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Smallville: Lana's Foot Massage
by DCForever

Chloe Sullivan rested on their living room couch, relaxing as she watched a
bit of rare television when she heard a rather loud slam resignating from the

"Lana, is that you?" She yelled, refusing to move from her comfort zone.

"Yeah Chloe, it is." Responded Lana Lang, as she closed and locked the rear
kitchen door.

"Home a little early aren't you?" Smiled Chloe as she turned her head to
look at the stunningly, beautiful brunette now standing in the doorway to the
living room.

"Just a bit. I got the new girl, Clare, to close up shop tonight. Hang on...
let me go upstairs and get rid of these shoes and I'll be right back. I don't
think I can stand these things for a minute longer."

"Fine." Chloe answered before turning her attention back to the television,
turning it off with the remote resting in her hand.

A moment later, Lana reappeared...shoeless.

"Oh that is so much better."

"Feet hurting you that badly?" Chloe's full attention was on her friend and
fellow housemate.

"You just have no idea. I think it is time that I put some of my earnings to
good use...say on a new pair of flats for working and walking in all day."

"Sorry to hear that. Hey, we could go shoe shopping together if you want."

"I would like that. It isn't like we get much time to spend with each other.
Between you working on The Torch and me running The Talon...I'm surprised we
even have time to breathe."

"Well you see...I don't. I just carry around a small portable oxygen mask and
tank in my purse. Air on the Go is what I call it." She was full of herself.

"Hehehe...pretty good, Chloe, but I figured you for a Coffee on the Go kind
of girl."

"Touché! Yep, I love my coffee. I do believe it would be a toss up if I had
to choose between the two; air or coffee."

"Toss up my foot. You know you eat, drink, and breathe coffee."

"Yeah, I do. Speaking of coffee, you really need to fire whoever that has
been making the coffee the last few days. It has been the worse. I had
actually thought about going back to The Beanery for my cappuccinos."

"Chloe, The Beanery is closed."

"Yeah, don't you think I know that. I'm just proving to you just how bad the
coffee has been at The Talon."

"Oh. Ouch! That hurts hearing that."

"Doesn't hurt as bad as the person making your coffee will be if I send Clark
and Pete after them." The young teenager was fuming at the mouth from the
thought of someone messing with her beloved favorite liquid consumption.

"Okay, enough already. Before you send the homicide squad out, I probably
should warn you that if you don't won't to lose a housemate...then don't tell
anyone. I'm the one that has been making the coffee the past week or so."

"What? You are living under my roof, sleeping in one of my beds, breathing my
air...and you haven't learned to make coffee better than the crap you've been
making? What is wrong with you?"

"Tired? Lack of funds for the good stuff?"

"You don't answer a question with a question...that's a trick only reporters
are allowed to use."

"Sorry, but that is all I've got. I'm not a big coffee drinker like you,
Clark, Pete, Lex and the other customers. The cappuccino machine went down
over the weekend and I just haven't had time to go looking for another...and
I'm not about to ask Lex for another machine...the first one was too generous
to begin with."

"Yeah, it was generous and I was grateful for it because what came out of it
blew away anything The Beanery ever thought of making. You sure you won't
reconsider and ask Lex for another machine? I know it would make at least one
customer happy. I'm sure there are other customers out there that feel the
same as I do."

"Who? Clark? Pete? When I get time, Chloe, I'll go looking for a replacement
machine, but until that time comes you and the others are stuck with what I
make myself."

"Oh brother, you're trying to kill all of Smallville aren't you?"

"Haha...not funny."

"I'm just playing...about the killing part, but serious about getting another
cappuccino machine."

"I know you are serious as am I and as soon as some time frees up I might
have a chance to go looking for one, but like I said, until then you will
just have to drink what I have or find another source."

"Ouch! Touchy are we today."

"Just tired and worn out is all. I never thought that running my own business
would be so hard. It's been even worse since Aunt Nell left me in charge of
everything and moved away."

"Have you thought about hiring some more help? Couldn't hurt."

