This is the a tale chronicling Lex Luthor's eventual descent into the dark
side. It also tells of his friendship with Clark Kent, the young man destined
to become Superman.

Smallville: Lex Luthor Chronicles (MFF,MM,inter,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Metropolis, USA.

Lex Luthor lay in bed, tired. He was one of the wealthiest men in the world.
The son of multibillionaire industrialist Lionel Luthor. He had it all. He
was a tall young man with blue eyes. His head was clean shaven. He always
looked sharp. In the eyes of the world, Lex Luthor was one of those men who
could have whatever they wanted. Lex was a man with secrets. He was what you
would call a cold hearted bastard. He was also an arrogant woman-hating
bisexual with a closet door locked tighter than Fort Knox and a lot of anger
issues. Lex was not the kind of guy who liked people. The men and women he
knew were generally scumbags. What he wanted scared him. This was one of the
reasons why he wasn't alone tonight.

Lex looked at the callgirl. She was tall and thin, with long black hair and
pale blue eyes. She was model tall and model thin. Nice breasts. Big and
full. Slim waist. Tight, round butt. What most men would consider beautiful.
Her name was Kathy. She had been in the callgirl business for years. One of
those women who made their living by having sex with wealthy and powerful
men. Kathy was employed by a callgirl service that provided to many men (and
some women) all over the world. Kathy started undressing and Lex looked at
what she looked like. She had a nice form. The kind of body it took many
hours on Bowflex to gain. She had better look good since she made her living
by servicing men. Lex tried not to think about her at all. She didn't exist.
None of it mattered. He was thinking about the one thing he couldn't have,
or figure out.

He barely felt Kathy's hands on him as she undressed him. She took off his
shirt and pants. He looked at her while she went for his cock. She took the
dick and immediately started sucking it. Just sucking it. She was not that
good but seemed to try really hard. He had to give her points for that. She
sucked the head of his cock and seemed to want to drain the life out of him.
He felt his body respond to her touch. She sucked him like her mouth was a
friggin milking machine. When he came, she drank all of his cum and licked
him clean. Then, they got down to business. Lex emerged from his stupor to
put her on her hands and knees and rub the head of his cock against her
asshole. This was his favorite thing. He had put on a condom moments before
and sprayed his condom-covered cock with KY. He also rubbed some KY on the
young woman's asshole. He slowly entered her ass. She grunted when she felt
his cock enter her ass but didn't protest as he started thrusting into her.
Hard and fast he went. He fucked her tight asshole for a long time and could
hear her grunts and moans as his cock thrust deep into her. Finally he came
and pulled out.

After he had sex with her, he almost immediately felt sick. He didn't want to
be anywhere near her. That's the same way it was with all the people in his
life. He gave her the fee that the service required. A thousand bucks. "Get
out!" he said.

She took a shower and left his apartment within the next half hour. Finally
alone, Lex Luthor could get some sleep.

The next morning, Lex Luthor went to his office in downtown Metropolis. He
went straight into his office. He didn't want to be bothered. Really. He
heard a knock on his office door and barked that he didn't want to be
bothered. When he turned around to look at the person, he gasped. Lex Luthor
looked into the face of a man. Not just any man. This man was tall and
muscular. His skin was dark brown. He wore a black silk shirt, black pants
and Timberland shoes. The dude was looking good. Lex recognized his business
partner. Jamal Thorkelson. Jamal Thorkelson was the son of Elisabeth
Thorkelson. Elisabeth Thorkelson was a woman who made it big in the cosmetics
business. She was a multibillionaire. She had married a black man and the
young man who stood before Lex Luthor was a result of that relationship.

"Hi, Lex. Long time no see." Jamal said.

Lex smiled and shook the young black man's hand. "Good to see you, J." Lex

Jamal went and closed the doors of Lex's office. He looked at Lex and Lex
knew that things were gonna start to look up.

They went into what Jamal called the House of a Thousand Delights. It was
simply the biggest underground brothel in the city of Metropolis. Its
customers were the most famous men in the city and some of the women as
well. They hooked up pretty much as soon as they walked in. Lex was
approached by a tall blonde woman with big breasts and an even bigger ass.
She introduced herself as Megan. Megan was not alone. She was accompanied
by a tall Hispanic girl named Maria. The two women knew Lex and Jamal were
high rollers and took them to a secluded room.

Lex sat down on a chair and watched Jamal with the females. Jamal was a real
playah. He started undressing as soon as he walked in. He showed off his
muscular black athlete's body. The two females were looking at him like he
was a piece of pie and they were hungry travelers. This was pure lust and
Lex knew that the females weren't faking it. They went to Jamal and started
kissing and touching him. Lex watched the scene. Maria had a nice body. Her
tits were not that bigh but she had a real nice ass.

