Smallville: Nasty Surprise (mmff,inter,herm)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Powers that ruled the Universe looked upon the Earth and saw its next
champion. They were curious as to whether or not he deserved his role. There
were Three Powers. The Judge, the Watcher and the Keeper. They focused their
cosmic minds upon the mundane world of Man.

His name was Clark Kent. He was the son of Martha and Jonathan Kent of
Smallville. He went to Smallville high school. He was also not human. His
real parents were from another world. The world of Krypton. It was far away
from Earth. He was an alien. As such he had extraordinary powers. He was
very strong. Strong enough to lift a truck and toss it into the air. Also,
he could run at several hundred miles per hour. He could not be hurt, except
by the radioactive material called Kryptonite.

Presently, he was nervous. He was going to see his friends. It was something
they had planned for awhile. A special get together. It was going to be him,
his best friend Pete Ross, Lana Lang and their friend Chloe.

Clark hurried up to Lana's house. He entered quickly. Recently he had come
clean to all his friends about his alien nature. They were okay with it, it
seemed. He worried, though. Especially about Lana. She had told him she was
okay with him and told him she still trusted and loved him. He was so happy.
So he went there.

He entered Lana's house and saw her. He went to her and said, "Hey."

She smiled at him. There she was. Lana Lang. The girl of his dreams. A
slender brunette with a killer body and a sweet, beautiful face.

Then there was Chloe. His friend. Chloe was a slim girl with blonde hair and
blue eyes. She was quite petite. "Hey, Clark," she said.

Clark smiled pleasantly at Chloe. He noticed the presence of Pete Ross. Pete
was a black guy, athletic and a great friend. They were cool together.

"Seems everyone is here," said Lana. "We can get started."

They put on some music and started to dance. Soon everyone was pretty
loosened up and having some fun. Clark danced with Chloe first then Lana.
Pete danced with Chloe and Clark noticed the two were close together and
smiling and touching in an affectionate way. Clark took this as his cue
and did the same to Lana. He held her beautiful face in his hands and told
her he loved her.

Lana smiled, but Clark noticed there was a hint of sadness in her face. He
asked her about it and she told him she was just so happy to see him and
wished they could be together. Clark was stunned. These were the words he
always wanted to hear from Lana Lang. Ever since he first met her. He asked
her what was wrong and she took his hand and led him into her private

She sat him down. He sat and looked at her. "Clark, there's something I've
been meaning to tell you," she said. She hesitated. He looked at her.
Whatever it was, they would handle it together. They were friends and more
than that. He loved her. He could not figure out what was so terrible she
could not tell him. After all, he was an alien from another planet. His
world had been destroyed long ago and he was the last of his species. Lana
hesitated a long time then she told him. Clark was stunned. He could not
believe it. Lana was...what? NO way!

She slowly undressed. He saw her beautiful body. Womanly curves. Tight butt.
Nice tits. And something that did not quite belong. A cock. Yes, Lana was a
shemale. Clark was stunned. He was a guy so he spent a lot of time watching
porn. He had seen it all. From hardcore to anal to bbw to incest to bisexual
(male and female) to shemales. All porn was okay by him but he liked straight
sex, thank you very much. And yet the love of his life, the woman he had
loved was a shemale. He could not understand it. Lana told him how once she
touched a man while he was having sex with her. There were meteor rocks
nearby and they did something to her. She was all woman...with a dick.

He was shocked. She told him how this happened not long after the football
player she once loved, Whitney died. It was shocking and revolting. Clark
felt himself be disgusted. Oh, he liked sex and his attitude toward it was
to each his own but he would never fuck chicks with dicks. He didn't mind
seeing them on the Net but seeing and doing were two different things.

"Who knows?" he asked.

Lana told him how she only told Chloe and Pete. Clark was shocked that Pete
knew and did not tell him. He roared in frustration. The noise brought Chloe
and Pete into the room. He looked at them accusingly.

"You knew?" he said.

Pete started to explain. Clark would not calm down. He was fantasizing about

Lana avoided his eyes and stared at the floor. She said she still loved him
and would do anything for him. He was about to leave when she threw herself
at his feet and told him she loved him. He looked at her. She wore a red
shirt with a short black dress. She was so beautiful and now he knew what was
underneath...still, he loved her. By the Gods, he still loved her!

Slowly Lana got up and hugged him. To everyone's surprise, Clark hugged her

Chloe and Pete breathed easier.