"I have had a talk with Lex about hiring more people, but he said the profits
weren't enough to warrant extra paid help, so I'm stuck with the help that I
got. And you remember what happened when Clark came onto the staff. Just
didn't work out. So I'm pretty stuck."

"But isn't Clare your only help right now?"

"She sure is and what a blessing it is to have her too. I don't know what I
would do if she wasn't there."

"I would put on a pair of tennis shoes, learn how to juggle
everything on your hands and feet and make things work out. Lana, you are
just that kind of person. You don't know how to fail and that is one of the
things that I like about you."

"I guess you're right. I would at least give it a good old fashion Lang try
and if it worked out, great, if not, then goodbye Talon. It would sorely be

"Oh no, let's not think such negative thoughts as that. Scary. Without The
Talon, where would I get my coffee fix, good or bad, besides my own kitchen?
No, no let's don't think like that. In fact, I've got a good idea. Let me go
grab a few things and I'll be right back. Just lay down and get comfortable;
rest those sore feet of yours. I've got just the cure for those puppies."

"Sounds like a great idea to me. By the way, what kind of things are you

"Oh just some massaging oil and lotions that I have upstairs. After I'm
finished with those feet of yours, you will feel like you can walk on air.
That I promise."

"Alright then."

"Good. Be right back."

Short blonde haired, Chloe Sullivan quickly ran up the stairs to her bedroom,
her full breasts bouncing as her legs jarred against the wood grained stairs.
She entered her bedroom and headed toward her desk, pulling open the bottom
drawer in search of her massage oils. She walked over to her small three
shelf bookcase and started reading off titles until she came to the title of
the book she was looking for, "Massaging: Hidden Pleasures."

She grabbed the overdue public library book off her shelf and started leafing
through it to refresh her mind with many of the techniques she had read about
in the book, but had yet to try out. Lana would be like an experimental run
for the overworked reporter, herself. Chloe walked out into the hall, opening
the hall's linen closet, to retrieve a few towels before heading back down
the stairs, this time taking her time so as not to drop all her supplies.

"Wow, Chloe, do you think you have enough lotions and oils?"

"I wasn't sure so I just brought a few things."

"Oh...that's only a few?"

"Oh yeah, you should see what I have in the downstairs bathroom closet. With
mine and your things taking up all the space in the upstairs bathroom, I had
to invade my dad's space."

"Gabe didn't mind?"

"Oh no. I just told him if he wanted his only daughter to stay as beautiful
as she was they were all needed. He graciously let me store my supplies

"Beautiful? So where might I find this daughter you speak of?"

"Oh, cracking wise cracks now are we? Just you wait. Remember, your feet are
about to be in my hands."

"Oh, should I be scared?"

"Let's just say...I wouldn't close your eyes if I was you." Lana faked a
terrified expression before breaking out in a bit of laughter. Chloe soon
joined in the laughing as she set everything down on the floor beside the
couch Lana was relaxing on. "Oops, forgot to get the hot water. Be back in
a sec and then we can get started. Why don't you go ahead and...Oh, never
mind, guess you already got rid of your socks."

"You said massage and off they came."

"Looking forward to this I see. Hopefully my abilities won't disappoint you."

"Okay, let's see what we have here to work with. Pan, check. Heated water,
check. Towels, check. Oils and lotions, check. One massage book, check.
You...Me, check. Well, looks like I have everything."

"Sounds like it."

"Alright then, guess you can go ahead and put your bare feet in the pan. The
heated water should ease some of the tension." Lana lifted her feet off the
carpet and set them in the water-filled pan.

"Uh, that is warm."

"Wouldn't do the trick if it wasn't. We'll just soak them for a couple
minutes. We don't want to soak them too long or they will start to wrinkle
up and that isn't what we want."

"Sounds like you know what you are talking about."

"Maybe just a little."

"So what got you interested in giving massages?"

"My dad. He was always coming home and complaining because of how sore and
tired his feet were, so I decided I would get a few books and read up on
it. By the time it took me to feel comfortable with what I was learning he
already went out and bought him one of those portable foot massage baths.
He uses that thing religiously. Oh, maybe you would prefer to just use the
bath yourself?"

