Smallville: Hot Sex In The Loft (mf,ws,mc)
by SmallvilleTorch

Clark call Lana and ask's her to come over. Once Lana arrived Clark really
wanted to rip her clothes off and feel her virgin pussy, he wanted to lick
it, finger it, smell it and fuck it. That's when Clark discovered he had a
new power, "Mind Control". He wanted Lana and she was his, so they went up
to the loft and Clark tore her clothes off, and he just starred at her
beautiful pussy, she was so wet, he was so horny he had a massive 12"
erection in his pant it tore through the fabric of his jeans.

When Lana saw Clark's beautiful dick it made her so horny that she started
to piss herself, and she couldn't stop, so Clark went over to her and
started to lick the piss, he couldn't believe it he was finally fulfilling
his life long fantasy. Lana was naked in his loft and he was sucking her
piss. Once Clark licked that smelly piss he couldn't get enough he started
to suck it off the floor, Lana still pissing couldn't stop she was so
embarrassed, she looked at Clark, and he had a look in his eyes, he then
went and put his face right under Lana's pussy Lana was pissing all over
Clark's face and it was turning both Clark and Lana on.

Clark's dick then grew 4 inch's Lana was now staring at Clark's huge 16 inch
cock, Lana started to moan and piss faster she had been peeing 5 minutes
straight, Lana didn't know she had that much piss inside of her. Clark's face
was soaked with Lana's pee he was smelly and he loved it. He didn't want it
to end, but he could sense that Lana was coming to an end. So he took both of
his hands and started squeezing her tits this was making Lana hot, and Clark
felt so horny with his face soaked with hot piss, Clark knew Lana was feeling
horny but he wanted her to feel an incredible amount of pleasure, as much
pleasure as he did, so he opened his eyes and used his "Heat Vision" and
lightly beamed it towards Lana's yet still pissing pussy.

Lana felt an incredible feeling urge through her body, she was feeling so
hot, her moaning grew louder, and louder. Clark loved to hear Lana moan it
made him feel good and horny knowing that he is causing Lana to feel such
joy. Lana loved this feeling she was having pissing everywhere, including
Clark's face it made her feel so dirty and she loved it, she loved that
dirty strong smell and so did Clark. Clark was licking his lips enjoying
the wonderful taste of Lana's pee.

Clark then took his hands of Lana's tit's and put them on his face and wiped
the pee off of his face and started licking and sucking his hands to enjoy
the taste, Lana became so Horny seeing Clark drink her pee, it made her feel
so dirty she loved the feelings, that were surging through her body, but she
still couldn't figure out why she was still pissing but she didn't care it
felt too good, she was amazed to see how much Clark loved her pee. Clark
beamed his "Heat Vision" at Lana's pussy once more but he beamed her pussy a
little longer this time, until she moaned so long, that she started to cry.
Her pussy was so hot, and she still kept on peeing stinky dark yellow pee,
the smell was turning Clark on, big time!

Clark soaked his hands in the excess pee on the loft floor, and he put his
piss soaked hand on Lana's tits and began to rub them, Lana loved the feel
of Clark's hands and her hot pee on her body, this caused her to piss faster,
Clark then put his hands on Lana's hips and lifted her into the air. Clark
layed down on the wet floor, and aimed Lana's still peeing pussy, and aimed
her pussy towards his face. Clark trying to catch as much as he can into his
mouth listening to Lana's long moans, Clark's Hair was soaked with Lana's
warm pee, he loved this dirty girl so much he wanted her all, Clark could
sense that Lana's pee was slowing down, but he didn't want her to stop, so
he beamed his "Heat Vision" once more keeping it on her pussy until he could
see her cunt turn light red cause by the heat, Lana started peeing faster
then see ever thought she could.

Clark still holding Lana up in the air, wanted to feel her Hot pee all over,
so he aimed Lana over his Hot naked body, Lana was getting hornier knowing
that she was pissing on her favorite farm boy and that he was loving it.
Clark was soaked with Lana Lang's hot piss he then pulled Lana up to his face
so he could swallow more of her hot pee. Lana was feeling so much pleasure
flow through her, that she started to moan so loud that Clark's parents
probably heard her from inside the house.

Lana had been peeing for a good 20 minutes now, Lana's horniness, cause her
erupt. She started to cum and pee at the same time, the smell grew so much
stronger, Clark couldn't keep himself away, he took his hand off of Lana
placing her pussy straight on his face, Clark began sucking on Lana's pussy
like he hadn't eaten for a year he was swallowing it all, Lana was amazed.
Clark still sucking on Lana's smelly pussy, ran his hands through Lana's
hair, and then started to touch her lips Lana was sucking Clark's fingers
enjoying the salty taste of her own piss Clark then started to squeeze her
tits again, rubbing them and squeezing them, neither Lana or Clark ever
wanted it to end.

Clark was still drinking Lana, sucking on that pussy until Lana reached
orgasm, he sucked her dry. Lana so tired then layed down on top of Clark,
Clark's dick was now bigger then Lana had ever seen, Clark had reached 20
inches. Lana loved the feeling of her pee on her body, the loft floor was
soaked, Clark then Started to suck the cold pee of the floor, this was
making Lana horny again but she couldn't pee anymore, so she decided to
join Clark on the floor, and she then began to suck her own pee off the
floor, and Clark was loving was he was seeing, after they had finished
drying off the floor, Clark went over to Lana wanting to kiss her, but his
cock was too big it was touching Lana's chest, and Lana loved the feel of
Clark's cock.

She Placed his cock in between her small tits, and started to kiss Clark
their tongues circled around in each others mouths for about five minutes
enjoying the salty taste in each others mouths, Lana told Clark that she
wanted him, all 20 inches of him, so Lana got up and started to sit on
Clark's dick, Clark's dick was so big that at first it hurt, but Lana
didn't stop, she continued to sit on it pushing herself down, she loved
the wonderful feeling of his cock in her pussy.

Clark was in ecstacy, Lana pushing herself down on his cock was the best
feeling he had ever felt, her pussy was so tight, Clark knew she was a
virgin, ever since he popped her cherry when she first sat down on him.
Lana managed to take it all, all 20 inches of Clark Kent, she could feel
his cock inside her, Lana then began to lift herself up and down beginning
to fuck Clark, it was the most wonderful feeling ever. she was riding
Clark as fast as she could, Clark then blew his load right into her, he
kept filling her and filling her until she flew off of Clark's dick
straight into the air.

Clark caught Lana and held her into his arms, but Clark was still in
paradise, he hadn't stop cumming yet. Lana then got down and started to
suck Clark's cock, swallowing his cum she sucked Clark dry. They both
layed naked on the floor, exhausted. After they had their strength back
they got dressed, and layed in Clark's bed just talking.

When they realized what time it was, Lana told Clark that she had to go home,
but she had the time of her life today and she told Clark that she wanted to
do it everyday, and that she loved him. Clark told Lana that anytime she
wanted to bring her sexy ass over, she could and they would fuck for hours.
Clark and Lana would fuck every day, from then on, sometimes they would even
bring a third person in either Chloe or Pete. Welcome to Smallvillle.

The End


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