Smallville: New And Modern Gods (MF,MFF,inter,herm)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Clark Kent was tired of it all. He was sick and tired of all of it. Living
with the people of Smallville. Pretending to be an ordinary mortal. He was
tired of hiding. He used his powers to help people but always they turned on
him. There wasn't a single man or woman on earth who could be fully trusted.
Men and women were experts at hurting each other. They were so gross
sometimes. An endless charade of lying, cheating, plotting and scheming.
They made him sick. Men and women.

They were so petty and cruel. Also, they lacked intelligence and were frail.
They claimed to want uniqueness yet feared anyone who wasn't exactly like
them. They cheated on their mates and would do anything to make a buck or
save their own butts. They were losers, the whole lot of them.

Clark Kent left Smallville. He traveled all the way to the city of
Metropolis. It was a big city. There were lots of interesting men and women
there. Lots. Also a lot of money to be made. Clark Kent had taken his Red
Kryptonite Ring and put it on. It turned him into Kal, his arrogant, bitter,
narcissistic and ruthlessly ambitious self. Clark Kent had been raised to
believe in humanity and help people. Kal saw himself as a conqueror and the
rightful ruler of earth. The first thing Kal did was to create others like

He had a scientist named Ed Hamilton use the green kryptonite and create a
drug with it, the Emerald Formula. The Emerald Formula became the most sought
after drug in America. Teenagers craved it. Kal had his people cut deals with
the mob to distribute it. So, millions of people took the drug. It was just a
short term high for most of them. But a few of them were changed because of
it. They became Metas, human beings with extraordinary powers. The Metas
formed gangs. Super-powered kids became the bane of America.

The world came to know of these freaks. To say that a few people were
paranoid because other people might be freaks with powers is an
understatement. They panicked. The people of America demanded of their
government to protect them. The US government created a special task
force to hunt down and capture these mutated humans. The SMHCT or
Special Meta Human Control Taskforce.

The men and women of SMHCT had nationwide jurisdiction and could hunt mutants
everywhere. The mutants did not like being hunted. They were discriminated
against. They sought a leader. Kal saw himself as that leader.

He ruled Metropolis. And no one knew who he was. Kal had some powerful
allies. His right hand man was Jack Dwyer, a tall and red-haired young man
who had been a skilled assassin before taking the Emerald Formula and been
changed. Dwyer gained some special abilities. He could walk through walls
and become invisible. An assassin's dream.

There were other mutants who served Kal.

Karen Dinkis, a tall young black woman with a shaved head. She had been a
prostitute when Kal rescued her from the bad life, and transformed her into
a being of great power. Karen Dinkis gained the ability to control metal.
She was utterly loyal to Kal and viewed him as master and savior. He was
good to her, demanded only her loyalty and friendship and respected her.

Justin Melvin, a disgruntled ex-banker whose wife left him for some black
guy and took his money. The Formula changed Justin. He gained the ability
to become pure electricity. The first thing he did was kill his ex and her
black lover. He regained custody of his children and his self respect.

Then there was Matthew Johnson. Johnson was once a gifted athlete, until he
lost his leg in an accident. The Formula changed him. It made him a mutant,
like it did nearly two out of ten people who took it and gave him the ability
to regenerate. His leg grew back. Not only that but he became stronger and
faster as well.

All three of these people were loyal to Kal. He gave them gifts no ordinary
human being could have. They not only did his bidding but sought out other
mutants. Kal had a vision of a world where mutants ruled and the planet
earth was at peace, all nations united under the rule of one person, him.
The Triad, as Kal's first acolytes were called were great. They helped him
take over the Metropolis mob and the business world.

Kal ruled the city of Metropolis from a tall building. It was where he ran
his operations. He was one bored guy. The city wasn't much of a challenge.
When you could lift a hundred thousand times your own weight and run at
several thousand miles per second, nothing was much of a challenge. His
powers had increased since he'd gotten rid of his Clark Kent persona. Clark
Kent was boring. Always helping people. Growing up like a stupid farm boy
in Kansas. Never enjoying life. Never showing himself as he was. Unlike Kal.
Kal feared nothing, since nothing on earth could stop him. He had sent teams
to Smallville to collect all of the meteor rocks and break them down to make
more of the Formula. He had sent it overseas. In places like Asia, Africa
and Europe. Mutants were popping up all over the place. He knew normal humans
feared what they did not understand and that they would try to hurt the
mutants. Mutants who were tired of being harassed and harmed by humans would
unite and seek a leader. Kal was more than happy to be their leader.