"No, the hands on approach is fine with me...unless you would prefer me to
use your father's massager."

"Well, I haven't ever tried giving an actual massage to anyone so far so if
you are willing then so am I."

"Good. Can I pull my feet out yet?"

"Oh yeah, sorry. Lost track of time. Hmmm, they don't look like they got
overly wrinkled. What do you think?"

"I guess if I was worried about my feet's appearance I might have something
to say, but considering I just want them to feel good...I could careless how
they look. So yeah, wrinkles are fine."

"You know...the wrinkles kind of adds a cuteness to them."

"If you say so."

Chloe placed Lana's foot on the towel covering a patch of the living room's
carpeted floor and proceeded to pull the outer edges of the towel over her
feet, wiping the water from her skin. She smiled at the relaxed, thought-free
brunette as she lathered up her hands with a combination of the oils.

Upon first touch, Lana cooed at the touch of her friend's oiled hands against
her tired, tensed feet. "Ahhh, Chloe, that feels nice."

"But I haven't done anything, but barely touch you."

"I know. Hmmm..."

"Okay. Glad you are liking it."

Chloe picked up one of the feet and started squeezing her hands around her
sole and worked her way up to her toes, carefully taking time massaging each
digit of flesh and the valley between each one. She looked up, seeing Lana
had relaxed back against the couch cushions with her eyes closed, slightly
rotating her back as she was getting more into the massage.

She was amazed at how Lana was reacting to her simple touches without even
using any of the erogenous zone techniques the book had covered. She reached
out and pulled the book to her side and opened up to one of the pink flagged
sections, re-reading over the section and examining the detailed pictures
covering the hot points of the feet.

Chloe bounced back and forth between kneading the girl's skin to barely
touching and caressing it. She glided her thumb over the middle of the
brunette's sole, experimenting with various amounts of pressure, each
taking their effect on the girl. Chloe found herself starting to sweat
as nerves began to take over, wondering how far she should take things.

She had never considered that she would get so turned on from caressing and
massaging another girl's foot. Whatever she was doing was working Lana over
pretty good; she began rotating her hips. Her eyes suddenly flew open as if
Chloe had hit a major nerve.

Lana flinched, jerking her head up off the couch and back down. "Whoa! Oh.
What was that?"

"What was what?"

"What did you just do? Whatever it was...could you do it again?"

"Let's see." Chloe flexed her fingers and started back at Lana's heel and
slowly began working her way back up towards her toes.

Chloe knew she must have hit one of the erogenous zones as she carefully
watched Lana's eyes grow in size, a smile appearing on her face.

"Guess that was the spot huh?"

"Oh yeah. Go over that spot a few more times, will you? A little slower this

"Sure, if that is what you want." For it was exactly what Chloe wanted.

After her fourth run, Chloe noticed Lana's breathing had slightly increased
and the girl was fighting to keep her hands by her side, which had slowly
drifted from the back of her neck to the couch cushions pushing against her
tensed up thighs.

"Lana, do you realize that you are panting? Are you okay?"

"Oh, oh, yeah, I'm wonderful."

"You know...if I didn't know any better I would say you you
couldn't be."

"Huh? Oh...yeah, but I could...oh I very well could be."

"No way! Guess I'm better than I thought I might be." Chloe's confidence was

"You're good. Trust me, I think I would know. Ooookay, maybe you should stop.
I already have to use the bathroom."


"Yeah, I right now."

"Okay. If you have to go, then go." Chloe stopped her hands and placed them
in her lap as she saw Lana struggling to get to her feet. They both knew she
had to do more than just go to the bathroom.

"Do you need some help?"

"Actually, I think I might. Can't seem to get my feet to move." Lana had been
expecting Chloe to rise up and give her a hand standing up, but was rather
shocked when the girl re-grabbed her foot and started kneading her foot
again, causing her to wiggle even more on the couch.

"What are you doooiiinnnggg?"

