Smallville: Lex And Clark (MF,mF,inter,trans)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Lex Luthor stood his office in downtown Metropolis. He was a tall, lean young
man with a bald head. He was very handsome and sharp-looking. Clad in an
expensive business suit, he looked very professional.

Lex Luthor was a man who had everything. His company, LuthorCorp was worth
several billions. He was the CEO and his father, Lionel Luthor was the owner
and founder. Lex was a very smart guy. The kind you didn't mess with, if you
knew what was good for you. Lex Luthor had seen all kinds of people in his
life. Arrogant, power-hungry men and women who would do anything to get what
they wanted. They were the people society admired. Models. Actors. Musicians.
Corporate employees. Business people. They were ready to sell their very
souls for money. If they could, they would. The men and women of America, of
the entire world actually were not above lying, cheating, backstabbing and
making all kinds of claims and allegations and complaints and threats to get
what they wanted.

Lex was used to dealing with these men and women. They were easy to deal
with. You just had to be smarter and more ruthless than they were. Lex knew
exactly how to use people. He had seen all kinds, like he said. Ruthless
politicians. Democrats and republicans. Libertarians. Enviromentalists.
Communists. Separatists. Feminists. All these men and women were liars and
Lex knew how to make them disappear. Lex used people for a living. He dated
beautiful women, used them and dumped them. They knew the deal. If any of
them were to cross him, they might have "accidents." Or worse. The same went
for disgruntled employees. You had to be careful out there. Lots of men and
women lived who might do anything to get you. Lex knows this.

The only thing he doesn't understand was Clark Kent. The tall, handsome
black-haired, blue-eyed teenage boy from Smallville. Clark, who appeared to
be decent and good. Clark, who helped him at every turn. Clark Kent who was
the best damn friend Lex ever had. Clark Kent backed him up without thought
of personal gain. Clark was constantly helping people in Smallville. He was
a really good kid. Lex liked Clark. He surprised himself thinking of the boy
too fondly. Way too fondly. Lex liked Clark, more than he cared to admit. At
first, it was just friendship. Then, a big brother - little brother kind of
relationship. Then....more. It scared the hell out of Lex Luthor.

He was so scared he called up one of his girlfriends. Rachel McKay. She was
twenty years old, black-skinned, with long hair bleached bone-white. She
looked like Halle in that X-men movie. Lex loved black women. He was thinking
about Clark too much. He had to prove to himself he wasn' know. So,
he led Rachel to his room and they had a little fun. He kissed her, and then
let her suck his dick. He sucked on her tits, then she parted her legs and he
entered her pussy. Lex fucked her like this, on the king-sized bed. He fucked
her until he came. Then, spent, he lay on her and they spent the afternoon
making love. He sent her home. Rachel was a smart girl. She knew Lex wasn't
the commitment type but he treated her well and she was okay with that. Plus,
he had money, not to mention a big dick. Lex was pleased. He just had sex
with his girlfriend. Fags couldn't do that. If he fucked a chick, then he
couldn't be a Homo. He and Clark were just friends, period.

He decided to drive to Smallville. He took his car and drove. He was smiling
to himself. He couldn't believe for a minute that he actually thought he
could be fruity. Lex was a ladies man, not some flaming queen. In his time,
he fucked dozens of women. He enjoyed sex with women. In fact, until he met
Clark, he never thought about another guy in a sexual manner... He listened
to music on the radio. His favorite song was on. "You Take My Breath Away"
by Eva Cassidey. Lex loved it. He was very surprised when a cow jumped into
the road from a field. He swerved to avoid the animal. The car went off the
road. Lex closed his eyes. "I'm dead, damn!" he thought as he faded into

Lex Luthor woke up slowly and painfully. He got up. He found a glowing green
rock on the ground. He touched it. As he touched it, he felt dizzy. Something
rushed from the Green Meteor Rock and into Lex Luthor's body. He felt weird.
He passed out again.

When Lex woke up again, he was back in Metropolis General Hospital.

A young nurse looked at him. "Glad to see you're awake, Mr. Luthor," she

Lex grabbed her arm. "Where am I?" he asked. As he touched the nurse, he felt
something pass from her body and into him.

"The hospital," she said.

He let her go.

