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Summary: Lana's frustrations with her boyfriend, Whitney, lead her to
another's bed.

Author's Note: Be fore warned that there could still be errors present.
Other than that, hope you enjoy my story.

Smallville: Lana's Frustration
by DCForever

Lana Lang swiftly made her way up the stairs leading to the barn loft that
Clark Kent called home. His domicile. His Fortress of Solitude. She wasn't
in her normal, cheery, everything will be okay, mood that everyone loved to
see. She took each creaky step with speed, determination, and...and anger.
Clark was busying himself with his secondary passion, star gazing...not
knowing that his personal time and space was about to be violated by his
greatest passion.

Floor creaked as the girl approached. Whipping his head around at the speed
of sound, "Lana?"

Just hearing Clark's sweet, innocent voice somehow eased Lana's emotions as
she crossed over the creaky, wooden planks beneath her shoes. The tall,
young man now stood with his arms outstretched, anticipating the warm of the
young woman's body.

Embracing his hug, "Hey, Clark! Were you busy?"

Looking about, "No, nothing that important. Just getting re-acquainted with
my buddies, big dipper and little dipper. Been a while since I've spent any
time with them. Don't want to feel like a loner when I finally join them."

Lana had a tendency to interrupt people, but it was a norm everyone was used
to. "Clark Kent, you baffle me sometimes. Always thought you were a space
case. Now my suspicions have been confirmed."

"Hey, we don't know what the future holds for us. Maybe one day we will all
be able to touch the stars. Never know...this 'farm boy' as everyone puts
it, could be the greatest thing to happen to this planet...or even this
galaxy for all that matters."

Shaking her head, "Ahhh...I admire that in you, Clark. Always reaching...
believing there are no limits as to what you think you can achieve...nothing
scares you, does it Clark? You and Chloe are a lot alike; you both challenge
everything and everyone. I truly admire that in you. Keep reaching for the
stars, Clark. Like you said, never know...maybe some day it will be possible
for us little, non-goal oriented people to soar with you through the clouds
and night sky...becoming one with the stars."

Clark shook his head in response. "Who's dreaming now?"

"If we don't have our dreams...what do we really have?"

That's what Clark has been saying about his love for Lana, for a very long
time. It was hard for him to stand so close to Lana without letting her know
how he felt or showing her. She always looked so radiant and beautiful. How
could anyone not want to be with her. She was his sun in the day and his
moon at night...always there. He just wished he would be given the
opportunity to one day express his feelings for the girl.

Clark was a bright young man and knew as the moment the brunette walked
across the floor that something was wrong, he wasn't sure what. He witnessed
first hand, a face full of anger and frustration turn to a heart, warming
false smile as she leaned in for a hug.

"Lana, please don't take this the wrong way, but this really isn't like you.
You usually don't come over at this time of night. Did you need to talk or

"Clark, since when do I need an excuse to visit my pal?"

"I'm sorry, Lana. You never need an excuse to visit. My fortress is your
fortress." The girl had no idea how true those words had been.

The girl's expression changed before his very eyes. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't
have come here. Better go before I do something I'll regret."

"No! Don't go. You know I would never want you to leave. Somehow, you just
seem different tonight. That's all I wanted to say."

Her expression changed from sadness back to frustration, "You're right,
Clark! I am different tonight! Whitney and I got in a fight earlier and I
needed to get away and let off some steam."

Clark's face froze in a moment of confusion. "And...and what? Did he hurt
you? Did he do anything he shouldn't have?" His hand reached over and
started shaking the girl's body. Her non-verbal response brought a worried
look to his face. "Lana, I'm serious! Are you okay? Did Whitney force
himself on you? Lana!"

The long haired, brunette vixen seemed to have been lost in space. She
wasn't sure how to answer Clark and when she tried it was like he couldn't
hear her. Her body seemed to be moving so fast that everything around her
resembled a blur. It was like her voice hadn't caught up with the motions
of her mouth. Clark noticed that Lana's lips were somewhat moving, but he
couldn't hear anything...then it dawned on him that maybe he had shaken her
a bit to hard...or too fast.