"Helping you out silly. Just relax."

"But this isn't helping, Chloe."

"Oh, but I think it is. We both know you don't have to use the bathroom."

"Fine. Call it whatever you want, but I need to go."

"Then go. Do you see me stopping you? I actually think I'm helping you."

"Chloe, you know this isn't something I can do in front of you. Please, don't
make this so hard."

"I don't think I am, but I do spy a couple peaks that are getting a little
hard." Lana's eyes went wide before she looked down at her own hardening

"Okay, Chloe, stop it. Just stop and let me go to the bathroom."

"Oh come on, Lana. We're both girls here. Do what you've got to do already.
Unless you think you need help with that as well." Chloe let her hands start
traveling up the girl's leg before Lana swiped her hand away.

"What has gotten into you?"

"You, Lana are what has gotten into me...or more so me into you,
who would have known?"

Lana shook her head in disbelief. "This isn't fair." She shrugged and
started fumbling with the button on her shorts. Her fingers couldn't work
fast enough, freeing herself of the tight material. Chloe saw the girl's
white panties come into view between the separated zipper tracks. Lana's
hand eased between her skin and her panties, bunching up the material as
her fingers entered her wet confines.

"Oh, now that is erotic."

"You're bad, Chloe; very bad."

"Then I guess you must like me being bad, because it looks like you are
having a ball down there."

"I shouldn't have to be doing this. Please, Chloe...please help me up so I
can go to the bathroom...or just look away."

"Maybe you don't think we should, but I'm thinking we should have done this
a lot sooner." As Chloe was talking she sensed a building of her own wetness
soaking through her panties' fine material. She didn't let on to her friend,
unsure if the added shock value would seriously damage the girl's psyche and
ruin the perfect moment. "And no bathroom and no privacy. This is too good
to pass up."

Lana fell back into her closed eyes, relaxed position, continuing to finger
her burning pussy before the eyes of her best friend. Chloe noticed the
pleasure the girl must have been in as she frantically pounded her digits
into her wetness.

"Lana, you do remember that I told you not to close your eyes?"

"Oh why not, it isn't like there is anything you could do that could be any
worse than this." Her eyes remained closed and her fingers kept up their
pace. If she couldn't be awarded privacy then she would try and block out
her friend and her comments.

Chloe smirked as a crazy idea suddenly came to her, unknowing if she should
go through with it or not. She knew how Lana would react, but if it was going
to make her stop fingering herself then it had to be a worthwhile deed.

She set Lana's foot in her lap as she quickly began discarding her red,
pullover t-shirt. With the garment lying beside her, she looked down at her
baby blue bra, supporting her full breasts, and then down to Lana's foot.
She reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra clasp, letting her breasts
bounce free, noticing her own nipples were getting harder. She picked up
Lana's foot and started kneading the flesh again, making sure not to disturb
Lana's pleasure. She brought the foot to her mouth and lightly ran her tongue
along its bottom side, lathering the skin with her saliva. Looking up, Lana
was in her own world, unaware of the added wetness against her foot.

Chloe lowered the foot back down and gently rubbed it against her breasts
before she raised her nipple and rubbed it along the bottom side of the foot.
Again, Lana's eyes shot open and strained to look toward Chloe's bare chest.

Smiling with a smirk grin, "I told you, you shouldn't close your eyes on me."
Lana didn't say a word as she watched her friend guide her foot between her
breasts. Chloe squeezed her own breasts together, wedging Lana's foot
between them and looked up into Lana's eyes. Lana re-closed her eyes and
slowly started moving her foot up and down between the girl's deep cleavage,
mimicking an act of fucking. She had determined that Chloe wasn't about to
let her forget about her so she decided to let things take their own course.

For some reason, unknown to the two girls, they both were getting turned on
even more as one's flesh continued rubbing up against the other's harder
flesh. Chloe bent her head down upon each of Lana's upward movements and
licked at her extended toes, before lifting back up on the downward movement
to watch Lana's pleasure filled expressions.

"Chloe, what are we doing?"

