Smallville: Men Matter Most (Mf,MMF,inter,slash)
by Dimitri Garkin

Night fell over the town of Smallville, Kansas. Lana Lang closed down the
Talon. It was a nice place. A coffeehouse/club where the young and the old of
Smallville mingled. It was the transformed version of the theater where her
long-dead parents met. Lana Lang had inherited the place and now, thanks to
her friend, multibillionaire Lex Luthor, business was booming. Lex had been
decent to her. She walked around the place, closing down everything. It was
not exactly a decent hour.

Lana Lang heard a noise and turned around. She found herself looking at a
tall, well-dressed, handsome young man who was completely bald. Lex Luthor.
Her business partner. "Hi, Lana." he said. "How's it going?"

Lana took a second to catch her breath. "Lex." she said. "Surprised to see
you here."

Lex Luthor smiled in that enigmatic way of his. "Just thought I'd drop by."
he said.

"Really?" Lana said. She looked at him.

Lex smiled. He casually strode to the counter and placed some clean dishes on
the right shelf. "Good to help out every now and then." he told her.

"Yeah." said Lana Lang.

She picked up some dishes and put them on the shelves. When she turned
around, Lex Luthor was standing close to her. Lex looked at Lana. She was
a beautiful young woman, with dark hair and dark eyes. Her skin was light
bronze. She was simply amazing to look at.

"Have I ever told you that you're beautiful?" said Lex Luthor in a seductive

Lana Lang looked at him. "First time today." she said with a grin. Lex
returned her grin. She came and put her arms around him. "Missed you." she

"Missed you, too." Lex said.

They kissed. Lana Lang melted into his arms. She gently touched Lex's face.
The handsome young man looked at her. "You smell so great." he said.

"I don't use any perfume." said Lana.

"I know." Lex Luthor said.

"You're the kind of woman who flaunts her own aroma."

Lana grinned. "Teaser." she said.

"Flattery will get me anywhere." Lex said.

Lana smirked. "Anyplace you want to go right now?" she asked.

Lex looked at her. "Inside you." he said.

He kissed her. Lana kissed him back. He took her into his arms and carried
her to a table. He undressed her, slowly.

Lex Luthor expertly removed layer after layer of Lana Lang's clothing.

Lana Lang lay on the table, flat on her back. Her legs were spread and her
feet rested on the shoulders of Lex Luthor. The bald young man was fucking
the slutty brunette, hammering her pussy with thrusts of his long, thick
cock. He plunged his tool into her and she moved her hips to meet his

Lex Luthor took that as his cue to fuck her harder and faster. He shoved his
dick deep inside her pussy and felt her tender flesh yield to his awesome
rod of power. Groaning, Lex Luthor grabbed Lana by the waist and fucked her,
hard. She yelped like the little bitch that she was and he grunted as he
fucked her. Hard and fast. She was bouncing up and down on the table,
pressing her pubic flesh hard against him and grinding herself against the
seemingly giant prick that thrust in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Lex
felt her pussy tighten around his cock, and felt a rush in his loins. He
came, sending waves of hot cum deep inside her pussy. Lana Lang shrieked and
jerked awkwardly on the table, her tender body in the throes of passion. Lex
Luthor remained inside her as she screamed and spasmed, then he pulled out.
Lana Lang lay there, just staring into space.

Lex Luthor readjusted his clothing and left the Talon without giving Lana
Lang a last look. He didn't want to call her. Right after he had sex with a
woman, he felt...wrong. He felt like he had to leave. Lex Luthor just didn't
trust women. It wasn't anything personal. They were fickle, complex and
unpredictable. He disliked that about them. That's why he felt that forming
an emotional attachment to a woman was like hiking through a minefield....on
drugs! No thanks. He walked back to his car and drove away, quickly leaving
dark rural Smallville for the more promising lights of Metropolis.

Lex Luthor wanted something a little special for that night. He called a
prostitution service and they asked him what he was in the mood for.

"Nymph or Satyr?" they asked.

Lex Luthor grinned. "Nymph and Satyr." he said.

He would check into a motel and have the "employees" of the service meet him
there. The whole deal cost him about an hour and eight grand. Lex Luthor
could afford that. He was one of the wealthiest people on the planet. Surely
enough, they came for him. Right into his motel room.