"Cool." he said.

He was released a day later. Lex took a car and went back to Smallville.
The accident hadn't deterred him. He inspected every inch of his new car.
Satisfied, he went in and drove. He stopped at McDonalds to eat. He ordered
breakfast, since it was still early. As he sat down to eat, a guy tripped
and fell. Startled by the sudden movement, Lex gasped. As he did, a strange
feeling came over him. A rush through his whole body, followed by a shrinking
feeling. The guy who fell got up.

"Sorry," he said. "Hope I didn't startle you, miss."

Lex's eyes widened. "Miss?"

He looked down at his hand on his plate. It was slender, almost feminine and
decidedly not his. Freaked out, he went to the bathroom. Thankfully, it was
empty. When he looked into the mirror, he was in for a shock.

Instead of looking like his usual self, he looked like some chick. A tall,
slim girl with short brown hair and pale blue eyes. He knew that face! It
belonged to the nurse he touched at the hospital. How could this be? He
thought about the events of the last day.

The meteor rock. That had to be it! It changed him somehow. It caused him to
mutate into a... chick ? He went into a stall and inspected his new body. He
had a slim body, breasts. His dick was gone, replaced by a pussy. A pussy!
He was a woman!!!

Lex Luthor, multibillionaire playboy.....turned woman! He had to be dreaming.
This couldn't be real. He checked "his" body over and over. Every inch was
feminine. He was shocked. But Lex Luthor was Lex Luthor no matter what his
genitals looked like. "Oh,shit!" he said.

He was seized by a panic. Was he gonna be a woman forever? Doomed to be
dick-less, to have cramps and mood swings and a low sex drive? He was
cursed! He wished he could change back... and was very surprised when his
body changed as he willed it. He was himself again, a tall, bald young
man in a business suit. 'Nice!' he thought. He was a shapeshifter, like
that lesbian freak Tina Greer. Yeah!!!

He drove to Smallville. He went to his mansion. He told the guards he would
have a female guest. Of course, his guest was none other than himself. He
retreated to the privacy of his room and changed....again. He watched as his
body changed. He was 5'11 and weigh 160 pounds. In his female form, "he" was
a 5'10, brown-haired, blue-eyed woman. Getting in touch with my femme side,
he laughed. He paused to look at his female body. He changed to male again.
Back and forth. This was fun. The things he could do with this power! He
paused as he heard a voice. His heart skipped a beat. It was Clark's!!!

"Hey, Clark!" Lex said. He walked over to the waiting room where Clark was.
He forgot he was in female form. Clark was standing there, clad in a red
shirt and blue jeans. He looked at this young woman who gazed at him.

"Hi," he said. "do I know you?"

Lex almost panicked. He had forgotten he was in female form. "Oh, hi, you
must be Clark. Lex has told me lots about you." he/she said.

"Who might you be?" asked Clark.

Lex's mind worked fast. "I am.....Lacy, Lex's cousin...from Metropolis."

Clark smiled. "Good to meet you. Lex never told me he had a cousin. Say, is
he around?"

Lex/Lacy smiled. "Closer than you think," he/she said. "Let me get him."

Lacy walked back into "her" room and changed back into Lex. Lex walked back
toward Clark. "Hi, Clark. You've met my cousin, Lacy."

Clark smiled. "Yeah, pretty girl."

Lex smiled. Clark said he was pretty!!! "Say, Clark. Mind doing me a favor?"
he asked.

Clark looked at him. "Go ahead, man, ask."

Lex grinned. "Do you mind showing Lacy around, make her feel comfy. I'm gonna
be gone for a couple of days."

Clark smiled. "No problem."

Lex shook Clark's hand and walked out into the yard. He changed back into
his female form, this time he inexplicably changed "his" clothing. He became
Lacy, the tall, brown-haired girl. His clothes went from a business suit to
black leather jacket, blue top and black jeans. Lacy approached Clark.

"Hi, Clark. Let's roll," she said. Clark shook her hand. Lacy smiled and
checked him out. "You are a good-looking young man," she said.

Clark smiled. "Thanks."