"Lana, just don't think about it...and just have fun with it."

"I'm...having fun...and that is what scares me. And to be honest...I can't
stop staring at your beautiful breasts. I had no idea they would look so
magnificent and free."

"I don't know what to say, Lana, but thank you."

"Oh your mouth feels so good on my toes. Chloe, are you getting as turned on
as I am?" Lana's hand pushed at her panties hard enough to award Chloe with
her first peak at her wet pussy. She rubbed her hand over her exposed folds
and used two fingers to open herself up for the girl. "Are you as wet?" Lana
was running on cruise control.

Chloe couldn't bring herself to answer the question, lost in the exotic view
before her. She watched the brunette pull her lips apart, exposing her inner
pinkness and rub her fingers along the upper edges, uncovering her excited
clitoris. Lana put on an entertaining show for her blonde haired friend.

"You know Chloe, we've already come this what's stopping us from
going any further? I'm not sure where this is leading...sure can't be good,
but right now it just feels too damn good. We'll most definitely go to hell
for this."

"Only thing stopping me are my damn sweat pants. That will be remedied in a
just a sec." Chloe set Lana's wet foot on the towel before standing to her
feet and going to work on the tight drawstring holding her sweat pants around
her waist. "Damn things." The more she fought with the knot the tighter it
became, allowing more and more time to fly by. "I can't get the knot undone."

Lana shook her head and leaned forward, grabbing the girl by the waist and
pulling closer to her now spread out legs. Chloe's legs were mere inches
from the brunette's heated, wet core. Accidentally, her trembling legs gave
way for a split second and her knee came in brief, hard contact with Lana's
aching pussy, sending the girl's head flying back as if she was experiencing
an orgasm, which she had.

Lana quickly reached out and pulled Chloe's leg back against her folds as she
secreted her juices down the other girl's leg, causing Chloe to reach out and
grab Lana's shoulder for support as the girl's juices tickled Chloe's skin on
the way down. When Lana pulled herself together and sat up, her new position
gave her a one-on-one, up-close examination of the blonde's nervously heaving
breasts. She held still, raising only her eyes to look into Chloe's downward
gaze. While holding eye contact, Lana stuck her tongue out and brushed it
against the girl's nipples, causing her to gulp down air. She lashed out at
the pointy, pink flesh again and again, each time making sure not to lose eye
contact. The act seemed all that more sweeter and sexier as they held their
gazes. Chloe broke the gaze and rolled her eyes backwards until they were
closed as Lana's lips descended over her nipple and mound and began suckling.
Chloe's grip tightened on Lana's shoulder as she moved her attention from one
mound to its twin.

Lana's fingers methodically worked on freeing Chloe's sweat pants as she
lathered up the girl's voluptuous breasts with her tongue and lips, leaving
her oral juices in waiting. She freed the knot and pushed the material to
the ground, her panties included. Lana rested her hands on Chloe's naked,
unseen ass cheeks and began kneading their flesh, forcing Chloe to release
her shoulder grip and start concentrating on getting rid of Lana's white,
wife-beater top.

Chloe pulled at the material, forcing Lana to break her contact with her
breasts so the top could be pulled over her head and eventually off her arms,
allowing it to fall to the floor with the rest of their discarded clothes.
Lana was afforded a brief glimpse of Chloe Sullivan's complete nudity, before
her view was obstructed by Chloe's head as she leaned down to take one of
Lana's breasts into her own mouth, a pleasurable sensation worth losing one's
vision over, thought Lana. She brought her hands up to rest against Chloe's
hair, letting the girl know that she was enjoying herself.

Realizing that the only reason they had gotten as far as they had was because
of a simple foot massage, Lana decided that her foot needed to be rewarded.
She slowly sat back down, not allowing Chloe to follow. The blonde was
confused at the girl's actions.

"Lana, I thought..."

"Don't worry honey, I just figured since this all started with the feet then
why shouldn't it continue with them." Lana lifted her foot up, allowing it
to graze against Chloe's inner leg, inner thigh, and over her lightly haired,
blonde pubic bush.