Lana looked into Clark's eyes and saw fear. He had a right to be scared but
she would take care of him. She kissed him. He hesitated then kissed her
back. Slowly they undressed each other. He kissed her breast. She was naked
and so was he. They looked at each other and he was fascinated by her dual
nature. Feminine beauty and masculine power. Now he knew what they meant by
best of both worlds.

They fondled each other and noticed that Pete and Chloe were doing the same.
Pretty soon all four friends were naked in Lana Lang's living room. Clark sat
down a Lana leaned over to suck his cock. She was amazed. It was ten inches
long and fairly thick too. She sucked it lovingly and Clark closed his eyes.
Chloe meanwhile was busy getting her pussy eaten by a very eager Pete Ross.
Lana Lang lay on her back and took Clark's cock. She told him to fuck her.

He hesitaed and she was saddened. He took one look into her pretty face and
all his inhibitions vanished. He was a young man making love to a pretty
girl. Nothing wrong with that even if she was a little different. She guided
the shy young man into her ass. Clark entered Lana's ass gently. Lana gasped
when Clark's cock entered her ass. He fucked her, going deep into her pucked
hole. She gasped and ordered him to fuck her harder. He began to pump her
ass. She tightened around him.

He turned around to see Chloe straddling Pete. Pete's black monster cock
entered Chloe's pussy. Clark smiled at her. He resumed fucking Lana. She was
kissing him as he fucked her, going from swearing to muttering sweet words
of love to him. Finally he came in her ass, shooting his load of cum deep
into her bowels. Lana screamed. She smiled at her lover as he slowly withdrew
his cock from her ass then kissed her. "Thanks," she said.

Clark and Lana sat back on the couch, watching Pete and Chloe fuck. Pete had
the blonde girl on all fours. Clark leaned over to see more clearly. Lana
looked at his butt. It looked great. No, she wasn't gonna....well....she had
thought about it. She went behind him and hugged him. Clark grabbed her hand
and kissed it, watching Pete fuck Chloe. The girl was panting and moaning
loudly as eleven inches went inside her tight pussy. Lana took Clark's hand
and muttered something in his ear. He gasped. "No," he said. "No."

She smiled and pleaded and soon he felt his reserves melting away. First Lana
sucked his cock then had him lie down on the hard wooden kitchen table. Clark
was scared but Lana was in charge now. "Now my sweet boy. I'm going to fuck
you. You need to get fucked don't you?"

"Yes Please. Go slow. Remember I'm a virgin. I'm your virgin. Please don't
hurt me." He felt her pushing in. It felt like all no other. But He knew that
it was a girl cock going in.

"You do have a nice ass. Tight. Hot. Smooth. And it is going to get fucked
by me. Feel my cock going in? Tell me what does it feel like?"

"Lana, it feels so nice. I can feel the heat coming from you cock. Faster.
Push it all the way in. Let me feel you fuck me. Please. Please."

It felt great. It felt like she was sticking in a foot of cock. She went that
slow as she pushed it in. Then He felt her balls slap his balls. That is one
thing he liked when he bent over. He gets to feel balls on my balls. His cock
was about half hard.

"Now I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you like you have never been
fucked." And she did. Her soft hands held my hips and kept me from moving.
Her hips pull back and that shot forward. Her cock came out and then back in.
Out and in. Out and in. Slow and then fast. Then faster. Slower and faster.
He could hear her, talking and telling me what she was doing.

"I'm fucking you virgin ass. I'm pulling my cock out of your tight ass and
then pushing it back in. Hard and then soft. Now I'm going to hump you,
Clark." And she did. Lana fucked him like no one has ever fucked him before.
He could feel her all the way in his ass. She had only 6 and 1/4" but it felt
like a foot. He had tears in his eyes and He knew he would come soon. He only
hoped that she cum with him. He felt vaguely ashamed but the feeling was so

Clark realized Chloe and Pete were watching intently as he got fucked by
Lana. The slender girl fucked his ass. Hard. He screamed. Chloe came over and
kissed Clark on the mouth and smiled at him. She always wanted to see him get her though, not by Lana and especially not by this mutant Lana.