She went straight for the dick. Jamal gasped when he felt Maria's warm mouth
encircle his cock. Maria started sucking off Jamal's cock. She licked the
shaft and ran her slick tongue up and down on it. Jamal stiffened when he
felt Megan's hands on his butt. She parted his butt cheeks and started
licking his asshole. He was getting serviced at both ends.

Lex decided to join in on the action. He positioned himself behind Maria,
holding her tight ass into place and entering her from behind. She rocked
back and forth and he started fucking her, thrusting his cock energetically
into her love hole. She continued to suck Jamal who looked about ready to
cum. As if on cue, he blasted his cum all over Maria's face. She licked his
cum. Megan pulled Jamal on the floor and climbed on top of him.

She lowered herself onto the big black man's big cock. Jamal held her by the
hips and shoved his big cock deep into her pussy. He started fucking her,
going hard and fast. Her pussy felt tight but he knew that he was closer to
being a saint than she was to being a virgin. He fucked her. He could hear
Maria's moans of pleasure as Lex fucked her hot latin pussy. They worked the
females over for the next half hour. They even switched partners. Lex had a
go with Megan's pussy while Maria's ass got a taste of Jamal's black monster

The night went by fast and Lex had to call a cab. Too much drinking and
whoring for one night.

Lex returned to his apartment. He discovered that he was not alone. Oh, shit.
He had forgotten about the surprise visit from someone. He found himself
looking into the face of his buddy Thomas. Thomas was a callboy from one of
the agencies in Metropolis. He was one of those callboys that serviced
closeted gay and bisexual men in the affluent business world. "Hey, dude.
What's up?" Lex asked.

"I've been waiting for hours." said Thomas.

"Sorry." said Lex.

He took a step back and looked at Thomas. Thomas was a tall young man with
black hair and pale green eyes. He was in his early twenties. He had been in
the homosexual callboy business for years. After five years in the business,
he was still sane and most importantly, STD-free. Lex took him to bed. Thomas
undressed as soon as they reached the door. Lex Luthor found himself staring
at a nice-looking young man with a hard, muscular boy.

"Like what you see?" Thomas asked.

"Sure." said Lex. "Come here boy."

Thomas walked toward Lex with a sexy smile on his handsome face. He started
undressing Lex and practically tore the clothes off him. Lex felt Thomas's
quick hands on his groin and grunted when he felt Thomas's warm mouth on his
cock. Thomas was an expert cocksucker. One of the pros. He got Lex's cock
hard real quick. He licked Lex's rectum like it was the sweetest thing he'd
ever tasted before bending over on Lex's sofa. Lex came up behind him. Thomas
had a booty made for fucking. He moved it sexily in front of Lex. Lex grinned
and held Thomas firmly into place with his strong hands. He slid his cock
inside Thomas's ass. Thomas grunted when he felt Lex's big cock enter him.
Lex started fucking Thomas's ass energetically. He held the young man by the
hips and thrust into him. Hard and fast. Thomas had a nice, tight hole. He
hadn't been in the business too long. When Lex came, Thomas grimaced as hot
cum filled his rectum. Lex pulled out. Thomas lay on the bed, an expression
of pleasure on his face after the hot sex he just had with Lex Luthor.

"Did you like it?" Thomas asked.

"It's all good." Lex said. He took a thousand bucks from his wallet and threw
them at Thomas. The young gay man caught them.

"Thanks." he said.

"You're welcome." said Lex with a chilly smile. "Now get out."

Lex did not sleep for most of the night. After Thomas left, he took a bottle
of Vodka and started drinking. He didn't know why he felt so empty. Lex
Luthor was a man who got what he wanted. He had slept with hundreds upon
hundreds of women. He had also slept with his share of men. He hated labels
but had grown comfortable under the label of bisexual. He didn't go around
telling people about his sexual secrets. He had an image as a ruthless
businessman. He didn't want people to think he was queer. He did not consider
himself queer. Just a bit more open-minded than most men, that's all. He
wasn't gay or bisexual. Just a straight guy who occasionally strayed to the
other side, for a reason. He did not want to be in a permanent relationship
with anyone.