"Oh, yeah, maybe we should continue." Lana smiled at Chloe's acceptance and
pressed her foot harder into the girl's flesh, rubbing against her unhooded
love button. She twisted her foot to the side and dropped down a bit, giving
it easier entry into Chloe's inner regions. The foot passed through the two
layers of pink lips, working itself into the pink cavity of the beyond.

"Oww...ouch. Lana, small foot it maybe, but possibly even tighter confines."

"Come on, Chloe...just grin and bare it for a little bit more. I can feel
your heat against my toes."

"I'm not very experienced when it comes to this...just be patient."

"I remember a not so patient person refusing to stop her actions earlier
before I came. Could this be the same girl asking another for her patience?"

"I'm sorry, but this is a little different."

"How so? You forced me to come for you and now I just want the same in methods are just a little different...planning on getting the
same result though." Lana twisted and turned her foot as she curled her toes
under, trying desperately to gain entry into Chloe's core. Chloe reached out
and grabbed Lana's foot, steadying it in her hands.

"Slowly" was all she spoke as she began a rocking action with Lana's foot in
her hands. With each forward push, Lana pressed harder, but relented as Chloe
guided her foot backwards. Together, they began fucking Chloe's pussy with
Lana's slender, pale foot, each having a hand in what the other was doing.

Chloe screamed out. "Holy Fuck!" as she felt all five toes reach into her
cavity. With a little additional pressure, inch by inch of Lana's foot
entered through the slick, wet lips of Chloe's newly wide-stretched pussy.
The foot fucking really began, as Lana almost knocked Chloe off her feet
with each thrust of her foot.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Three inches is enough. Lana you have no idea how bad my
insides are burning right now."

"Guess I don't, but shortly...I will."

"So you mean you want me to fuck your pussy with my foot."

"Sure, if you are up for it."

"Yeah, sure, no problem...except one. Have you seen what time it is? Dad will
be home shortly."

"Oh. Guess the saying is true, 'time flies when you're having fun'." Both
girls began laughing, causing Lana's foot to gyrate against Chloe's pussy

"Stop laughing. Damn that hurts."

"Wimp! Okay, on the count of three we'll pull out. One, two, three!"

Lana quickly jerked her foot back a half inch and then slammed it forward
with her hardest and most determined thrust, sending Chloe backward, causing
her to loose her balance. Lana was jerked to the edge of the couch from the
impending shift in weight. Her embedded foot and strong ankles were all that
supported Chloe from hitting the floor as her body created a less than
45-degree angle with the floor.

The brunette playfully shook her foot, unknowing that her toes had come in
contact with the girl's hidden, over sensitive g-spot. Chloe began shaking
and closed her eyes, as she began covering Lana's foot with her suddenly
secreted juices. The excess falling to the uncovered carpeted floor below.

As the climax passed, Chloe carefully bent her legs and pulled against Lana's
leg so she could ease herself to the floor without having to endure anything
more from the hard, violating foot. Once on her knees, Chloe slowly backed
herself off the impending foot and fell over in a ball, furiously rubbing her
hand across her swollen, pink lips. Lana fell to the floor beside her friend
and added her own hands. Chloe rubbed and Lana slapped, causing the blonde
reporter to have another release, this time her juices pooling directly on
the carpet. Both continued assaulting Chloe's pussy with the blonde hoping to
ease some of the stress and pain shooting through her lower body.

After long, pleasurable minutes, all actions came to a cease. Chloe rested
her back against the floor. Lana rested her back against the front, bottom
half of the couch while caressing one of Chloe's feet.

"This was so much fun," stated the brunette. Not quite sure where things lay
between her and the blonde reporter.

"Yeah it was. I think this is just what the doctor had ordered for the two of
us." Lana's doubt's quickly faded knowing exactly where their relationship
now laid.

"I believe you are right. Boy am I spent." Lana looked down at her cum coated
foot and smiled. "So have you ever tasted yourself before?" She asked.

"No. Why, have you? I mean have you ever tasted yourself...not me?"

