Smallville: Happy Phantom (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Phantom. A Kryptonian science experiment gone wrong. A creature capable
of inhabiting the bodies of others. It escaped the Phantom Zone where Jor-El
imprisoned it when Clark Kent opened it after being banished there by General
Zod after his nemesis takeover of the planet Earth. The Phantom roamed the
world, taking over human host bodies and looking for a Kryptonian body to
steal DNA from in order to gain a new, permanent form to inhabit.

When the Phantom absorbed Clark Kent's DNA, it gained all of Clark's powers
along with his memories. It also looked exactly like Clark. They fought and
Clark was able to defeat it. The Phantom came back after Clark Kent
mysteriously disappeared and took over his life. Posing as Clark Kent, the
Phantom fell in love with Chloe Sullivan. He also saved Chloe Sullivan's
life when a maniac tried to blow her up in an elevator along with Jimmy
Olsen. The Phantom appreciated life in a way Clark Kent never could. He
loved Chloe. He protected Lana. He saved Jimmy. And he tried to make the
world a better place instead of hiding from who and what he is.

When Clark Kent came back, there was a final, cruel and desperate
confrontation. Clark and the Phantom fought, and it came down to Lana Lang
to choose between them. Using blue kryptonite, Lana Lang destroyed the
Phantom even as he professed his love for her. This was a very sad moment.
Makes one wonder, you know? What if Clark Kent never came back and instead
died during a malfunction of the Kryptonian Fortress of Solitude? What if
Lana Lang died in the elevator instead of Chloe, in spite of the Phantom's
best efforts to save her? What if the Phantom fell in love with Chloe
instead of Lana? And what if Chloe Sullivan never discovered that the Clark
Kent she loved was really the Phantom? What would we have then? One
incredibly happy phantom, that's what! Let's go with that. What would
the Phantom do if things went his way?

He woke up at dawn, and went about doing chores at super speed all over the
Kent farm. He didn't mind doing chores. He had grown to love the farm and
the simple life over these past few months. Yeah, the simple life appealed
to him. The best part was waking up next to his beloved, every morning.
When she looked at him, he felt something he had never felt before. He felt
love. Living inside the Phantom Zone with all these other monsters, he felt
like a monster. These supermen and superwomen from various alien
civilizations hated one another. There were many fights over territory and
resources inside the Zone.

The planet Earth was another thing altogether. The place was turning out to
be just like paradise for him. On Earth, he developed extraordinary powers.
In the Zone, he was little more than a floating wraith. Around here, he could
fly at amazing speeds. He was invulnerable. He had superhuman strength. And
unlike Clark Kent, he was impervious to Green Kryptonite. Clark Kent had the
perfect life. He had a father and a mother who loved him. Jonathan and Martha
Kent welcomed him inside their home. They made him feel welcome, and loved.
Dearly departed Chloe offered him friendship and loyalty. Chloe offered him
love. Clark Kent had taken all those things for granted. Things that he, the
Phantom could only dream of. No, he wouldn't be like Clark Kent. He would
appreciate what he had.

After taking care of the chores around the Kent farm, he went into town. The
men and women of Smallville were his people now and he liked looking after
them. Super speeding through the town, he caught a man falling off a ladder
and stopped a crazed, depressed woman from shooting her husband in his sleep.
He resuscitated a young man who had nearly overdosed on drugs and brought him
to the hospital. He also rescued a girl who'd gotten bit by a rattlesnake
while playing on her father's den. He super-sped to Metropolis to get the
right anti-venom, saving her life. So many lives saved, all in one morning.
When he returned to the farm, he had a bright smile on his face.

He went to the kitchen and made breakfast for Chloe Sullivan and himself.
Soft-boiled eggs, bacon, orange juice and grapes. Then he sat down and
watched TV. They were giving his favourite show, Stargate on the Sci-Fi
Channel. His favourite character was Teal'C, the handsome alien warrior
who joined the galaxy-hopping team of humans who protected the planet
from otherworldly dangers. The show was promising. It showed him that
human and alien could be friends. Maybe someday humans could see that
not all aliens were monsters out to take over the world. Oh, he knew
plenty of humans who were cool but they were a strict minority. The
bio-enhanced young men who made up the current Justice League of America
were the exception rather than the rule.

