Smallville: Encyclopedia Erotica Part 1 (mf,MMmFFfg,mg,inc,inter,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Martin Frobisher woke up in his mansion in Smallville. He was an average man.
At fifty one, he stood five feet ten inches tall, lean, with blond hair and
blue eyes. He owned Frobisher & Co. a small chain of stores. They had one in
Smallville, three in Metropolis and a couple more in the state.

Martin Frosbisher had a life many would want. He was married to Julia Sterns,
a girl he met when they were both sixteen. They started out as friends and
later became lovers. They got married at twenty and had been together for a
long time. Their marriage produced several children. Nina, a tall and slender
young woman with red hair and blue eyes. Gina, a shorter and slightly plump
girl with black hair and brown eyes and finally Eric, a sharp-featured man
with brown hair and brown eyes.

Nina Frobisher was married to a man named Kevin Lorne, a farmer in
Smallville. Nina and Kevin had two kids, Nicole, a sweet eleven year-old girl
and Harry, a nice-looking thirteen year-old boy.

Martin Frobisher was proud of his children and grandchildren. Gina was living
in Metropolis with Tawanda, her african-american lesbian lover. They planned
to move to San Francisco to get married. Martin's son Eric was living with
his wife Jennifer in Metropolis. Eric Frobisher and his wife Jennifer were
both sterile so they adopted. They adopted kids, a boy named Jamal and his
twin sister Jada. Jamal and Jada were black orphans who were born on the
wrong side of the tracks. Eric and Jennifer Frobisher adopted them when they
were only a few months old. Now, years later, Jamal and Jada Frobisher were
a couple of beautiful african american kids, thirteen years old each.

The Frobisher family had a certain tradition. One that would have gotten them
all in a lot of trouble if the news were to leak out. They were scheduled for
a get-together this week.

One of the Frobishers went to Smallville high school. Her name was Rachel
Frobisher, the daughter of Martin's deceased brother Timothy. Martin and
Julia raised her as they would one of their own. Rachel Frobisher had grown
into a tall, slim girl with long black hair and blue eyes. She was a point
guard with the Smallville High Girl's Basketball Team. She was also the one
member of the Frobisher clan who was freakier than the rest. She had been
exposed to the Green Meteor Rocks as a child and been genetically altered by
them. Now, she had an amazing power. She could change shape at will and make
herself "become" any one she wanted to be. Everyone in the Frobisher clan
knew of this. They accepted her, and she accepted their weird ways. She
surprised everyone by saying she was bringing a date to the family this year.

Rachel Frobisher was an average-looking gal. She was good with sports but
not that popular with the boys. She was "just one of the guys" to them. She
claimed to have a longtime crush on a certain boy named Clark Kent. Clark was
a meteor freak as well, if she was to be believed.

The Frobisher clan gathered for dinner at the huge table. Martin and his wife
Julia looked at their family, beaming with pride. Nina Frobisher and her
kids, Nicole, the sweet eleven year-old girl and Harry, the nice-looking
thirteen year-old boy. Then, there was Eric Frobisher, his wife Jennifer and
their adopted children, the black twins Jamal and Jada. Gina hadn't come to
the family gathering but she promised to do so this year. They were about to
start dinner when there was a knock at the door.

Martin sent his wife to get it and she opened. It was Rachel Frobisher, the
teenage mutant girl and her date, Clark. Rachel wore a black dress and Clark
wore a black silk shirt, black pants and well-shined shoes. He looked very
handsome, a tall dark- haired youth with blue eyes.

"Hi," said Rachel.

Julia Sterns-Frobisher looked at her niece's date. "Who is this young man?"
she asked.

Clark smiled and waited for Rachel to introduce him. "This is Clark Kent, my
friend from Smallville High."

They went in and Clark met the family. He smiled and shook hands. He met
tall, lovely blond-haired and blue-eyed older woman Julia and her hubby
Martin. He also met the beautiful Nina and her lovely daughter Nicole and
son Harry. He smiled at the kids. They smiled back. He met Eric and Jennifer
Frobisher and their adopted children, the black twins Jamal and Jada.

Clark thought the Frobishers were a lovely family.

They ate dinner and talked animatedly. Clark mentioned the recent
cancellation of his favorite tv show Playmakers and Martin Frobisher agreed,
shaking his head. "Playmakers was a damn good show."