"Whoa, Clark...what just happened? It was the weirdest feeling. Like I was
moving so fast you couldn't hear anything I was saying...everything was a

Thinking fast on his feet, "Sorry, Lana. Been having slight hearing problems
lately...goes and comes as it pleases." She seemed to have bought the first
excuse, but how was he to explain the blurred vision.

"No, biggie." Wanting to get back to the matter at hand, "Now what were you
asking me?" Lana had let him off the hook.

Clark regained his composure, "I think you were about to tell me why you came
over tonight."

"Oh, right! Well, isn't it obvious? I came here tonight hoping...hoping you
would be interested in Fucking My Brains out! So what do you say, you up for

Lana's reasoning literally knocked Clark off his feet. Did she just say what
he thought she had said? Couldn't have...but it sure sounded like it.

Looking dumbfounded, "Excuse Me?" Clark knew the answer when he saw Lana's
body language...she had been serious.

"Clark, is that hearing of yours going out again? Its quite simple..."
raising her voice a little, "I came over get you hard as a rock
and to give you the best lay of your life...or possibly the first lay of your
life, like that matters. I know you've had a crush on me for quite a while
and tonight I'm giving you the chance to fulfill your wildest fantasy. I'll
say again, will you throw out all your manners and morals and just stick your
cock in my pussy and fuck the hell out of me? You have no idea how bad I
need you right now."

"I thought that was what you meant." Clark's once raised head found itself
back on the dirty, wooden floor.

Leaning over his body, "Clark! Clark! Clark, are you alright? Maybe this
will help."

Lana leaned in allowing her lips to descend upon Clark' had been a
long awaited kiss...too bad the young man was too far gone to acknowledge the
historical and emotional impact of the kiss. Lana was unable to separate his
lips so she accepted what little flesh she had access to...mainly his lips.
A few minutes and bite marks later, frustration, once again was built up in
the young girl. Reaching down and grabbing Clark's arm she made sure that
the shock had just stunned him...and not killed him. Once she was sure he
was still alive, she placed a pillow under his head and threw a blanket over
his body and exited the loft.

Lana knew she couldn't go home; at least not yet. Oh where, oh where...could
she go. Who did she know that she would be willing to fuck?

Half-hour later, the young brunette knocked on an old, large, polished,
wooden door. The door was only a minute piece of the huge mansion that stood
before her.

"Can I help you? Lana! Is that you?"

"Lex? You're answering your own doors now? Has life gotten that bad for the

"Hahaha. Just remember Ms. Lang, smart ass comments get you know where...
especially when they are directed at your boss."

"You're right, I'm sorry!"

"Apology accepted. Now, what can I do for you this fine evening?"

"Well, can...ugghhh...this is so frustrating and unlike me. I'm
sorry I bothered you, Lex!"

"Oh wait, young filly, something is on your mind."

"Yeah, there is."

"So spill it!"

"Its just that Whitney and me got in a little fight so I went to see Clark,
but he wasn't up for company. So I started walking and happened to end up in
front of your beautifully crafted mansion door. Thought you might be up for
some company...and possibly a drink or two."

"Well, sorry to let you down, but the company part has already been taken
care of. And I'm sure its not the kind of company you were referring too.
I'll be right back though. I have something might be just as good as a
friend." Lex rushed into his den and returned in a flash. "Can't really
talk at the moment, but I can offer you a drink. So

"Wow, a bottle all for shouldn't have, boss!"

"Hadn't planned on it being...oh who will ever know. If you get caught just
don't mention your source. Anything else I can help you with?" Lex wanted
to be a friend and help the girl out, but another part of his body wanted to
get rid of the girl as fast as possible. He had his own matters to attend to

Lana stood outside Lex's mansion staring into his eyes. She couldn't help
but wonder who Lex's company might be. "Actually, yes, you can help me with
one more thing."