He was halfway through the first episode of this morning's Sci-Fi Marathon
when he sensed Chloe Sullivan waking up. Smiling, he went to her. There she
was, his beloved. Looking lovely in a simple old red flannel shirt and grey
sweatpants. The gal looked good enough to eat. He greeted her with a kiss,
then asked her how her night was. Moments later, he whisked her down to the
kitchen, where breakfast was served. He sat across from her and sipped his
orange juice while watching her eat.

He had a lot of things planned for the day. They were going to the movies,
then he would fly her around for a little while. Yet another ability he had
that Clark Kent lacked. He could fly. Every Kryptonian who came to Earth had
the power of flight, from the black-skinned starship pilot Na-Mek and his
wife Aethyr to General Zod himself. Only Clark Kent couldn't fly because he
was borderline retarded due to being raised by inferior human beings rather
than his fellow Kryptonians.

Chloe sat across from Clark and ate breakfast while pretending not to look
at him. These past few months had been wonderful. Whatever had gotten inside
Clark, she liked it. He was more relaxed and more fun-loving than usual.
Also, he was a lot nicer and more loving. Which was good. She was with the
man she loved and everything was wonderful. She had zero complaints. For a

Still, there was something different. She just couldn't put her finger on it.

Clark looked at her and their eyes met. He smiled, and she smiled back. She
sighed softly. Sometimes, she wished he wouldn't try too hard. He was a nice
guy and she loved him. Why was he acting like everyday was the end of the
world? She didn't know. Was everything okay ? Maybe he knew something she
didn't. Like maybe she had leukemia and he was making every day extra special
because she didn't have a long time left. Or whatever...

Clark was going on and on about the fun-filled day he had planned for them.
Chloe smiled at him. He was so cute like that. Still, she wished he'd shut up
sometimes. Oh, well. A deliciously wicked idea sprang into her head. She knew
how to shut him up. She got up, and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, then dropped
her pants. Clark's jaw dropped.

She smiled. Oh, yeah. He was the same old Clark Kent she knew and loved. The
sight of her naked still stunned him.

She went to him, completely nude. Clark got up, still stunned. She walked up
to him and kissed. Then she pulled him down with her.

Onto the kitchen floor. He didn't resist. In no time she had his pants off,
and his shirt followed. She climbed on top of him, feeling his rock hard body
underneath her. He was so finely built. Nice.

Clark placed his hands upon Lana's hips. She took his hands and put them on
his chest, then she licked a path from his lips to his chest. She made her
way down to his groin. Clark slowly let out his breath. His eyes widened when
she took his long, thick and uncut cock into her mouth. Chloe began sucking
his cock gently. She pulled back the foreskin, and gave the dick head a good
licking. Although they had sex many times before, she had never done this for
him. Now she was going at it with a vengeance, sucking Clark's cock like her
life depended on it. When he finally came, she eagerly drank his seed.

Afterwards, she lowered herself onto him until his cock was buried in her
pussy. Then she began riding him for all he was worth. Clark placed his hands
upon her hips and thrust his dick deep into her.

Hard and fast he pumped, while she screamed in pleasure. Chloe had been with
a few men in her life. Football player and manly U.S. Marine Whitney F.
Billionaire Lex Luthor. Billionaire Lionel Luthor. Football Coach Jason
Teague. But she had never been with a stud like Clark Kent. His sex was out
of this world!

Oh, yeah. He fucked her so hard that she came time and again. Feeling bolder
than ever, she asked him to try something new.

She got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. Clark was a little
hesitant, but quickly warmed up to the idea. He pressed his cock against her
backdoor, and pushed. With a swift thrust, he entered her. Chloe gasped as
she felt Clark Kent's cock enter her asshole. Hard and fast he pumped into
her. She felt his cock stretching her tight asshole, and loved every minute
of it. She fingered her wet pussy as he sodomized her. They went at it for
the better part of an hour, until he came, filling her ass with his seed.
Lana's scream filled the house. The girl was having the time of her life.

Afterwards, Chloe lay on the floor next to Clark, a big grin on her face. He
smiled too. He had an enigmatic grin on that handsome mug of his. One she
couldn't decipher but could pretty easily guess at. The Phantom smiled. And
for the first time in his life, he knew what it was like to be truly happy.
His enemies, among them General Zod, Lionel Luthor, the escaped alien
prisoners and various other threats, were all dead. The world was his to
rule. And he had the love and loyalty of a beautiful and extraordinarily
talented young woman. What more could he ask for ? Absolutely nothing. Even
if he died that day, he'd be one happy phantom!


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