Nina Frobisher mused about her husband who was absent and talked about the
end of "Sex in the City." The women at the table groaned. They were gonna
miss it. Clark was talking when he felt a hand on his thigh. He looked. It
was the hand of Nicole, the young girl. She was smiling very intensely. He
smiled back, not knowing what to make of this. Dinner went on. Clark talked
about going to Metropolis University or Kansas State when he finished high
school. He was interested in becoming a reporter, or a sports agent. His
date and friend Rachel mentioned her dream of one day playing in the WNBA.
Some people at the table laughed but Clark squeezed Rachel's hand in support.
She smiled at him. This seemed to infuriate Nicole who planted her small hand
on Clark's um, well, not on his thigh. He gasped and she smiled. Apparently,
Rachel knew what was going on for she glared at Nicole and the young girl
backed off, taking her hand off Clark's lap.

Dinner went by. They talked about TV shows and movies and actual stuff. The
scandals at Colorado State. The Martha Stewart trial. How easy it was to
accuse anyone, famous or otherwise and do seemingly irreparable damage to
their reputation. Clark agreed. He had seen his friend Lex Luthor under fire
before, falsely accused and such. Clark Kent himself had been accused by some
bimbo teacher, once. Right around the time when his Heat Vision kicked in.
As dinner ended, Julia Frobisher passed a curious brew to her family. Adults
and children alike drank it. Clark hesitated, then took a sip. He saw Rachel
hesitate, then take a drink as well.

The Frobisher family scattered.

Rachel decided to give Clark Kent a tour of the mansion. He followed her as
she led him by the hand. They went to her room. Clark checked it out. It was
small, surprisingly. There was a poster of Ellen Degeneres there, and another
of that new show, The L Word. There was a big poster of Michael Jordan, and
one of a younger Sylvester Stallone wearing a red bandana and holding a big
gun. Rambo III. He continued to look around and she watched him. He saw three
trophies she had won.

"You got the gift, girl," he told her.

Rachel smiled. It was so nice to be appreciated. She was looking at Clark
Kent in a very special way. She had been dying to get into bed with Clark
ever since she first saw him. "Oh, Clark," she said in a voice she hoped
was seductive.

Clark turned and looked at her. She came to him, slowly, deliberately. Clark
smiled. He knew that look. He took her into his arms and kissed her. The kiss
was long and passionate. Rachel undressed quickly, and so did he. He paused
to admire and caress her hot body. He caressed her tits, her neck and nice
round butt. She was not inactive. She touched his body, kissing him. Then,
she took his hard cock in her hand and got on her knees before him. She took
him in her mouth. She licked his cockhead, sending waves of pleasure through
him. He was soon rock hard. He caressed her pussy, probing it with his
fingers and then his agile tongue. Soon, he was ready and so was she. She
had sucked him off until he came, then they were in the bed. Clark looked at
Rachel's pink pussy, eagerly. She welcomed him, taking his hard cock and
guiding him in her. He entered her slowly at first then began fucking her,
hard. He went in and out, plunging his cock deep into her, then pulling
almost all the way out. Rachel was panting and moaning under him, and
writhing as well. Clark kept fucking her, increasing his tempo. He went in,
hard and fast. He loved the feel of Rachel's cunt, the warm walls of her
flesh. He soon came, in long spurts, filling her insides with his cum. They
lay in each other's arms, exhausted.

Clark heard a curious noise from downstairs and decided to investigate.
Rachel got dressed and followed him. What Clark saw amazed him. There was
something very strange going on. He saw the Frobisher family members in
a...compromising position.

Martin Frobisher lay on the table, flat out on his back. He was stark
naked. His asscheeks were spread, and his wife was fucking him. Julia
Sterns-Frobisher stood naked over her husband, a strap on dildo strapped
around her waist. She was plowing into her husband's well-lubed asshole.
Martin's hands and feet were bound. He lay there, bound, his eyes closed.
From time to time he gasped. His wife had a smile on her face, shoving
the dildo into his ass.

"You like that, Marty, huh?" said Julia.

"You like my big strap on cock up your ass?"

Martin said between screams. "Yes!"

Clark could not believe this. He looked around and saw that the remaining
members of the family were also nude. Nina Frobisher, the very beautiful and
proper-seeming young mother was sucking the cock of her thirteen-year old son
Harry. Harry was leaning his back on a wall, and his mother was on her knees,
sucking him off. Clark saw Harry's younger sister, eleven-year old Nicole
and saw what she was doing. She was sucking the cock of Eric Frobisher, her
uncle. Eric lay flat on the ground and was sucking off Jamal while Nicole
sucked him off. Jamal's black dick filled Eric's mouth and the older man's
expert cocksucking skills soon brought the boy to come, which he did. He
came all over Martin's mouth and face and Martin tried not to spill a drop.
Jamal's sister Jada was kissing Eric Frobisher's hot wife, Jennifer. Jennifer
Frobisher soon had the girl lying on the floor, and spread her young legs.
She eagerly licked and probed young Jada's black pussy and started to
thoroughly clean it with her mouth.