He had fallen in love with a woman named Helen Bryce. She was beautiful and
appeared kind. He loved her. He wanted to be with her. She had been secretly
working for his father the whole time. She also tried to kill him. She
schemed to get him on a plane during their honeymoon and arranged for him to
fall along with the plane after she had disposed of her accomplice, the plane
pilot. She had been an evil bitch. Lex knew women couldn't be trusted. Heck,
most men couldn't be trusted. Lex Luthor had slept with enough women and men
to be thoroughly disgusted with humanity. He didn't want to be with anyone.
Trust any man or woman on the planet Earth and you were setting yourself up
for a fall.

Still, there was one person that Lex Luthor just couldn't figure out. The men
and women he met were all after something. Sex, money, power. They all had
schemes. All of them were perverted and evil to some extent. The ruthless
lawyers. The businessmen. The politicians. The activists. The Marxists. The
Feminists. The Anarchists. The democrats and republicans. The blacks. The
whites. The Gays. The Heterosexuals, Bisexuals and Transexuals. The Moderates
and the Extremists. All of them.

Lex knew for certain that on all of planet Earth, there was not a single
decent soul. No man or woman was decent. All of humanity was made up of
evil, backstabbing, manipulating and scheming men and women. All humans
were created evil. Lex was not a mysogynist. He was no Misandrist. He was
a Misanthrope....equal opportunity hater....until he met someone different.
Clark Kent. Clark Kent. The young man who genuinely cared about people and
often put his life on the line to help.

Lex decided to call Clark. He knew that was it late bu he didn't care. He
just wanted to talk to his friend. Perhaps the only person he could trust
on he planet Earth. The phone started ringing. Someone picked it up. Lex
listened. He heard Clark's voice.

"It's ok dad, I got it." Clark said.

"Hey, dude. what's up ?" Lex said.

"Ok, how about you ?" said Clark.

Lex liked listening to Clark's voice. He liked Clark, period. He thought
about what the young dude must be wearing. He asked.

"Boxers, why?" said Clark.

"No reason." said Lex. He listened to Clark's voice and tried picturing him.
Clark Kent's muscular young male's body in a pair of tight boxers. Hmm. Lex
felt himself grow hard.

"Lex, are you still there?" Clark asked.

"Sure." said Lex.

"What's going on, Lex?" said Clark.

"I have to ask you something." said Lex.

"Shoot." said Clark.

"Why are you always helping people?" Lex asked.

Clark paused. "It's the right thing to do." he said. "We should all look out
for each other otherwise one day we'll all perish."

Lex laughed. "Are you from another planet?" he asked.

Clark was silent.

"Hello, Clark?" Lex said.

"Lex, don't be a cynic at one forty in the morning." Clark said.

"Okay." said Lex.

"Lex, what's bugging you?" Clark asked.

Lex paused. Clark even sounded worried. Even over the phone, he was worrying
about someone else. Clark was a bona fide hero for sure. The ultitmate mister
nice guy.

"The world is full of evil men and women and honestly, sometimes I feel like
killing them all." Lex said.

"That would be bad." said Clark.

"Why?" asked Lex.

"Because of all the good people in the world." said Clark.

"Why are you so damn optimistic?" Lex asked.

Clark laughed. "Why are you so damn pessimistic?"

Lex smiled to himself. "I guess I get some of my pessimism from my pops." he

"You're still a good man, Lex." Clark said.

"How do you know that?" Lex asked.

"Because I know you." said Clark. "You're surrounded by bad people but there
are some good ones all around you. Reach out to the goodness and try and
ignore evil."

"How do you do it?" Lex asked.

"What?" said Clark.

"Being so damn good-spirited?" Lex said.

"I was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent, aka the best parents in the
universe." Clark said proudly.

"Well, good for you." said Lex. "Good night."

"Sleep well, Lex. I'll see you soon." said Clark. "Take care."

Lex wanted to say something. He hesitated. Clark somehow sensed it at the
other end.

"Lex, got something else to say?" he asked softly.

"Don't ever change, Clark." said Lex. "Even if I do."

"I promise." said Clark.

"Good night, dude." said Lex. "Peace."

He hung up. After he hung up, Lex hit the lights. For a long time, he lay
there, his mind racing with thoughts of Clark Kent. Hmm. The handsome farmboy
was on his mind. Lex found Clark attractive. Of course, he found Lana Lang
and Chloe Sullivan even more appealing to his sexual tastes but Clark Kent
was some kind of special. One heck of a guy. And unfortunately, as straight
as they come. Oh, well. How ironic. Lex Luthor, the man who swung the sex
door both ways had fallen for someone he couldn't have. He was attracted to
Clark Kent's goodness, and his hot body too.

Would Lex Luthor be granted his fondest desire? Only time would tell.

The End


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