"No, can't say that I have...on either account, but that could change any
second now." She reached down and grabbed her right foot and used her
limberness to bend and pull her foot up to her mouth. "Now is as good a
time as any," she said before trying her best to wrap her mouth around her
slick foot.

"Ouch, that looks like that could hurt." Chloe tilted her head to the side,
edging on Lana's efforts.

"Just a bit. Oh well, can't get it all in...a little too big." Lana
immediately saw Chloe's face light up. "Okay, I get your point, but it still
won't fit."

"Oh, but let me help you, I'm sure we can get that foot of yours in your
mouth." Chloe got up and crawled over to her struggling friend. "Open up
really big."

Lana's eyes grew in size as Chloe grabbed a hold of her ankle. She knew what
she had just done to Chloe and was expecting much the same in a similar bind,
but was relieved when Chloe pulled the foot from Lana's grasp and brought it
toward her own mouth.

"Like you said, Lana, now is as good a time as any to taste myself." Chloe
expanded her lips and used her God given talents to wrap her mouth around
Lana's cum coated foot. Lana stared in disbelief as the end of her foot
disappeared into the other girl's mouth.

"Wow! Now that is what I would call a hand full...or in this case a foot
full." Lana acted as if she was going to jerk her leg and quickly caught
Chloe's full attention, warranting a head shake as she extracted the foot
from her mouth, licking up her left over juices.

"Hey, I don't taste too bad. Care to try?" Lana looked confused, knowing she
had just tried to get the foot in her mouth.

"But how?" Chloe shook her head, not believing what the two of them had been
doing. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against the brunette's lips,
then pulled back.

"That's one way. Now for up sweetie." Lana was smiling from
the nice kiss she had just received and was willing to open her mouth. Chloe
tilted the girl's head back and leaned her mouth over the other. She opened
her own mouth and watched her saliva and cum fall from the confines of her
mouth to that of Lana's mouth. Lana quickly closed her mouth tasting her best
friend for the first of many times to come. Chloe bent down and gave her a
quick peck on the lips. "How was I?"

"Delicious." Lana hesitated while holding her gaze. "I assume there is more
where that came from?"

"I guess you could say...the honey pot is full. So yeah, there is plenty
where it came from, but seconds and thirds will have to wait for another
time. Remember...Dad?" Lana shook her head acknowledging Chloe's concern
and immediately jumped up to her feet. Chloe knelt down in front of the
girl and poured some of the water over her feet. She then dried them with
the towel, which had been so misused, as the carpet was stained for life.

Lana looked over at the supplies Chloe had earlier brought down and set by
the couch. "Oh bummer, we didn't get a chance to use the lotions."

"I'll be sure to add it to the agenda the next time." They both laughed as
they gathered up the used and unused supplies and headed for the kitchen.

A moment later, Gabe Sullivan walked through the front door. "Chloe, I'm
home. Are you here?" Though in the privacy of the seclusion of the kitchen,
both girls stopped and looked at each other's bodies.

"Our clothes?"

"They're still in the living room" stated Lana, scared that their clothes
might be seen...or worse, they would be seen in their naked state of dress.

Chloe tip-toed to the swinging kitchen door and pushed it open just enough
so she could see her father going through the mail in the foyer.

"Where is that girl?" asked Gabe to no one in particular. "Her car and
Lana's for that matter are parked right outside. Where could those two be?"
He finished looking through the letters in his hands and turned and walked
toward the living room. Chloe didn't know what to think or much less to do.
She just hoped and prayed for the better and avoided Lana's attempts to look
around the door.

"What's going on?" whispered Lana to a quiet Chloe.

"Everything will okay. Trust me. It will all work out."

Meanwhile, Gabe walked into the living room and grabbed the television
remote off the television, turned the set on and began walking backwards
as he flipped through the channels. As he began to sit down on the couch,
a downward glance caught him off guard.

"Clothes?" asked the older gentleman. He was confused. He then turned and
looked around at the rest of the clothes on the floor. "Those girls. Don't
they know how to fold their, they just leave them for a tired
old man to fold them after working a long, hard day."