"Yes," Jada was moaning. The older woman's tongue on her box soon brought her
off and she grasped Jennifer Frobisher's head with all her might, forcing her
to munch even harder on the burger.

Clark looked around and saw what was happening. He couldn't believe it. Wow!
He watched Julia Sterns-Frobisher continue plowing into her husband. The
dildo was quite long and wide. When she pulled all the way out, he saw how
wide Martin Frobisher's asshole was. Damn ! He watched Julia unfasten the
bindings of her husband and kiss him on the mouth. She didn't let him get up
but instead got on top of him. Slowly, she lowered her cunt onto his rock
hard cock, smiling the whole time. She gasped a little when Martin's cock
filled her pussy, then began bouncing up and down on him. Martin held her
waist to support her and allow her to move and he fucked her. Clark felt
like he should leave but couldn't make himself to so. He felt a small hand
touch him, and turned. It was Nicole. The young girl was looking at him with
a beaming smile.

"Hi, Clark," she said.

"Hello," he said.

He looked at her. She was so beautiful. And so naked. Her small, slim body.
Her short hair and sparkling eyes. Clark felt a need rise in him, and
shuddered. Nicole understood more than she let on for she opened her arms
to him. He picked her up and went to the table with her. He put her there,
lying flat on her back. He wanted her right then and there but she wanted
to give him head first so he agreed. He looked at her beautiful, seemingly
innocent face as she took his huge cock in her small hand and began to
caress it. Then, she took him in her mouth. He was quite large and she
couldn't take it all but she did what she could, licking and caressing,
giving him quite a handjob. When he came, she took her time not to spill a
single drop and drank his cum. When she was finished, she said. "Clark, I
want you in me."

Clark hesitated. Then he thought, oh fuck it.

Nicole lay on the table, flat on her back. She looked at Clark as he got
ready. He looked at her beautiful, hairless pink pussy. He watched her small
hands spread her pussy as wide as she could. She had an angelic smile on her
face. He went in. She was unbelievably tight. He thought he hurt her.
Nicole's beautiful face was red, but she didn't scream. Clark continued to
enter her. Slowly. Inch by inch. He began to fuck her, slowly and gently.
Nicole closed her eyes and he was lost in the beauty of her face, so angelic
as he fucked her. Her pussy was warm and tight and unlike anything he'd ever
felt before.

Around the house, things were happening. Julia Sterns-Frobisher was on her
hands and knees, and her husband Martin had his hands firmly planted on her
waist, holding her in place as he fucked her ass. Julia was used to
assfucking, she did not scream, only let out the occasional grunt or moan.
Her eyes were half-closed. She was rocking back and forth, pushing herself
back to give her husband greater access to her. He went in and out, his
huge cock tearing her ass apart.

Rachel Frobisher was in a threesome with Jennifer and the beautiful black
girl Jada. The three of them lay on the ground, taking time to lick and
probe each other. Jada was the center of attention, her pussy being licked
and probed by Jennifer's knowing fingers and tongue while Rachel, wearing
a strap-on dildo began fucking Jennifer from behind. Jada went beneath
Jennifer and began licking her pussy, tickling it with her tongue. She
toyed around with Jennifer's clit and the older woman gasped and moaned
in pleasure. "Suck it!" she ordered.

Jada did. She sucked the woman's pussy and enjoyed the taste of her insides
as cum welled up.

Eric Frobisher had his nephew Harry on his hands and knees, holding the boy
and fucking his ass. Harry wriggled his ass sexily, driving Eric's massive
cock deeper in him. Harry also sucked Jamal's big black dick. Jamal was
pumping into Harry's mouth, shooting loads after loads of cum into him.
Harry loved the taste of cum, especially a black boy's cum. He glanced
around and saw his sister being fucked by the straight stud, Clark. Harry
wanted a piece of him. He saw his grandmother Julia gasp as Martin Frobisher,
her husband unleashed his cum into her. A shaking took Julia's body. She was
in great shape for a woman her age, but being assfucked by a massive cock and
then having cum shot deep inside of you had a way of....shaking things up,
Harry knew. He voluntarily tightened his ass around Eric's cock and suddenly
shoved back, so that Eric Frobisher's cock was buried all the way into
Harry's bowels. The shock brought Eric off and he shot his load into Harry's
ass. At the same time, Jamal shot his cum into Harry's mouth. Harry felt a
double orgasm rock his body. He slumped to the floor.

