Smallville: Kal El Chronicles (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Kal El of Krypton. Just call me
Kal. Who am I? I don't know if you are ready for this. I am something you
couldn't possibly comprehend.

I was born on the planet Krypton. My father Jor El was the leader of a
society of humanoids almost identical to those of Earth. Jor El and his wife
Lara had a son. That son is me. Since they knew that their world was doomed
to destruction, they sent me out into space. They sent me to the planet Earth
on a tiny spacecraft. I arrived on Earth during the late 1980s. I was found
by Jonathan and Martha Kent of Smallville. They would raise me as their own
son. They would name me Clark Kent. A human name. They would try their best
to make me into a decent, honest human being. There's only one problem with
this little story. I'm not human. There are many differences between the
Kryptonian race and the human race. The Kryptonian race is older.

When humans were almost identical to apes in the trees, Kryptonians were
already exploring deep space. That's not what makes us different. The
greatest difference is a fundamental difference in our minds. Kryptonian
men and women are born smart, and physically resilient. They have an
average lifespan of two hundred years. That lifespan is increased by a
factor of a hundred when Kryptonians live under a Yellow Sun. Unfortunately,
yellow suns are rare in the cosmos. Kryptonians know that a yellow sun
extends their longevity. They did not know that a yellow sun also grants
them amazing powers. The main difference in Kryptonians is that they do
not possess what humans call a conscience. No Kryptonian can actually feel
remorse for anything they do. They can feel anger and fear. They can feel
rage. They don't lack intelligence or ambition. But they don't have a
conscience. This makes them what humans would call perfect sociopaths. As
a result of that, Kryptonians are always fighting each other. Always vying
for power. This resulted in the destruction of our society.

Except for me.

I came to Earth. I was raised by humans. That does not make me human. I have
come to know much about Earth and its people. I mean to conquer them. Why? I
am NOT Clark Kent. That's never been me. Conquest is in my blood and it's a
future I will not deny. I know what you are thinking. I sound like a maniac.
I am not. I am simply a guy who wants to get things fixed in this world. The
people of Earth are always fighting each other. Blacks versus whites versus
Hispanics versus Asians. Women versus men. Patriarchy versus feminism. Gays
versus straights. Christians versus Atheists versus Muslims versus Buddhists.
Republicans versus Independents versus democrats. It's a mess. What if the
mess was cleaned up? What if all the human beings of the world were brought
under control by a supreme leader? That leader would have many
responsibilities. For this purpose, I nominate ME.

Why not me? I've got the power. I can lift 100,000 pounds of rock without
breaking sweat. I can run 2300 miles in a few seconds. I can also burn
through solid metal with my eyes. I can crush steel like clay in my hands.
I can hear a cloud pass overhead. I can track a man down by looking on the
prints he made a decade ago. I can sense the heat signatures of lifeforms
across great distances. I'm invulnerable. Bullets can't hurt me. Neither
can fire. I can't be crushed or cut. I'm impervious to harm. Green Kryptonite
makes me a little uneasy but I'm okay with it. Since I've embraced my
Kryptonian heritage, I've changed physically. I can fly now. Ever since
that happened, I've become more resistant to all varieties of Kryptonite.
They can no longer harm me. I have decided to conquer the planet but before
I do, I'm gonna have myself some fun. This is where Chloe Sullivan comes
in. She's my fuck buddy. She's a human female who's in love with Clark Kent,
my alter ego. She can't tell the difference between Clark and I. It's so easy
to fool those who have a conscience or let emotions affect their judgment.

Chloe came to visit me at the farm. My "parents" were out of town. The truth
is that I placed them on cryogenic sleep in the Kawatche Caves. They're
alive. They're not gonna wake up anytime soon, though. The Caves's power
system can last 1000 years. They are considered missing persons. I have an
airtight alibi. I was in Metropolis at the time they went missing. I was
busy winning a football game for Metropolis University. Oh, well. Back to
the present.

Chloe came in. She's a pretty little thing, as far as humans go. I could tell
that she was glad to see me. I smiled the smile of Clark Kent. I invited her
in and showed her the dinner I had cooked and prepared. Apparently, we were
"dating". She's the only human who knows my secret at this time. Pete Ross is
also in cryogenic slumber in the walls of the Caves. Chloe came in wearing a
red shirt and a short black skirt. She looked pretty damn hot. We had dinner
and I was the ever charming host. I knew how to play the role of Clark Kent
very well. I showed her a little gift I had bought for her. A necklace. One
made of nice purple pearls. She was so happy and looked at me, smiling. She
knew nothing of what I had done to my "parents" or to Pete. Why should she?
Like everyone else, she believed that I was in the city at the time.

She was pleased with her gift and embraced me. I hugged her back. We kissed.
She expressed her sympathies over the loss of my parents. I audibly sobbed.
I tried to look sad. She held me in her arms and told me that she loved me
and would always be there for me. I gently pushed her away and moaned aloud
about the loss of my parents and the fact that I would always be alone. She
held me and told me that she would never let anything happen to me. I tried
not to chuckle. It was hard.

She told me that she wanted to be with me and spend her life making me happy.
Apparently, this girl loved Clark Kent something fierce. Fortunately, I
wasn't Clark Kent. Clark Kent is a loser. Did you know that he was a virgin
up until recently? So many fine women in town and the little faggot was still
jerking himself off. What a loser! I am glad to be different.

I look at Chloe's cute face, hot body and sexy ass. I'm gonna egt some of
that. She kissed me and we undressed each other in my bedroom. Then, she
knelt before me and took my member into her mouth. She started to suck my
dick right then and there. I look down at her as she sucks my cock. She is
seriously hot and looks sexy doing it. She sucks and licks my Johnson until
I come. I blast her face with my hot seed. I'm smiling as she drinks my
seed. Most chicks don't like to do this. Fortunately, Chloe's in love. With
Clark. Whose body I inhabit.

We continue our little games. I take her into the bathroom where we do it in
the shower. She is leaning against the wall, her back to me. Her butt presses
against my groin. My dick is about to penetrate her sexy ass. I enter her
slowly. I've never felt anything like it. She takes me in her ass without
screaming. She feels so warm and tight around my cock. I pump it into her. We
go at it like this for a long time until I come inside her. She screams. I
sigh. It's a sexual high.

Our bodies remain joined even after I removed myself from her. She looks
at me. What does she want ? It's just sex to me. Clark would do something
different. I smile and pull her closer to me on the bed. I kiss her on the
forehead. Yep. I'm playing the role of Clark Kent to the hilt. A nice guy
who just banged his girlfriend's butt.

We lie on the bed. She is looking at me. Can she see that I am not Clark
Kent? Women worry me. Jonathan Kent and Pete Ross couldn't tell that I wasn't
Clark. Martha could. Somehow. Not that it did her any good. I've gotta be
careful around those human females. I think they are a lot more dangerous
than the males. Tomorrow, I will get rid of Chloe and begin the journey that
will take me to the awesome machines that will enable me to become the master
of all life on Earth. Tonight, I'm with Chloe. We're gonna fuck and suck the
night away.

The end.


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