Smallville: Nights Of Passion (MF,MMF,anal,herm,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Lex Luthor woke up. It was just another day. Just another day in this
godforsaken world. He looked at the warm body next to him. It belonged to a
girl named Marcy. She was just another one of his conquests. A tall, slim
girl with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. He sat up, recalling the night
of passion they had shared. It was just that. A night of passion. He had
picked up the girl at a bar in downtown Metropolis. He bought her a drink and
a conversation ensued. Lex Luthor had a way with women. He knew how to pick
them up. He was good at it. His mode of operation was to seduce and fornicate
and then forget. Getting married was not exactly a smart decision these days.
A lot of the women out there were gold-diggers and only wanted a man's money.
Others were evil rotten bitches out to control a man's life or destroy it.
Lex Luthor did not want or need a marriage.

Last night had been pleasant. He recalled bringing Marcy home and then they
got right down to business. She had a nice body. Pretty face, big tits and a
nice ass. They started kissing in his living room and undressing right then
and there. Then, they ended up in his bedroom. She seemed eager, like she
hadn't had any in a long time. She greedily went after his cock. She took
him into her mouth and sucked on his dick. Lex groaned. She was real good at
cocksucking. She went at it for awhile until he came all over her pretty
face. She licked him dry.

Lex Luthor put on a condom and they got down to real business. He positioned
himself between her legs and thrust into her. He slid his cock inside her
pussy and started to ram it inside her. She screamed. He slammed into her as
hard as he could, barking cuss words as he fucked her. She groaned. He
continued to fuck her until she exploded into orgasmic delight and screamed
at the top of her lungs. Lex pulled out of her. They lay side by side, spent.
Almost immediately, Lex felt like he had to be elsewhere. He went into the
bathroom and took a shower. When he came back, Marcy was gone. Lex was not
surprised. Just as well. This was just a booty call. No fuss. It was simple

The next night, Lex Luthor went out in the city. He decided to try something
a little different. Lex Luthor picked up Cheryl at the Different XPerience, a
bar frequented by queers and transexuals. Cheryl was a nice-looking "girl".
Well, shemale to be exact. She was tall and curvy, with jet-black skin and
long black hair. She had the looks of a model. If she hadn't been at the bar,
Lex would never have figured out that Cheryl was a shemale. Lex picked up
Cheryl and drove home with her.

Cheryl sucked on Lex's cock and Lex thrust his cock into that warm mouth of
hers. She sucked him off until he came inside her mouth then she greedily
drank his cum. Cheryl stroked her own cock while she sucked on his. Lex was
so turned on that he decided to return the favor. He sucked on her cock and
licked at her balls. She came. He drank her jizz. He told her to bend over
and take "the treatment".

He put a condom on his cock and caressed the black shemale's perfect ass. He
parted those asscheeks and slid his cock into her tight asshole. She grunted.
He pushed and his long and thick cock went inside her. He grabbed her by the
hips and thrust in and out of her ass. She pushed back against him, driving
him deeper inside her. The sensation of a tight ass around his cock felt so
great to Lex Luthor that he soon came, filling her tight ass with his cum.

He pulled out of the black shemale's ass with a soft pop. Cheryl rolled on
her back and Lex came all over her face. They went into the shower together.
In the shower, they had sex again. Once they were done, Lex put Cheryl the
shemale in a cab and paid for the fare. Chicks with dicks rocked his world

The week was rolling by and Lex Luthor still wanted to have as much fun as he
could. He went to the bars and this time found an interesting young couple.
The guy's name was Liam Kendall. He was an engineer. He was a tall, muscular
young man with long black hair and pale green eyes. He looked like an
athlete. The girl's name was Nancy. She was almost as tall as her husband,
with a nice figure, curvy. She had short black hair and pale green eyes. Her
skin was dark bronze. A nice-looking woman. She was a secretary. Liam and
Nancy Kendall had been married for a few months now.

Liam was a forthrightly bisexual man. His wife had known long before they
were married and seemed okay with it. It seemed that they were swingers.
The minute Lex Luthor walked in, they were both staring at him. Lex was
not surprised. He was a good-looking man. Since he was feeling sexually
adventurous, he agreed to go with them.

Nancy started to suck on Lex's cock. She licked his cockhead and then sucked
on his balls. Lex Luthor moaned. She was a really good cocksucker. He tried
to hold it in but her mouth was like a milking machine. He came and she drank
his cum. Without missing a single drop. All this happened with her husband
watching. Lex told Nancy something he wanted to try and she agreed to do it.
Lex took some lotion and rubbed some on his condom-covered cock and then
rubbed some between the cheeks of Nancy's spread ass. Lex rubbed his cock
against her fine ass.

He entered her asshole with one firm thrust. Nancy gasped but did not scream.
Lex thrust his ccok into her ass and fucked her. She grunted and pushed back
against him. He slammed his cock deep inside her ass. He pushed it to the
limit. She screamed. Her asshole clenched around his cock, squeezing it. Lex
groaned in pleasure and continued to thrust against the pressure encircling
his member. He soon came, flooding her tight asshole with his cum. She
screamed at the top of her lungs. Lex pulled out of her.

Nancy's husband had watched as Lex Luthor fucked his wife. He decided to
join in on the fun. Liam came and pulled Nancy closer to him. Nancy was
still recuperating from Lex Luthor's assfucking. Liam put his cock inside
his wife's pussy and thrust. Nancy winced when her husband's thick cock
entered her. He put his hand upon her hip and started to fuck her. Hard
and fast. His cock slammed into her pussy. Lex Luthor watched all this
while stroking his cock. He came up behind Liam and put his hand on the
athletic man's buttocks. Liam Kendall had a nice ass. Lex loved a nice
ass. He loved fucking them and didn't care who they belonged to. Lex
Luthor put his cock against Liam's butthole and pushed. Liam grunted
when Lex Luthor's cock entered his tight ass. It felt so huge.

Nancy was caressing her breasts and looking up at Liam as he slammed his
cock into her pussy. Lex Luthor was thrusting in and out of Liam's ass and
Liam Kendall was taking it like a champ. Lex fucked him hard, drilling into
him. Liam had a wonderful, tight ass. Just like his wife did. Lex slammed
into him. Hard and fast. He felt a familiar rush in his loins and came. At
the same time, Liam came inside his wife. They screamed in orgasmic delight,
pulled out of each other's bodies and lay on the bed, spent.

A little while later, Lex Luthor took his leave of the Kendalls. He had fun.
The night was still young. For a bisexual multibillionnaire like himself,
there was so much fun to be had. He drove on the road, checking out the bar
scene. He was far away from the influence of his father and of the Kent
family in Smallville. He wanted to have as much fun as could be had. No love.
Just sex, drugs and fun. That's the way life should be. Lex wondered what
Clark Kent would have thought if he knew that Lex Luthor swung both ways and
was content to break the hearts of both men and women. What would Clark Kent
think? Clark was the most decent guy Lex knew. He probably wouldn't like it.
He always took the moral high ground. That was just like Clark Kent. Lex
wondered what his secret was. Someday, he would figure it out. For now, he
would have fun.

The End


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