Kal needed to relax. He called to have someone sent in. When he opened the
door he saw a young woman standing in front of him. She must have been all of
25 years old. She had on a black blouse. Open about 3 buttons. Her cleavage
was showing. He would say about a 36B with a tight bra, that made them come
up and out. She stood about 5'7" with 3" heels. She had a mini skirt on that
made her legs look longer. Stockings and a red bow in her hair. She looked
like she just came home from school. He smiled at her.

"Hi, I'm Judy. You called for a massage. Have you ever had a 'Totally Sexy
Massage"? Her tongue came out and licked her upper lip. She took a deep
breath and held it. Her breast almost popped out of her top.

He grinned. "Sure thing, girl."

She started on his back. First with his legs. Her hands went up and down
his legs. Stopping just before hitting his cock. Kal was feeling better
then he had felt in weeks. Her hands went to his back. This woman could
give a massage. She worked his back. Then down they went. Down to his ass.
She pulled the towel down and started to massage his ass cheeks. He was
breathing deeper by now. And her hands felt great kneading and rubbing his
cheeks. He almost forgot the real reason he called her. Now her hands went
lower. Right to the base of my his ass. Right to the spot that his balls
started. Then down his legs. Believe it or not, he did not have a hard on
yet. It felt that great. Next, she told him to turn around and let her do
his front. He obeyed.

"Now I'm going to suck your cock. I'm going to take it into my mouth and
suck you till you scream... or cream." she said. With that she took hold
of his cock. Looked at it and then kissed the tip. Her mouth open and with
one downward motion took the whole cock in. He's not that big. About 6.5."
But that bitch took it all in one try. No woman has ever done that. Her
mouth started to make love to his cock. Not like the others that let you
fuck her mouth. But she made love to it. Judy loved to suck cock. Her mouth
came off his cock and then back down. Up and down. Her tongue was moving to
the right and left. Her mouth going up and down. All at the same time. This
girl could give a dead man a hard on. Kal knew he was going to cum. And she
knew it too. She suddenly stopped. "I've got a surprise for you!" she said.

Kal ran his hand up between her legs and was hell bent on sticking his
finger up her cunt as he came. He felt her stockings, the top of them and
then he felt her cold leg. Her smooth thigh and then her lace panties. Her
shaved legs. He felt both legs and he knew I soon would feel her shaved
pussy. Kal felt the heat from her and then he felt... A cock. He felt a
cock. How could she have a cock. It was to be a shaved pussy. But it was a
large shaved cock. All this time she had a cock and not a pussy. Judy kept
on sucking him. Her hand was jacking him off and she was going to make him
cum. Kal could not believe his eyes. Judy looked at him. She was so
beautiful. "Suck me!" she ordered.

Kal hesitated. She grabbed his head, pried open his mouth and shoved her
large cock into his mouth. Kal hesitated, then went along with it. He sucked
her cock, and she held his head the whole time. Kal could not believe this.
He was sucking the cock of a she-male.

"Now you are a true cock sucker. Now you know how it feels. And now I'll
teach you how to take it in your ass." Kal kept sucking Judy's cock until
she came. She came all over his face and Kal/Clark Kent sucked her cum.
"You're a good little bitch!" The beautiful shemale said.

Next, she had him lie down on the table. She sucked his cock until he was
rock hard, taking time to pleasure him. Kal felt like he was in heaven. He
didn't care that she was really a T-girl. A She-male. He lay on his back,
and watched as she spread his legs and parted his asscheeks with her slim
yet strong hands. He looked at her cock. It was huge. At least eleven inches
long and thick. A monster cock. Kal felt scared and strangely excited.

She took some oil and oiled up his ass. Then she placed her huge cock head
at the entrance of Kal's asshole. She pushed. Kal gasped. Judy the she-male
entered Kal's ass, going in and out. Kal felt like he was being torn apart.
Judy pulled back, then shoved her cock deep into Kal's ass. Kal gritted his
teeth as she assaulted his rectum. She was stroking his cock with one hand
and fucking his ass with her cock while using her other hand to support
herself. There was a nasty smile on her strikingly beautiful face. "Like
that, uh, bitch?" she asked.

Kal couldn't speak. Judy's huge cock inside his ass felt like a spear of
fire. He felt like it was growing bigger and hotter by the minute. Finally,
Judy closed her eyes and thrust with all her might in one swift motion that
drove her into Kal's bowels, about as deep as possible. Kal howled. Judy
kept fucking him, hard and fast. He could feel her balls hitting his butt
cheeks as her huge cock ravaged his asshole. She shot her load, sending hot
cum deep inside him. Kal howled in pain.

