onto Lana's pussy and started licking up and down covering the whole
area from her tight hole to her clit. Then she tried to force her tongue up
inside her friends hole but it was so tight that she couldn't get much in,
so she pushed her middle finger up as far as she could as she licked up and
down her slit zeroing in on her clit with each pass.

Lana had totally given over to the fantasy that she thought she was having,
just like the many and varied fantasy's of the past times she sunned herself
of the rock. She reached down and grabbed Chloe by her short blond hair and
pulled her face into her pussy. She didn't care, as a matter of fact it never
occurred to her that she could smother her friend in her pussy. She just knew
that she had to have more of the sensations that she was feeling as her body
worked toward a huge climax. She pulled Chloe's head into her pussy and
humped up against the fade of her friend. She could feel the tongue slide up
and down her slit and guided the head until Chloe was licking her clit
building her toward a climax.

Chloe felt the hands entwine in her hair and didn't mind being pulled into
Lana's pussy. She was absolutely swimming in the texture and aroma of this
wonderful new feeling enveloping her. She loved licking and sucking pussy,
having her face pulled so forcefully into Lana's pussy was almost as if
they were one person. Chloe could feel every vibration and spasm of her
friends body as she licked her clit and fingered her pussy. She could tell
what her friend wanted and respond instantly to give the pleasure that was
echoing back at her through Lana's pussy and hands guiding her head and

Chloe suddenly realized that her fingers had not hit any obstruction in
Lana's pussy as she now worked two fingers as far up her pussy as she could
get them. She hadn't hit Lana's hymen so that must mean that Lana wasn't a
virgin! How could she have such a tight pussy if she wasn't a virgin. She
didn't have any more time to think about it as Lana started bucking her hips
and screaming that she was about to cum. Chloe hung on as Lana pulled her
head in tighter, and continued to suck on her clit and spin her fingers in
and out of a pussy that was clamping down on her fingers like a vise. Chloe's
face was flooded with juice as Lana had a massive and intense orgasm.

Lana was screaming as she came, her body shuddering with climax as Chloe
continued to suck her clit and drink in the juices that were freely flowing
from Lana's pussy. Chloe couldn't get enough of the sweet juice as Lana
finally came down off the massive orgasm that Chloe had given her. Even after
Lana went limp Chloe continued to suck any and all the cum that Lana had had
freely flowing from deep inside. "No, no, stop please stop, your killing me,"
Lana said as the sensations flooded from her body just as her juices had
done seconds before.

After all the screaming, Lana begging her to stop came out as barely a
whisper. It's amazing that the whole county didn't hear Lana scream in
orgasm, of course they were a long way from anything. You would have to
have super hearing to have heard what went on at the pond. Naturally
that's exactly what Clark had, super hearing.

* * *

Clark and Pete had been playing basket ball at the barn when Clark with heard
a series of screams that sounded to Clark to have come from right beside him.
Then he heard "No, no, stop please stop, your killing me!" much quieter. Pete
saw Clark freeze and then cock his head just like a dog trying to hear
something. Then Clark looked confused and his face went a little pale.

"Lana!" he shouted sounding a little confused and a little panicked or scared
just before running off at super speed. Pete was startled but jumped in his
truck to try to follow his friend.

Clark was at the edge of the pond in seconds and saw Lana on the rock in the
middle naked with someone between her legs. Before he stopped to see who was
attacking Lana he dove into the water and swam to the rock to save his true
love from whatever was happening to her. The red kryptonite that had a slow
effect on the girls had an immediate effect on Clark. As he pulled himself
onto the rock to look down on a very naked Lana, with Chloe still licking and
sucking on her pussy, it was already the bad Clark that was sizing up the

"Well, well, what have we got here?"

Lana and Chloe just about jumped out of their skin as they heard the voice
and felt the shadow fall on them. They looked up and saw Clark seemingly just
appear standing over them from a second ago when they were all alone. They
also saw at almost the same time, from their position looking up at Clark,
the huge bulge that was tenting the front of his dripping wet pants. They
were a little afraid of Clark at that minute as they saw the predatory look
in his eyes and the growing bulge in his pants.

End Part One


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