He got up, leaving both his partners satisfied. He saw Eric getting ready for
a taste of his own medicine, getting on all fours and spreading his white
cheeks wide to welcome many inches of hard black cock. Harry saw Clark
fucking Nicole and wanted some of that.

He walked past his grandmother Julia, who was now had her ass impaled on
grandpa Martin's cock. An enviable position to be sure. He made his way
toward Clark and suddenly tripped. He fell amid the dykes, Rachel, Jada
and Jennifer. The three ladies were happily engaged in interracial
intergenerational lesbian intercourse. Harry would have walked away hadn't
they stopped him. Harry liked girls just fine but loved cock. A big strong
man fucking him was far preferable to anything he could do with a chick.

"Excuse me," he said and wanted to leave, seeing Clark's butt as the stud
fucked his sister Nicole. God, what an ass! But the ladies held him.

"Stay with us," said Jennifer.

Harry tried to leave but they held him. Jennifer pinned him to the ground
while Jada gave him a strange look. He knew that look. Another time he might
have given thought to joining the women, but straight guys were Harry's
personal fetish. He was a five on the Kinsey scale.

The ladies restrained Harry and he struggled. Then he felt Jada's warm mouth
around his cock. She began sucking him off just as Rachel applied pressure to
Harry's legs so he could stop kicking. She sucked his cock religiously,
taking time to pleasure him. Harry kept struggling but after a minute he was
resigned to his fate. Jada was a halfway decent cocksucker. He was a better
one of course but hey, he was born to do it. He saw Rachel spread her legs.
He smelled her moist pussy. "Eat me out," she begged.

Harry knew he had no choice but to comply. But he spat at her. She grabbed
his head and forced him between her legs.

"Eat my pussy," she said.

He tried to resist, then decided to do it. He'd eat her disgusting cunt and
she'd let him go. He thought about having big strong straight stud Clark Kent
plowing in his ass and got hard from that thought. Jada stopped sucking.
"Oh, I made him hard!"

Harry wanted to say, "You wish, dyke." but he couldn't. So he kept licking
Rachel's hairy pussy. He could taste a faint taste of sperm. It had to be
Clark's sperm. He licked Rachel's pussy, thinking not of her but of the cum
Clark had left there when he fucked her earlier

"He's eating me out!" Rachel said between moans. "He's really getting into

Harry probed Rachel's cunt for all of Clark's sperm deposit. He could only
hope none of the friggin dykes had taken it all.

Across the room, things were happening. Clark had cum inside Nicole. Nicole's
eyes opened wide when he came inside her. Then, she just lay there. Clark
pulled out and held her in his arms. "Are you okay?" he asked the
angelic-faced little minx.

Nicole smiled at him. Her pussy still ached from all the fucking. He was so
hard! "I'm okay," she said.

Clark sighed in relief. Nicole had an idea. She had always wanted to know why
some of the boys liked having dicks in their asses. They said it felt good
and even grandma Julia was into it. She wanted to know.

"I want to try something," she told Clark in an incredibly mature voice. She
got a bottle of lotion and lubed up her ass. Then she spread her young
cheeks, opening herself to Clark Kent's massive cock. Clark did not hesitate.
She was willing, even eager. He went in. Her ass was very tight and he had to
be careful not to hurt her. He fucked her asshole gently. Long and hard yet
gentle. Her anal walls were tight around him and he went in, trying to
achieve greater and greater penetration. He finally reached her bowels.

"Clench," he told her. She did not understand. "Tighten your ass," he said.

She did. He fucked her like that, invading her tight anus as she tightened it
around him, squeezing his cock until the pressure brought him off. He came in
her, sending hot cum deep into her. The shrill scream that issued from
Nicole's lips was music to his ears. He pulled out. Slowly.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

Nicole lay on the table, unmoving. He looked at her ass. Now it looked like
Martin Frobisher's after his wife fucked him with the strap-on dildo. Nicole
sat up. There were tears on her beautiful face. "I'm okay," she said. "Just
hold me."

He held her in his arms, planting kisses on her face and smelling her hair.
"That was beautiful, Nicole." he said.

She said nothing, and planted a kiss on his lips, hugging him tightly.