"And what may I ask would that be, Ms. Lang?" Did she really have to drag
out the moment.

"Who is she, Lex? Who is this mystery girl that you quite obviously don't
want me to meet. Anyone I know?"

"That really shouldn't be any concern of should it? But if it
will make you leave any sooner, it's Victoria Harwick. The voluptuous woman
you met the other day at the Talon. Satisfied?"

"Ohhh, okay...nite, Lex...and thanks for..." Holding the bottle up in the
air. " know."

"Anytime, Ms. Lang...anytime." If Lex hadn't of known better he would have
sworn Lana had a hidden agenda when she came over for a visit. If a certain
lady wasn't occupying his upstairs bed at the time he would definitely have
explored his options...or Lana for that matter. Lex closed the door, grabbed
a bottle of vodka from his den and ascended the stairs.

Meanwhile, Lana was on the dark road again...but this time she wasn't alone.
Though it wouldn't be long before that lonesome feeling rebounded once more.
A bottle of whiskey can only go so far. Her options were slowly depleting...
where, oh where, could she go. She was desperate.

The young brunette sat on a log by the side of the road, starring out into
the darkness that surrounded her. The sounds of the night were peaceful
and allowed the girl to relax and think. 'Whitney was the root of all my
troubles. Clark was the perfect fall guy, but he wasn't up for the task.
Lex already had his hands in someone else's cookie jar. And what exactly
did Lex mean by not the kind of company I was referring too? That was
specifically the kind of company I was seeking. Where to now?'

Who was next on her list? Maybe she had been going about everything all
wrong. Maybe what she needed was something different...something she had
never had...instead of a masculine body...maybe she needed to seek out an
unexplored feminine body.

Twenty minutes later, "I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Sullivan."

"Oh hey Lana! Just call me Gabe. I'm not my father...he is Mr. Sullivan."

"Sorry about that, Mr. S...I mean, Gabe!"

"Isn't it a little late to be out and about?"

"Yes, sir! I really couldn't sleep. Thought a nice long walk would do me
some good. I've had a lot on my mind tonight. Came by to talk with Chloe.
Is she home?"

"Oh, I see. Teen issues I presume. You know, Chloe is home, but I think she
may have hit the sack early. She's been putting in so many hours with the
school's newspaper that it seems to have caught up with her. I remember her
talking with Clark Kent earlier on the phone and more than likely her second
phone call was from Pete. Other than that...haven't heard a peep out of her
all night."

"Oh, I see."

"Would you like me to go check? She may be reading or playing on her
computer. Sometimes I feel as if I play second fiddle to that electronic

"That's okay, Gabe. I can just try and catch her another time."

"Are you sure? You really look like you could use a good listening ear...and
I doubt you want mine. Why don't you go on up to her room. If she is asleep
I'm sure she wouldn't mind waking up and talking for a while. She's a pretty
good kid that way, you know."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. She's pretty good...even to those that don't
give her the respect and credit that she deserves."

"That's sweet of you to say. I don't know what my sweetheart would do...
without friends like you, Clark, and Pete."

"Thanks! If you're sure you don't mind I think I'll take you up on that
offer and see if Chloe might be up. Which room is her's?"

"Upstairs...first door on the left."

Gabe Sullivan shut the door as Lana made her way up towards his daughter,
Chloe's, bedroom. Lana reached the second floor landing and silently opened
Chloe's bedroom door and closed it behind her. The lights were off and Lana
could make out a soft sound...the girl was breathing lightly and mumbling in
her sleep. Clark's name was mentioned a few times. It was obvious she was
dreaming about Clark. Lana wondered how different the blonde's dreams were
than her own. Seemed both girls had hidden feelings for the young, muscular,
slightly clumsy, charming, intelligent, flannel wearing, farm boy.

