Smallville: Dark Lust (mF,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected]

Pete Ross knocked on the door of the Kent farm. He waited a second, then
the door opened and he was greeted by a tall, attractive woman in her early
forties. She had dark brown hair and pale eyes. This was none other than
Martha Kent, Clark Kent's mother and Jonathan Kent's wife. Pete smiled at
Martha and they went inside. Today, Clark Kent was away in Metropolis. So
was Jonathan. They were gonna discuss buying some fertilizerfor the farm
with a company. This left Martha Kent all by herself. She was a lovely woman
who was bored and more than a little bit lonely. Pete Ross was a young
southern black man and a real gentleman. He volunteered to keep the lady

There are many secrets in Smallville and this is one of them. For the past
eight months, Martha Kent has been having an affair with Pete Ross. Her son's
best friend, the young Black stud. It was a passionate affair. As soon as
Pete got into the house, Martha kissed him. Pete kissed her back. He knew
that she missed him. They went upstairs.

The two lovers stood naked facing each other. The young black man and the
older white woman. They kissed tenderly and undressed each other. Pete
kissed Martha and gently fondled her breasts. He cupped her sexy ass in
his big hands and caressed her cheeks. She took his cock in her hand and
pumped it up. Soon, he was ready to take her. Laughing, she ran away from
him. Pete chased her throughout the house and finally found her in the
kitchen downstairs.

She was waiting for him, looking so sexy he wanted to take her right then
and there. They embraced and ended up on the floor, laughing all the way.
She climbed on top of him. He thrust into her. Martha felt Pete's hard
cock enter her. He slammed deep inside her. She rode like a racehorse. He
plundered into her forbidden depths. He fucked her pussy for a long time,
drilling into the depths of her and loving the way it felt around his cock.
He fucked her until he came, flooding her pussy with his hot cum.

After they did it, they went into the shower and showered together. They put
soap over each other's bodies. They kissed. Pete looked at Martha's sexy ass.
There was something he wanted to try. He whispered it into her ear. Martha
smiled. She would try anything with this guy. He was such an energetic stud.
She got down on her hands and knees and rubbed her sexy ass against his
groin. Pete smiled. He was finally gonna fuck a white woman in her ass. Pete
Ross positioned himself behind Martha Kent. He pressed his hard black cock
against the older woman's sexy butt. Martha grinned and spread her cheeks
wide open, welcoming Pete's cock into her. He slid his cock deeper inside
her tight hole.

Martha fingered herself as Pete fucked her. He drilled into her. They went
at it like this for a long time until he couldn't take it anymore and came,
flooding her ass with his hot cum. Martha screamed at the top of her lungs
when Pete's cum filled her ass. He slowly pulled out of her.

They remained locked in a tight embrace. Martha had never been fucked in the
ass before. She was glad that it was Pete. It felt great. She knew that Clark
and Jonathan would be gone for days and looked forward to the coming days
with her lover.

The End


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