Finally Lana pulled her cok from Clark's tight ass. Chloe went in front of
him and saw Clark's gaping asshole. Then she gasped when she saw the size of
Lana's cock. She looked at it hungrily. Lana smiled and told Chloe to do her
thing. Chloe came and took Lana's cock in her mouth. Chloe got a surprise
when Clark, back in action even after Lana split his asshole positioned
himsef behind her. Chloe groaned in pleasure when Clark entered her pussy
from behind. At least he still liked pussy. He fucked her hard and fast.

Then Lana lay on her back while Clark plowed her ass with his cock and Chloe
sucked Lana's cock. They went at this for several minutes. Lana said she
wanted to fuck pussy and ass and Chloe obliged. Lana fucked her pussy hard,
going deep then she shoved her hard cock into Chloe's tight asshole. Chloe

Pete finally joined in the fun. He began to fuck Lana's ass while Clark
put his cock in Lana's mouth and Chloe sucked Lana off. They fucked Lana
senseless, but somehow she still had enough energy left in her to demand
Pete's ass. She shoved her dick inside the black boy and began to fuck
him hard as he screamed.

Chloe went to Lana's erotica drawer and got a strap on. She fucked Clark's
ass and sucked him off to get him hard. He returned the favor by shoving his
cock up her pussy then up her ass.

They formed a love pile. Chloe fucking Clark's ass with a strap on. Clark
fucking Lana's ass with his big cock and Lana's own cock deep up Pete Ross's

It was an amazing day. The four friend fucked each other all day long until
three cocks were milked dry, four asses were plowed deep and one pussy
repeatedly violated.

Finally, Chloe and Pete left. They had enjoyed themselves and made plans to
see each other again. Clark and Lana had the house all to themselves. They
fucked each other senseless when their friends left. Finally they were tired.
Lana lay in bed with Clark, cradled in his strong arms.

"Clark, do you love me?" she asked.

He said, "Yes."

"Even if i'm different?" she said.


"Good." she kissed him tenderly.

He loved this girl and wanted to be with her, even if she was a real pain in
the ass...literally. He would love her no matter what anyone said. She was a
woman...only different. To each his own.

He held her like this until dawn. When they woke up, Lana went to the
bathroom. Then she screamed. Clark rushed to see her. He saw her gasping,
trembling. She was standing naked in the shower. He saw....or did not see
something. "My cock!" she said. "It's gone."

He looked at her and indeed saw that she was now a normal woman, with a
pussy. Her, extra thing was gone. He could not explain it. "How?" he asked.

Lana looked at him. She was so happy. "Last night we had unprotected sex,"
she said. "Your alien DNA must have cured me. I'm a real again."

Clark looked at her as she jumped up and down in happiness. How he loved her.

* * *

They went to doctors. The doctors said everything was fine. Lana Lang was one
hundred percent woman. There was no trace of her phallus. Lana went to Chloe
and Pete. They too were shocked. And thrilled. Chloe's best friend was a girl
again. Of course, she would miss that long hard rudder. Clark was happy. He
loved Lana and she was a girl again.

He and Pete went to see a baseball game on tv. Chloe and Lana went shopping.
Lana was glad to be a girl again. She seemed a bit sad, though. "I'm gonna
miss fucking tight asses," she giggled.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Do what all kinky girls too, darling, get a strap on
and fuck your man."

Lana smiled and winked at Chloe. Chloe understood that look. She'd seen it
last night. "I want to fuck a girl as a girl," said Lana.

Chloe smiled. "Lesbo sex, uh?"


The two friends smiled and kissed.

Like typical guys, Clark and Pete would be into the game all afternoon. They
would fuck while the guys were away. "One more thing," Lana said as they
passed an adult shop. "We must get a strap on."

Chloe smiled. This was turning out to be a great week altogether. She had
fucked Clark and Lana and Pete. They would become better friends. And the
weird mutation which made Lana Lang a shemale was reversed as if by magic
and she was as womanly as she had ever been. Well, Chloe was about to get
womanly with her soon enough. She looked forward to her new life with her
three best friends turned lovers.

* * *

The Powers saw all this. The alien loved the girl unconditionally. It was
the Watcher who changed Lana from a girl to a shemale. It was he also who
made her a full woman again. He told his cosmic colleagues it was a test of
Clark Kent's acceptance and love of people if he were to be a hero in these
strange times. He passed with flying colors. The Others agreed and they
focused their attention elsewhere. Wasn't there a vampire with a soul
somewhere with a problem? Hmm. Perhaps they would intervene.

The End


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