She had just groaned out when someone walked in. It was Karen Dinkis, the
black woman Kal hired to be his enforcer. She walked in on them, and gasped.
Karen could not believe what she saw. Kal, the young man she had come to
trust and love like a master and a brother was on a desk, getting his ass
fucked by some...thing. It wasn't a man or really a woman either. It was one
of those freaks her kid brother used to have magazines of. She-males. Chicks
with Dicks. She could not believe Kal was into them. "Get away from him,
bitch!" Karen said to the shemale.

Judy turned and looked at the black woman. "He's taken, honey!" she said.
Karen surged forward as if to attack the abomination who was fucking her
master. Judy grinned. "But we could share him!"

Karen looked at Kal. Then at Judy. She could not believe she was even
considering this...

Kal sat up on the desk and looked at the beautiful black woman kneeling
before him. Karen took Kal's cock in her mouth. Kal relaxed as Karen sucked
his cock. He loved the feel of a woman's mouth around his cock. He fucked
her mouth, hard. Then he and Judy proceeded to excite Karen. Kal ate Karen's
pussy while Judy licked Karen's ass and fondled her tits. Soon, the young
man and the she-male had the black woman screaming in ecstacy. Kal positioned
himself, entering Karen's moist pussy while Karen sucked Judy's huge cock.
Karen kept undulating her hips and writhing as Kal fucked her, hard. He went
in and out, loving the feel of her pussy walls.

Meanwhile, Karen's incessant sucking brought Judy off and the she-male came
all over the black woman's face. Judy decided to have a go with Karen's
pussy and Karen agreed, lying on her back and spreading her legs. Judy teased
Karen, rubbing her huge cock against Karen's pussy. "Stop teasing, I want it
now!" said Karen.

Judy complied and went in. Karen's pussy was already lubricated from the cum
deposit made by Kal's cock but that did not help her much when it came to
Judy's cock. It was fucking huge. Kal came behind Judy and teased her nice
round ass with his cock. She pushed back and turned to look at him.

"Take me!" she said.

Kal grinned and, taking her butt with his hands parted her lovely cheeks. He
placed his cock at the door of her anus, and pushed. Judy thrust hard into
Karen just Kal shoved his cock into Judy's hot she-male ass as hard as he
could. "That's it, fuck me!" cried Judy.

Kal went in, plowing her ass with his huge cock. He went deep into Judy's
bowels, which caused her to scream and plunge deeper into Karen's pussy.
Karen reached with her hands and fondled the beautiful breasts of her
she-male lover and suckled them. Judy felt a thrill down her spine. The
sensation of Karen's lips and hands on her tits, Kal's hard cock in her ass
and Karen's warm pussy around her cock brought her off. Judy screamed in
sheer pleasure as she came deep inside Karen Dinkis. At the same time, her
ass clenched around Kal's cock and he shot his cum inside her. The three of
them went like this for a minute before collapsing on the floor.

They spent time pleasuring one another, with Karen sucking Judy's cock while
Kal fucked Judy in the ass. Kal licked Karen's pussy while taking Judy in her
ass. Finally, Karen told them of her curiosity about anal sex and Kal lubed
up her ass as Judy instructed then fucked her virgin ass gently. Karen was
on all fours, sucking Judy's cock while Kal fucked her ass. Kal loved the
feeling of the black woman's hot virgin ass. She was so friggin tight. He
soon came, sending his cum deep inside her. Karen screamed in pain and
pleasure as Kal's hot cum filled her booty hole. They went at this for a
ong time.

Then all three of them dressed. Kal paid Judy's fee, $1000 and Karen went
along as if nothing had happened. She was kind of hoping this would bring her
closer to her boss, since she has had feelings for him for a long time but he
did not want to repeat that episode again.

Kal went to his apartments and took time to shower. He had enjoyed the, uh,
festivities. He had been surprised all right. Enjoying the best of both
worlds. Fucking Judy the gorgeous she-male had been a treat but taking
Karen's anal that was something. Wow. He needed time to vent.
So, he sent Karen Dinkis to supervise something in Gotham city. He felt good
and confident and surprisingly versatile. He had millions of dollars at his
disposal and thousands of super-powered men and women ready to do anything he
wanted. He also had great powers and the will and ambition to use them. So,
what was he missing? Not a damn thing. He had wealth, power, and all the sex
a man could and some a man did not want, eh eh. He looked at the glowing red
kryptonite ring on his hand. And kissed it. This was the source of his
confidence and true power. The Red Kryptonite showed him his True Self as
opposed to the farm boy his adoptive parents tried to make him out to be.

The End


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