For the next few weeks, Lacy went to Smallville High. She let Clark show
her around. Lacy got to see a side of Clark that Lex never saw. He was still
friendly and cool, but she was a girl ! Lacy met Chloe Sullivan and Pete
Ross. She also got to meet Lana Lang. Lacy found Lana very attractive because
her male component, Lex did. But Lacy was fiercely attracted to Clark. Lacy
was "the" girl twenty four seven. Hanging out with Lana and Chloe and
spending a lot of time around Clark. Lana took Lacy horseback riding. Pete
let her have a ride in his car. Lacy so wanted to meet Clark's parents.

At night, Lacy turned into Lex. Lex/Lacy was pleased with the way things were
going. He/she was enjoying being a teenage girl. He/she loved it. Lex made
sure his people at the mansion knew that in his absence, Lacy was boss. His
servants knew him well. He meant what he said. Time went by. Six months
passed since Lex had first become Lacy. Lacy had become part of Smallville
High. She was the girl who loved sports and comics. The one who excelled at
basketball. Lacy joined the Smallville High Girl's Basketball team. She made
lots of friends. She liked to help out with charities. She was strange,
though. Lots of guys hit on her but she did not show interest in them. A
girl named Kate Geralds came on to Lacy, who turned her down. Lacy was not
interested in any girl or guy. She wanted Clark.

Clark sat down in Pete's living room. "Pete, what do you think of Lacy?" he

"Lex's cousin?" Pete said.


Pete grinned. "She is cute and likes you."

Clark smiled. "I like her, but there's something odd about her."

Pete grinned. "Yeah, she likes you!"

Clark gently tapped Pete. The result of his applied super strength on Pete
sent the boy flying into the cushions.

"Very funny, Clark." said Pete.

Clark smiled. "Don't mention it," he said.

They laughed and after awhile, Pete added. "Ask her out, man. You already
spend a lot of time around her anyway."

Clark agreed. He would ask out Lacy.

Clark came to talk to Lacy one afternoon during basketball practice.

"Lacy, can I ask you something?" he said. Lacy looked at him. The boy looked
good enough to eat. "Wanna go out with me ?" Clark asked shyly.

Lacy's heart jumped in her chest. "Hell, yeah!" she said.

She was so happy that she leapt into Clark's arms and kissed him. Clark
kissed her back and they hugged each other fiercely.

The early dates were...awkward.

Clark took Lacy to the Talon and they ate together. Then, he took her to the
movies. He thought she would like "You Got Served." she did. But she also
insisted on seeing "Master and Commander." So they did. Clark had never met
a girl like Lacy Luthor before. She was so wild. They would run together
under the rain like a pair of crazy kids. They would swim in the lake. Or
ride horses together. Clark couldn't get enough of her. All at once, she
was a buddy, a girlfriend and an all around gal. She was not possessive or
jealous. She never questioned his choice of clothing. She was good to his
parents and friends. The first time he kissed her felt like nothing he had
ever felt before.

After she had first kissed Clark, Lacy felt like she had never felt before.
She felt such passion for the boy. So, she decided to remain a woman for
real. No more changing back into Lex. Lex wanted Clark. If remaining a woman
was what it took, well Lex was man enough to become a woman to be with the
man he loved. Right? Right! Lacy noticed that when she spent a long time in
her female form, it was harder to change back into Lex. So, she spent a month
without changing back into Lex. After the month was over, try as she might
she could not become Lex Luthor. She was a woman... permanently. She felt
like leaping for joy. Oh, she was gonna miss being a guy but hey, whatever.
Before the change was permanent, she had taken precautions. She had computer
specialists create an identity for her. She became Lacy Luthor. Not a
relative of Lex but close enough. She had millions put in a Swiss bank
account. She bought a brand new Toyota. She felt sad at letting go of the
life she had worked so hard to get for herself, but she loved Clark and
couldn't be happy unless she was with him. So, she gave up her "manhood," so
to speak.

Lacy had expected stuff to happen since she became a woman forever, but
nothing like this. Whenever she went by a meteor rock, she felt strange. When
she touched one, she felt stronger. She was stronger. She weighed only 157.
She could lift 1800 pounds. Her strength was amazing! The more meteor rocks
she touched, the stronger she felt. Lacy loved her new strength at first and
realized it was a side effect of being in female form 24/7. Her biology had
been altered by the mutagenic effect of the green meteor rock. Irreversibly.

