Smallville: Metropolis Year One (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent walked all over Metropolis. He was a tall, black-haired caucasian
male with steel-blue eyes. A handsome man clad in a black suit. Looking at
him, one would have thought him to be quite ordinary. But he wasn't.

He was the last survivor of the Planet Krypton. Krypton was a planet
inhabited by humanoids quite similar to those of Earth. They were
energy-based lifeforms as opposed to Carbon-based. They lived under a
red sun, which negated their bodies's energy absorption powers. When
the planet Krypton was faced with destruction, a Kryptonian family
sent its only son out on a spaceship to the planet Earth so that he
might live.

That son was him. The Kryptonian infant and his spaceship arrived on Earth,
in the state of Kansas somewhere in North America. It was found by farmers
Jonathan and Martha Kent who raised the boy as their own and named him Clark
Kent. Clark Kent looked exactly like a human being but he was not human.
Under the Earth's Yellow Sun, his Kryptonian body's energy absorption process
was activated. The light of the Sun powered him, giving him phenomenal
physical strength and speed as well as invulnerability and the power of
flight. He became the most powerful being on the Planet Earth.

Clark's spaceship had come with a bunch of meteorites, chunks of the planet
Krypton. Those pieces of meteor, called Kryptonite could trigger genetic
mutation in Earth humans. Clark Kent spent a good part of his teenage years
in Smallville battling the mutated humans there. They developed powers due
to their mutation and didn't always use them for a good purpose.

Clark Kent had left Smallville after graduation. He won an academic
scholarship to Kansas State University. At Kansas State, he met fellow
smallville high graduates Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross. Lana Lang left
Smallville and went to Los Angeles to become a model/actress.

Clark had begun to toy with the idea of wearing a costume to help people. He
wasn't too into it, though. He had recently told the truth to Chloe Sullivan,
the cute petite blonde who had been his friend since first grade. She had
been shocked. Clark told her everything. She was mad at him for not telling
her sooner yet glad he decided to tell her the truth.

Right now, Clark Kent was tracking down a rather infamous super-thug.
Supposedly, a young man named George Calixte had gone to Smallville and been
changed by the Kryptonite there. He gained some amazing abilities, such as
super strength and speed. The cops could not stop him. He had robbed sixteen
banks in one week, by himself. He had left five police officers dead and six
wounded at his last raid. George Calixte called himself the Master. Clark
knew the Master had to be stopped. And he tried to stop him. Clark fought him
with all he got. The Master was powerful but not powerful enough to stop
Clark. Clark basically kicked his ass. But not before the Master sprayed him
with Kryptonite. Clark's scream of pain could be heard for several blocks.
The Kryptonite negated his powers. The Master trapped him inside a warehouse.
Clark lay there, wounded and dying, a piece of Kryptonite on his chest. He
couldn't believe he was going to die like this, a 19-year old college
freshman in Metropolis. He weakly searched his pocket for his cellphone and
dialed a number.

Across the city, Chloe Sullivan picked up her phone with some reluctance. She
was in the middle of a class of Journalism. She stepped out, fully intending
to give the called a piece of her mind. "Who the hell is this?" she asked.

A male voice spoke. It was Clark. "Chloe...hurt...Kryptonite."

Chloe gasped. "Where are you, Clark?" she asked.

"I'm at the corner of 45th and Madison....hurry...." he croaked.

Chloe hung up. What could have happened to Clark? She knew him well enough
to know he could handle just about anything. So what could have been so
terrible that he needed her help? She ran to 45th and Madison. It was a dank
place, full of abandoned warehouses. She could see severe dents in a wall.
Dents made by superstrong hands. Clark had to be in there. She went in
carefully. The place was kind of dark. "Clark, where are you?" she said.

No answer. She kept walking until she heard a faint moan. She walked toward
the noise. Near a window, lying exposed and helpless was Clark Kent. Chloe's
heart leapt in her chest. She quickly knelt beside him. "Clark, damnit...what
the hell has happened??"