He leaned down and picked up the previously discarded, piled up clothes and
set them down on the couch where he began folding one article of clothing
after another. Gabe lifted his daughter's baby blue bra up to his face.

Continuing to speak out, "This looks like the bra I washed for Chloe last
night for her to wear today. Wonder how it got in this pile." He shook his
head and reached for a pair of white silk panties to fold when he noticed
the inside of the panties was wet. "What is going on around here?" Gabe set
the panties to the side, still unfolded, and scanned through the articles
of clothing, pulling piece by piece to separate piles, separating what he
thought to be Chloe's clothes from the ones he assumed to be Lana's.

"One pile is Chloe's and the other pile is Lana's." He just realized that
they were the same clothes the girls had been wearing at breakfast earlier
that morning. He fished out Chloe's panties and felt the wet inside.

"Looks like the girls must have had a bit of fun. All is good in sexy teen
land I guess. Rather they had fun with each other than some jock or guy in
general." He turned and looked around the room, looking for any signs of
the girls and anything else out of the ordinary. His eyes were drawn to the
stains on the once stainless carpet. He reached down and ran his finger
across the stains, feeling the slight stickiness against his skin. "Those

Back in the kitchen, Chloe sensed the coast was clear and walked out of the
kitchen door and crept over to the steps leading to the second story. Lana
followed close behind, each trying desperately to see what Gabe was doing
in the living room, but they knew no matter what they couldn't be caught
together...both nude and together. They quickly and quietly made their way
up the stairs and into their separate bedrooms.

Minutes later, they reconvened in Chloe's bedroom, each fully dressed and
worried as they sat on her neatly made-up bed. Gabe softly knocked on the
bedroom door not a moment later.


"Oh hi, dad."

"Hey sweetheart."

"What do you have there, Mr. Sullivan?" asked Lana, trying her hardest to
hold herself together.

"Oh these...I think they belong to you girls. Here. Next time you do your
laundry, make sure you get all your clothes...and not just half of them."

"Thanks dad, you're the best. We will be more careful in the future."

"Yeah, thanks, Gabe. You folded them and everything. Hope you weren't

"Me, embarrassed at folding girl's clothes? Don't be ridiculous. I always
fold Chloe's clothes when she isn't around to take care of them. It is what
fathers are supposed to do for their loved ones. Personal hygiene products,
bras, doesn't matter, whatever is needed for my daughter to be
happy and still love me." Chloe stretched up and wrapped her arms around her
father's neck.

"I do love you, dad. Thanks again for folding and bring mine and Lana's
clothes up."

"You're welcome. You girls have fun. I'm going down to the kitchen to fix me
a bite to eat. Care to join me?"

"Sure dad, maybe in a bit."

"Okay. See you two down stairs." Gabe turned and walked back out the door,
closing it as he exited.

"Whoa...your dad is the greatest. Guess we avoided that danger."

"Yeah, looks like it."

Lana picked up her clothes, noticing that there were only two pieces of
clothing in her stack.

"Umm, Chloe, did your dad accidentally put my underwear in your stack?"

"Lana, do you really think my dad would know the difference between our
underwear? Only a perve would look hard enough to know the difference. And
my dad's no perve." Chloe spread out her stack, revealing her sweat pants,
red shirt, bra, and panties. "Nope. I don't see them."

"Then where do you think they got to?" Lana and Chloe both ran for the door.
Downstairs they tore up the couch and looked high and low, but Lana's soiled
panties were nowhere to be seen, each shaking their head in bewilderment.

"We have got to find them? What if someone else find them?

"Hmmm..." thinking for a minute, "Maybe someone else has already found
them" thought Chloe as she sat down on the couch, turned her gaze toward the
kitchen and smiled, wetting her thighs all over again.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Gabe Sullivan sat in his favorite seat, at his
favorite table, smearing his favorite obsession's silk material over his
matured, briefly wrinkled face, basking in his favorite past time.

The End


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