Lana took her time gazing down at the angel that occupied the bed before
her. The short, blonde haired, reporter slept comfortably in her bed. The
silhouette of her body seemed to glow as the light outside her window cast
a faint glimmer of light across her room...across her bed...and across her
sleeping form. Lana had no trouble staring at the sleeping beauty. She was
starting to see Chloe in a whole new light. It wasn't a light, light...more
like an enlightenment...a sexual enlightenment of sorts. The brunette
reached over and turned on the bedside table lamp. The darkness was quickly
replaced with a soft lit glow, projecting shadows on the nearby wall.

The silhouette form now had a definitive shape. Lana was amazed at the
girl's curvature. This was the first time that she had really been afforded
the chance to see Chloe's true body. Flesh peeked out from all sides of the
body. The girl was wearing a worn out, holey t-shirt that fell just above
her baby blue colored panties. Her legs were uncovered and had beads of
sweat running down them.

The long, haired brunette gazed at the beauty before her. Reaching out to
maneuver one of Chloe's legs closer toward the edge of the bed, Lana leans
down and runs her tongue ever so gently up the inside of her leg. Beads of
sweat were vacuumed up by her smooth, wet caresses. Her own body started
sweating from the heat coming from her sex.

Moving her attention up the young girl's body. Her gaze fell on her heaving
breasts. As air filtered through her lungs, they both rose and fell,
delighting the young brunette. Continuing up the form, she stepped even
closer to the bed and lowered herself. Lana eased herself down until her
lips were a mere inches from Chloe's exposed ear and started lightly blowing
across her earlobe. She loved the slight reactions that she was getting
from the young, petite, blonde girl. The girl unconsciously began fidgeting
around in the bed until she finally rolled over onto her side. Lana knew
at that moment, she had found the one. It wasn't Whitney, or Clark, and
certainly not Lex...more assured by each passing would
definitely be young Sullivan.

Lana wasted no time in removing her top. Her nipples were already aroused
and sticking out as her blouse reached the floor. The brunette hesitated...
wondering if she was doing the right thing. It wasn't like she had ever had
any feelings for the blonde, much less any girl for that matter. 'Til this
night, she had never looked at Chloe in a sexual manner. Most of the time
she couldn't stand to be around the nosey reporter because of her
instantaneous mood swings. None of that mattered now...the feeling and
yearning was right...the timing was great...and she wasn't awake to protest.

Lana knelt down and lifted her right breast until her nipple touched the
girl's lips. She methodically followed the contours of the lips as she moved
her nipple all around before allowing it to settle between the young girl's
lips. Then pushed more of the breast into the awaiting mouth. Lana hoped
that Chloe's subconscious would kick in at any moment and give her the best
breast sucking she had every had.

Whispering softly in the girl's ear, "Chloe! Come and get it. Your bottle
is waiting....full of milk, honey. You know you want it! Just close your
lips around it and enjoy what mommy has to offer. I promise you will like
it. That's it...nibble on it and then suck it. ohhhh..ahhhh...that's the
way baby...that's the way."

A sleeping Chloe started nursing on Lana's breasts. The sight was beautiful.
Two beautiful young ladies enjoying a common bond, though only one was truly
aware of the act. As breast manipulation proceeded, the brunette moved her
hand to the bottom of the blonde's shirt and started easing it towards her
own breasts.

"Do you like that, sweetheart? Does mommy's nipple taste good?"

"Yes, mommy." the girl responded in a whisper of her own.

"That's are doing wonderfully. What a skillful mouth you possess.
Oh so nice...keep going...a little harder darling!"

Both girls were getting into the moment...Lana just wished that Chloe was
awake so they really could have a go. The brunette continued trying her best
to work Chloe's shirt further up her body, but there were obstacles in the
way. Lana's nipples were already at an all time hardness...their sensitivity
was almost to the point of being torturous. The blonde's soft lips nibbled,
licked, and sucked their way around the hardened, tanned orb. Lana was
desperate for some much needed relief and she needed to resolve her problem

"Sweetheart, mommy needs a little break. You can take a break and lay back
down. Very shortly, mommy will have something else for you to suck on."

The blonde released the breast from her grasp and proceeded to follow Lana's
directions...turning and lying on her back.