He looked at Chloe with drunken red eyes. She took the chunk of Kryptonite
off his chest. "It was the Master, he beat me." he said.

Ten minutes later, she had gotten Clark into a taxi. Chloe found herself
sitting in the back seat with Simons head in her lap. While the taxi drove
through the streets to Clark's home. Chloe had known Clark Kent pretty much
all her life. They had hung out together as kids. Went to the same schools.
Even went to the same college now. Though she hadn’t seen a whole lot to him
during those years. He had faced difficulties before. He was her very best
friend. And had been so all her life. And not even when things had been
really bad, had she seen him like this. And it hurt her to see that. She
gently stroked his hair, and looked down at him. Clark Kent was sound asleep.
But he responded to her touch by moving closer to her. Chloe sighed.
Something REALLY bad most have happened.

The cap pulled in, in front of Clark Kent's apartment. The driver looked back
at Chloe.

"Lady, it looks like you could use a hand with your boyfriend there".

Chloe looked at the driver , while trying to pull Clark Kent out of the taxi.

"He’s not my boyfriend," she said softly.

The cabdriver just smiled. "Okay whatever Lady. Want a hand with him or

Chloe just nodded. After a while they had gotten Clark to the door. Chloe
paid the cab driver, even gave him an extra couple of bucks for his help.

There was some response from Clark Kent, though not much. But enough so his
feet actually supported some of him, making it much easier for Chloe to move
him around. Clark was by no means a big guy. Only about 6'1 , and not very
heavy. But compared to Chloe he was quite a handful. She was no more than a
petite 5”3 and muscle power was not something she had a whole lot of. So a
weakened and sleepy Clark Kent was more than enough for her to handle. But
she managed quite good, and got him inside his house. With plenty of light
the living room, she could plainly see where the Master had hurt him...
didn’t look good. Nope, not at all. She got him inside the bedroom, and sat
him down on the bed.

"What am I gonna do with you, sweet boy?"

She mumbled, while looking at, a rather pathetic looking Clark. She sighed
and started to undress him, pulling off his shirt. Clark just sat there dazed
and let her do whatever she wanted. He was in a whole other world. Looking at
Clark's naked torso, Chloe smiled a little wicked smile. Oh boy, it looked
like it has been longer than she had thought, since she had seen Clark bare
chested. He had a nice, well trained chest and a six pack to go with it. By
no means over done. But it looked nice and firm. Chloe let her hands run over
his chest. Yes indeed nice and firm. Oddly, and even though Clark Kent was
her best friend, Chloe Sullivan found herself getting turned on by this. She
unbuttoned his pants and started to pull them off him. As the first result,
Clark fell back on his back. He was wearing tight jeans, so it wasn’t that
easy to pull them off. But Clark just kept pulling. After one last hard pull,
Chloe landed on her butt with Clark Kent's pants in her hands...and his
boxers. She looked down at them, and then up at Clark. There he lay,
Completely naked and defenseless. Chloe stood up and looked down at him. He
looked really good as he lay there. Chloe couldn’t help but to look at his

"Oh my God..."

She quietly mumbled. In spite of Clark's weakened condition, his cock was
rock hard and pulsating. Chloe looked wide eyed at his member. It wasn't
that it was long, even though it had a nice length to it. But DAMN it was
thick. Chloe reached out and touched it. She smiled wickedly. She never
thought she would actually touch Clark like this. She wrapped her fingers
around his cock. Damn, she couldn't even close her hand around it. It was
that thick. She let her hand stroke him up and down a few times. Which
caused Clark Kent to moan in his daze. Chloe Sullivan couldn't believe she
was actually doing this. But she found herself extremely turned on by it.
She kept stroking him a few times more, now breathing quite heavily herself.
She licked her lips. Oh she just had to try. She bent over Clark and lifted
his cock to her mouth. She let her tongue flick across the head a few times,
circling around the crown, before she opened up and sucked the head into her
mouth. She had to strain her jaws to get it in there. Never before had she
touched, sucked, let alone fucked a cock this thick. Clark filled her mouth
completely, only allowing her tongue to move around a little, and she loved
it. Chloe sucked gently on Clark's cock, moving her tongue around the head.
Tasting him long and good. Bopping her head a bit to get more of him inside
her. Clark moaned, then jerked awake.