Harry couldn't see all that from where he was but his keen hearing had been
picking up Nicole and Clark's cries of ecstacy. He had been imagining Clark's
hard cock plowing not Nicole's girly little ass but his own. The thought of
seducing a straight guy and fucking him was very erotic to him and he was
rock hard. Again this surprised his female partners who thought it was for
their benefit. He felt rather than saw Jada, the slim black girl lower her
pussy onto his massive erect cock. He felt her warm pussy around his cock.
While nothing when compared to having a big strong man's cock in his asshole,
the sensation of a pussy around his cock was not unpleasant. Jada was
bouncing up and down on his cock and he was munching Rachel's pussy like
there was no tomorrow. Jennifer just watched and fingered herself.

Eric was lying on his back, being topped by a very hard Jamal. They were
joined by Jennifer, who felt left out. She put Eric's head between her legs
as Jamal fucked his ass. Then Jamal shot his load and pulled out. Jennifer
got between her husband and adopted son. She sucked Jamal's cock while Eric
positioned himself behind her. He fucked her like that, enjoying her moist
pussy. She was rocking back and forth, trying to allow her husband greater
penetration but Jamal put an end to that, taking his adopted mother's head
in his hands as she sucked his cock. Eric looked around and saw Harry
fucking two girls at once. What!!!!!!!????? He had to see this! He pulled
out and just walked away.

Jennifer felt frustrated that her husband just left. She had long ago learned
that he was bi-sexual and had accepted it but his obsession with Harry was
simply odd. He had fucked the boy and couldn't get enough. Jennifer felt a
powerful attraction to the handsome boy too but he wouldn't touch her with a
ten and a half foot pole. She was quite surprised to see him fucking Jada.

Now Jada was on all fours, with Harry fucking her from behind. He was
looking at something not too far. Jennifer followed his gaze, as much as
having Jamal's cock in her mouth would allow and saw Clark Kent sitting and
talking to Nicole. After Jamal came, Jennifer wanted to fuck him. Like his
adopted father, Jamal was bi-sexual but he was a straight-acting topman,
unlike Eric and Harry who were also bi-sexual but versatile. She had her
son lie on the ground and started kissing him. She had fallen in love with
him, once. After denying her feelings for a long time, she had accepted

She let him lick her tits and cunt and surrendered to his knowing touch.
Jamal knew how to please the boys and the girls. He ate his mother's pussy
and fondled her and caressed her, getting her wet, wild and ready before he
entered her. Even though he had fucked her before, he was gentle with her.
He went in, slow and steady, like he knew she liked it. His hard black cock
went in and out of her, going deep then pulling almost all the way out. He
never stopped kissing her or fondling her breasts. Jennifer put her arms
around him, kissing him and pressing him down, causing him to go deeper in
her. He fucked her hard and fast, and she whimpered and moaned before
shrieking in ecstacy and screaming her pleasure. The sound could be heard
across the room. Just then, he came in her. A violent shaking took Jamal's
body and he shuddered. Knowing what was happening, Jennifer held him with
all her might, hugging him fiercely as he collapsed on her.

"Ohhhhh, mom." he said.

Jennifer looked at her son's dark, handsome face. "Shh, baby, rest with me."
The two of them lay like this.

Harry fucked Jada, thrusting harder and higher as she bounced on his cock.
He felt something building up in him. He couldn't stop it. He let it out.
Harry's cum shot straight up into Jada's pussy, and the black girl shrieked
in delight. At the same time, Harry's constant probing and licking of
Rachel's pussy brought the girl to a shuddering orgasm and she shrieked.
"Oh, God." she said.

Eric Frobisher watched all this.

Julia Sterns-Frobisher had been sucking her husband's cock when she heard
the sounds of Harry, the avowed boy-chaser making two hot young female shriek
in pleasure. The girls got off Harry, with Jada sucking Harry's cock, still
sampling his pleasure. Harry made her get off him. He was aware of everyone
looking at him.

"Aren't you gay?" said Nicole, Harry's sister.

Harry grinned and said nothing. Jada came to him and hugged him. To his great
embarassment, she planted a big kiss on his lips and looked at him adoringly.
"Just getting bi," he said. He looked at Clark, who held his beautiful sister
in those big strong arms of his. He smiled and added quietly. "For now."

Eric Frobisher looked at Jada and Rachel. "Have you spoiled him for boys
now?" he asked, grinning.

Harry looked at Clark, then looked at Eric. The two exchanged knowing
glances. And chuckled.

Maybe later, they might "really initiate" Clark. Maybe.

Harry was counting on it.

The End


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