No longer able to hold back her yearning, Lana stepped back and started
removing her clothes. In a matter of no time, she was standing in the middle
of Chloe Sullivan's bedroom, naked as the day she was born; jeans, panties,
and t-shirt piled on the floor. Her pubes were shaven and glistening from
the built up excitement between her legs. She had waited a long time to let
go and now was the time. She made her way back towards the bed and started
to mount it.

A voice from downstairs halted her movement. "Lana! Is Chloe up? Are you
two okay up there? Just wanted to check on you before I went to bed!"

Lana knew she didn't want Chloe to wake up quite yet so she hurried over and
opened the closed door, poking her head out. "Yes, Mr. Sullivan. I mean,
Mr. Gabe! We are fine! Have a nice night. Chloe was wondering if it was
okay if I slept over...don't think Nell would have a problem."

"Well, if you don't think your aunt will mind you staying, then its alright
with me. Guess I'll see you girls in the morning. Sleep tight!"

"Thanks! We Will!"

The door quickly and quietly shut as the Lana made her way back towards the
occupied bed. Continuing with her previous idea, the girl lightly sunk one
knee on the mattress as she maneuvered her other knee across the girl's body,
without causing much movement on the mattress. Lana looked down at Chloe
from her straddling position and shook from desire. Just the sight of her
naked body hovering over the sleeping girl gave her a small example of what
her body was desiring...absolute relief. She knew if she didn't act now she
would never follow through with it. Moment later, Lana started grazing her
open sex across the sleeping girl's lips.

Whispering once again, "Now honey, you can suck and lick mommy all you want!"

At hearing the brunette's words, the girl's tongue left the confines of her
own mouth and licked the inside of the hovering thighs making its way towards
the surprisingly gapping hole. Chloe's eyes suddenly popped open. "How
about I just bite the hell out of your clit and enjoy listening to your
agonizing screams of pain! Get the fuck off of me, you bitch!"

"What? Its not what you think!" Lana shook in terror. Not sure how the next
few minutes would play out.

"No?" Chloe grabbed a hold of Lana's legs. "Then why might I ask are you
spread eagled and grinding your cunt in my face?"

Lana had no response but the sobbing and tears that started drifting down her

Chloe heard the girl's crying and closed a firm grip on the cheerleader's
smooth, taunt legs. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and bit down on
the sobbing girl's enlarged, excited clit. The girl's crying quickly turned
to screams of pain.

"Oh shit! that! God it hurts. Leave me alone! Stop biting
me. Bitch! Damn that hurts. No more, please! I'm begging!" Screaming as
loud as her lungs and vocal chords would allow. "Please, no more! Help!!!"
The brunette's cry for help echoed throughout the house.

Mr. Sullivan raised his voice rose over the screaming as he quickly
approached his daughter's bedroom door. "Honey, you alright? Chloeeee!"

Yelling back in response, "Sorry to wake ya, dad! Its totally okay. We're
fine! I just NAIRED Lana. Give her a few good screams and I'm sure she'll
be alright! Its her first time!"

"Are you sure? Sounded pretty bad!" Being the only parent in the Sullivan
household, he had learned the effects of the hair removing product.

"We're sure, dad! Sorry to wake ya!"

Gabe Sullivan was none the wiser. Chloe just smiled as she easily rolled
from under Lana's pain stricken body. Lana grabbed for her sex, but the pain
was still there. Chloe smiled again as she once again grabbed Lana's legs,
this time pulling back on her legs until her back was completely flat against
the mattress. Lifting the brunette's legs again, forcing Lana's cunt closer
to her awaiting mouth, she once again bit down hard on the now exposed
nubbin. Lana let out another horrible scream as she was in so much pain.