She loved spending time with Clark Kent. They would run around like crazy
kids. But, she was scared. She always had to hide her true nature. Oh, she
was one hundred percent woman biologically speaking. But she was also a
freak. The meteor rocks created a Kinetic Absorption Process in her body.
Whenever she touched a meteor rock, she got stronger. Not only stronger,
but also faster. She got even better at basketball.

As always, Clark was on the bleachers, watching. He was her adoring fan. She
would kiss him and he would take her to celebrate after every game. She knew
she would have to tell him. Sooner or later. Her strength and speed were
growing. Last week, she checked herself with a Chronometer. She could run 40
mph. She could also lift 3400 pounds. Clark had been one to always fight the
Meteor freaks of Smallville. She remembered that he cared about people a lot.

Maybe he would still care about her after finding out she was a freak. So,
one night she invited him over. They sat in the vast living room of the
mansion. "Clark, I have something to tell you," she said.

Clark listened. "What?" he asked.

"I am not who you think I am." she said.

Clark held her hand. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"I am different," she said.

"I can handle your being different," he said. "Matter of fact, I like it."

Lacy smiled sadly. "Not like this, Clark." she said. "I am a meteor freak,"
she said.

Clark gasped in shock. No way! She looked so normal. Lacy looked into his
face. He was shocked. Would he leave her because of this? He sat down,
looking strange.

"Clark, speak to me," she said.

"You don't have to explain yourself to me," he said. "I know where you're
coming from," he said.

"No you don't, Clark. I am a freak." She walked over to the wall and put her
fist through Lex's Titanium reinforced wall. "See?" she said.

Clark stood. "I have a secret too," he said.

Lacy looked at him. "What?" she said.

"I am not exactly normal," he said.

Lacy looked at him with wide eyes. "Are you a mutant too?" she asked,

Clark smiled. "After a fashion, yeah."

To prove it, he looked at a huge mahogany desk and suddenly it was on fire.

"Wow," she said. "What else can you do?" she asked.

She couldn't believe it. After all this time. Clark Kent really was
different. He showed her his various powers. He was very strong. He was fast.
He could see through walls. Nothing could hurt him. Oh, and he could burn
things just by looking at them.

"I am so glad you told me, Lacy," he said. There was a lot of emotion in him.
"I've been wanting to tell you my secret for so long."

Lacy smiled and hugged him. "Me too, Clark. Me too."

They held each other. Lacy held Clark's face in her hands and begged him to
kiss her. He did.

"From now on, no more secrets," she said.

He agreed.

Lacy unbuttoned her chemise, and Clark unbuttoned his shirt. They laughed as
they undressed each other. Soon, Clark was frenetically kissing a naked Lacy.
Lacy closed her eyes, enjoying Clark's touch. He rubbed all of Lacy's
sensitive points. She moaned when his lips touched her breasts, then went to
her pussy. He licked it, and probed it with his tongue. Lacy moaned as Clark
sent waves of pleasure through her body. Then, Clark entered her.

He took her there, with quick thrusts. Lacy gasped when Clark entered her,
then got used to his cock inside her. She gave herself to him, and they
made love. He fucked her until he was spent, and came. Once he did, he lay
against her, his body hot on hers, feverish. She smiled at him, and kissed
his forehead.

"Thank you," she said.

Clark smiled, took her hand and kissed it. "It was my first time as well,"
he said.

Lacy smiled and hugged her lover tightly. They lay like this, smiling. Lacy
lay next to Clark. He was just so handsome. They revealed themselves to each
other. She had not revealed herself all the way, though. She was a mutant
now, thanks to the green rocks. They had changed her from an ordinary young
man into a beautiful young woman of great power. She had gone from male to
female. From human to mutant. From ordinary to super. What would Clark think
if and when she revealed she was once a male? Would he be disgusted? In spite
of the genetic alterations it suffered, her body was purely female. Every
inch. Every cell. Would that matter to him?

"What's on your mind?" Clark said.

"Nothing," she said.

"I love you, Miss Luthor," he said. He smiled, kissed her and went to sleep.

She thought about telling him, then pushed it out of her mind. Some things
were better left buried for the good of all.

The End


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