Smallville: Liberated (mf, anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent had grown tired of having to hide who he was. He was tired of
being ashamed of his true identity. Sick of all those internal conflicts.
He wanted to be himself. He wanted to show himself to the world. He saw
things clearly, for once. He put on the Red Kryptonite ring and became
independent...liberated. He took a motorcycle and left Smallville. This
time, for good. He wanted to start a new life. He was tired of hiding who
and what he was. Sick and tired of it. Smallville was too small for him.
He had higher aspirations.

Clark Kent went to Metropolis. He was welcomed there by his old buddy, Bart
Allen. Bart was a slender young man with blond hair and blue eyes. He wore
a red jacket and black jeans. Bart Allen, also known as the Flash was the
fastest being in the universe. He could run at the speed of light, something
not even Clark Kent could do.

Bart Allen had made a lot of money lately. Enough for him to create a false
identity for himself and buy a mansion in the west side of Metropolis. Bart
Allen was not even eighteen yet and he had wealth beyond Clark Kent's wildest
dreams. He asked Clark Kent to join his team, and Clark Kent agreed. Bart
Allen was serious when he talked to Clark about starting a league of
super-powered people. He introduced Clark Kent to some other people he had
met in his travels all over the world.

Clark Kent was really surprised to meet Lindsey Harrison. She was the girl
whom Jor-El had used Kryptonian technology to transform into Kara Zor-El. As
Kara Zor-El, Lindsey Harrison had many powers. She could fly. She was also
super strong and invulnerable and she could also generate highly destructive
energies. She had escaped from the Caves and the grip of Jor-El. Lindsey
Harrison was no longer Kara, but she still had super powers. Clark was glad
to see her.

There was also Sarah Conroy, the Telepathic girl who had been put in a coma
by her uncle and then saved by Clark Kent not long ago. She had made a full
recovery, embraced her telepathic abilities and become a powerful superhuman.
There was also Seth Nelson, a young man with Magnetic abilities who had once
been a rival of Clark's when he still liked Lana. Now, they were just young
superhumans starting new lives. The past was not forgotten, but forgiven.

While Clark got reacquainted with everyone, Bart Allen watched him
mischievously. The young Speedster was preparing drinks for everyone in the
mansion's kitchen. The drinks contained some aphrodisiacs. Bart Allen was
ready to have himself some fun. He served the drinks to everyone and then
sat back and watched his plan come to fruition.

Clark Kent was sitting in the living room, having a conversation with Sarah.
Sarah looked at Clark as he talked. Although she would never admit it, she
had a crush on the young super guy and had wanted him even back in
Smallville. Unfortunately back then, he'd been in love with Lana Lang. Now,
here he was in the big city. She thought of this as her second chance. Clark
Kent was drinking and looking at Sarah. He noticed that she was a real pretty
girl and couldn't believe that he hadn't noticed that before. Hmm. He looked
at her. "Sarah, you're like, really pretty." he said.

Sarah blushed. "Thank you, Clark." she said.

Clark smiled. He continued to drink. He noticed that Sarah had gotten closer
to him and he found out that he really didn't mind. At all. He was so close
to her and she to him.

"Come here." she said.

"What ya wanna do with me?" asked Clark.

Sarah grinned. She kissed him. Clark gently caressed her. It was clear that
they had wanted each other for so long. Sarah practically ripped Clark's
clothes off. "I want you, Clark." she said.

He kissed her lips, then went down to her neck and suckled on her breasts. He
caressed her breasts and licked her navel. Sarah took his hands and firmly
placed them between her legs. He gasped. Sarah smiled. He slowly slid his
fingers inside her pussy and worked her from the inside out. His lean fingers
probed and caressed her wet pussy and finger- fucked her. She was gasping in
pleasure by the time he was done with her. Sarah lay there on the couch,
looking at Clark Kent, the young man who had brought her such exquisite
pleasure. She wanted to return the favor...

Sarah gently pushed Clark Kent back onto the couch. He looked at her. "What
are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm gonna take care of you, Clark." she said. "Just trust me."

She knelt before Clark Kent and held his cock in her hand. She slowly ran her
hand up and down its length. Clark had a long and thick cock. She took him
into her mouth. Gently, she flicked her tongue over him. She sucked his dick
and licked his balls. Clark was in heaven. She looked at him as she continued
what she was doing. He was gripping the arm rest of the couch. His eyes were
closed. She would have smiled if she could. She sucked him and he kept
holding back. She intensified the licking and sucking. Suddenly, his eyes
snapped open and he completely let go. He exploded in her mouth. She drank
his manly essence, taking all that he had to give. He screamed her name as he
let go. Until he was done, she kept sucking. When he was done, she let go. He
looked at her with wide eyes. She knew what he was thinking. How did this
itty-bitty gal blow me away? She wanted to say. You're not the first, pal.
She didn't. She didn't resist when he pulled her down on the floor. He wanted
her. That's okay. She wanted him too.

Clark positioned himself behind Sarah Conroy. He gently caressed the girl's
sexy bottom. Sarah purred and urged him to take her. "Give it to me now,
Clark." she said.

He spread her ass cheeks and rubbed his cock against her puckered asshole.
Sarah felt his stiff cock press against her anal cavity. She gritted her
teeth. There was nothing more passionate and animalistic than back door
love and she was really into it. She'd discovered the joys of anal sex with
her first boyfriend Keith. He was actually Greek, now that was funny. Clark
had fucked girls before but never someone as hot as Sarah and never like
this. This was a guy's dream. Doing a pretty girl in the butt. His dream was
coming true. At Sarah's urgings, he penetrated her. His cock slid into her
asshole. Damn, it was tight!

Sarah pushed back against him, and evidently she had done this before. He
continued to go deeper into her. The feeling of a tight around his cock was
something that Clark Kent could definitely get used to. He went in harder
and faster, feeling her flesh surrender to him as he began to pound her ass.
Sarah took it all without screaming. She'd been fucked in the ass before but
Clark's dick was definitely bigger than anything she remembered.

It felt so thick and it filled her ass completely. She wanted him to do her,
harder and faster. And so he did. He pumped his cock into her butt. He fucked
her until she screamed. Her ass tightened like a vise around his cock and he
came, unleashing his hot cum deep inside her. They lay on the floor like
this, joined. He was still inside her. He wrapped his arms around her. Sarah
kissed his hand, and went to sleep.

Much later, Sarah Conroy and Clark Kent hit the showers, where they had
another lovemaking session. They didn't know that they were being videotaped
by a super-fast handsome young perv who went by the name of Bart Allen. He
had the whole thing on tape. Bart watched from the video room through which
he directed all the cameras in the house. He peered into another room.
Lindsey Harrison was getting naked. Bart smiled. He wouldn't miss this for
the world.

The End


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