Gabe shook his head as he headed back downstairs, ignoring the horrible

Chloe Sullivan quickly removed her own shirt, leaving her upper body
completely exposed, and forced it into the girl's open mouth. The loud
screams of pain came to an abrupt halt as the pillow muffled all sounds.
Chloe once again took another hard bite and then another and another.
The girl beneath her was wiggling all around on the bed. It was quite
obvious that she was in a lot of pain and agony and there was nothing
she could do to stop the blonde. By this time, only Lana's head was
lying against the bed, as the rest of her body was being held up by the
blonde's strength.

Taking a slight, but much needed breather, "You know Lana, I never considered
you for being into girls. Though it doesn't come to a surprise. You just
gave me the proof I needed to resolve my theory. I knew you had an alternate
ulterior for becoming a cheerleader. Cause you certainly didn't join the
squad because of your talent. You've always been the worst on the squad, but
I'm sure you never cared, as long as you could enjoy the group shower time
after all the games and practices. Maybe I should have been a cheerleader.
Oh but wait, I'm not into girls like you. Though I must admit, the taste
does have promise."

The blonde waited for a response, but only got muffled cries.

"Yeah, guess I'm not to experienced in this type of stuff. When they say
'eat pussy', guess they don't mean to literally eat they? But who
cares if I know what I'm doing or not...its you that has to live with the
decision you made tonight...not me. Don't mind me...I'll just keep feasting
until you've had enough or admit you were wrong for coming to my house

The brunette's body arched again as she felt teeth wrap around her sex and
finger nails pierce her ass. The pain was too great for the girl to endure.
Out of desperation, she slung her own fingernails across the blonde's exposed
breasts, causing a small scream herself. Her fingernails returned to her
side stained with fresh blood. Suddenly the blonde's grip loosened allowing
the ex-cheerleader to retreat from the bed. As she looked back towards the
bed, she realized Chloe was holding a hand over one of her breasts as blood
poured from beneath.

In a frantic tone, "Chloe, why are you bleeding like that?"

Shuddering on the once clean, white mattress, "My body doesn't generate

The girl's eyes began to flutter. Lana wasn't sure what to do. She was
still in a huge amount of pain herself.

"Please tell me what I can do? It doesn't look don't look too

"Too much...blood..bathroom...cabinet...pill...bottle." Chloe's eyes started
drifting close as her speech labored.

Lana quickly rushed towards the bathroom and was back beside the bed in
less than a minute. She watched as Chloe let the pill slide down her throat
followed by a glass full of water. A few minutes later, the blood flow
slowed to a halt and Chloe was now relaxing on the blood soaked mattress.
Lana stood at a distance and once again admired the beauty before her. She
slowly drifted towards the bed, keeping pressure on her own sex. As Lana
reached the side of the bed, she proceeded to once again straddle the young
girl's body...this time they were pelvis-to-pelvis. Chloe didn't have the
energy, from her unexpected blood loss, to protest, so she just relaxed as
the brunette rested her body on top of her's. Lana rested on the girl for
a good while. No longer able to resist the moment the brunette closed the
distance between her lips and Chloe's. They were soon enveloped in a slow
building, sultry kiss that soon became a very passionate tongue war...which
neither cared...who won.

The next morning, Chloe awoke to a familiar sight. Her gaze fell on the
soft, puffy nubbin that protruded from the brunette's core of desire. It
still presented a slight redness from her actions the previous night...
that...she was now somewhat regretting. Lana was enjoying the moment.
There she sat straddling the blonde's pretty face, cunt to lips, as she
had the previous night. Not looking for anything...just enjoying the
wonderful site that she had observed the previous night before all hell
had broken loose. Her eyes shot wide open as she realized that Chloe had
finally awakened and didn't know what to expect from the blonde, haired
beauty. Moment passed without the feel of teeth marks or harsh comments...
the blonde wasn't struggling or saying anything. Chloe just allowed her
tongue to slide along the upper, inner half of the girl's thigh before
piercing the other girl's labia. The blonde was greeted with a small,
innocent reward as her mouth was soon soaked from a morning rush.