The boy was tall and slender, with black hair and bronze skin. His handsome
features were predominantly Asian. He had little body hair and the sight of
his hard cock made Lex's mouth water. He appeared to be in his late teens.
The girl was equally tall, and curvy, with short black hair and dark eyes.
Her skin was dark brown. She had large tits, a slim waist and nice, big and
round ass. She was African. They came to him at once, two splendid naked
bodies. Lex Luthor felt the lust in him rise. They joined him in the bed.
At once, they set out to undress him. He learned their names. The boy's name
was Laos. The girl's name was Ebony.

Lex watched their beautiful, trim and athletic bodies as they came to him.
He felt slender hands caressing his body. Laos freed Lex Luthor's erect cock
from his pants and started to suck on it. Ebony came and sucked on Lex's
balls. Lex grunted when he felt two warm mouths feasting on his cock and
balls. He soon came, all over their pretty faces. They licked him clean. He
watched them as they sucked his cum. Their pretty faces never wavered as they
did their job. They sucked on his cock and balls until he was dry.

Lex Luthor positioned himself behind Ebony. He grasped the black girl's
beautiful ass cheeks in his hands. She did not move. He took some lotion and
rubbed some of it on her ass crack. He rubbed some on his cock. He rubbed his
cock against her puckered asshole, and thrust. His cock slid into her anal
canal without too much difficulty. Although Ebony initially gasped, Lex could
tell that the black girl was no stranger to the hershe highway. He held her
by the hips and pumped his hard cock into her ass, slamming it deep inside
her. Ebony gritted her teeth. She'd been fucked up the ass before but this
was new. Lex Luthor had a big cock! He slammed it deep inside her rectum,
filling her tight hole with his massive prick. His rough hands dug into her
as he fucked her up the ass. Ebony was thankful for the lotion, which eased
penetration. Still, his cock felt huge up her bunghole. He fucked her, real
hard, for what seemed like an eternity. He came, blasting her dark hole with
his hot white cum. Ebony shrieked in pain. Lex grunted and pulled out of her
ass with a soft pop. Ebony lay on the bed, gasping for breath. Lex could see
his cum oozing out of her now gaping asshole.

Lex was still recovering from fucking Ebony when he noticed Laos looking at
him, strangely. Lex grinned. Laos looked at Ebony. The black girl offered
him a brave smile. Laos grabbed Ebony's legs and parted them. Ebony did not
protest. Laos rubbed his hard cock against her pussy, and thrust into her.
He started to fuck her pussy, plunging his hard cock deep inside her fuck
hole. Lex watched as Laos fucked Ebony. He jerked off. Laos was energetically
pumping his man meat into Ebony's pussy and the black girl was writhing on
the bed, moaning in pleasure, pain or both. Laos drilled her, fucking her
hard and fast. Finally, he came. He did not come inside her but pulled out
and came all over her face. He pried her mouth open and shoved his cock
inside. He filled her mouth with his cum. She drank all of his jizz. He
rolled off her casually and stood, facing Lex Luthor.

Lex smiled and walked up to Laos. Laos got right down to business. He got on
all fours. Lex took the young Asian boy from behind. His cock slid inside
the Asian boy's asshole. Laos did not scream as Lex Luthor entered him and
started pumping his cock into his butthole. He jacked off furiously and
yelled profanities as he was fucked. Ebony fingered herself while looking at
the scene. She came and wrapped her pretty lips around Laos's hard cock. She
sucked him off as Lex Luthor fucked him. Lex thrust hard into Laos and the
young Asian grunted. He came, and Ebony drank all of his cum. Lex pulled out
of Laos, and all three of them lay on the bed, spent.

Lex Luthor walked out of the room, showered and left. The sex was good. No
feelings attached. A hot pussy or a hard cock. Every bisexual man's dream.
Lex walked out of the motel and did not come back. It was a lifestyle
choice. Lex Luthor felt sated. He was one of a kind. Heterosexual men were
often controlled by the women in their lives because pussy made straight
men incapable of thinking straight. Homosexual men did not have that
vulnerability to female charms. Bisexual men like Lex Luthor could have
their pick of dudes and bitches. Often, they refused to let women control
them or be controlled by men for that matter. Bisexual men often passed for
straight simply as a matter of survival. They liked both sexes but were
slaves to none. Choice equals independence. That's the macho way. At least,
Lex Luthor saw it that way.

The End


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