Chloe looked down between his legs and saw his best friend Chloe Sullivan
giving him a blowjob. Clark's eyes grew wide. He couldn't even remember
meeting Chloe.

"Chloe??? What?? But?? I...”

He had absolutely no idea what to say. He just looked dumbfounded at Chloe
sucking on his cock. Chloe Sullivan looked up and saw Clark Kent looking at
her. She hadn't even heard him say anything. Surprised she jerked her head
back. Clark's cock left her mouth with an audible pop. She quickly stood up
and blushed to 35 shades of red.

"Clark, I'm sorry...I..."

Chloe stumbled over the words, looking down at her feet. What had she been
thinking? Blowing Clark Kent……Damn. She felt like hitting herself with a
large and heavy hammer.

Clark sat up straight, looking wide eyed at Chloe. The surprise of waking,
and then finding Chloe, of all people, between his legs, with his cock in
her mouth, had not yet left him completely. Neither was he quite sure what
to say to her. He only knew, and was painfully aware that he had loved what
she had done. Clark got up and walk to Chloe, took her by the shoulders and
turned her towards him.

Clark Kent knew if he took her in his arms he would be lost in her. If she
took him in her arms, he would be lost. Basically he would be lost. Clark
took a good long look in Chloe's eyes, he saw nothing but love there.
Looking within himself, he found nothing but love there either. Chloe looked
into Clark's eyes and realized she loved him. Perhaps it has always been
there. But she had just denied what she felt. And now it hit her like a ton
of bricks. She wanted to be with him, she wanted to love him, she wanted to
make love long and hard with him. A single tear appeared at the corner of
her eye.

That got Clark Kent going. To hell with it all, he thought. He took the
last step towards Chloe and scooted her into his arms. Hugging her tightly
to him. And not like a friends hug. No, like lovers embrace. Chloe was
taken a little by surprise, being lost in his eyes. But the moment his arms
was around her, she let out a happy sigh, and hugged him back with all she

Chloe kissed Clark tenderly and he kissed her back, parting her lips with
his tongue. They soon found themselves on his bed. Rolling around and
laughing. They caressed and undressed each other. As they did, Clark looked
into Chloe's eyes. He thought of all the times she had been there for him
and he was so focused on Lana Lang he couldn't notice. He could never be
himself with Lana, since she could never accept that he was not exactly
normal. Chloe Sullivan had.

"I think I love you, Chloe," he said.

Chloe smiled. "Back at you, mofo." she said.

No words were spoken, only touches, caresses, looks and kisses spoke for
them. Chloe lay on the bed, completely naked. Clark came between her legs
and licked her pussy. He let his tongue flick over her clit. Causing her
to moan. Chloe grapped his head and pressed him against her pussy. Clark
began to tongue fuck her tasting her juices as they flowed directly into
his mouth. So sweet and tasty. Chloe was grinding herself against his
mouth and tongue, moaning loudly. Clark kept licking and sucking her for
a while, and then lay Chloe down on his bed and positioned himself between
her legs. Chloe reached up and grabbed a hold of his arms. "Be careful

Chloe smiled at him, and he learned over and kissed her deeply. He put the
head of his cock at her love entrance, and slowly pushed. Chloe felt the
head of his cock enter her, and gasped. He was so wonderfully
thick. He went in and out, fucking her gently then hard and fast. She
embraced him as he went in her. They made love until he came, then he
worked to pleasure her, using his mouth, fingers and tongue. She screamed
when he gave her her first orgasm. When they were done, Clark Kent lay in
Chloe's Sullivan's arms. Fast asleep.

Chloe looked at her handsome lover. This had been a first for the both of
them. She had wanted Clark Kent for so long but he was always pining for
Lana Lang or trying to help people. Now, he was hers. She smiled wickedly.
If Lana could see her now...

The End


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