Chloe swallowed the resultant juices and continued to tease and stimulate
Lana's desire. Wasn't long before Lana found her own lips sucking at the
blonde's inner folds; sucking up the post sex fluids from the previous night
mixed with the newly accumulated. They had maneuvered themselves into a
pussy-on-face, face-on-pussy, classic 69. They took turns in extracting
screams of passion from each other. Gabe listened to the screams from
downstairs and disregarded them as he knew that they were no longer screams
of pain. The screaming and orgasms continued all through the morning before
the girls realized they couldn't drain another ounce of desire from the
other. They sat up in bed and rested in each other's arms.


"Yeah, that was a Wow...maybe even a WOW..oh buddy, oh Wow!"

"I believe I second that Chloe. Its never been this good and fulfilling with

"Yeah, Mr. Duracell hasn't ever made me reach my peak quite as much."

"Mr. Duracell? Would that be Mr. 'D Size' Duracell?"

"Of course...the one and the same."

"Maybe Mr. Duracell only needs the right instructions...think he could come
out and play after a while?"

"Oh Lana! What a dirty little mind you have there...but dirty works for me!
I think a meeting with Mr. Duracell could be arranged."

"Good! Make me an appointment...for say...tomorrow...Torch's office...middle
of the day...where anyone could interrupt us!"

Faking a shaking reaction, "Ohhh, you do have a dirty, dirty mind. Not sure
if I'm up for that kind of least not yet."

'We have the rest of the day...I think I can convince you!"

"I'm sure you probably can! But before you try...mind telling me how we
ended up in my bed, naked, drenched in each other's sweat, not to mention
covered in our own love juices? And on top of that...talking like we are
best friends or...dare I say it...passionate lovers."

"Confusion, frustration, a reason none other than needing to get
don't take this the wrong way, but also a last resort."

"Last resort??"

"I told you not to take it the wrong way! If I knew then what I know now...
you would have been my first and only stop last night, but I didn't know and
you weren't the first. I blame it all on Whitney...though I guess I should
be thanking him since his stupidity pushed me into another's arms...yours!"

"Oh, Lana...are you trying to make me blush? That was the sweetest thing
anyone's ever said to me. Whatever Whitney did...I'm glad he did it!"
Looking a little beside herself. "Exactly, what did the jock do to make you
coming running to my bed?"

"He wouldn't let me on top!"

"What! Is that all? He wouldn't let you mount his staff? His member...?"
Having fun at the other girl's expense, "...his stallion? Or is it only a

Shaking her head. "He's pretty big!"

"How big?"

"Wouldn't you like to know!"

"No, not really. I was just curious to know if I would have to lube you up
before I get my vibrator."

"Oh, is that all? Don't think you'll have a problem there. Whitney hasn't
been my only boyfriend."

"That's right he hasn't. You mean, you did it with more than just...okay,
that's a little much to process right now. I can't get over the fact why you
came over here. That's pretty cr...actually, I don't think words can express
what exactly that is..."

Interrupting the other girl, "Hey, what can I say? I need to be on top and
he wouldn't let me. He knows I only get off when I'm on top. That's the
only time I feel like I'm in control...except for last night. Guess you
could say I was pretty frustrated at Whitney and then from there it built as
I approached both Clark and Lex. You were my last hope, besides Pete."

"He wouldn't have been able to help. Being out of town and all!"

"So see, you were my last and only hope. After you, I would have searched
out the next willing being I could find as long as they could give me a huge,
self-righteous orgasm. An orgasm that would wipe away all my problems in
one sweet thrill, rushing moment."

"Whoaa...guess that is a good as reason as any! go throw
yourself at a female that on most days can't stand to even be in the vicinity
of you...just because your boyfriend wouldn't let you on top. That is a
Torch headline if I've ever heard one. Since I'm the editor and chief..."
Starting to smirk at Lana, "...of the Torch, I believe I deserve a One-on-One
special exclusive!"

"As long as your special One-on-One exclusive doesn't bring up any thoughts
of leaving this bed anytime can have as many as your heart

"Yes, mommy!"

"And Chloe, don't forget your trusty digital camera. Mommy wants to really

The End


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